Teddy's World
Chapter 11 : Still Making New Friends at the Mall

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 11 : Still Making New Friends at the Mall - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Cheating   Revenge   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Hairy   Violent  

The next day Pam came to get me from school, to go to the Union Bank to take care of getting a safe deposit box and get my signature on the accounts for the trust. We had some other banking business to do as well. I never knew so much paperwork was required just because I had became the head of a major business and financial trust.

After leaving Union Bank, Pam took me back to school. Cathy was going to basketball practice to see if she could get on the team. Cathy also had gone to the clinic to get her physical so she was ready if the coach let her tryout.

Cathy was warming up alone as the other girls except Sharon who was also on the team. While not giving Cathy the cold shoulder, they as a group where not ready to warmly accept her services either at this point. I began shooting around with her to get her mind off these silly girls. Her shot was coming to her as she locked into her range, I missed more than a few shots so they could see she had potential and is a good rebounder as well.

What I didn’t notice is the coach had been watching; so when I missed that last shot she made herself noticed. “Mr. ahhh...”

“Mason” I supplied.

“Well some boys are in the small gym around the corner, as you seem to need help with your shot you might want to go work on it there.”

“Four shots coach.” She nodded as I moved in about 7 feet and calmly sunk all four, nothing but net. “And my low post game is even more deadly. I have four goals in basketball this year, lead the City League in scoring, blocked shots, a City League Championship, and to make All-State, and do all this in my freshman season.” There was some gasps as all in the room thought I was a Senior, as the word must be was still getting around about me.

“My name is Coach Hart, I just want to say, you do like to dream big. I will let you stay today if you keep quiet, but you should know Coach McCarter doesn’t take freshmen onto the Varsity Team.” I kept my mouth closed after I opened it to say something and thought better of it.

Practice went smooth after Coach Hart discovered she had no answer for Cathy on her team, the deal was sealed when Cathy’s shot blocking came into the mix. “Well I was giving you a chance because you asked to tryout. Being six foot-six and a half helped your case, I won’t cut any of the girls on the team, but there is one jersey left #33 if you want it you can have it.

Cathy said “Yes thank you and #33 is the number I have worn for the last 3 years.

After I called the house Sharon came and got us Cathy floated out to the truck she was so happy. “I didn’t think I would make the team after she had already had tryouts and final cuts. Well you still may have to fight a little more to start. But with your game I think it will just be for show so your teammates will accept you as the starting center. I hope my chance to do the same on the boy’s team meets the same end as yours. I hope coach McCarter let’s me onto the Varsity Team, so I have got to be real sharp come tryouts.”

Nobody really wanted to stay at the Pantlind Hotel so it was decided that a few women would stay with my mom’s parents. And they would rotate back and forth until Pam found a house for us all to move into.

After dinner and homework was done, Stella took my hand to lead me into Sandy’s room I knew what I was in there for. We undressed I set down in the bed Stella got on top of me and sat down of the thickness that she craved, she gasped as I opened her up. When she bottomed out I hooked up on her right breast, she began to pant hard as her milk flowed, “Oh Daddy make Mommy cum, ooh baby this feels so good!” Stella started fucking harder as her first climax began building, “Daddy save some for the others, suck on my other titty baby, oh yes I am cumming, suck harder!” Stella was about to cum a second time when I started pumping her hot slick pussy full of sperm.

Karen was entering the bedroom as I was leaving it, and I got a hot kiss out of the deal as I watched as Stella spread her legs for Karen as she moved in for the creampie that I had left behind.

Pam was in the kitchen I walked up behind her and hugged her from behind I leaned down and asked her was she really ok with all the changes since June? As we were alone she said “If you had told me I would not only be fucking, but also being pregnant by somebody younger than some of my grandchildren, I would’ve never believed you. Then factor in the fact that you are black, well you get the picture. But to answer your question yes I am ok with it; more so after talking to your Aunt Bessie and your mom’s mother also.”

Ted called Sandy’s house, Min answered the phone. Ted told Teddy he wanted to leave Friday night for Greenwood to get the girls down there and get it over with. Ted wanted to know who all Teddy would be traveling with, “Pam and Windtalker as not to overwhelm the women down there,” was Teddy’s response.

“Good because I am taking your mom, but I am still not sure how she is going to act about these new family developments concerning herself. You should also know she is not happy you are not here every night. You could make life easier for me if you made it over here for dinner through the week a few times,” Ted said.

I was led, like a lamb to slaughter, to do my duty with Kelly, Sharon, and Min, this time. I fell asleep, a smile stuck on my face that I hoped would never go away, I loved pussy. (I was so happy I temporarily forgot about the powerful vices that I lovingly referred to as the pussies of Windtalker, Nightwing, and Snowdove.) And pussy so was much better thinking about how good it was, than thinking about how good it will be the first time I can get some. As that was all I had going on pussy wise a few months ago. At the time I was plotting just how was I was going to get Sharon alone sometime during the summer long enough to attempt get between those muscular thighs that looked so good in tight jeans. If learned just what to say to make her like the idea as much as I did.

I was the first up and was just getting out of the shower when the stampede was just getting started. I was just glad to get out of the way.

I got dressed and went downstairs; Pam was up and drinking coffee. “Pam my dad wants to fly down to Mississippi Friday night as we will be flying down there I was wondering does the Trust own a plane,” I asked Pam.

“We lease a plane so it is just like owning it without all the hassles. Your dad had asked me earlier today did I have any travel agency connections and of course I asked what he needed, and he let know why he was asking, so I got busy making arrangements for both the plane and ground transportation,” was Pam’s answer.

Sharon drove us to school again in Pam’s Bronco. When we got there we ate our breakfast from McDonald’s in the truck. When we got inside to the mall area and set down I asked about two of the classes we were in as I had trouble last night doing the homework and wanted to be sure my understanding from last night was still there.

Just before the first bell rang what would become a new irritant walked over, “I heard you were trying out for the girl’s basketball team. My name is Bobby Miller and I am the starting Center. So if you decide to try out for the Varsity team I will beat you down on the court, so freshman stay in your place!” Second morning in a row I start the day out with a fool showing up, either I have a magnet drawing them, or there was a sign hanging around my neck please say stupid shit to me because I like to disturbed.

“Well Mr. Miller is it?” He got a shit-eating grin that further pissed me off, “As my mom is so fond of saying all goodbyes ain’t gone, and all you thought you had may not be yours. Remember I said that to you at tryouts as I will be lucky to spend one day on the J V team. Maybe you can fill in for me there as I intend to make Varsity this year and the 3 years to follow this one.” I said.

The bell rang as I said the last part and Mr. Miller was looking more than a little green with envy as I stood up, I was not only a good three inches taller than him but I looked about thirty to forty pounds heavier than him as well.

Cathy stood up as we were about to leave, she was as tall as Bobby herself. Bobby looked at her with lust in his eyes, and when he got his mouth once again working together with his brain. The power of simple speech was something that Bobby could now do once again. Bobby began to move towards Cathy as he was staring so hard at her. Cathy put up her hand and pointed to her hand to get his attention, to simply to tell him she already had a man. And before you ask, no, I have no interest in nobody but my man.

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