And She Walked Away

by Uncle Ed

Copyright© 2014 by Uncle Ed

Sex Story: How does a best friend leave? How do they just walk away without looking back? What would it take to make them want to leave like that?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Oral Sex   .

This story is as accurate an account of an actual occurrence as I can remember. So I need to get down what happened so that I can remember it better. Easier. My memory fades. And I don't want to forget this. Ever.

It's rather rough to read. It doesn't flow well. It burps and stumbles a lot, as a poor memory does. Just like what happens as you look back and try to recall something after some time has passed.

Anne was a 23 year old woman of Arabic descent whom had rejected her Muslim upbringing and forged out on her own. I met her when she contacted me to purchase a motorcycle helmet I was selling and except for a week or 2 near the beginning, we had been talking, mostly via text, constantly for several months. Not a moment went by that I didn't know what was going on in her life and what she didn't tell me about, I could get her to tell me simply by asking. Being a private person, so she said, this meant she trusted me beyond everyone else in her life. I did wonder, though, just how private she was as she did tell me anything I asked. Usually. She was my best friend. No, I cann't explain it. But in that short time, she had become the one person I could tell anything to. I trusted her above everyone else. We were close. I loved her and she loved me. More than friends but less than life partners. But not much less.

Anne had been texting me all afternoon, that day, saying how a friend of hers, Tom, was getting her very drunk and then molesting her. They were suppose to go to an amusement park but the park staff had turned her away because she was too drunk. She sent me a text stating that she was scared of him several times. I felt helpless because I was at work and I didn't know what to do. Anne finally called me and I talked to Tom. I told him to take her to the City Center Mall and I would meet him there after I finished.

Several worry filled hours later, Ken, me, and May, her younger sister, pulled up to pick her up. She was so drunk that she could barely stand. I tried to help her into the car but she kept brushing me away; almost as if she didn't want me to touch her at all. Which, given the situation, made sense.

All the way back to the house nobody talked to me. I remember feeling left out, upset, angry, but most of all hurt. This was my best friend and she wouldn't even look at me never mind talk to me. Ken drove and had some music on. I was seated in the back with Anne. May was in the front with Ken. I couldn't hear anything that was being said because of the damn music. They couldn't hear me for the same reason. Anne wasn't interested in talking much and contented herself with complaining about Tom touching her. So, for the most part, I kept to myself. When we got to the house, I got out of the car and went upstairs with everyone else.

I tried to get Anne set up in Ken's room, where she'd be sharing a bed with May, so that she could go to sleep. But she didn't seem to want any of that. She kept walking around the apartment, aimlessly, talking with anybody that was near by.

After trying several times to convince her to go to sleep, I gave up. I went to my room, stripped naked, climbed into bed and tried to go to sleep.

Just as I was starting to drift off, there was a knock at the door and I called, "Come in.".

Suddenly, the bed bounced and then there was someone trying to smother me to death with kisses. My brain told me it was Anne, but my body was sluggish getting going. I tried to respond and after what felt like forever I managed to get into it.

My arms snaked around her body and she leaned into me. Her kisses lost some of the urgency they had when she first got in the room. They had more of a loving feel to them.

This I could handle. This I knew about. This was my style.

The next few minutes are a bit of a blur to me and I'll relate them as best I can. She dropped her crotch onto my hard cock and started grinding herself on me. We continued kissing and my hands roamed all over her back. After a couple of minutes of this, I recognized where she was ready for it to go and moved to take off my pants. She shifted her weight to allow me more room but didn't remove hers. Somewhat annoyed, I reached down and started to strip hers off too. She made a protest but didn't make any moves to stop me. In fact, she shifted her weight to allow me easier access.

Now, with her pants off, her bare pussy was rubbing on my naked, rock hard dick. She moaned and I humped back at her, notching my cockhead at her entrance several times. But each time she never flinched or pulled away. She just looked me in the eyes and I could see her love and desire for me shine through. Her trust in me was evident. She knew I wouldn't do anything she didn't want me to. Finally, I felt her press down. I didn't flinch. I didn't stop her. I never moved. She pressed down and all of a sudden, I felt my cock head snap inside of her. She gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. It was so sudden that it shocked me. She was so tight, it almost hurt. My rock hard cock started to wilt. I wasn't sure I would last for her.

I could see the determination on her face and she raised up slightly, then pushed down again capturing more of my length within her. Her pelvis was resting on me and still, I wasn't at full mast. She didn't have all of me, at my glory. I desperately wanted to change that.

She fucked herself on me several times and then lifted off. She scooted to the side and sat down beside me. I reached out and pulled her back onto me and lifted up to kiss her. It was hard, needy, yearning. I tried to match her but I felt I failed, miserably. She pulled up, took my hands and pinned them above my head. I fought back and started to lift her up.

Quickly, she looked me in the eyes and said, "Please, give me the illusion I'm in control."

I looked at her. I didn't say anything. I just looked at her. And I gave her that control. At this writing, I still bare the bruises from that restraint.

Again, she leaned down and started making out with me. I need SO much practice. I can't kiss worth a damn. But she never complained. Not once.

Again, in the middle of it, she reached down and positioned my cock at her entrance and pushed down. Again, it popped in and again, I gasped at the suddenness of it. She started a good rhythm and just as we were getting into it, the door popped open and in walked May.

We scrambled for cover, but not before she saw what we were doing. She gasped and made some exclamation like, "You don't have pants on!", to which I replied, "Well DUH!". I really don't remember what it was, but at the time it was not relevant.

Anne went out of the room, naked from the waist down, with her sister, chatted for a few seconds with her, then came back in, and jumped back on the bed. She stratled me and we started making out again.

With a twinkle in her eye, she pulled off and moved down my body.

"Don't watch please.", she told me.

I immediately shut my eyes and at almost the same moment, I felt her mouth engulf me. It was far from the best I've had, but given the low number if women I have lined up wanting to ride me, I wasn't going to complain.

She blew me for a few minutes, pulled off, whiped her mouth and kissed me, went back down, blew me some more, then gave up. I never said anything except how good it felt.

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