The Police Detective and the Writer 1950-1953

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2014 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: short story about a handsome police detective and a beautiful writer set between 1950-1953

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Workplace  

June 7th 1950 9 AM police station for the Castle Texas police department

Writer Miss Georgia Crane is in a room drinking a cup of black coffee, and writing in a Moleskine notebook when the door opened and a handsome young man wearing a white Stetson cowboy hat and a S&W Model 36.38 caliber revolver on his right hip.

Walked into the room and he said to her "Miss Crane my name is Adam Rogers I am a detective with the Castle Texas police department please come with me."

So Georgia put away her notebook picked up her things and followed Adam out of the room, out of the building and got into his pickup truck and they journeyed to a safe house.

When they got to the safe house they got out of the vehicle, went inside and Adam fixed them something to eat. After eating some supper they hit the showers and then they went to bed.

Georgia slept in the safe houses only bedroom and Adam slept on the couch in the living room, his Colt and holster rested on the coffee table.

Over the next few months Georgia adjusted to protective custody reasonably well. Adam on the other hand began to slowly fall in love with her. But he knew very well that he had to keep his feelings to himself until the protective custody assignment and the trial where over with.

Then one day the phone rang while they were eating lunch. So Adam got up from the table and he answered it, after a brief phone conversation Adam returned to the table and he said to Georgia.

"I have some good news for you that was my boss on the phone the murderers have been arrested and they have been charged with several murders including the one that you witnessed and the trial is going to begin in 4 weeks."

When the handsome lawman finished speaking they resumed eating lunch.

4 weeks later it was time for the trial to begin the two young people got up and ate breakfast then Adam hit the showers and he showered and shaved thoroughly, and while Georgia showered, Adam got dressed he laid out his best suit and Stetson cowboy hat.

He also made sure that his gun belt holster and his S&W Model 36 was cleaned up and presentable.

Once all that was done he got dressed then he buckled on his gun belt and then he holstered his .38 Caliber revolver.

Once those procedures were done he checked his spare ammo and put it back into the ammo pouch and last but not least put on his jacket and Stetson cowboy hat.

By the time all of that was done Georgia was completely cleaned up and dressed they left the safe house got into Adam's truck and they headed for the courthouse were the trial was to be held.

When they got to the courthouse, the couple got out of the vehicle and walked inside, when they were completely through security they walked into the courtroom, where the trial was going to be held and found a place to sit down and wait.

Adam gently assured Georgia that everything was going to be fine and that she had nothing to worry about. When it came time for Georgia to give her witness testimony Georgia got up from her seat and walked to the witness stand, she placed her hand on the bible and was sworn in,

Then she sat down in the witness stand chair, and gave her testimony in an honest confident and strong manner.

When she was allowed to step down from the witness stand she stepped down and she returned to her seat next to Adam. After a very long tiring trial the back guys were convicted and sentenced to a very appropriate punishment.

Once the sentenced was passed down by the jury the defendants were handcuffed and taken away, the judge dismissed everyone Adam and Georgia got up from their seats and left the courtroom.

Once they were outside of the courthouse Adam put his Stetson cowboy hat back onto his head, they got back into the truck and returned to the safe house to pack up their things, once they were back at the safe house they packed their thing.

Then Adam drove Georgia home when he got to her home, the young couple went inside of her house, and unpacked her things together; once the unpacking was done Georgia gave Adam the grand tour of her home. When the tour was over with she escorted the young man to the front door.

He was about to open it but instead he turned to her looked into her gorgeous brown eyes and he said to her "Georgia would you like to go to dinner with me on Friday night?"

She was surprised by Adam's date question, after taking a few moments' to get over the surprise she composed herself then she said.

"Adam I would love to have dinner with you on Friday night",

Then she retrieved a scratch pad and a pencil from her pocket wrote down her phone number and street address for him tore off the piece of paper from the scratch pad and handed it to him.

Adam took his wallet out of his pocket and put the important piece of paper into it.

Then he put the wallet away, told Georgia goodbye and that he would see her Friday day night and went back to work. When Friday night rolled around Adam arrived home from work went directly to his bedroom, took off his jacket Stetson cowboy hat and gun belt. Then he grabbed his date clothes and laid them on his bed.

Adam showered and shaved thoroughly he had to make sure that he looked really nice and presentable for his date with Miss Georgia Crane.

When he was done showering and shaving he brushed his teeth again then he went into his bedroom again put on his nicest dress shirt, dress pants and dress cowboy boots.

Once he was in his date clothes Adam returned to the bathroom and removed his everyday carry items from the pockets of his work pants and last but not least he buckled on his gun belt again.

He took one more look in the mirror then he went out to his truck got into it and drove to Georgia's house. When he got to her house he parked across the street got out of the vehicle walked across and to her front door.

When he got to the front door the young and handsome Texas Lawman knocked very politely and waited for her to come to the door and open it up.

10 stressful minutes later Georgia came out of her front door wearing blue dress white high heels and carrying a blue purse that perfectly matched her dress, after locking up her house she put her keys into her blue purse.

Then the young couple walked out to the truck and got into it Adam started it up and they headed for the Restaurant for their dinner date. When they got to their destination Adam parked the truck, shut down the motor, got out of it walked around to the passenger side door, then he opened the door for his lovely date.

After Georgia got out of her seat Adam closed the door behind her, locked up the truck, and the young couple headed for the front door of the restaurant.

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