Teddy's World
Chapter 41: Just Another Week With the Mason Family

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 41: Just Another Week With the Mason Family - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

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The best week of the school year so far for the boys’ basketball team was nearing its end. The weekend was all but a lock as long as we played our game, no matter what our opposition threw at us. We had to wait all day for our turn to play for the championship. The morning had come with most of us sleeping in, I know that I did, not get up until 10 o’clock that morning. I was dressed and had eaten breakfast an hour later. We all got a seat on the coaches to take us to the Silverdome to watch some of the action before it is our turn to dance on the court. Most of the day coach let us sit wherever we wanted, as long as we were looking at the court when he stood out on the court to get our attention. I was holding court with my ladies, we had saved seats for the many pregnant ladies as well as the older family members who couldn’t stand the seating all day. Pam had secured parking, as well as a few Silverdome carts to transport our delicate cargo to the court. Money has its privileges, and Pam made the best use of those privileges, too.

I had to stretch more than a few times, even though I had court side seating. I was surprised to see that Jimmy tried to sit near us. I was shocked to see that he was dressed similar to the team in a black suit. Jimmy is a born party crasher. I just tried to forget he was nearby, since I was secure in the fact that my girls were free to choose a new boyfriend anytime they wanted. Yes I would be hurt, but they knew I will not share with other men, boys, no matter what. I ordered a large lunch of hamburgers to eat during the games. Jimmy was shown the pretty cameo chokers my girls were wearing to keep him from continually embarrassing himself trying so hard to be noticed by my girls. Finally Snowdove dropped a hint on him since he didn’t know where to get his game going on today. “Look, introduce yourself to whoever you are trying to come on to, be sure you are not chatting up a relative in the large sea of orange in here, or chat up any female that you see not wearing one of these orange jerseys.” It was all quite comical looking at it from the outside looking in at his failures. You have to give him an A+, as he was determined to get a number even though he was leaving this afternoon to go back to Indianapolis.

As game time drew closer, the pregnant family members who were missing arrived with my orange slices. It took my Grama to tell it best. “He is like a bottomless pit. He never passes by food without being hungry.” Of course everyone around me saw this as funny, I decided it was ready to go to the locker room as Coach McCarter was now out on the court looking for us. I stood up and said my goodbyes to go change for the game. When I got to the locker room I went to my assigned locker. I had no valuables on me, just my suit that I was wearing. I put on my uniform, and went to get taped up before I put my gym shoes on. After, I put my warm ups on over my uniform and began stretching to get ready for the shoot around. I mainly worked on my free-throws, before I returned to the locker room to relax and finish my orange slices. That 15 or 20 minute nap was all I needed to get ready to go do my part to make Ottawa Hills High School look good, I hoped so anyway.

I lost the tip-off to Brad Timmons, their 7’ 2”, 235 lb. Center, and I was putting catchup on my sandwich the rest of the first half. Timmons could not block my sky-hook shot, but he took me out of my comfort zone in the low post. I managed to score some points, besides shooting the sky-hook, and had a few trips to the charity stripe (the free throw line.) Timmons and I both finished the 1st half on the bench with 2 fouls apiece. The first quarter began to come together for me after I found out I could block his shots, as he was not as fast on his feet as I am though I was much heavier than him. That is how I got him foul trouble with a drive past him to the rim. Our bench came through for us, as we were in a tight game for most of the first half, with the lead going back and forth. Timmons ended the first half with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 5 blocked shots. While I had 24 points, 9 rebounds and 7 blocked shots, along with 6 assists and 3 steals. But defense was not all that good for either side, as we were down 7 points although we scored 62 points as a team in the first half.

When we got in the locker room Coach McCarter went straight off on us! “Just what in the fuck are you idiots out there doing, this ain’t the playground?! What about the half you just played in looked like the practices you went through this week?! Before you try to answer, remember that I was at all of those practices also!” Coach McCarter yelled. “Coach, may I be heard?” Wilt Chamberlain asked. “Yes Wilt.” Coach said. “Mason, what is going on? You are treating this kid like he was me, I played against you, and I saw you dominate Bill Russell. You are playing like you are afraid of this guy that is slightly taller but much lighter in weight. You need to play like you want the state championship, not playing like you hope the other team will let your team win the championship. Listen fellows, either you want it or you don’t, only you fellows can win the championship and that is a fact.” Wilt Chamberlain said. Coach McCarter spent most of the break telling us what he wanted us to do to win the game. We didn’t shoot any warm up shots as halftime was all but over.

We got the ball for the start of the second half, and 5 assists later we were up by 3 points as we stole the ball 2 times, a blocked shot and 2 missed shots that forced them to call timeout to regroup, as their offense was having troubles scoring. When Detroit Mackenzie came out of the timeout they wanted to run their offense through Timmons, but that turned out to be a disaster. As I did to him what he did to me in the first half, I pushed him out of his comfort zone. Turns out Timmons’ shots fall much better around 15 feet, but were considerably worst at 17 feet or more out from the basket if Timmons put the ball on the floor trying to try and dribble his way into the basket, or maneuver his way to help set up his shot or pass, the ball was either deflected away or stolen. Timmons became mostly a one dimensional player, not really being about to do much more than catch and or try to shoot. I remembered what Mr. Russell said, don’t try to do more than block the ball with your finger tips and the ball will hang in the air for you to grab it and start a fast break for your team. Hey, it worked for Mr. Russell and he has more championships than any other player in NBA history. I wanted it to work for me, too. Don’t get me wrong, Detroit Mackenzie didn’t lay down, and they fought the good fight to the end. But after Timmons fouled out trying to blocked James Evans drive to the basket the end was in sight.

Mike Jones was their 6’ 9” power forward, and became their Center for the remaining three quarters of the fourth quarter, it almost became a free for all for us on both ends of the court. While we did win the game by seventeen points, none of us would consider the game a blowout win, as the bench scored heavily in garbage time. But as my mom says, you only need 1 point to win at the final buzzer. Our bench came through as part of our offense where they were needed all through the game, not just in garbage time. But also our defense was strong as well, allowing us to have fresh legs in our back court with all the substituting Coach was doing. Without our bench we would not have won many a game along the way, but this is a team win sure enough. Timmons may have fouled out early, but the man scored 34 points, 18 rebounds and 9 blocked shots. A good stat. line considering he left the game early in the fourth quarter. I was little better, dropping in 48 points, 13 rebounds, 11 blocked shots and 14 assists. I thanked the Evans brothers for cutting to the basket to pad my assist stats. Coach McCarter handled the media, as I wanted no part of that zoo. I thanked each and every member of our team to make sure they knew that I didn’t think that I won a game this season all by myself. This game was a high scoring game going by anybody’s standard in any league, as we put up 126 points, while Mackenzie scored 113 in a losing effort. We had reached championship number two with the City League Championship and the State Championship, and we are still in the hunt for the National Championship. I wasn’t the only somebody that had a big game tonight, hopefully our seniors will benefit from our success with college offers.

We all dressed after showering quickly as we could fly home tonight, which I intended to do. I made sure the word was spread to all the players and trainers if you flew into Detroit with me, you needed to check out of your hotel and head to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, as I wanted to liftoff at 9 pm and sleep in my own bed tonight. You had a few folks that wanted to party here in Detroit, I didn’t fuss with them, I simply said to everyone I came in contact with, “The big blue planes that you flew here on are leaving tonight for Grand Rapids, as G. R. ain’t that far away you need to speak to the drivers of the coaches to see if you can ride back with them if you want to stay. If they charge you, then you will have to pay them. I won’t be, as I have a contract that ends with delivering all of their passengers back to Detroit Metro Airport. Otherwise how you get back home to Grand Rapids will be your concern and no longer mine if you are not on the plane with my family.”

My family was packed and ready to go quickly, as they were used to us traveling quickly. We needed to be earlier than everyone else so that both of the two Rolling Thunder coaches could be put aboard Sky Thunder. and locked down. By the time our extra passengers began arriving we were about ready to go. I was all excited to get home and be with my ladies, we had already agreed to meet everyone on the team along with their families at the ballroom of the Pantlind Hotel for a little team party tomorrow afternoon. The trip back to Grand Rapids was quick, and uneventful. I was able to get a few extra school buses so our coaches didn’t need to be unloaded to take us home. I tipped all the bus drivers, let us say those ladies were happy to come out on Saturday night. The School Board was just happy for the reason to celebrate. We did stop at Gino’s pizza to get 20 pizzas for the party at the house tonight. We dropped my Grandparents off at their house, Jimmy was shocked when he and his Mom were asked to get off at the Grandparents’ house. Aunt Margo and Jimmy had not booked a plane to return to Indianapolis this evening in Detroit or leaving from Grand Rapids, which we all thought was strange, as the Kilgores were already on their way back home.

“I want to go to the party along with everyone else.” Jimmy said. “The party is at one o’clock tomorrow afternoon at the Pantlind Hotel, the party at the house tonight is by invite only, of which you are not among the invited. I made sure the Kilgores will make it back to Indianapolis by no later than tomorrow morning, you could have gone back with them. But I presume that might be a little creepy, so I will charter a limo to take you and your Mom back home tomorrow evening.” I told my unhappy relatives. I smirked, knowing they were both unhappy at being excluded from tonight’s private party. I left them with 2 large meat lover’s pizzas that they could enjoy amongst themselves.

Sandy’s youngest child Shelly, along with my younger sisters, went to stay over at Uncle John’s and Aunt Sue’s house to be with their girls for the remainder of this weekend, they were to be picked up to go to school Monday morning. Mama C. went in and let us know to keep the noise down to a dull roar, as she intended to sleep well. I kissed the pregnant ladies as we all entered our playroom next to the heated pool. We entered the room via the hallway, but we had an entrance to the pool directly from our very large playroom also. Soon after we entered the playroom there were no clothes any longer being worn by any of the younger women, as the orgy was about to start as soon as I could get undressed. Everyone in the room understood that I intended to fuck as many of my hot ladies as possible tonight, but I was going to need help from the ladies so as many of them as possible felt some dick. I would love to brag I could fuck them all, but I don’t have superhuman powers. I knew from experience I would be doing more fucking in the morning before we went to the school rally, and after said rally Sunday night.

Sharon wasted no time sitting in my lap easing her hot, very tight and soaking wet pussy on my dick. After she had all of me inside of her, she wrapped her legs around my waist as she slowly began riding me. “I am so glad that I gave my virginity to you. I often wished you had fucked me first that night you fucked my mother so hard, it is a wonder that Shelly didn’t wake up and catch you two fucking each other like I did.” Sharon moaned. Sharon had forgotten she was trying to just get her nut, because she was milking my dick like she was trying to get loaded up with sperm. Towards the end Sharon had abandoned slow and sensual and went wild, bucking me hard like she was riding the toughest bull in the rodeo. She had almost tripped my switch, I had to hug her tight while she climaxed. By the time she was coming down from her climax I was back somewhat under control, and was ready for the next willing victim.

Lynette lay down next to me and said. “Please fuck me like you know I like to be fucked, baby.” Lynette is about to turn 30 years old, but her pussy is virgin tight as I took her virginity a few months ago, Lynette had come to realize no matter how much she loves eating pussy, a stiff dick truly was something she liked. Her little brother’s dick was part of the only man she wanted to share her pussy with. Unlike Sharon, Lynette wanted a hard grinding fuck, meaning hard pounding one minute and grinding our crotches together the next, with no set pattern as to what I would do next until the end was near, as with most sex it is hard pounding in the end. “Oh shit, little brother, you are making me cum, baby! I am so glad we are here with you now, I love fucking you so much.” Lynette said. Between her kind words and her wild thrashing, Lynette had undone me, and I willingly pumped her tight pussy full of sperm. “Oh Lynette baby, I was trying to fuck one more pussy before I nutted, but you got the prize, baby.” “I know I felt you filling me up with all that hot sperm.” Lynette said. Min was Jane on spot to begin cleaning the mess in Lynette’s pussy, while Vanessa was licking and sucking my dick to clean up whatever residue was left from the hot sex Lynette and I had just had.

Vanessa easily got me ready to abuse her pussy, when I was ready Vanessa lay back and spread her legs wide for me. I let my thick long dick split her hot and slick pussy, gliding all the way in until I was balls deep inside her roomy pussy. Vanessa was a very easy woman to fuck, as she is easy to make hear cum hard, as she likes to fuck. Vanessa could be very vocal like tonight. “Oh Teddy, please make me feel so good, please, please! I so love the way you fuck me! Oh fuck me baby, I am about to cum hard!!!!!!!!” I had a smile on my face as Vanessa may not have been as tight as some of my girls, but she knew how to fuck, and I liked fucking her as well as I like being in her company outside the bedroom as well. I gave Min a quick but forceful fuck, before I settled down to make love to an equally passionate Fallon before I passed out for the night. What my ladies did to each other after that I wasn’t conscious to know how their night ended.

I was allowed to sleep until I woke up near eleven the next morning. I was allowed to wear blue jeans and a dress shirt and gym shoes, I was happy that today was casual dress day, and was given a treat for breakfast, Cap’n Crunch cereal among the many different boxes of cereal, with a few gallons of store bought milk. Carmanza enjoys cooking and doesn’t want us eating cold cereal often, but as she will have a new friend coming soon to occupy some of her time she is willing to share her kitchen just a little bit more. Of course Mama C. had something to do with Carmanza’s change in attitude concerning her kitchen, as Mama C. had become a mother to everyone in this house. As well as my parents’ house too, but our house was indeed HER house. It was definitely never a dull moment around OUR house, but everyone in the house has made a conscious effort to always to get along with each other, although we are still a long long ways from perfect. But then again, if it was really as easy as we make it look, then a whole more people would be living like we do.

We left shortly after our special breakfast to head down to the Pantlind to make sure the ballroom was setup for our party, complete with pizza deliveries from Little Caesar’s Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Gino’s Pizza, Village Inn, and a few other pizza joints. All of the pizza’s had multiple toppings, even if the multiple were all the same items, and more than a few had multiple toppings where none of the toppings was meat. All of the cartons were clearly labeled to the toppings the pizzas had on them. I paid both the kitchen staff, and the valet staff and promised them a serious tip if all went well, reminding them. “This is a party, and while I am not supplying any alcohol I am sure some will find itself inside the ballroom. That said, some people are bound to not be nice all of the time, short of physical contact please restrain yourselves. When and / or if you get mad, remember your tip money as well as your jobs.” I said.

My family started to arrive around 12:30 pm, just as the ballroom started getting active with partygoers all my Grandparents walked in with Aunt Margo and Jimmy in tow. I walked over immediately, after saying hello I asked. “I thought you were going home this morning, Aunt Margo?” “No, I thought Jimmy would enjoy the party, plus I wanted to speak to your Uncle James. But why the fuck am I explaining all of this to you, I have a child older than you! You forget yourself, boy, I will slap the monkey shit out of you if you ask me anything else!” Aunt Margo said. Jimmy had a shit-eating grin plastered all over his face. “And if you get up the nerve to try, they will be carrying your retarded fat-ass out of this hotel feet first! And you need to know this is not a threat, just a straight promise, the fight will be to see which female in here gets to whip your fat ass!” my Mom yelled at Aunt Margo. By the time my Mom was through yelling we were surrounded by people, namely more than a few of my women. Uncle James muscled through the growing crowd, knowing before he got to the middle Aunt Margo and Jimmy were involved somehow. “Marguerite, WHAT IN FUCK ARE YOU STILL DOING, HERE! I thought you would’ve left to return to Naptown by now? What in the hell are you waiting for, Jimmy has school tomorrow!” my Uncle said.

Aunt Margo had lost a little of her bravado, as she knew first hand that Uncle James is not one she wanted to make scene with, as she knew how her bread was buttered. And she also knew the main rule in controlling a man involved pussy, and since Uncle James had no interest in her pussy, it meant she had no control of over him. “Look James, we were just going to attend the party today and go back tomorrow, it won’t hurt Jimmy to miss one day of school. Jimmy wanted to see a few of the girls he was talking to in Detroit, he asked me respectfully if we could go to the party, so I said yes. He and I are still members of this family, you know.” Aunt Margo said, and walked off quickly. She never noticed that Jimmy had abandoned her as soon as my Mom started talking. Jimmy understood if a fight broke out he was bound to end getting an ass-whipping out of the deal, and that was something he clearly did not want any part of. Coach luckily called for the team to come up for some pictures before letting anyone who wanted to take a picture with the trophy to take their picture. Tomorrow we were going to wear our black game suits, take a picture then change into game uniforms covered by warms ups at the trophy case.

By 4:00pm everyone was ready to leave, a few folks had to be driven home as they managed to get drunk in the three hours the party was going on. My grandparents left and asked me to get Aunt Margo and Jimmy a room here, as they were too upset to see them tonight. Both of my Grandfathers were going to bring their suitcases back down here to the hotel, Uncle James was forced to break the bad news to Aunt Margo and Jimmy. My Uncle left them as soon as their suitcases were delivered. He had a few choice words to say while he waited, reminding Jimmy that this is where he claimed he wanted to be, but maybe he needed to stay in Naptown, as he seemed to always cause some sort of dramatic scene here in the Furniture City when he came to visit. Which caused Aunt Margo to say some things she might not have said, as she was forgetting who she was arguing with. Uncle James reminded her quietly that he is still the same man she married twenty years ago, nothing about him had changed other than they were separated and not living together anymore. It kinda got real quiet in the room after that, not much later after that their suitcases arrived, allowing my Uncle to make his exit. Unbeknownst to us, Aunt Margo had a plan that would bear fruit in the morning.

We had snagged a few pizzas for us to take home, and paid the staff that worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly at the party. I paid each person a $100 tip for working the party, and they were welcome to the pizzas that were left after everyone left, if any was left as we kept the pizza places jumping as most families left with a pizza or two also. I had all the pizzas billed to the hotel and I would settle the bill with the hotel this coming week. We all went home to relax and get ready for the coming week. When I walked in the door I was directed back out to the garage. “We all know that it was your birthday last week, and we told you several of your gifts were coming, well, they are here now.”

They put a blindfold on me and walked me into the garage to see my gifts, so I knew they had a car to show me. We walked just inside the garage a short ways before we stopped. “Teddy, you have enough money to buy anything you want at any time you want, this huge garage was built so that we could buy you several presents a year, as your Mom said Santa could always bring you a car and you would be forever happy, please take these three cars, one is from the older girls from your harem, another car from the younger girls from your harem, and the last is from your parents. You will have one hell of a collection when you get old. The first to be uncovered is a 1972 Pontiac Hurst SSJ Grand Prix, this has been completely rebuilt by GM as a gift to you, and instead of black this one is your midnight blue with the original gold trim. The interior sandalwood color, with tilt steering, cruise control, I’m told the 455 cid has been tweaked to over 400 horses, and it runs on unleaded fuel. The buckets seats has your name TEDDY in red stitching on the seats that had moved back so the car is basically a two seat car because of your height. It has all the power options, including A/C, and electric rear defroster, and the factory sunroof, as well as the 14 inch gold honeycomb rims with P 235 / 60 R14 sized tires.” Pam said, as this car was from the older girls. I got in and loved the way it sounded through the dual exhaust, when I started the engine. I would later have look at everything that was done to all of the cars.

“The second set of four wheels to be unveiled was a dark green 1969 Buick Skylark GS (Grand Sport) with black leather interior, with TEDDY again stitched in red on the bucket seats, with tilt 3 spoke GS steering wheel with cruise control. This is another rebuild from GM, hey, it pays to be a major stock holder, don’t be jealous, don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Fallon said. I was in love with the alligator roof, and the fact it had a 4-speed transmission made it an instant hit, the 400 cid engine with the stage-1 option had been gone through to make it run on unleaded fuel, and was in the 400 horse output range. It had the 14 inch Buick mags with the normally black painted areas of the mags painted a matching green. With P235 / 60 R14 sized tires gator backs the same tires as the SSJ Grand Prix, unlike the Grand Prix, it does not have a sunroof, though it does have A/C, power windows and the original rear window had been replaced to add electric defrost, something not available originally in 1969. The seats had been moved back for my height also. Just like the Grand Prix, the dual exhaust sounded heavenly, I couldn’t wait to drive either of these cars, it was just like Christmas day, and I almost forgot there was one more car to see. My dad let me know that we would hook it up to personalize it like I would want it, as my Dad and Uncles all believed in making their car stand out in a crowd.

After looking at two muscle cars, seeing what my Dad sent to GM, I was shocked a 1969 Buick Electra 225 Limited convertible, it was sky blue with a matching sky blue interior and a black canvas top. My Dad knew this car was one of the few convertibles I liked, as the car looked as good with the top up or down. The car was loaded with a tilt steering wheel with cruise control, power windows and locks, A/C, and electric defroster in the rear window, something added to the car as it was not available in 1969. When I started this car up it was whisper quiet, until I stepped on the gas and heard it give off a much quieter rumble through the turbo mufflers on its dual exhaust. It had 15 inch Buick mags with the normal black painted areas painted a matching sky blue, with the largest tires that fit the car, P 235 / 70 R15 gator back Goodyear Eagle tires. My dad was upset about the raised white letter tires until I told him I liked those tires better than whitewall tires. Along with the gifts I already received, I was a happy camper knowing as I knew that I would be getting my hardship driver’s license this week. I later looked to see all three car had front disk brakes instead of drum brakes. as well as beefed up suspensions, and heavy-duty cooling. My life was indeed very good.

After all the excitement of the weekend, plus getting those hot cars, I went to bed to rest for the coming week, knowing that we had to be in Indianapolis this Friday to start our National High School Championship run. The ladies were not all that unhappy, as sometime this week those not pregnant expected to be out of commission as their favorite Aunt was coming to visit, so there were no night games.


I was up and moving, though a few more hours of sleep is what I wanted most this morning. I was dressed in the blue denim 3-piece suit with a dark blue shirt and a blue denim tie that matched the suit. I had my black game suit in a travel bag for the trophy pictures. While eating a pancake breakfast I was reminded that Tuesday I was going to go for my driver’s license, and then Wednesday was the day I would go see Judge Ben Logan to be emancipated. About this time I started getting teased about not wanting to leave the garage last night, I was drooling so hard that I needed a napkin, and while this was not true it made the family have a good laugh, at my expense of course. With all of this going on I still had to do normal school work, the basketball team, plus my company business, though I had put everything on the back burner for these next few weeks, with all four of the widows handling most of the workload from the Dallas Oil Companies and the related issues as needed.

When we arrived for school we all posed with the new trophy in the trophy case, then we all hurried to class. A little after class had started I was met at the door at the end of my 2nd hour class. “Teddy, I was walking by the counselor’s office during first hour and I saw your Aunt Margo and Jimmy in his office I bet she is registering him to go to school here. Knowing what you would do next we called your Dad to call your Uncle, to see if he knew anything about what might be going on. We are sorry if he indeed going to be attending school with us.” Fallon said. To say I was pissed off wasn’t close, as I had a damn good idea why he wanted to go to school here with me. None of these reasons were anything I was happy about, Jimmy spent all the time last summer bragging on the Arlington Knights and how it was the greatest school ever. There is no way I wanted to see him on a daily or weekly basis. I hope we were wrong in what we are thinking, but there is no other reason that is obvious enough to be believed, other than Jimmy going to school here. So much for a good week, DAMN!

I couldn’t wait until school let out, I went to my Grandparents’, starting at Uncle James’ parents’ house first. When I walked through the door Granddaddy just said. “Yes, it’s true that bitch dropped off his luggage on her way to the Airport. And no, your Grama had nothing to do with it. Margo did this slick shit all on her own, I am sure Jimmy was very happy with her decision. Hell, who knows, he was most likely in on the planning from the get go. Knowing that he was moving up here anyway, and with your team winning everything that is in sight, your school would be his first choice to attend.” “I am sorry, baby, I think Jimmy has burnt his bridge in this house, as I have 50 years with your Granddad that is a lot of years. I wish I had listened to him when he told me to stop cuddling Jimmy. I didn’t listen then, but to save my marriage if nothing else, as both your grandfathers are very serious about this troublemaker not living with them. Thanks to Margo we need to get him a place to live that is not at either of our houses.” Grama said.

“Since you are getting emancipated Wednesday, I want him to go with you and be emancipated as well, and we get him an apartment so he can learn that being grown is not all it’s cracked up to be. I know it puts a sour taste in your mouth, Teddy, I will be with you to keep the peace between you, but the sooner we get him able to be on his own the better. Thus if he crashes and burns it will be his fault, as he will be in a position to take care of himself, with nobody to blame if he messes up being grown. Both his parents will be there, just like yours will be there in court.” Grama said. “Ok Grama, I hope this works like you want this situation to. Jimmy seems to always land on his feet better than a house cat.” I said. I hated being near him, as he just doesn’t get it that there is no free lunch, because no matter what happens somebody has always been there to save his ass, usually at someone else’s expense. This week just got much longer for me, as being near him guarantees sooner or later some taunts would be coming my way. That is the main reason I can’t stand him, because I still maintain Jimmy is a natural born shit starter.

I went back to school to go to practice, so I hoped that I could lose myself in practice getting ready to play ball this weekend. Coach had us go over how we played the game, looking at the flaws and mistakes we made during the game. Looking at the game film we found that there is enough embarrassment to go around on the whole team, as the pressure had got to all of us. I would like to hope we had learned from both the embarrassment and how close we came to losing the game to a team we went on to easily dominate. After we looked at the game films, Coach walked us through several plays, and then we ran to exercise our legs and then went home. But not before he asked us not to strain ourselves this week, as he wanted us to be able run and gun if we needed to, as none of us wanted to be no repeat of last weeks near disaster.

By the time I got home I saw the parental units there, along Uncle James and his family. I would have love to know how Aunt Margo got there, as I thought she flew home this morning. But I will say she looked pissed off at being there, Uncle James didn’t look to damn happy either. Jimmy, on the other hand, looked as though he was having trouble sitting on the padded chair he was sitting on. I almost missed Aunt Margo wincing, as it also seems like Uncle James has been a busy man this afternoon. There has to be a story here I hoped either my Dad or Uncle James will share with me eventually. This branch of Mason parents truly believes in ass- whipping, when needed to correct bad behavior, as needed from time to time. Jimmy and Aunt Margo seemed to have forgotten Uncle James is not someone you want to tangle with.

“Teddy, I know you don’t like what is going on with your Aunt Margo registering Jimmy at your school. And now you have to endure being with Jimmy several times this week to further help the family get Jimmy settled this week. All I am asking is for you to help me to help him, as his mouth will be closed toward making stupid comments this week. And as he is having mobility issues that I can just about guarantee he wants no more treatments that would surely effect his already troubled mobility situation. For those of you in the room who didn’t grow up Masons, or at least not Masons in this part of the family tree. Jimmy relearned the lessons that he was taught as a child about this particular branch of Mason parents. Most Mason parent around here truly believe the clothes they buy didn’t do anything to be punished for, thus we don’t whip clothes, ass-whippings kinda hurts a lot more with no clothes to help soften the blows to his behind.”

I was asked to go along with this as it would make it easy for most of us. “And if Margo can rent him an apartment he would be on his own and would be forced to grow up to some degree. He won’t have much of a choice in the matter. I have talked to him and made it clear if he flunks out of school he can’t blame anyone but himself, and since he truly is not stupid he should be ok. Now, if he goes out and gets half of the girls in Grand Rapids pregnant, he will be dealing with the females, or Friend of the Court, on his own, past whatever advice we men, can give him. And we have stressed to him they will put you in jail if you don’t pay what they say, thus he knows that he will have to be getting a job right quick. I made it clear that I or any of his Aunts or Uncles are here to help him, or advise him, just like we would for any other family member.” “As long as it is made clear to Jimmy that my girls and I ain’t trying to be friends at school, and for sure he needs to know that he is not welcome here at my house unless I personally invite him over. I say this because he just doesn’t understand that getting in the face of another man’s girls applies to him. My girls want nothing to do with him, and as late as our study group get started, it is later than we normally have visitors. I want to make sure that this is understood, being Jimmy can be forgetful, or just flat ignore what he wants to ignore.” I said.

Uncle James just looked at Jimmy, who frowned as he nodded. Then Uncle James looked at Aunt Margo who definitely nodded. “I think both Jimmy and Margo understand all you just said, if they want to play dumb, I promise you I understood very well. If a man I tell not to come over, still comes by for a visit, I can promise you there will be fireworks. To be clear about this, Jimmy, you are not dumb, you are not a little boy, you are viewed as a grown man, and grown men understand it ain’t too healthy sniffing around other men’s women. Forget what I just said if you want to, but you are the one who will be wearing the ass-whipping if you try visiting because you just want to.” Uncle James said.

“Just so you know the ban extends to my house also, as you have no doubt that I will beat the shit out of you.” my Dad said. After that we sat down to dinner, I had pizza delivered as we were talking, plus I didn’t want Jimmy thinking about a free meal from Carmanza’s good home cooking.

I slept alone tonight for more than one reason, I was upset that I was once again dragged into helping Jimmy yet again because of the good of the family and so forth. I also wanted to have fresh legs for the weekend, and though night games are so much fun, it leaves me tired in the mornings sometimes. Which in turn will leave me worn out somewhat by game time, all because of too little sleep the night before. Because I just have too many women to please, and somebody would be left hanging if I only tried to please a few of my ladies just to have steady sex.


After my morning romance with the hated timekeeper. Even though sometimes I do love, the only woman in the house I can’t charm. Of course the time keeping woman only talks to me in the mornings, though. This morning Carmanza was trying something new that we all knew was something that I might like, she made sausage patties and hash browns, only my patties were large enough to set on two slices of bread with cheese. Ladies around the table just asked why she didn’t just make me hamburgers for breakfast?

“You young fillies may have roped our stud before I came along, but for damn sure it is my kitchen that keeps him trapped in this house close enough to all the kitty-kats within this house!” Carmanza laughed. There was no word spoke against Carmanza’s statement. Even Mama C. chuckled at that last little bit of conversation. Plans were made for today’s driver’s test, since Jimmy was also going, Uncle James would be taking us to get our drivers licenses after school.

When we got to the mall that morning Jimmy was holding court in the mall where we usually started out our school day. “Good morning, Teddy.” Jimmy said, as he nodded to my girls. I was upset as he had poisoned our spot, but he was not making trouble in any way this morning so far. Plus the long established rule was first come first served. As none of us owned any of this ground, we just paid rent each morning by policing the area we rented before we left for class. Of course people were curious as to why we’re not interacting with each other, only to be told by both he and I the exact same phase. ‘It’s a family matter.’ That only made the gossip even stronger about what the family matter could be. Finally tired of the gossip I asked one simple question that slowly stopped most of the gossip in short order. “All of you think of your own families, does everyone get along with absolutely everyone in your family? Then further ask yourself when your family members get together, are they respectful, or are there any fireworks if people don’t say too much, and keep their distance from one another? I am willing to bet most of the family has no idea what the trouble is, and those who do just don’t or won’t speak about it one way or the other.” I said.

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