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Horror Story: One stormy night a man spends the night in a hotel off some lone highway in Colorado. The hotel is not what it seems.

Caution: This Horror Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Reluctant   Horror   Paranormal   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

It was raining very heavily that night. Tom hated driving in the rain. The thunderstorm roared very loudly and in his car's front screen, he could see lightning blazing itself up on the night sky. On the bright side, the highway wasn't full of that many cars.

He was driving from Nevada to Kansas. He grew up in a small little town but his dad took him and the rest of the family away to Las Vegas, being tired of the religious lifestyle. Basically his father and mother ran away together, trying to start a new life in the city, hoping to have made it big. His own grandfather had disowned his father and left the property to his uncle.

All that happened a long time ago. He was now 30 years old. Now his uncle had passed away, leaving the inheritance to him, as his uncle and grandmother weren't so angry with his father the way his father's father was.

His uncle's three children (basically his cousins) all died very young, from the kind of sickness that was common in their family tree. The sickness was the result of too much inbreeding within a town community (everybody was pretty much related to everybody).

Right now he was in Colorado. Kansas was just right on the next stop. He looked at the time on his car's small clock. It was already 11PM. He was also very very tired.

He wanted to stop and rest for a while. As he kept on driving across the highway, with the rain still pouring like mad, he just had a thought.

Why not spend the night in a hotel. He had spent these last couple of days sleeping in his car and sure was as uncomfortable as hell.

As he kept driving, he then found himself on a lone highway, where he would either find himself surrounded by the woods on either side or by empty grass fields.

Then finally he saw something that caught his eye. It was a hotel, off the highway. It was five storeys high, with a neon light that said OVERTIME HOTEL.

He drove towards the driveway, and then parked his car at what looked like an empty space. Judging by the absence of other cars, he thought he might be the only tenant tonight, not that it bothered him.

He grabbed his umbrella beside him and by the time he got out of the driver's side, he opened up his umbrella. He took out his bag from the backseat, and then rushed towards where the front entrance of the hotel was. He didn't get as wet as getting cold from the night air.

He pushed open the patio doors and walked inside, entering the front lobby. He saw where the umbrella stack was a he left his umbrella there.

He walked towards the reception. There was no one there. He hit the lobby bell. From what looked like the empty door space within the reception its counter, came out an elderly woman. She reminded him of Aunt May from the Spiderman movies.

"Would you like a room for the night?" the receptionist asked him.

"Yes please!!" Tom responded.

She went over to the key board on the wall, taking one set of keys out, handing it to him, and saying. "You will be staying in Room 408."

He took the key from her.

"Very dreadful night tonight. I wouldn't want to be outside tonight. Good thing that you stopped by here. Do you know that many cars end up in accidents because of the heavy rain and the mudslides!!" she exclaimed.

This wasn't a conversation Tom wanted to have.

He was, however, quite hungry. He was content on driving and not wasting too much time on the road that he neglected to get himself something to eat.

"Do you have a restaurant around here?" he asked.

The receptionist looked at the clock behind her. It was 11:30PM.

"Well the restaurant is close now but the bar is still open," the receptionist said.

She pointed him to the direction to where it was. He thanked her. She also told him where the elevator was. He first went to the elevator, hoping to get rid of his bag and umbrella by leaving them in room 408. He took the elevator up to the fourth floor and once there, he went straight to his room, opening the room door and rested his bag by the bed.

He left his room, headed straight down and went to where the reception was. He thought of leaving the room key there/ but as he saw no one there, he thought why bother disturbing the poor woman.

He just headed straight to where the bar/restaurant was. He saw empty tables and chairs placed upside down on top of them. He saw the bartender behind the bar counter. He walked to where the bar was, seated himself down.

"What can I get for you sir?" asked the bartender.

The bartender was a thin bald man in his 50s, even looks like he could be an Italian-American.

"I am kind of hungry. Do you have a menu of what is still available?" Tom asked.

The bartender left him for a while and then came back to him, handing him the menu. Tom looked at the menu.

"I think I would have a coffee, a chocolate cake, panini and garlic bread!" Tom ordered.

The bartender served him his coffee and evening meals. He hungrily ate, as he had not eaten for the last couple of hours.

"It is good not to sleep on am empty stomach. I take it that you had a very long drive!!" the bartender making conversation with him.

Tom nodded his head.

"I guess not many staying in tonight. My car is the only out there in the parking lot!!" Tom said.

"Sometimes we do get people coming here, even after midnight or even as late as, say, two in the morning. Like you, a lot of people prefer to spend the night in the hotel rather than sleep outside!!" the bartender said in an indifferent tone.

Tom was a bit surprised that the bartender said that. He wondered if to decide whether that statement was just too rude or just too direct. But he was not going to get into an argument over it.

"Well I wouldn't want to be out tonight," Tom said.

"Neither would I," the bartender replied.

When he finished his meal, he tipped the bartender, and then walked away. He retreated to his hotel room. Once inside he ran himself a hot bath inside the bathroom. He needed a hot bath badly.

Once the tub water was full, he got inside. He enjoyed the feeling of warm water on his skin. He rested his head on top of the bath, closing his eyes and then putting a warm face towel over his face.

After having laid there for a while, he then heard loud sounds coming from the room next door. He could hear them very well, since they were just that loud.

I am not alone, Tom thought.

"Listen white boy, you owe me a lot of money. Now start filming this shit. Right here and right now."

"Please don't call me a boy. I'm a man."

"I don't give a fuck who you are. Now start filming me and my son fucking your wife and your daughter."

Tom was shocked at what he had just heard,. He slowly got off the bath tub, wrapped himself in a towel and slowly got out of the bathroom. Once inside the bedroom, he could hear loud fucking sounds going on next door.

"What the fuck??" Tom whispered to himself.

He knew where the sound was coming from. it was coming from the bedroom mirror, opposite his bed. He had not paid attention to what type of mirror.

Now he knew what mirror it was, the one used by police to interrogation rooms.

"Holy shit??" Tom was shocked.

From this mirror, he could see what was happening next door. He now saw a big naked black man and a naked black boy who looked like he was 18 years of age, on the same bed, hammering their huge big black cocks on the lily-white asses of what looked like two naked redheads wearing only fishnet stockings, one in her mid-thirties and the other looked like she was 16 years of age. There was a brown haired skinny white guy who looked like some Yale graduate, holding a camcorder and filming this whole thing. There was also a black woman next to him, dressed in expensive fur clothes.

From the looks of the guy filming this whole thing, he really seemed distressed and upset about it while the black woman was smiling and looking happy.

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