Teddy's World
Chapter 44: Woo Lottery Money and Beverly Hills

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 44: Woo Lottery Money and Beverly Hills - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

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(Monday, Afternoon.)

Marus was still debating if he should stay in Grand Rapids, based on the information that Russell had just told him. He had several meetings that were very important to the family business interests and Marus knew that he needed help that he did not have at this time. Just the thought that a still wet behind the ears teenager, was able to just swoop in and take two grown women, and a teenage girl from him and Russell was indeed pissing Marus off, the more he thought about the situation. This kid had to have a weakness, Marus had been a rich man far too long not to be able to dish out a little justice. The first thing Marus needed to do as far as he was concerned was to find out where the Mason’s did their banking business. With his family’s business concerns, fucking with the Mason’s finances should be as simple child’s play. I picked up the phone and called Russell Beakens directly at his office. “I have a lot to do the rest of the week, and I want to settle this Woo business tonight, so go and round up Marus, wherever he happens to be lurking about, please. I want to meet with both of you at the Pantlind Hotel downtown tonight at 7:30. It is a school night and I have a lot to do between now and the end of the week, so let us get down to the nut cutting and be done with each other tonight.” I said.

“Ok we’ll be there. You really are one young silly, as well as a stupid MOTHERFUCKER! WHEN MARUS AND I GET THROUGH WITH YOU, JUST THE THOUGHT OF THE NAME WOO WILL MAKE YOU, AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY, SHAKE WITH FEAR!” Russell yelled into the phone to me. “Russell, I would suggest you make a few calls around town to confirm what I already know. There really are more than a few facts that you should know by now, that nobody around here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wants for me to become their enemy. So if you and Marus truly intend to put your ‘Big Boy Panties On’, then let’s dance. Just you remember that I am playing for keeps, and you will be getting your first taste of that fact tonight. By this time tomorrow both you and Russell will be way too busy trying to keep the rest of your lives from imploding into a bigger mess, than your pitiful little troubles with me. I am prepared to go as far as I have to for you two clowns to leave me, and ALL OF MY WOMEN, AND MY FAMILY MEMBERS ALONE, FOREVER!”

“Teddy, both of our guests are downtown and are both talking with Isa, just like we had suspected, they had no idea about all of the secrets concerning the Woo clan.” Ted Mason said.

“Good, Dad, you know that Russell is not the brightest light in the room, and because he stands 6’ 9” he is used to being a bully to get his way. Now you and I know that is not a bother to me or you, but we will have to keep eyes on these two until they calm down from this ass-whipping, that is headed their way.” I said.

After talking to my dad I went to practice like I needed to do. The team that we face out of Bozeman, Montana, the Hawks, won their state title in a low scoring affair. They boast a 7’ 2” center and several three point shooters. They are not all that fast and do try to defend the floor using a zone defense, now while their center is 7’ 2” he is still growing into his over seven foot body. His listed weight is 250 pounds, but he looks awful slim to be carrying that much weight. Though I am still not seven feet tall, I am the bigger person of the two of us, and coach wanted me to push the guy around as much as possible without getting into foul trouble. “Listen Teddy, this Charlie Farlow is not used to being taken too far out of his comfort zone. In all the playoff games since the one their state title, it has been a struggle for them. Farlow has needed help to defend his man sometimes. By the fourth quarter Farlow was in foul trouble because he lacks the real foot work to guard a real big man with real low post footwork. They will fix that when he gets to college.” Coach said. “We also worked out a few other ways to end the Bozeman Hawk’s season Friday Afternoon, the main thing we wanted to do to them was to run them into the ground. Our last game taught us that is an effective way to get a team’s attention, as we were still just a little bit stiff from learning that particular lesson.” Coach McCarter said to all of us.

My girls went on home because we really had no idea as to how Russell or Marus would react to our little surprises that we had planned for the two of them. Marus and Russell were already in the room with several bodyguards when we walked into the room, my team pulled their weapons, the second that the doors closed, locking all of us inside the room. My Dad went around after we disarmed them, while another Uncle James took down all their information, my Dad said to them. “I know that to most of you this job is just a check, so you should know these two have brought you here to possibly force the two us of to give up three women they had under their thumbs for many years. So they may or may not want to go to war with us. My advice to you is to do some homework, for your own personal interest. Though, just by asking around town for information concerning about the Mason Group, namely about our experiences in both New York and Tennessee, it may help you get a clearer picture of the shit storm that you are standing in the middle of right now.” I said.

“If you still want to hang out with these guys after doing your homework, then please get all of your affairs in order. Because seriously, if something happens to any one of us, you will be visited, and your visitors are not coming to discuss the weather either, if you get my meaning. Another piece of free advice is to make sure these two gentlemen understand if you no longer want to work for them. Absent any real proof that you have indeed left their employ as of tonight, or in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, will keep any, or all of you, on the still considered to be employed list. Potentially putting those of you still thought to be employed on the list to be visited by our welcoming committee, should something unhealthy, or unpleasant, happen to anyone in my family. You won’t be able to hide anywhere on the planet, and I promise you that you won’t notice the welcoming committee before you are dead.” my Dad said.

“That sure is a lot of brave talk because you think that you have the upper hand right now!” Russell yelled.

“Well if you think like that, my brother, there is plenty of open space in this room, and all you have to do is to get up and walk over there into that the open area. I promise you that either me or my son will gladly change your mind for you! Now about just how bad you think that you really are, MOTHERFUCKER?!” my Dad yelled out to Russell. Russell looked at Marus before he slowly stood up and took off his suit coat, my Dad followed suit.

“I would have challenged your kid, but knowing you, you might try to have me arrested for assault on a minor.” Russell said.

“No, I wouldn’t have. But let’s get this straight, for future reference, I don’t have any kids at all. Although I do have children, namely my son over there who does share my name. But to answer your question, my Son and I are both REAL MEN, that is why we didn’t go public about the Woo’s. You don’t want to feel anything that Teddy is prepared to dish out on your ass, as he is bigger, stronger and faster than you. Though I bet you really are foolish enough to believe them five inches you got on me will help you against me. Well dream on, MOTHERFUCKER, you bout to wish you had stayed in that chair you just got out of. I advise you to sit back down while you are undamaged and aren’t in ANY pain, YET!” my Dad said.

Dad had just taken off his shirt and tie and was flexing his much bigger arms, when Russell stepped towards my Dad and said. “Listen up, when I was in the NBA I was that motherfucker that kicked ass and took names. And BITCHES LI...” Russell was trying to say. Dad put a right-handed telephone jab at Russell’s face, similar to the left-handed jab of the WBC Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes. Dad and I are both left-handed, as my Mom is also, by the way. Russell stopped speaking in mid-sentence, as Dad’s punch landed on both Russell’s mouth and part of his nose. When Dad’s left-hook landed on the right-side of Russell’s face on the jaw, Russell fell to one knee, my Dad backed up and allowed Russell to stand back up. Russell stood back up on shaky legs, another right-jab followed by a vicious left-uppercut, causing Russell to fall like a statue, falling off to his left-side, face first, out cold. Russell was attended to by Marus and their bodyguards, when he came to, Russell asked. “What the fuck happened? Why am I on the floor?”

“Because, YOU STUPID BITCH! I WASN’T EVER IN THE NBA! and I warned you from the get go that those 5 inches you were counting so much wouldn’t do shit to save your ass! If I was you, I would quit bragging on what you use ta be able to do! I promise you to the men in my family you can’t fight worth a shit! Most, if not all of the men that I came into this room with can kick your ass with ease. And that statement does include, MY SON! These men are either brothers, cousins or in-laws, in fact I happen to know several girls in our family that I wouldn’t knowingly want to tangle with, and not just because they are females, either. These are women that could put you down, just as easily as I did. And if you ever attempt to call or imply that I am any kind of BITCH, again, I will make what I just did feel like I was just like tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention. Do you understand me, or do you feel like you may need to get some more intensive follow-up lessons?” Dad asked Russell sharply.

“No, I understand” Russell mumbled.

“I didn’t hear you, as you were talking loud not too long ago, so talk loud now!” Dad yelled, at Russell.

“I heard you! Please don’t start hitting me again!” Russell yelled out. Poor Russell was feeling a headache, not to mention very embarrassed too.

“Ok then, Russell, as I wish you no ill will, but I want to make clear to both you and Marus, if any unforeseen accidents should happen to me or my son, or any of our families, both of you will be visited. No matter how long it takes, no matter where you are on the planet, is where your brand-new hell on earth will begin. Are we clear about everything that I just said” Dad asked both Russell, Marus, and their bodyguards.

“Yes, we understand!” as a group they all loudly responded.

“Good, now go get in your cars and head to the Kitt-Katt Club, we have a VIP room reserved for all of us, and it is in your best interest to be there.” my Dad said.

My dad and I went upstairs with a few of my Uncles while the rest of our assembled team went on ahead to the Kitt-Katt Club to make sure the persons of importance were there by the time we arrived there. A simple knock on the door allowed us to enter the room of Constance Rothschild, and Betty Beakens was also there, and both women were more than a little pissed off, as they were both friends and known to each other for years. Although Constance and Betty had no idea just who the real fathers of Isa’s and Mika’s children were, Isa and later Mika were under the same orders when they were bearing children, that was to blame the pregnancies on one night stand encounters with unknown men. Constance and Betty both could see all of the bullshit in those statements now, but way back when they just took both women at their word. Neither woman felt like they had the need to see the birth certificates of Brosnan and Mika, or later those of Stanley and Sasha. Though neither woman was too happy to learn that both of these men had another family that they had met, without the benefit of knowing all of the facts pertaining to those additional families.

“Your husbands have left for the Kitt-Katt Club, but Betty, you should know that Russell didn’t like some of the things that I said to him downstairs, and that the fisticuffs broke out between him and I.” Ted said.

“Russell can fight real well, and yet you don’t have a mark on you at all that I can see.” Betty said.

“I said the fisticuffs broke out between us, but Russell never landed any punches after I landed four punches, and Russell was asleep and laying on the floor after the fourth punch landed. After they woke him up, I sent both Russell, and Marus down to the Kitt-Katt club. Do all of you women really want to go down there? Isa, both you and Mika hate that place, and the other clubs like it that you have been to. Constance, both you and Betty have never been to places like that because your husbands didn’t want any man there thinking that you might be menu material. That is why they had Isa and Mika, to trade to play with other men’s playthings that were there in the club.

“Ted, I can’t speak for Constance, but I for damn sure know that I am going to head down there! Russell’s ass is in trouble with me, and if he tells me that Sasha, whom I have been told is his own child that he intended to serve up to one of my sons, not to mention Mika, I will fuck his ass up right there in the club! Now don’t think I am not going to be questioning Russell about if he has been fucking Mika all these years, but I am most upset that he intends to take his own daughter’s virginity for any reason. I personally don’t think that there is anything he can say to get past the incest issue. Now add to the fact he allowed me to become very good friends with the woman that he was fucking right under my nose. A woman, I might add, that he has been fucking almost as long as we have been married. Russell Beakens’ world as he knew it this morning, will soon be under heavy re-construction, with a big, big, change occurring swiftly, starting as soon as tonight. I intend to attack his money and his home life, and I will be making sure he does what I want concerning myself and Mika and Sasha or he can kiss his professional career goodbye as well, too.” Betty said.

“Marus is about to get the chance to pay me to go away, and I want a lot of Rothschild money to go away quietly. Unlike Betty, I plan to get his family to do all the heavy lifting to make Marus do what I want him to do, as his family likes to work behind the scenes, not out front where their money and businesses might become more public than they already are. I can promise you that Marus will be hearing from the other Rothschild men concerning his problems, and most likely Russell’s as well, since Mika is also a Rothschild if what she says is true. Like I said before, these folks believe in keeping all of their business hush hush.” Constance said.

“Ahh, Betty I need you to do something for me? At least until Russell can make some kind of arrangements for Stanley as he can’t move into my house where Mika and Sasha will be moving in, permanently. So I was hoping that you could check in on Stanley at his house, if you don’t let him move in with you. Though I am sure that Russell will step up and look after his own son.”

When we walked in the Kitt-Katt club their bouncers tried to give us the brush-off, well let us say that the Management will soon discover that they needed much better bouncers. Once the bouncers were made to understand that any other actions would bring our lead partners into the game, because two of my Uncles put their .44 Magnum handguns out and on display in the faces of two fools that couldn’t seem take, a dignified ass-whipping gracefully. About that time one of the owners got to the front doors, only to see several more guns out, at the ready. “Ok, it’s ok, I know that you are all expected, please calm down.” the owner said.

“But boss, they won’t let us search them, and you can see that they are carrying weapons!” the head bouncer screamed.

“They have been searched, please let them alone now, before they hurt more than your pride! I don’t want my staff hurt, or my place of business destroyed. Now that you can’t obviously disarm them, so just leave them be, as we have very pressing business inside of the club right now!” The owner yelled out to his men. One of them mumbled something under his breath, Uncle William hit the man hard in the jaw and the man fell down, knocked out, like a sack of rocks.

“When he wakes up tell him we can go down to the gym and pick up where we left off if he really wants to dance some more. But he should expect to be off from work a while, if we have to dance again. Tell him to trust me on this fact even if he manages to win the fight, and that is a big ass IF, TOO!” Uncle William sternly said.

When we walked into the VIP room both Russell and Marus looked as though they wanted to slide underneath the tables that they were sitting at, as both men slouched down as far as they could. But as there was only one way in and one way out of the room, I wondered how they thought they were going to stay unnoticed, or get out of the room unseen by either one of their wives. So when each woman sat down at tables next to their husbands, each man was looking at the floor. “You’re both here Marus and Russell, Isa and Mika are here, there are several owners in here also. I’m going to ask both of you here and now, just how much of what Isa and Mika have been telling Betty and me is true? I mean the thirty or more years in my case, and close to twenty for Betty? Please don’t begin with a lie, because I am only interested in the truth.” Constance said.

“Russell, you need to be ready with ya facts when Marus ends his storytelling, and like Constance hinted at y’all’s word ain’t worth a tinkers damn to us tonight. Whatever you say will be investigated thoroughly, but what you say here tonight determines whether or not a prison sentence is in your future, rather than just a simple and expensive divorce.” Betty said.

“Marus, you should know that I have already spoken to your brother, and he said you already know what your family’s position is on keeping this real quiet will be. Thus Russell, that means you best be making your best conversations as well, as you are well aware of what all the Rothschild machine is capable of doing to protect themselves from the prying eyes of the media.” Constance said.

“Now that you have heard from the women you been hiding from, and I would love to stay and hear how you make out, it is a school night and my bed is calling me some bad names, as it really wants to see me soon. You should know the price of my silence is that 1/3 of all of your financial holdings as of 9 a.m. this morning is to be transferred into accounts that will be setup in the morning in the names of Isa and Mika Woo. OBVIOUSLY THIS MEANS ALL OF YOUR HOLDINGS, WHERE THEY MAY BE LOCATED IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW! I won’t waste our time telling you we will be digging into all of the known finances that both of you have. We all want to insure that we don’t MISS too many pennies. And since all of your friends will want to be so helpful to us in uncovering ALL OF YOUR MANY ASSETS to keep us out of ALL OF their business. Provided they themselves are not doing the same thing with some helpless pets that you were doing, but fail to stop doing said thing, and assisting their pets financially, and very quickly too, I might add.” I said.

“Now normally, I would just toy with you for fun, to see just what you are willing to do to make the Woo’s, and myself go away quietly. But as I happen to have way too much to do in the coming weeks, and I just don’t have the time to fuck with you right now. Now whether you believe all of that or not, is up to you. I can promise you that you don’t want to know what I am going to do if I feel like you cheated the Woo women, of any monies. Now you should know that your wives intend to hoover up your marital assets after you pay the Woo women, so whatever riches you pay out will hurt you, too true.” I said.

“But at least you will still have great jobs to start off over making yourselves rich all over again. Make sure any monies that you turn over is your money to give away. In other words all the funds that you submit must be accompanied with a complete and very thorough paper trail, proving it does indeed belong to you in the first place. When my people call you both, please be pleasant as you work with them, as they are just doing what I asked them to do. I will see what you do in a few week’s time to make all of this drama go away. Like it was explained to your friends, when I go public everybody is going to be known, just so you know, your best buddies in this lifestyle are on my side of this drama, as they are intent on saving their own asses from the possible coming firestorm.” I said.

“I wish you luck, in fixing your troubles, I truly do. By the way, in case any of you bright thinkers think that by suddenly becoming widowers is the answer to all of your troubles, the answer to that idea is the LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY, and I am sure that nobody in this room want any form of that COMMUNITY shining any lights upon any one of you folks. Well, I want to bid you a goodnight, as I am sure you folks have a lot to talk over. By the way ladies, the rooms at the Pantlind are on me through Friday night, after that your husbands can pick up the tab if the rooms are still needed, goodnight everyone.” I said.

Isa and Mika left with us to be sure that nothing stupid happened to either one of them, and since they were also leaving with us this weekend also, they should be safe. Of course I expected either Russell or Marus not to act right. Between the love of money, and the natural desire to never lose at anything, it was likely to let some form of stupidity to creep into this situation, before this was all over. When we walked in the door somebody had cooked some Chef Boyardee spaghetti dinners for our dinner, now I have never had a box spaghetti dinner before. It was much better than I thought it would be, it wasn’t close to Carmanza’s cooking, but I liked it enough to take a chance by mentioning it to Carmanza for days that she was too busy to go all out making her normal magic. Hopefully I won’t get my ass handed to me, as Carmanza is very territorial about her kitchen area. We are lucky to be able to go into the refrigerator by ourselves. Though none of us would dream of cooking anything in that kitchen without permission from Carmanza herself.

Mika and Sasha were first up, and Mika is a joy to fuck, sliding into her tight pussy is something I like to do. Now Mika isn’t the workout yet that Snowdove is, but she was taking mental notes and asking a lot of questions, after she saw the two of us have sex together. Mika’s control of the muscles inside her pussy was like magic, and the feel of that magic can really undo a fellow, and lawd knows that I have had to stop more than a few times. As soon as I start up again the torture she passes off as pleasure starts all over again. I am still learning what I have to do to make Mika cum all over my dick without making blast off inside of her, though. As I had already deflowered Sasha, she had yet to learn all of her mother’s ‘bad habits’, so as I let het ride on my fat dick until she got her nut. I then fucked Fallon like I wanted to with slow and sensual strokes, and Fallon, was meeting those strokes stroke for stroke.

All of the women in the room except Mika and Sasha knew this was the way I love to fuck the best. Though with all of Mika’s experience, she was catching on I liked stroking a woman this way the best. Besides, the greater pleasure that I got out of the deal, I could fuck more women without cumming as often. Now the downside to this fucking is that sometimes like tonight, for instance, Fallon was feeling the fucking too good. Not only was she milking me hard as hell, but when you add in all of the moans and groans Fallon was also doing. That hot-assed woman got her pussy filled with sperm during the middle of her second climax, while she had her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms wrapped my neck. Fallon was wrapped up in her own little world, and nothing mattered at all in this world but my stiff thick dick and her hot tight, wet, and very slick pussy. Fallon clung to me like she was drowning in a body of warm water and I was her life preserver. With the mess we made the bed had to be changed while I was in the shower. Fallon showered in another room, as she was too tired to risk getting fucked in the shower tonight.

(Tuesday, Morning.)

As wake to music, came to life, DJ Frank Grant was giving us the weather - a small chance of snow late tonight with temps in the 40’s, almost a heat wave. As Frank began to play Wilson Pickett’s latest single ‘Live With Me’, sleep was all over as I really liked that song. Today’s suit was a light blue denim 3-piece suit with a matching shirt that I wore without a tie and the first 3 buttons unbuttoned, preferring to wear the shirt open collared today. I had on black shit kicker cowboy boots, with a black heavyweight full-length western style duster with an insulated zip-in liner. After a quick trip to Meijer’s to the cafeteria for breakfast before we arrived at school, the mall area was crowded, we just mingled in and waiting to begin our day, our security teams were still on the scene as I was not yet ready to believe Russell or Marus were ready yet to believe we are serious about getting violent, like we warned him about. I was sure that one or both of them was going to have to be shown the truth about us Masons before the real thoughts of leaving us alone settled on either man for real.

The mall area was jumping as the weekend was drawing near. Everyone was making sure that they had a ride on the planes, both BLUE THUNDER, and SKY THUNDER and the four Delta 747’s that I had chartered for the flights to Los Angeles and the return trip to Grand Rapids. All of the planes were filled with the players and coaches and families, then the students and their families, and the rest of the faculty members and their families. Any remaining open seats left on either of the Delta jets, were offered up first come, first served, and they were snatched up within minutes after the student body was accounted for. Everyone understood to get a plane ride you had to show proof of lodging and were able to travel around the city for the weekend, because I wasn’t responsible in any way, nor was the MasonGroup to be held responsible, for lodging or transportation.

Once the plane taxied up to the gate and everyone got off the planes, everyone was on his or her own. And it was made clear to everyone as to when the planes would be leaving for home, and there would be plenty of time to arrive for the flight, so anybody arriving late to the plane would have no excuse for being left behind in California. Short of a legitimate medical emergency, I would not be covering any return flights if you missed the planes.

Going to class today especially, after the assembly confirming the flight information, was a waste of time, because studying this week was really hard to do as the whole school was so happy about the upcoming trip to Los Angeles. There was too much talk about what stars one might see, most of the females including teachers were trying organize a trip on Rodeo Dr., among other places. Since so much sightseeing was making itself something to be done, since we were flying out Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. with us arriving at LAX at 6 p.m. local time. Now I made it clear to Coach McCarter that I would be staying in Beverly Hills, but would be with the team for breakfast each morning so it was just like I was at the Hotel, my father assured Coach McCarter that he would be chaperoning me closely. The only reason that Coach McCarter went along with it, was when my Dad told him exactly what was going on in Oklahoma, and that most likely I was already a father, but I stayed with the team as our effort was so very important to me. But as I had a family mansion that I have not even seen yet, that is where I will be staying at.

The actual school day went on without any troubles. During my last hour I received a note from Mr. West telling me to stop in at his office on the way to my truck, as it was very important. Cathy was with me when I got to the office. Miss Barnes, the office secretary, just held up her hand to stop both of us. She just pointed to a woman in her mid-30’s and two younger girls, along with some luggage. All of them looked to be of Native American descent, the authentic buckskin outfits told you everything you needed to know to understand where they came from. I had never met them before, but Cathy and I knew that they had to have come from Oklahoma.

“Hello Mr. Mason, my name is Alyssa, and these two girls are my daughters Willow and Stormy. We were sent here to register my girls for school here and get all of you fitted with some common buckskins like we are wearing. But to get some more decorative buckskins both ready and fitted to you for several ceremonies while we are all on the reservation next week, may we all call you Teddy, please?” Alyssa asked.

“Yes, you may, as we are a really informal bunch of people around here. This is Cathy, by the way, I am sure that you will meet the rest of the crew that is still here later on. May I ask why you came to the school,” I asked.

“The plane that Pam had chartered for us had us arrive just before you were to be released from school. We took several taxis to the school to wait for you, as we wanted to be sure to catch you before you left for the day. Mr. West had Miss Barnes confirm that you were still in class by delivering her note to you, after we explained that you had never met any of us, and that you had no idea that we were coming to visit. While we were waiting for you I was able to get the girls in school here for when we all return.” Alyssa said to me.

Cathy had been talking to twins Willow and Stormy, who just turned 15 a couple of months ago, it seems both girls had never been away from the reservation. To say I was liking the way they looked was an understatement, as those buckskins that they were wearing were molded to their bodies like a second skin, and shapes that molded those skins were as desirable as the rest of my girls. Willow, standing 6’ 4” tall, was nearly as tall as Cathy, and nearly as big as Cathy, too. Stormy, on the other hand, was only 4’ 10” tall, though both girls were truly twins with the exact same faces and body shapes, the only difference between the two females was the size of their bodies, not their body shapes.

Their hair color was the same shade of blue-black, and very thick, hanging nearly to their waist, while Alyssa is the slightly more mature version of daughters, standing 5’ 6” tall. Stormy was the miniature version of the two girls, she was the one with the more forceful personality, while Willow is a very quiet person. So both Alyssa and Stormy were both shocked at her talking so freely to Cathy. Willow was so comfortable with Cathy because Cathy was both bigger and taller than she was, but carried herself as though she was a much shorter person. Cathy remembered when she was like that too. Until she ended up at a local the park and was introduced to the game of basketball.

Thus it is an understatement, to say the least, knowing that they were moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and would be possibly traveling all over the United States too. They were already excited just knowing that we were all be going to Los Angeles, California, this weekend.

Cathy and I led the way out to my Bronco, I was now especially glad that the girls drove it to school today, just because of the few words about snow that was likely on the way. This is Michigan snow, expected late and has often arrived much earlier in the day than expected. Sharon and the rest of the crew had ridden in Pam’s Bronco to school this morning. We loaded all of their luggage and the boxes that they had brought with them in the Bronco so that they would be dry. Though I had driven my fancy pickup truck, which had no cover over its bed.

As always I needed a snack before practice, so we all went to Arby’s and let Alyssa and the girls try a piece of the roast beef, and then let them order what they wanted. Then we went to the house, and after they were finished eating Sharon and the girls took the new crew on a tour of the house, they were most impressed with the heated pool and the hot tub. Alyssa fell completely in love with the sewing room, the woman wanted to move into the sewing room as her bedroom. But then they saw the master bedroom with a bed the size of three extra-long king-sized beds, specially built together as one huge bed. With another identical suite, including an identical bed next door through a huge opening in the wall separating the two rooms, though we actually claim both rooms as our bedroom. Then they saw my personal bedroom across the hall that had the same sized bed as the other two huge beds. They were told there were times that I slept alone, or with somebody wanting a special night with me or another lady. Though all of my clothes were in my personal room, and I showered in that room every morning.

Today’s practice was a review and a walk through of how we wanted to play against the Hawks, as well as how coach wanted us to carry ourselves so as not to embarrass ourselves, our parents, or the school. But to also try and enjoy ourselves at the same time, also. “I have plans already for whichever team that we happen to meet in the finals, and we will quickly go over them after our win, and our way into the championship game is established.”

After I got home from practice I became a pin cushion fitting me to my new buckskins, as they had to be hemmed at the waist, ankles and wrists. Everywhere else they were tight, almost painted on tight, too. Before they went to bed they got in the pool, that warm not quite hot water converted them, the first thing they said to me is that I should upgrade the pool back on the reservation the same way that our pool is set up, especially the water temperature. All I was able to get during a quick phone call to Oklahoma was hi and bye, with a sprinkling of we are all ok, and we can’t wait to see you guys on Monday when you get here. Monday can’t get here fast enough. When I went to bed after doing the last of my homework for the day.

I saw all of those women heading to the sewing room, as they had me try on a set of buckskins earlier for me that were glove-tight. I was told that the buckskins would mold themselves to my body after I wore them a few times. Those skins were so soft and different from my suits, Alyssa couldn’t believe all of the clothes in my closet were all indeed mine, none of the men on the reservation have as many clothes in their closets than I do. You know I was suddenly the joke in the room when it was told that I was not allowed to pick out my own clothes to wear, as I was the face of the MasonGroup. There really are sometimes that I hate being the only male living in this house.

(Wednesday, Morning.)

After my shower I saw today was to be styling my brand-new set of buckskins with tan cowboy boots that nearly matched in color. I came downstairs to Alyssa cooking breakfast of eggs and bacon and toast, she just couldn’t believe the large quantity that she needed to prepare, though. We all made sure she understood that she was on her own about cooking in the kitchen, as Carmanza was extremely territorial concerning the entire kitchen area. I saw I wasn’t the only one sporting new fashions, as both buckskin pants and skirts of different lengths were on display. “We need to stay here to finish your outfits, which is why Willow and Stormy are staying here with me, finishing up our work until we leave for Los Angeles tomorrow afternoon.” Alyssa said.

“Ok, the roads should be clear, so here is a set of keys to Sharon’s Cougar XR7, we left it outside for you in case you want to go somewhere before we get back home this afternoon.”

After eating our breakfast and all the extra chatting, we arrived at school just in time to go to class a little early, instead of usually going to the mall for about a half an hour before we go to class. Many a questions was asked about all of our new clothing, as have been wearing suits more often than not. More than a few guys had been seen in suits after I continued to wear them. Even more than a few faculty members had stated that I had forced them to update some of the clothes that they were seen wearing at school. Now I was being asked if the suits were going to now be staying at home. “No I am just adding to my collection is all.” I said.

We were all given quizzes about stuff that was too simple to fail, and that was how most of the week had went, so far. Just reviewing simple things, and the rest of the time talking about the big trip this weekend. My Grandparents and some of my other family members left a day early to get them settled in. As my Grandparents had previously said that they really did not want to travel for six hours nonstop on a plane full of young people, too much noise. There was to be no practice today, Coach McCarter said. “If you don’t know what to do by now, you wouldn’t learn it today. The Friday walk through would take place Friday morning just before the game, so that it would be fresh in your minds.”

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