The Disabled Spy - Iraq

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2014 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: first in a series of short stories featuring a C.I.A. Agent in a wheelchair as he performs missions around the globe.

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Early spring 2006

Basement of C.I.A. Headquarters the home of the C.I.A. special Division.

C.I.A. Agent Mike Taylor is sitting in his wheelchair outside of his boss's office, after a short painful mind numbing wait, Mike is told that his boss is ready to see him.

So he goes into the office and parks his wheelchair in front of his boss's desk.

After locking his wheelchair brakes the boss looked up from the file he was reading and he began to speak to Mike

"Mike I was just going over your service record and I am going to be honest, you have done some very good thing for the agency, and now we have another mission for you to perform"

"There is a large terrorist camp deep in the heart of Iraq, you mission is to find the camp and do surveillance on it."

"You will be overseas for 7 days 2 days of mission briefings and 5 days for the mission here is a list of gear you will need. Now if you don't have any questions you are dismissed".

Mike left his bosses' office with the list in his shirt pocket. Then he got on the elevator and pushed the button for the floor where the mission supply department was located. After the short elevator ride, it stopped and the doors opened and Mike entered the supply department.

Mike located a supply department clerk, handed the clerk the list of mission supplies he needed. The clerk grabbed a box then she proceeded to fill the box up with the gear that he needed for his mission in Iraq.

Once the box was filled up the clerk handed it to Mike, then he left the supply department. Then he left the CIA headquarters building, put the supplies in the trunk of his vehicle.

Put his wheelchair in the back seat of his car and he headed home.

Once he was at home Mike got his wheelchair out of his car's back seat. Then he got the mission supplies out of his car then he went inside of his house.

Once he was safely inside the house Mike carried the box directly to his bedroom and placed the box of supplies on his bed.

As Mike was going through the supplies in the box he noticed that there were no Double A batteries for the night vision goggles that he had been was issued.

So he grabbed his car keys, went out to his car, got into it and he drove to Wal-Mart.

When he got to Wal-Mart, he got out of his car and he headed directly to the battery department.

When he got to the battery department he picked up two large packs of double a size battery after paying for them he left Wal-Mart and went home. Once he was back home again he got out of his car and he went inside.

Once he was safely back inside his house Mike took a hot shower and he shaved. Then he put on his night clothes.

After supper was done he washed the dirty supper dishes.

Once that chore was done Mike unholstered his service revolver.

A S&W Model 625.45 caliber revolver with a 4 inch barrel.

After making sure it was unloaded he sat at the kitchen table and he cleaned.

The sanitized S&W revolver that the CIA had issued him in until it shined like brand new quarter.

Once the gun was cleaned Mike put it back into the chest holster he carried it in.

Then he packed the rest of his mission gear and he placed it near the front door of his house.

He was about to go to bed when he realized that he may need a long gun for this mission.

But since he was very tired he decided to deal with that task early the next morning.

The next morning Mike woke up showered and shaved then he got dressed and went out to his favorite diner and ordered his usual breakfast a sausage biscuit hash brown potatoes and black coffee lots of black coffee.

After paying his bill he left the diner and went home. Once he got home he looked over his gear for his Iraq mission and he realized he almost forgot to do something.

So he went over to his gun safe and retrieved his M1 Carbine 3 magazines and a box of .30 caliber ammunition for the weapon.

He laid the carbine, 3 magazines, and ammunition on his bed, and then he opened the box of ammo and loaded the 3 carbine magazines. Once they were all filled up, he inserted two of them into the magazine pouch on the buttstock.

Then he slipped the remaining magazine into the rifles magazine well ran the charging handle and attached the carbine to the wheelchair seatbelt using the carbines sling.

But he made sure to leave the cross bolt safety on.

Once the carbine business was taken care of he went to his closet and he removed his l M-65 Field jacket and placed it next to his other gear.

Once all the gear was gathered Mike put on his chest holster that held his service revolver, once the holster was adjusted properly Mike put on his Olive Drab green fanny pack that held his other everyday carry ideas.

Once those items were squared away he put on his jacket, grabbed his backpack and secured it to the front of his wheelchair with two bungee cords.

Then he went out the front door of his house and waited on the front porch for the vehicle that was going to be picking him up.

After long wait a dark unmarked van pulled up in front of Michael's house. He was helped aboard the vehicle and then the vehicle took off for the airport.

When the van got to the airport a c-130 transport plane was waiting for Michael so he was helped out of the van. Then he was transported into the c-130 then the plane's crew got him settled on the plane for his long Flight to Iraq.

Then after a while the plane's engines started up, went down the runway and off it flew with CIA Agent Mike Taylor onboard. Part way through the flight Mike started to get bored and restless so he opened his fanny pack and removed his Granddad's Army supplied New Testament bible and read it.

After a very long flight the plane landed at a secret unmarked airfield, once the planes ramp was lowered and Mike

Was allowed to leave the plane then he pushed his chair down the ramp carefully

Once he was completely clear of the ramp and able to see the star filled night sky and he remarked

"Well it looks like I am not in Virginia or Indiana anymore".

Then he pushed his wheelchair over to another vehicle that was waiting for him, he was helped aboard the vehicle and he was transported to secret CIA base that had been established in Iraq.

After being shown were his temporary living quarters were located Mike paid a visit the base's mess hall where ate a good filling meal.

After two days of endless meetings and briefings it was time for the mission.

The morning of the mission Mike woke up very early he dressed put on his revolver, and jacket then he strapped on his fanny and backpack and headed for the mess hall for a quick but filling breakfast. After eating he headed for the Chopper pad where the c-47 Chinook helicopter was waiting for him.

A member of the Chopper's crew helped Mike aboard then they strapped Mike's wheelchair down.

Then the rest of the crew finished their preparations, when those preparations where done, the tail ramp was raised and the choppers engines were revved up the chopper lifted off of the pad and it took off.

After a nerve shaking helicopter flight the c-47 Chinook helicopter landed a couple of crew members unstrapped Mike's wheelchair then they dropped the tail ramp. Once the tail ramp was dropped all the way Mike pushed his wheelchair as fast as he could out of the helicopter.

Once Mike was clear of the ramp it was raised and the chopper lifted off, Mike waited for the dust to and the noise of the chopper to settle down. After it had settled down Mike removed his night vision goggles from his backpack, put them on then he found the on switch and headed for the safe house.

After pushing his wheelchair one thousand yards he found the safe house punched in the secret security code that unlocked the front door and he went inside. After finding the light switch and turning on the lights, Mike removed his night vision goggles and then he turned them off and put them back into his backpack.

When sunrise finally came Mike grabbed some energy bars from the safe house kitchen and some water as well, then he left the safe house and found a location where he could do his surveillance on the terrorist camp with being spotted.

Mike made sure he took quality detailed notes about what he saw. When the sun set Mike put his notebook and pen away in his backpack.

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