Teddy's World
Chapter 34

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 34 - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Cheating   Revenge   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Hairy   Violent  

Tonight after dinner was pregnant lady night I spooned with Pam slowly fucking her pussy the way she most enjoyed it. "I still can't believe that you're my lover Teddy. You should know that I have always been a woman who is hard to handle. So those who have known me all my life are very curious about this new man that has gotten me pregnant. I am constantly being questioned about you. But it is not just me alone. It all of us widow's, as well as the other grown women you are currently sleeping with. None of us are answering any of the questions we being asked by our friends. These are just simple things we normally would have most likely would have answered freely in the past. At least those of us who have had babies before. Add to the fact that my two daughters are also are not telling anything about the father of their babies. It making this a big mystery that just won't go away." Pam said.

"Teddy you have to realize that all of us grown women are breaking the Michigan law. As you are legally to young for us grown women to be having sex with you for any reason. I have cursed out loud to the original Daniel Mason more than once about this curse that he was able to somehow bestowed upon us women." Pam moaned. After that terrible joke I began fucking Pam harder. "Teddy stop Ohh stop Ohh, Awww Teddy please, please!" Pam screamed as she came! I fucked the other widows one after another, with my third climax ending up inside Kelly. Susan had already went to sleep. Kelly had teased earlier Susan with her lips and tongue until she passed out. While both women were awaiting their turns with me.

I went to sleep holding Sandy my little pet she likes to be close to me. I think no matter who I fuck at night I think I will have to make sure that Sandy slept we me most nights even if I wasn't alone in bed.

(Thursday, Morning.)

We all got up that morning to get ready to go downstairs for breakfast. As it was a game day I had on one of my black 3-piece suits with the orange shirt, with the orange & black tie. At breakfast this morning Pam talked some more about her fears about what would happen when the babies were born.

"And you should know this drama will only get worse after the babies are all born. As nobody is going to believe you are not the father of those babies. As you are the only male that I have been seen with anywhere. Plus all of our babies will have the perfect tan to go along with our good looks. Sad to say your face while not bad looking, isn't nearly good looking enough to be the face of my baby." Pam said, and stuck out her tongue.

"What you don't know is we as a group before we were really showing with our pregnancies, and still had our balance, and agility, we beat all the hell out of your parents. Your dad not fight back though, as we were not trying to kill him, or your mom. And not only were we women, but we were also pregnant with his grandchildren. Now Marilyn, she tried to fight back, so yes we teed off on her. I am so happy to say we beat the shit out of her. Her pride was hurt more than anything else in the end. As she didn't to fight as much after Ted cleared his throat." Pam stated.

"You ask why this happened? Not that I initially would have been any happier about your dad than I was with you when we first met. But at least I could have legally had children with your dad immediately upon meeting him. Unlike my current situation with you. But your parents changed a plan they had no idea involved either of them. Now here we are all these years later. You have made it clear you are not going to hide the fact that you are the father of these babies. I have no intention of going to jail as you are making more than enough waves in the business community, and stepping on many powerful toes everywhere with the things you buying and influencing." Pam said.

"You may not understand all of this I am about to say. But some of the things you have been doing is something that has not been seen since the MasonGroup was first formed. And became a force that John D. Rockefeller himself chose to make friends with. Rather than wasting his time attempting try to destroy Daniel Mason. As no one would do business Daniel when he came to the north. So he used Wall Street as his way to muscle into the Northern United States Business scene. Rockefeller's idea was that Daniel would quickly over extend himself. And that he John D. Rockefeller would be there to pick up the pieces of Daniel's shattered company. Namely the many valuable Standard Oil stocks that Daniel had begun to purchase. Before he was through acquiring Standard Oil stock he would be the second largest shareholder to John himself." Pam said.

"Daniel wasn't just satisfied with getting into Rockefeller's pocket he went after the deep pockets of Andrew Carnegie and his Steel Company, and John Pierpont Morgan better known as 'J.P. Morgan' at first for his Banking concerns. Daniel figured you couldn't go wrong with a powerful Banker as one of your allies. Even if said banker didn't want to be one of your allies. But shortly afterwards his growing General Electric business was something Daniel threw money at quickly. Because all three men were competitors somewhat with each other they all set back watching Daniel growing richer because of the three them. Each expecting to swoop in when he fell on his face, and each would pick up the stocks he had acquired in each of their companies." Pam said.

"And if they were truly lucky some of the stocks he held in the other mens companies as well. The desire to outdo each other never died amongst those three men for the rest of their lives." Pam said. Had they work together Daniel may have ended up poor. When Standard Oil company was broken up Daniel leveraged himself to buy even more shares in the new companies than his original Standard Oil shares would have allowed him to receive in the break up. As this was his final hurrah to Daniel, it was what he considered final attempt to make his mark to overtake John D. Rockefeller as the richest man in history, this was his playtime. With that kind of power he had received all those new stocks in the new Standard Oil spin-offs plus his many various other holdings. No stock was truly safe from him if it was traded on Wall Street." Pam said.

"Showing that he was a graduate of the Rockefeller school of how to get ahead when Cornelius Vanderbilt II died in 1899 Daniel muscled his way into the Railroad business. He had stock in some of the different Railroads. But he was like a fringe player in the Railroad game, and he was after a larger stake. So while there was a power vacuum with-in the family while they were trying to settle on the new permanent company leaders. Daniel attacked the company to walked away holding a total of 35% of their Railroad interests. Some he got from family members the rest came from Wall Street. In 1910 with the help of J.P. Morgan, Daniel allowed the Vanderbuilts to retrieve most of the 35% back he had taken earlier. This in part helped lead to the beginning of the Vanderbilt's families financial down turn." Pam said.

"As the family had to mortgage most of their assets to do this buy back of the family assets. Daniel felt badly the rest of his life and assisted the family somewhat in his death by paying off all of their remaining mortgages. And left the family $15,000,000 to be split amongst the the Heir's of 1899 when Daniel acquired the 35%. Or their Heir's if the original Heir had passed away before Daniel's death. Needless to say Daniel made money selling the stocks back to the family." Pam said.

"One of the luckiest things that happened to Daniel, that every Trust member benefits from to this day. Concerning moneys that can be attached as coming from the MasonTrust. Now known as the MasonGroup was a totally 'Tax-Free' operation permanently. By a special act of Congress. That was signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt and was effective immediately." Pam said.

"Provided that the MasonTrust loan Federal government." $100,000,000 Million Dollars. (Which is around $2,000,000,000 Billion Dollars in today's money. Yes I am aware the money would be different in 1978. This all a work of fiction remember this please.) With a 50 year repayment schedule with a very low interest rate. Daniel wrote the check in less than 24hrs after the President signed the bill. The only such act ever awarded to any corporation in United States. The prevailing thinking that the MasonTrust had to be damn near by broke by now as they had indeed loaned out more than most of those old money rich men had amassed. Daniel was able to do this by giving large sums of his own money behind the scenes to help bring the 1907 Financial Panic to a close. Now at some point those with-in the Trust began to question Daniel's leadership causing them to ask for the buyout as they presumed that the Trust would soon be bankrupt alone the rest of those who crashed in 1907." Pam said.

"By the time the dust settled on the mini run the Trust had to pay out. Now both the Trust and Daniel himself were closer to broke than Daniel wanted to admit to anyone. Though Daniel had plenty of assets to mortgage to settle any short term cash flow issues that may arise. But Daniel didn't want that fact to become common knowledge that the Trust may be vulnerable. As they were finally really that cash poor. Before it became critical though the short term loans Daniel made to help the Panic had begun to be repaid. As Daniel's position so quickly improved those that had so rushed to get their money out of the Trust as Daniel was considered so reckless not so long ago. Now wanted back in as though they never left the trust. Some of them didn't even have the money needed to buy back in as they had used their cash thinking the Trust would be no more. None were allowed to return to the Trust." Pam said.

Daniel had also indeed given the Federal more than three forths his vast fortune to this cause. And to assist the Government with much needed aid. As the Government was itself hurting trying to rebuild the city of San Francisco after last years devastating fire. Few outside of Washington D.C. knew about this failing though." Pam said.

"Many of the power brokers to those in Washington D.C. told them if Mason was really pledging that much money, with the only expectation was a small interest fee attached to the repayment. And permanent 'Tax-Free' status for himself and all those involved in the Trust and all of their Heirs forever. As long as the tax-free income was directly from the Trust. Any outside jobs were still taxable. Then they said the Government could not lose as Mason would be broke with in a few years at most after laying out that much raw cash. While still trying to buy stocks, and having to make payroll to the employees to the companies that he owns. Plus all his family members with-in his Trust. Of course these power brokers intended to be near to pick up the companies Daniel was forced to sell at fire sale prices. Surely when his money crunch occurred, as it had to, as he was presumed to be so cash poor." Pam was really enjoying telling this history lesson.

"Daniel did at some point mortgage most of his holdings. But he never stopped buying stocks, companies, or banks. The way that his 'Tax-Free' status worked was that he had to pay taxes just everyone else as he bought companies, properties etc ... And then he files a special tax form showing all that he had pay in for the year. And 30 days later the IRS was required to cut him a check for the amount he paid in. Those who pushed this through, were thinking that there would be something in it for them. As the word was Daniel was so cash poor he would selling some good assets just to stay afloat. The vultures knew the kind of money Daniel had put up with J.P. Morgan both times Morgan had put up money help with the 1907 Panic. And that Daniel was involved in purchase the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company." Pam said

"As he had already been involved in U.S. Steel owning a large block of U.S Steel stock by throwing in on the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company, he had become one of the largest stock holders of U.S. Steel. Not to mention in 1899 he had also bought into Bethlehem Steel Company. And 1904 he upped his stake in Bethlehem Steel Company when it became Bethlehem Steel Corporation. There is no doubt that Daniel took risks. But when the Government broke up Standard Oil the MasonTrust never again had a mortgage that they couldn't pay with-in 24hrs. if they so wanted too." Pam said.

"Look you youngsters are late for school now. But you still have to go. So let's get going. I will go to the office to get you into school with no problems." Pam said.

With the story that Pam was spinning we were late getting to school that morning. I am glad we have good grades, as our attendance left a lot to be desired. We given passes and sent to class with order to stop by the class we missed to get makeup work today.

I spent most of the day thinking about Daniel and all the many things that he had done. I was wondering could I eventually measure up to just a small part of what Daniel had managed to accomplished with-in his lifetime. By the end of the day I went home to do my limited away game routine before a game. I was back at the gym just after 5pm for the bus ride over to East Grand Rapids High School. The Pioneers had a good team so far as they were undefeated. Since they had 4 players taller 6'4" and had an easy time so far they were very confident. The trouble was their front line player's topped out at 6'7", one at 6'6", another at 6'5", and 6'4½", with all of them being on the slim side.

I hoped that we didn't have the same feeling East Grand Rapids was soon feeling as our fans went wild when we came out dressed for warm-ups. The gym was standing room only with the last of our fans to had to get in mixed in with the home crowd. But the confidence they were trying to muster up was fading fast. As East GR was so far had been bigger than, or at least as big as the teams they had faced, until tonight. Just seeing the Evans brothers they could see they were all smaller than those two. Plus a few others on our team were above 6 feet also. But they had hoped I was also slim like them. Well by the slack jawed looks I got, and the fact the coach huddle up with them very quickly. Sadly they now knew they were weak at the Center position.

They knew they needed a new plan. It seems I was mistaken for Coach McCarter when we entered the building as Coach is a former NBA player. Their Coach came over to ask was I really a Freshmen. "Yes he really is, and there is no doubt about it. I have even seen his Birth Certificate also." Coach McCarter said. So with the long face he step back over to his bench to plot what his team would do against us. Coach pull us together and warned us to be careful this team that we were facing is use to having a size advantage this season. But tonight they were the smaller team no telling what they may do in front of their home crowd as well.

I let the Evans brothers flip a coin for the tip-off James won. That was the last hard decision of the game. I played until about halfway through the third quarter I had 30 points, 16 rebounds, 12 blocks, and 11 assists as well. Their front line players were in foul trouble throughout the game. Both the Evans brothers were both sitting next to me shortly into the fourth quarter so as to not further run up the score. 118-75 was hurting feeling on your own home court. We hurriedly left the building as those in the gym were very dejected and Coach didn't want us rubbing salt into the wounds.

They had the same dreams we did at the start of the season, to go undefeated, and win a State Championship. Well one of those dreams was now gone. But the scouts that had been following us around saw them as well. A few scouts had been there to see the East GR players themselves. Well that was the not the game they wanted to be seen failing badly. But we got back to Ottawa Hills and showered and dressed and headed home.

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