Music in the Wrecker's Office

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Story: A pastor's wife take a position of book-keeper in an all male car wrecking business with pleasing results for all concerned

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Hairy   Big Breasts   .

It was just after ten in the morning when the office door opened. "Bought you a coffee Boss", said the employee as he put the piping hot cup down on a very cluttered desk. "You should get a secretary to do the paper work boss", he said as he surveyed the array of papers, either loose or stapled or in a very soiled folder that occupying almost every inch of space. The boss gave a sigh; he knew his employee was right. His workshop was very much the domain of men, it was a vehicle wrecking company and if the space wasn't taken up by reams of paper it was by parts of cars, whether it was from the engines, or the interior or the body works, even wheels were spread throughout the area and in the back was a large workroom where his employees were constantly salvaging what they could from wrecks that were bought it.

"Can you imagine a woman working here?" The boss said with a laugh. "You can't move an inch without being covered in grease and have you noticed the wallpaper, not only in this office but throughout the factory, there are more women with their tits bare than there would be on a nudist beach and there is barely a sentence said by you lot that doesn't contain the word 'fuck'. I would have the women's libs down on me like a ton of bricks. No mate this work place is for men but if a woman could come who would accept everything as it is and not attempt to change the environment and naturally was a good book-keeper I would welcome her. I miss getting out among the wrecks after all that is what I was trained for, not paperwork. However, it is my business and this is part of it so someone has to do it and that somebody is me".

The employee gave a nod, he felt sorry for his boss for he knew how much he loved to get down and dirty. The boss continued the task of putting all his records onto the computer, the business was doing well; they even had overseas interests, especially in parts for older models that could be classified as 'vintage'. He didn't think that his desire for a secretary, a take it as it came woman who would accept the circumstances and not change the world was passed on by his employee. The employee was having dinner with a friend and mentioned how his boss wanted a secretary but didn't think he would find one to work in an all-male environment, like a wrecker's office. His dinner companion did for he knew his local pastor's wife was seeking a professional position and later that week mentioned that a local company was seeking a woman with book-keeping qualification. He didn't go into details about the circumstances of the position but on hearing the news the wife did, for she was fed up doing just social work and being the 'pastor's wife' she wanted to get out amid the general workforce so it was to the phone at the next available opportunity she went and dial the number of the business seeking a female book-keeper.

No boss was as surprised as any owner of a wrecking business would be when he received a call from a woman seeking information about the position that he had wished could be filled. He took seconds to respond. "Yes Miss I am seeking a book-keeper but I have been concerned that my business, which is a vehicle wrecking one and certainly is not a five star business environment would not be suitable for a woman, for you would be the only female on the staff and the office and the factory areas are places stacked with parts of cars and oils and grease are a common commodity", he concluded. The very description of the work environment sent a thrill down the caller spine. Here was something so removed from her present way of life, a life that was driving her almost insane because it was so boring; she was determined to push all of this man's concern as far away as possible. "I do appreciate what you are saying Sir", she replied in a 'manner of fact' voice, nothing of any seductive nature, she wanted the position and being some blubbing female was not going to get it. "I do need a job and I am very good at keeping ledgers and accounts up to scratch", she said. There were a few moments of silence, silence that she naturally thought would result in a negative response, however, it was the opposite that bought on a gasp of relief. "Say we make an appointment for Wednesday morning", the employer said. "You can gauge at first hand the conditions and if you are still happy about the environment I'll start you off with a trial period, say a month and if that is successful we go for a permanent position. I certainly have the work madam for the business is very busy and it would give me the chance to get back on the factory floor, say ten thirty on Wednesday", he concluded. She sat down with relief plainly visible and her comment to her husband was 'I have a job".

She arrived on the dot, being forewarned of the conditions of the establishment she didn't wear state of the art clothing, but attractive attire that wouldn't be totally out of place in a factory environment. She was greeted by a very friendly and rather fit individual, aged some years older than herself, which was just over 30; she gauged the manager was about 40. "Mrs. Greg", he smiled as he shook her by the hand. A welcome that she always smiled at, a gesture that was definitely male but she knew it was always awkward for a man when introduced to a woman, do you shake her hand, kiss her or what. He showed her the office and she saw immediately what his description of the factory was like, she noticed the array of pin-up and it was that display that began to trigger a deep seated desire to be treated as a real woman and not the other half of a religious pastor. He then took her on a tour of the factory and as she appeared all activity ceased, each man taking notice of her for she wasn't unattractive and always thought she had a very noticeable figure, not that her husband took much notice, for he was always lost in his reference books as he sought confirmation for his next sermon. The men smiled and she smiled back, she even heard, but didn't respond to a whispered comment. "Fuck she would win in a wet-Tee-shirt competition, her tits are fantastic'.

When asked when she could start after being given the tour and been shown the level of work that faced her, she replied. "I could start straight away". The manager smiled and set the starting time for eight the next morning. However, as he bit goodbye he said. "I would suggest a pair of jeans for with the amount of items scattered around a dress could get caught up and tear". She thanked him for the same thought had occurred to her and it was something that she thought she would address after working for a bit. On the factory floor there was a definite chatter of acceptance and the thought going through all their minds was 'would she fuck'.

She arrived and was introduced but asked all to be addressed as Penny, "Mrs Greg sounds so familiar", she smiling said so Penny it was from then on. She was very good at names and learnt the boss's name was Stanley, his foreman was Barry and the other members all mechanics was John, Harry, Steve and Warren. She was determined to become one of the team she hadn't missed the array of bare breasted women that covered many of the walls and as she moved around, especially if for some reason or other she entered the factory she would hear the word 'fuck' flying around. She just smiled to herself for she had no intention of voicing any complaint, after all she had entered a male domain and as a condition to her employment was that she didn't request or demand a change in the environment, whether in displayed posters or the language or conduct of the men. She began to feel free and began to enjoy the language of the men and even when the boss was removing a couple of posters that showed total nudity, which displayed heavy growths of hair at the groins of the women she said that there was no need for that, after all she knew what a naked woman was like and they certainly were attractive women.

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