The Circle of Futility


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Western Sex Story: No deep meaning. Just a tale of a hold up gone bad in the Old West. The title refers to the Futility of thinking that the Circle Of Life can ever end well.

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Western   Violent   .

"Damn it to hell, Charley! I told you to shut them women up!"

"I'm trying the best I can, Colt!"

Then the dull sound of the back of a hand hitting flesh caused the wailing to stop immediately, as the woman had been knocked out cold. Her twin daughters recoiled in horror and quieted themselves into low scared moans after seeing their mother treated this way.

"That's how ya shut a bitch up!" Said the man known as Snake. The look of pleasure on his face at abusing a lady in such a fashion made Colt want to shoot the bastard in the worst way. But, if a posse did show up, he was going to need every man he had to help fight them off.

Colt turned his head back to the window that gave him a clear view of anyone that might approach the little homestead. He grimaced as he looked at the two bodies laying in the dust. One was just a few yards away, the other was over at the entrance of the barn.

The closest body was that of his kid brother. The one further away had been the man of this house.

How could things have gone so wrong, so fast?

That damn stage job should have been easy money. He had reliable information that funds were coming in for the bank, with only a driver and the shotgun messenger to worry about. Whatever passengers there might be should have been easy pickings.

The four of them had surrounded the stage and forced it to stop. It was clear that the shot gunner took his job far too serious. He was bringing up that double barreled monster, when Snake cut loose on both him and the driver, dropping them in seconds.

That's when the first shot erupted from inside the stage, hitting Colt's brother Sammy in the shoulder. Colt never did get a good look at the man as instinct took over and he rushed to his brother's side. By then, enough lead was flying from inside the stage coach that Charley and Snake had already pulled out and were riding like wild Indians were after them.

Colt had no choice but to yell at his brother to follow them. He stayed behind just long enough to try and lay down some covering fire, but the bastard in the stage was a cool one. He was placing his shots close enough that Colt could hear them whizzing by on either side of him. If the man had been using a rifle, Colt was sure that he'd be dead already.

He holstered his gun, turned and hightailed it after the others.

He caught up to Sammy fairly quickly. The boy was barely staying in the saddle, let alone trying to ride very fast. Colt rode up, told Sammy to grab the saddle horn, and grabbed the reins, all at the same time. He then laid the spurs to his own mount, hoping against hope that his kid brother could hold on as he hurried to catch up with the other two.

When he finally caught sight of them, they were arguing with an old man in front of a small barn. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the ramshackle little house off to his right. He really didn't have time to get a good look, because when he stopped, his brother's already spooked horse kept going, tearing the reins out of Colt's grasp.

The old man, who had an ancient looking shotgun that he was holding on Snake and Charley as he argued with them saw the horse and rider coming at him, and simply pointed the Greener and pulled both triggers.

Sammy's body flew backwards out of the saddle as if he had been roped and yanked. His chest and the lower half of his face was pretty well gone. On pure instinct, Colt drew and shot the man between the eyes while the boy's body was still in the air.

Two men died in the time it took to blink.

Still running on instinct, Colt yelled at Snake and Charley to get into the house fast. He had no idea who might be inside, or if anyone was coming behind them, but he damn sure wasn't going to be caught out in the open.

He entered the doorway on the run, gun in hand, just in time to see Charley push a woman backwards as he took the rifle out of her hands. She fell back on the edge of the table and then to the floor, and started wailing, "You killed him! You killed him!"

Colt looked over to his right and saw two girls that looked identical. He actually had time to think that he had never seen twins before at the same time that he noticed that Snake had them covered with his pistol. The leer on his face wasn't going to inspire anyone to think that he had good intentions.

"Save it for later, Snake. Charley, shut that woman up!" Then he went over to the window to start his vigil. He didn't know how long it would take, but he was sure that a posse would be along sometime before morning.

By now, it had finally sunk in that his kid brother was dead. He couldn't take the time to grieve, though. At least the woman had been silenced. Colt had no qualms about Snake's intentions, just his timing. Hell if they weren't in the spot they were in, he'd be thinking along the same lines.

It was just that Snake had always rubbed him the wrong way, and had done so for the last time. Had he not cut down both of the men on the stage, maybe his brother wouldn't be dead right now.

Snake just never did take too well to the idea of it being Colt's gang and he being regulated to being third in line behind Sammy. Snake always had to push just that little bit to show that he was his own man. Now, because of that, 4 men had died in less than half an hour.

One of those being his kid brother!

That fucking Snake!

Colt vowed that one way or another, one of them wasn't leaving here alive.

He heard the sounds of fabric rustling and the unmistakable evil chuckle coming from the mouth of Charley. Colt turned to see that Charley had already lifted the woman's skirts up, and was working hard to get her under clothes off.

While he was doing this, he cackled up at Snake, "Damn man, you didn't have to knock her out. There's other ways to shut a woman up. You just gotta put something in that mouth of hers, and I had just the thing. That's ok, though. She's got other uses." As he said this last, he had ripped off the last of her under clothes, leaving her naked from the waist down.

Even Colt had to take a second to admire that spot of hair that covered what some men would do almost anything for. Of course, he and his men just took what they wanted, and Colt had the presence of mind to realize he wanted that little hairy pussy for himself.

"Charley! Leave that one. I might want her later, and I ain't gonna follow your flea bitten ass."

"Ahhh, Damn it Colt! I wasn't gonna mess up that pussy. I was gonna use a trick that I learned up in the pen, if ya know what I mean."

Charley's face lost all color when Colt aimed his pistol at him and cocked it. The sound was loud in the suddenly quiet, tension filled room.

"I said that one's mine, Charley. Go play with one of those young ones that Snake has over there. Unless you'd like me to have to repeat myself, again?"

Knowing that if Colt had to tell you something more than twice, it came with a bullet the third time, Charley stammered out, "No Colt. I got it, I got it. I reckon they's got the right holes too."

As Colt turned back to the window to keep watch, he heard Snake say, "I don't know Charley. I think maybe we better check and make sure that they got what you are looking for."

Colt could picture in his mind the two girls that looked to be about 15, and what these two bastards could and probably would do to them. He smiled as he thought that Sammy would have already fucked one of them, and be working on the other one by now. His kid brother never wasted any time if there was a female to be had.

Thinking about his brother brought back the severity of their situation. He needed these two ready to fight if trouble came. He also knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold them off of the girls without killing them. He came up with the best compromise he could think of in the heat of the moment.

"You two find some way to amuse yourself's with them girls without getting too wrapped up in things. I need you ready to fight at a moment's notice. Naked and humping ain't gonna work. More men been killed being distracted that way than can be counted. Oh, and only one of you at a time too."

He knew what he had just caused the girls to be in for, but it would keep his men on their toes. It might just save the girls' virtues for a little longer too.

He couldn't help taking another look at the nakedness of the older woman, as he thought about what was about to happen. He felt the stirrings of his own manhood, as the thoughts got clearer. But, someone had to be on guard.

He whispered, "Soon, lady. Real soon."

Colt had been aware of one of the girls moaning "No, please No!" Before he heard the sharp crack a very hard slap.

This was accompanied by Snake snarling, "Open that mouth you little bitch!"

Another slap. Then Snake saying, "That's a good little girl. You just do ole Snake really good, and maybe I won't hurt you later when I bust that cherry."

Colt couldn't help but steal a look in that direction. Seeing Snake with his hands in the girl's hair moving her head back and forth on his cock, stirred his own need even more. He did see that charley already had his member out and was stroking it. He had one hand in the other girl's hair. Obviously he planned to break that one's mouth in, as soon as Snake was done with the other one.

Snake had was really pulling on that girl's hair now, holding her in place and fucking her mouth like he would a pussy. The girl wasn't even fighting anymore, she had already been hit several times. She figured out very quickly that this was happening whether she wanted it to or not.

Snake groaned as his orgasm hit. The girl's eyes got wide as her mouth and throat were filled with the salty liquid. It didn't take her long to learn that to be able to breathe, she would have to swallow it. Snake just kept stroking hard in and out of her poor abused mouth.

As soon as Snake pushed the girl off of his now sensitive cock, Charley pulled the other twin in place and jammed himself into her mouth. At least this one had some idea of what to expect, as she had watched her sister go through it.

When Charley shot off into her throat, she swallowed all of the nasty liquid as fast as possible, the way one would quickly swallow a foul tasting medicine. Colt was probably the only one to notice that this girl didn't look near as disgusted with the whole thing as her sister had. One would almost think she enjoyed it. She changed her expression to a very disgusted one very quickly, lest her sister think bad of her.

Colt figured that this one was either going to have a very happy husband one day, or she was going to be one of those whores that really loved her job.

He realized that he felt eyes on him and looked at the older woman to see her staring at him. Either she didn't know what had happened to her daughters, or more likely preferred not to know, so she just stared at the one man she could see.

She must not have been conscious long, as she didn't even seem aware of her nakedness. He pointedly looked at her sex and said, "I hope that pussy feels as good as it looks, Ma'am"

She started to cover herself, and stopped immediately when gun in Colt's hand was pointed directly between her eyes. He just slowly shook his head "No" and she quickly put her hands to her sides.

Colt felt he should say something, but all he could come up with was, "Sorry about your Pa, Ma'am. I lost my head when he shot my brother."

If he expected her to sound scared or sorrowful, he was destined to be disappointed.

"That old bastard wasn't my father. He was my husband."

"Husband?! Hell, he looked to be 30 years older than you."

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