Forced Into Submission

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Sex Story: An unco-operative wife is raped by a black neighbour and his friends. This results in her becoming a very obliging wife who then seeks further sexual adventures that start off in a topless bar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Rape   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   Size   .

Tom had known for some time that his marriage was on the rocks, however, it had held together because of 'obligation' and 'responsible' but over the last couple of months it had become almost unbearable. 'Ever since the neighbour had moved in two months previously the wife had gone from the tolerated 'good morning' to one of downright hostility', he muttered to himself.

She had known from the very first date that he had relatives that were German and had served in the German forces during the war and one in particular, a distant cousin had served in the U-Boats and like so many who did, did not survive the war. He had often commented about the courage of those underwater sailors who knew the odds were stacked against them but no service attracted volunteers like the U-Boats did. Maybe the hostility came because he had, on a number of occasions voiced the good points of Hitler and that if it hadn't been for the Versailles Treaty and the over the top demands placed on Germany at the end of the First World War, Hitler would not have risen to power. 'I bet the bottom dollar that it is because of the neighbour; he is a refugee and coming from Sudan is as black as coal'. He was still muttering when he rolled up the hose and at that moment the neighbour appeared. Not very often did he speak to him, however, his wife was constantly engaging him either over the fence or on a couple of occasions had been inside his house.

It was an opportunity to ask a question that had been circulating in his mind, especially over the last couple of months. The neighbour was all smiles as he approached and after the casual 'Hello' said. "My wife thinks highly of you, are you fucking her, she can't stand me anywhere near her?" He may have come from Africa but he knew what 'fucking' met. He spluttered, unsure how to respond, Tom didn't wait for an answer, just left him in his state of confusion.

There could have been a number of reasons for the blow-up. It could have been because his wife had asked the neighbour to help put up a back trellis and had agreed to the neighbour asking for assistant from some of his countrymen, who lived locally. It could have been because he found a birthday card that he had bought for her torn up and thrown in the bin or it could have been her hostility when he went into the bathroom as she was about to get into the shower; whatever it was he erupted. "You fucking cunt" he screamed and then seizing her he dragged and pulled her to the back door and pushed her out, totally naked, almost into the arms of the neighbour and his crew. "Morning tea gentlemen", he sneered as he closed the wire door. "Oh! Before I leave", he said. "She likes it up the bum as well".

Tom didn't like blacks Nor did he like the doctrine of multiculturalism. He didn't know that it was the desire and aim of all black men to fuck a white woman, now before them they had the agenda to satisfy their desires and not only that but this woman also had other items that they considered made a woman more desirable, large and sagging tits, a round and very white bum and a heavy forest of hair at her groin. "Morning Tea", her husband had said well for these men it was going to be just that as well as lunch and afternoon tea.

Tom wasn't there when a long and thick cock was rammed up that hair covered cunt. He wasn't there as she gargled on the cock pushed into her mouth and he sure wasn't there when a seven inch cock ravished her very smooth bottom. He never observed her frantic manoeuvres or the way she performed as those blacks took her in all know positions. As for Tom he had a meeting to attend and really didn't give his wife a thought, he never mentioned her and as far as the committee was concerned he wasn't married or for that matter interested in women. They of course didn't know that he was very interested in women and had a number of contacts in his 'black book', that satisfied him on the sexual field fairly regularly.

He arrived home well into the afternoon. There was no sound of building activity, no noise from a saw, drill or a hammer, the place was as quite as a morgue. The house was silent, he put down his papers and it was only when he went into the back room did he find his wife. She was sitting on the lounge, totally unaware that he was there, she was a mess. Her hair was a shambles, much of it almost clued down with the essence of men's balls. Her tits showed evidence of rather rough handling, around her mouth was hardened goblets of cum, this was also on her chin and over her tits, yet the surprising thing was her nipples, hard and very erect.

"Wife", he called. There was no response; it was as though she wasn't there. However, so rare was it to have her nude that he took a couple of photos of her and then did what he had always wanted to do, dropped his trousers, pushed his cock against her mouth and snapped. "Suck it". Like as if a switch was thrown, she did just that and as his cock vanished and the muscles of her mouth began to work, he gave off a sigh of satisfaction for not only was it nice but it was being done by his wife, the same woman that mere hours before wouldn't let him even touch a tit.

"That is it wifey, take the lot, every last inch, suck it and drain my balls", he gasped as his cock slowly disappeared. He often wondered how women could fully accommodate a cock, but all the ones that had sucked him always had their faces buried into his cock hair and his entire cock somewhere down their throats. "Lovely wife, lovely. Keep that mouth working you are doing a fucking great job". He began to work her head, dragging it forward and pushing it back, working her head like a piston, each time his cock would appear and disappear till with a gasp. "Drain it, take the fucking lot", he emptied his balls. He held her till his balls had emptied their load, then he released her; she flopped against the back of the setting and from her mouth flowed a mixture of cum and saliva. "That was great, now I think a hot shower is in order to clean you up and then my dear I'm going to fuck that hairy cunt of yours and later your bum will also be on the agenda. For decades you have pushed me away, always it was forbidden according to that ridiculous mythology that you follow, you might say it is 'pay back time'.

Her only sound was a 'grunt' as the hot water flowed over her. He had never washed his wife; any form of intimacy was a 'no', 'no'. It took quite some time to clean her up, especially her hair but with her being so close and the constant rubbing of his cock against her, he was sporting a hard on as he dried her. The desire to push her over the bath and service her there did enter his mind but he wanted to fuck her long and hard. He pushed her onto the bed and then for some time sucked her nipples, massaged her tits, drove his fingers up that hairy crack and finally mounted her, rubbing his cock up and down that area of his interest, till finally giving the thrust and for the first time she gave evidence of being on the planet.

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