Teddy's World
Chapter 8

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Meet young Teddy, who is just trying to end his virginity and ends up opening a whole new can of worms, complete with a hidden family mystery, cheating, lots of sex.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Cheating   Revenge   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Cousins   Grand Parent   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   White Couple   Black Couple   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Size   Hairy   Violent  

Teddy having been the oldest child his dad had his whole life was now trying to adjust to this new information. He ate his lunch quietly trying to come to grips with not only did he have four brand new sisters, but that three of them were old enough to technically be his mother also. After being with the widows, and the other older women he was now sleeping with, age wasn’t a problem. It was just the knowing he now had older siblings, as he was always proud of being the oldest child. At least he was still the oldest known son, at this time.

Then just the knowing that he had slept with his new sister, Snowdove, and would continue to do so, was kinda going against the grain, as the thought of sex with Regina and Tina just made him very ill.

Both Ted and Teddy were looking a little bit green around the gills for completely different reasons though.

Ted was tripping over the mistakes he made in the past concerning the sisters and Marilyn, in the classic “If I Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” situation (Ted could in fact hear Lou Rawls singing those very words in the song. And that song was gaining a whole new meaning, to Ted anyway.) Next, what to do about his present woman, could he really leave Marilyn? As leaving her meant also leaving his two youngest daughters, and nothing about that option was anything that he wanted at all. But Marilyn didn’t need to know that Teddy himself would most likely be moving out, and only living with his parents on paper.

Lastly his brand new future with all four of the women; would they get along with Marilyn? Would Marilyn make all five of their lives a pure hell trying to drive the three other women away? Ted was getting a headache as he really had no answers as only time would tell the story. Marilyn is where he had to start in more ways than one.

Teddy’s drama was different because all these new women were sight unseen first of all and all much older sisters. This Aunt Bessie made it plain that he was to accompany his dad. Teddy could see by the way his parents were acting, namely his mom that this Aunt Bessie was a storm that made his mom seem more like a cloudy day than the normal storm Marilyn was on her most stormy day.

That said the two of them would be heading to Mississippi. Who all would be going and what happens once they arrive there was still a mystery? While his dad only had his mom to bring, though she was obviously so not wanting this to happen. Teddy knew she didn’t believe in share and share alike where either of her Teddys were concerned. Just knowing that Pam, a woman she threatened to fight the night she first met her, was now the head bitch in Teddy’s World had be eating her alive.

The only reason Teddy’s group wasn’t feeling any heat from Marilyn was because Marilyn had to sweep around her own front door, (Namely the Chicago trip and now chiefly not one but three women she was about to be stuck with permanently.) So she had no time to be bringing brooms to sweep elsewhere with all this drama at her own front door. Teddy was glad she was busy, but sad about the reason for more than one reason, as she was still his mama.

After the highly informative lunch we all went back to the mansion the widows lived in. Where most of our immediate families were. My dad’s family was still in shock to say the least.

The family was brought up to speed about our lunch chat. Both sets of grandparents were at a loss for words about the new additions coming. Aunt Bessie was asked how she knew all she did, as these kids could be anybody’s besides Ted’s.

Bessie looked at Ted who was blushing, Ted mumbled out something. His mother cleared her throat and asked politely, I might add. “What the fuck did you just say? And you bet not whisper whatever you intend to say.” Gamma Mason asked.

“Aunt Bessie caught us three different times and whipped me each time. The last time was the day before I went home that summer.

“She had made me confess after catching me the second time that we couldn’t get enough of each other all summer. That last day when I disappeared she found us out at the old shack. She said she had checked three other places.” Ted said.

The women announced we men were on our own, make a mess - clean a mess! The basement had man-cave abilities and restrooms as well. It was ‘strongly hinted’ that we should make ourselves comfortable down there. Of course there were some men that rode the slow bus to school who ideed missed that hint. After being dressed down politely the slow crew was ushered away by those of us swift enough to know this could come back to hurt those of us not so stupid males also.

It took some of the older men to explain no matter what all the reasons were, we were not welcome to hear what all hot gossip was going on up there. But we had to two hottest draw cards down here with us anyway, they said.

Like always for him, Jimmy just had to show his vast intelligence “How was it doing it with somebody’s Grandmother?” Before anybody could react I snatched his ass up and slammed him against the basement wall! (This is old Historic home in the Boston-Edison Neighborhood built in the early 1900’s most basement walls are brick walls.) It took 4 grown men to get me off him, as I was choking the shit out of him. I intending to keep doing so until he was dead, and I was intent on completing the job.

My dad asked Jimmy was he through trying to get fucked up as we are tired of saving his little ass. “Did you really think even before his growth spurt Teddy was just afraid of you he wouldn’t or couldn’t stand up for himself?”Dad asked Jimmy. Jimmy just got that shit-eating grin he gets, and he just shrugged his shoulders like it really didn’t matter to him one way or the other.

“Excuse me here James.” My Uncle just nodded his head. Dad turned and towered over Jimmy. “I going to let you in on a secret that most everybody else in this room knows, but you. For years I been watching you pick at Teddy for some reason I don’t even care to know about, what I will tell you is this short of you laying hands on you Teddy has been on a short leash where you are concerned.

Meaning you were never going to be here very long so Teddy was told to suck it up because you would be gone back to wherever you were living soon. You never noticed you would only get hollered at if you just wouldn’t stop. Maybe because of you somehow thought Teddy liked this treatment you were dishing, or that my son was just that afraid of you. Where this crazy shit kinda thinking is coming from I don’t even care enough to want to know.

But I am telling you right here right now that the leash is off forever fuck with him at your own risk! Not only will I no longer keep him off your ass, I intend to sell tickets for those who want to watch. And I will actively interfere with ANYONE that even attempts to stop the fight! And both of your Grandmother’s will know about this change in policy just as soon as we get back upstairs!” Ted said.

“Now if you think you are up to it I will let Teddy loose to go at you again now that you know it is coming. Otherwise go sit your ass down over there and shut the fuck up. Your dad is standing next to me as I say this get stupid again if you want to but the next Theodore Mason kicking your ass will be me!” My Dad made himself very clear to all in the room.

My Uncle James added his own two cents this to the chat. “I remember seeing Ted Sr. at work concerning a few old boyfriends about your aunt Marilyn, and we all just seen what Jr. is willing to do to you. My advice to you is to leave Teddy alone because I will be in line to kick whatever is leftover if I am not the first one beating your ass!”

Jimmy’s face Paled at the thought of his father whipping his ass.

“Son tell me are you ok with what you learned today? I am asking because I had more than a few shocks of my own today. Though I am still reeling from them, I am feeling better about this new family situation. But truthfully I am feeling more than my share of gilt about those six women down in Mississippi, and the things I seemed to have now saddled you with. Plus there is some jealousy involved about not being the next Daniel.

“Will you be ok knowing these women will be either moving in with your mom and me, or your mom and me will be separating? I don’t want to leave your mom but you above everybody in this room knows how this thing will play out concerning our trip down south as you will be in the same boat.

“I love your mom please believe that, but I have to get them, as I loved them before your mom came along. And I never stopped loving them, even though I never knew what happened to them, to them so long ago.” Ted said.

“Dad I have enough to do without getting in anyone else’s business, as far as mom goes you do what you have to. Mom will do what she has to, in the end I hope she supports you but if not oh well, just know she won’t be moving in with me and mine.” I said.

“Teddy in all seriousness how are you even still standing after riding herd on 12 women?” Granddad Thompson asked. Ya’ll got jokes Granddad!” I said. “Look young man there is well over 100 years of marriage down here, but you have not got your first year on the books. Yet you have become our hero as you have more women than many of us have combined. Is there really peace in that big valley?” Granddad Mason said.

“Yes so far, as I am not trying to rock the boat yet. I have had plenty of teachers looking around the room, with odds of sixteen to one what are my chances of coming out on top?” I asked.

My Grandfather looked at each other mom’s dad and said, “Remember these words I am about to say before you go to war with them. Any trouble with any one of them is trouble with all of them, because they will act as one until the facts come out. You are always wrong no matter what you believe, this, and your home and hearth will be cozy. You will be able to sleep well at night and in your own bed, and not elsewhere. And you best remember at all times they are carry around, or sitting on all your pussy. and can cost you a large chunk of money anytime they choose also.”

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