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Science Fiction Sex Story: Retired after twenty five years, a new start is in order. Only I was not quite finished with the military. Being a Steward was not hard and there were a few benefits. Of course it was not long before past troubles force me to take action not part of my duties.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Cream Pie   .

The building rubble around us was ripped up by another explosion as rounds continued to search through the smoke and debris. I shifted and fired across and up into the gun position as my men tried to pull back. We were in chamaeleon suits but somehow the enemy had found us. I continued to fire and shift aim across the front and flank until my team was set.

I rolled and turned to rush back and to the side and that was when the enemy brought in the indirect fire. I dove down next to a destroyed armored carrier as explosions began impacting around me. They hit the building and the street and huge chucks were tossed everywhere. I spun and pulled the twenty millimeter grenade launcher from my right thigh.

I crawled to the corner of the vehicle and leaned out to fire into several buildings as my men continued to retreat. Inner walls were blown apart and three of the four buildings sagged before starting to collapse. I spun and came to my feet as I rushed through the smoke and debris and into the ruins of a building.

I did not stop or slow as I kept going and hoped there was a way out the back. The whole building shook under repeated impacts as I saw a doorway and went through it. The building began to buckle and collapse as I went through the door and out into the next street. I turned and kept going as the building fell and the explosions continued behind me.

My men were alive and clear which was all I cared about as I slowed and moved towards their positions. I sat up and looked around the room with my heart continuing to beat fast. I looked like a young teenager but was almost forty five thanks to fifth generation regen treatments.

I had joined the fleet marines when I was seventeen and spent over twenty five years in before retiring. I moved off the bed and stretched and went to wash and get dressed. The dark blue uniform was devoid of any rank or awards and only had a golden emblem on the right collar to denote a steward.

They were technically civilians working for the fleet serving ship captains. The year long course had trained me well and I pulled the float behind me as I left the temporary quarters. I took a tram across and around the huge construction and repair station. I walked into the large station lounge for the destroyer Delta Avenger and crossed to the airlock.

When I stepped aboard I turned and broke protocol by saluting the bulkhead and then turned and bowed to the ensign, "Mr McCandless reporting aboard."

She frowned as she held out her hand, "orders?"

I held out a data stick and she slipped it into her reader before nodding. She handed it back and turned to a sailor, "show the steward to the captain's quarters."

He nodded and turned to walk away, "follow me."

I followed and pulled the float after me. I looked at the marine beside the hatch as the sailor told him who I was and he turned to announce me. The hatch slid aside and I went in and crossed to the desk. The captain looked very young but like me she was fifth generation regen. She was younger than me by twenty years though.

She watched me as I stopped and bowed, "so you are the new steward they want to assign me."

I held out the data stick which she ignored as she sat back, "so tell me why I should accept you? Most of your record is sealed and what is not is very ... vague."

I smiled, "because you do not have a choice ma'am. The admiral said to tell you your aversion is noted and you will either accept or resign."

She snorted and leaned forward, "a lot of nonsense. I do not need a keeper or a nanny."

I sighed and let the float go, "I will break training and protocol this once."

I leaned on her desk, "you are a new ship captain. You have more on your plate than you can deal with alone. It is my job as a steward to remove those things that would distract you from other concerns like the presentation of your uniforms or the preparation of meals. You will be expected to dine with your officers on a regular basis in an informal setting to help train them."

I stood, "you do not need to worry about the upkeep of your quarters or their appearance. In other words ma'am, shut up and soldier."

She blinked and then grinned, "yes sir."

I turned to get the leash for my float, "give me a few minutes to look over the stewards pantry and I will get started."

She gestured and I headed for the side hatch. The captain had three rooms and a fresher, there was the dining cabin, the office and her sleeping room which was beside the office. The steward pantry was between the dining quarters and the office and had a narrow hallway around to her sleeping cabin.

It also held a narrow bunk and storage for my belongings as well as a small area to work on uniforms and cook. I unpacked a few things and checked the tiny hidden cameras left by the last steward. I had studied and memorized the captain's file and made a cup of orange tea. I walked out and crossed to her desk to set it on the edge before coming back as she watched me.

I went the other way to collect her laundry and began to clean and press as I studied her schedule and began making a menu for a evening dinner. I sent it to her desk comp que and began pressing and preparing a dress uniform. I worked steadily and ordered several things through the day.

While the captain was checking the work being done on the ship I accepted the supplies and began stocking the stewards storage locker which was a large room close to her quarters. I began preparing dinner as she returned and started working at her desk. When it was almost time I brought out the dress uniform and cleared my throat.

She looked at me and then at the uniform before shaking her head. I sighed, "it is expected of a ship captain to appear in the best light."

She stood and I blinked as she began to strip, "and do you have my private preferences from your spies?"

I smiled, "you are listed as having an aversion to clothing while off duty. Being nude during a formal dinner is not off duty."

She grinned and then laughed as she walked to me to accept the uniform. I helped her dress before going to collect her discarded uniform and leaving. The officers and the bosun that came for dinner were a little hesitant as I began to serve them. The captain actually began to relax and talk with them and the dinner seemed to flow smoothly.

After they left she relaxed as I began cleaning up. She went to her sleeping quarters and when I finished cleaning up I checked the office. I grinned as I made a cup of orange tea and brought it to her desk. I set it down as she grinned at me and reached out to the intercom for the marine at the hatch, "the captain is busy and not to be interrupted."

I rubbed one of her pretty pink nipples as I stood and turned to head back into the pantry. She giggled as I left and I checked everything and began working on her uniform for the next day. I switched the intercom feed to my pantry and glanced at the monitor to see the captain on her couch. She was leaning back with her legs spread while fingering her pussy.

She had her eyes closed and shivered as she humped and wiggled. She moaned and looked towards the pantry hatch, "Mr McCandless?"

I changed the intercom and walked into her office. She wiggled a finger at me and I crossed to her as she sat up and reached for my pants, "I need your service Mr Steward."

I hesitated before removing my jacket and sweater while she pulled my pants down. She grinned and wrapped her hand around my thick cock. I slipped my shoes off and stepped out of my pants as she pulled on me and turned to lay back. I went with it and moved over her and between her legs. I gave her a kiss before pushing into her in one long thrust.

I held her as she wiggled and humped and her tight pussy gripped my cock. She moaned and shuddered as she pulled on me, "get to work Mister."

I grinned and kissed her again before I pulled back and began to fuck her. I used long deep thrusts and she began to lift her hips and grunt. Her pussy was constantly squeezing as I continued to fuck her and after several minutes she began to wail. I kissed her to cover her screams and she clutched me and began to spasm and jerk.

I kept fucking her slick pussy as she bucked and thrashed around. Finally after a few more minutes I buried my cock and tried to push deeper as I began gushing cum. She shuddered and lifted her hips when she felt the sperm and sighed. When I was done I kissed her before I pulled back and began to fuck her again.

She laughed and shook me, "in my bed mister."

I stopped and pulled out before standing. I ignored her protest when I swept her up and carried her through the hatch and into her sleeping quarters. I laid her on the bed and she grinned and rolled onto her stomach and lifted her hips. I moved on and over her before pushing into her slimy pussy. I fucked her a half dozen times before she finally fell asleep.

I watched her for a moment before getting out of bed and pulling the covers over her. I went to clean up the office and finish her uniform before washing and sleeping. I woke to the motion detector in her sleeping quarters and got up and dressed. When she walked out of her fresher I was standing there holding her clean uniform and a cup of coffee.

She blinked and then grinned as she dropped the towel, "now this I could get used to."

She took the cup and looked into my eyes, "about last night..."

I smiled as I bent to pick up the towel, "what happened last night?"

She looked at me before smiling softly, "nothing."

I nodded, "you have a meeting at eight bells with admiral Higgins and the senior engineer for the refit in the entrance lounge."

She set the cup down and reached for the uniform, "I forgot."

I waited and helped her dress and adjusted the uniform before nodding, "you also have a captain's mast at eleven."

She snorted, "that I did not forget."

She gave my chest a pat as she walked out and I began cleaning and straightening the room. I spent the morning going over the schedule and cleaning. The captain returned with the first officer and I brought a cup of tea for her and a cup of coffee for him. When the marine announced the master at arms I was in the pantry.

I listened as they spoke of the crewman. A few minutes later the man knocked and the captain called for him to enter. I came out and stood to one side as the crewman accused of assaulting an officer and abandoning his post came in. From his manner I knew there would be trouble. The charge sheet was read and the captain asked if he had anything to say.

That was when he made his move. He struck to the side and into the master at arms throat as his other hand went under his uniform. He was pulling a pistol as I reached him and my hand grabbed the weapon and wrist and twisted. I snapped a kick across and into his far knee and turned and he went straight down with his arm locked.

I took the pistol away and shifted when he started to move, "do it and I break your neck."

He froze and glared up and back at me, "you are..."

I twisted his wrist and he screamed, "you have the right to scream or shut the fuck up. I would rather you shut up."

I looked at the master at arms as the first officer helped him. I grabbed the man at the collar and let his wrist go as I yanked him up, "make the wrong move and I break your spine."

He glared as the marine sentry reached us and yanked him towards the hatch. I stepped back as the captain cleared her throat, "next time Mister Henry, search the prisoner before bringing him in."

The master at arms was rubbing his throat, "aye ma'am."

I moved back as the first officer crossed to accept the pistol, "thank you Mr McCandless."

I smiled, "for?"

He looked at me and the captain chuckled, "coffee William."

I turned to go into the pantry and brought two fresh cups back before returning to the pantry. I watched and attended her when she needed something and the station security came for a statement. The man was now facing charges that could have him spaced. I managed to slip her and the first officer a series of snacks for lunch and she finally sent the first officer away.

She began to work at her desk, "William?"

I stepped out the pantry door and she smiled as she kept working, "the only reason to seal a soldier's record is for either secrecy or because he or his unit were classified. Since I have your age I would guess your unit is classified which means special operations."

She smiled as she looked at me, "I would like a cup of tea."

I nodded and went to pick up the cup I had just made and bring it out. I set it to the side and she grinned, "I would very much enjoy an internal massage later."

I looked at her as she blushed, "with cream?"

She giggled, "lots of cream mister McCandless."

I smiled as I nodded and went back to the pantry. A week later we finally left the space dock and began a series of tests before heading out for convoy duty. I had managed to fully stock the steward's storage locker and my pantry and get into a daily schedule. Almost every night I took the captain to bed and fucked her until she went to sleep.

We were in high orbit above the planet Torrison. The captain had invited admiral Ellis to dine with her and her senior officers and of course his aid and the carrier captain. I was a little surprised when they accepted but began preparing. The moment the admiral saw me he blinked and frowned.

Dinner went very well and after desert they sat talking over coffee or tea. The carrier captain was talking about a special operation that had gone bad which had brought in the fleet. The admiral looked at me as I ignored what they were saying and refilled the captain's tea. He cleared his threat, "I did not realized you had retired sergeant major."

I shrugged as I stepped back against the wall, "I thought twenty five years was enough and the fleet admiral agreed with me."

He nodded, "was that before or after you threatened to kill admiral Debow for selling you and your people out?"

I smiled, "I believe it was after."

He snorted and sipped his coffee before looking at his carrier captain, "what you do not know about the incident you were speaking of was that a fleet admiral sold the rebels the ghost frequencies for the special operation team that went in."

He shook his head, "his fleet was the one to come in and he wanted the glory. What he got was a court martial."

I snorted and he sighed, "instead of execution they let him retire."

He stood and bowed to the captain as she stood, "excellent dinner."

While the captain walked them back to the airlock and their shuttle I began cleaning up. It was a long night before the captain relaxed against me and rubbed my chest. She put her head on my shoulder, "we lead the convoy tomorrow."

I waited and she shifted until she was on me and looking into my face, "only six ships are escorting while the others return for another convoy. The admiral gave me intel that said raiders may try something."

I smiled and caressed her hips, "why tell me?"

She looked into my eyes, "because they believe admiral Debow has sold our specs to the raiders."

I grinned, "disable one or two and get proof."

She shook her head, "what they do not know is the change to our weapons and the increased range and power."

I rolled until she was under me and pushed into her slimy hole. I buried my cock and kissed her as I began to fuck her firmly, "then you blow them away and I can hope one escapes and they decide to kill the bastard."

She thrust up as her cummy pussy grasped at my cock, "I will hope so too."

She hugged me as I fucked her long hard and deep while she grunted. She began to convulse and shudder hard and kissed me as she wailed. I continued to fuck her and she thrashed and bucked while her pussy constantly clenched. It was several minutes before she screamed as I plunged into her and pressed into her open leaking cervix.

I spurted and spewed as she shook and jerked. When I was done I relaxed as she sagged to the bed. I kissed her softly before pulling out and moving out of bed. She smiled, "good night William."

I nodded as I walked out and went to finish what I had left. The next week was extremely busy and the ship engaged several raiders. My station was with damage control but it was not necessary. The convoy's last stop was a colony world. I was pressing another uniform when the captain touched the intercom, "Mr McCandless?"

I stepped to the door, "ma'am?"

She was with the first officer and was not smiling, "we just received a dinner request from the governor."

I nodded, "I will have your..."

She cleared her throat, "he wishes to dine here and view the ship. He listed his advisor."

I waited and she sighed, "it is former admiral Debow."

I stiffened and then my eyes narrowed, "excuse me ma'am but you are not the senior officer. Why would he want to dine with us?"

She looked at the first officer who cleared his throat, "we have just finished a major refit."

I did not say anything and she nodded, "perhaps I should decline and inform fleet."

She waved and I returned to the pantry. I did not stop thinking as I worked, I knew Debow and he would find a way to come aboard or send someone. It was the mid watch and the captain was sleeping soundly. I was not sleeping and was tempted to take a drink. I shifted at the minor ship alert message from an airlock.

I straightened and then came to my feet and hit the panty hatch door. I went through the office and into the bedroom and reached for the captain as I hit the general quarters button beside her bed. She jerked up and I pulled her off the bed and slapped the bridge intercom, "boarders at the starboard aft airlock!"

The captain was struggling with me and froze as I shifted and yanked open a panel. I started shoving clothes at her, "dress!"

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