Can of Corn

by EmilyIsGood

Copyright© 2014 by EmilyIsGood

Sex Story: She woke up this morning and said, "Did you ever wake up with a story in your head and you HAVE to write it?" 79 minutes later she emailed me this.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

When he got home from work, she was in the kitchen, standing at the sink washing the cutting board.

"Hi love, how was your day?" She gave the pot of soup a quick stir, and turned around to get a kiss from Glen, and the can of corn he had bought. Setting the can on the counter by the stove, she rummaged for the can opener, opened it, then dumped it in the soup, giving it another stir.

He watched her, only shrugging and grunting in answer to her question.

She continued stirring the soup, chicken cheese chowder, looking at him out of the corner of her eye, admiring the way his green argyle sweater pulled over his shoulders and across his chest.

He was propped on the kitchen stool, one elbow on the counter, sipping a glass of water and watching her. HER glass of water.

Giggling, she turned back to the stove, turned the temp down low, set the spoon on the rest, and put the lid on the pot.

He admired her as she turned, from her curly reddish hair down to the bare toes peeking out of her frayed jeans.

She tried to look mad, looking over her glasses as she walked over towards him.

"That's MY water" she said as she stopped in front of him, taking the glass and draining it dry.

"I will get you more" he said.

She put a hand on his chest to hold him on the bar stool, and, setting the glass on the counter, slipped between his knees as he slipped his hands around her and into her back pockets.

She rested her hands on his shoulders, playing with his soft brown hair where it curled on his shoulders, and staring into his eyes.

He looked up at her with such intensity, then his gaze shifted to her mouth, his head slowly tilting back further.

She took the invitation, kissing him gently, then nibbling his lower lip with her lips.

He pulled her closer, hands still in her back pockets, then slid one under her shirt, up the soft skin of her back, discovering no bra strap under her baggy sweatshirt.

He groaned and kissed her harder, sliding the other hand under her shirt to adore the silkiness of her.

She tugged at his sweater wanting to touch his skin too, but he was sitting on the tails.

He stood up and she pulled the sweater over his head, barely breaking the lip lock, then dropped it in the floor.

"Hey my swe ... mmmrf mmmmmmmmm..."

She kissed him harder, hands everywhere, tangling in his hair, rubbing up and down his back, grabbing his butt and pulling his hips against her, and feeling the sign of his arousal.

He tangled his hands in her curls and kissed her ever more intently, biting and nibbling and licking.

She slid her hands into the back of his corduroys, moaning softly, squeezing his butt, and pressing him tighter against her.

He groaned as she kissed the side of his neck, his collar bone, his shoulder, and started working his pants lower on his hips.

"There seems to be something in the way" she said, kissing his chest.

She unbuttoned his pants and tugged at the zipper, finding she only needed to unzip it a little before she could yank his pants to his ankles. She grabbed him by the butt again, squeezing him against her as she straightened up and lifting him onto the counter.

He felt the sparkly design on her shirt against his private parts, then had a fastidious thought about possible fecal contamination on the kitchen counter. He tried to squirm back down.

"Uh ... this isn't very sanitary"

"What? The kitchen counter is for things you are going to eat." she said as she hooked the barstool under her with one foot and sat in a smooth motion, then gave his shaft a lick.

"Oh God" he said in a quavering voice, sitting there naked except for the shoes holding the pants around his ankles. He put one hand behind him to brace himself, and twined the other in her hair, pulling her up to kiss.

She didn't allow the kiss to go on very long, trailing kisses back down his neck, shoulder, chest, belly, settling onto her bar stool and taking him into her mouth.

She twirled her tongue around his mushroom cap, flicking under the frenulum, making sure he felt the difference in the rough top and satiny smoothness of the underside of her tongue. Her hands explored everywhere, rubbing his thighs, his butt, his tight belly, brushing her fingers sideways across his tiny nips to make them vibrate and tingle.

He was her prisoner, trapped on the kitchen counter, lost in a world of sensation.

"Oh God ... Oh God ... Oh God" he gasped as she took him fully into her mouth and sucked up and down fast and hard.

"Oh God, Kathy I WANT YOU!"

She shook her head and moaned "Uh huh" around him, sending shock waves through him with the new movement and the vibrations of her voice.

She noticed his gasp and moaned some more, deep in her throat, expressing her appreciation, and making him catch his breath and squirm in delight.

He tangled his hand in her hair and just adored her, wondering at the fact that this beautiful woman would get such pleasure from this.

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