The Private Detective and the Blonde Haired Brown Eyed Waitress

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2014 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: short story about a private detective and a waitress with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction  

Private detective Craig King is on his way to his favorite diner for supper when he hits a traffic jam. After an hour and a half of sitting in this bumper to bumper traffic jam Craig arrives at the diner. After parking his car in his usual parking place he shuts down the car's engine, gets out of the car and walks inside the diner.

Once he was seated at the table his favorite waitress and good friend Miss Ashley Russell a young woman with gorgeous blonde hair and brown eyes walks over to his table and she says to him. "Craig what would you like for supper"? Craig clears his throat and he says to her. "Ashley I will have my usual "A bacon cheeseburger French fries and a cup of black coffee".

Ashley wrote down Craig's supper order down then she carried it to the kitchen. A short time later Ashley brought Craig's supper to his table, after saying grace Craig ate his supper slowly savoring every single bite of the meal, once he was done eating Ashley brought Craig his bill after looking it over Craig brought It over to the cash register and he paid for his supper.

He was about to leave the diner and go home when he remembered that he had a question to ask Ashley. So he returned to the register and he said "Ashley would you like to go to dinner and a movie with me on Saturday night?" Ashley thought for a few moments and she replied "Craig I would love to go to dinner and movie with you on Saturday night."

Then she wrote out her address and phone number on piece of paper and handed it to Craig. He put it in his wallet and walked out of the diner got into his car and he drove home. Once Craig was at home he got out of his vehicle and went inside of his house.

Once he was safely inside of his house he went to his bedroom and he removed his gun belt that held his revolver a S&W Model 10-14.38 caliber revolver with a 4 inch heavy barrel once the gun belt was off he laid it on the bed then he removed his backup weapon a S&W model 36 with a 2 inch barrel that he carried it in his left side pants pocket.

Once he gun belt and backup weapon were off Craig changed into his workout clothes and he exercised for an hour. Once he was done exercising Craig showered and he shaved thoroughly. After showering and shaving Craig put on his night clothes and he went to bed. The next morning he woke up and he spent the entire weekend resting.

After enjoying the weekend Craig was back at work on Monday. After a very long and tiring work week it was time for Craig to get ready for his date with Ashley on Saturday Morning Craig got up early ate a good breakfast then he cleaned the interior of his car very thoroughly then he washed and he waxed the exterior of his car until it shined like a brand new penny.

Once the inside and the outside of his car was completely cleaned up Craig went inside and he laid out his date clothes then he showered, shaved, brushed his teeth, then he put on some pleasant smelling aftershave and lastly put on his date clothes. After tying his neck tie Craig took a final look at himself in the mirror.

Then he turned off the lights inside his house, walked out to his car, got into it, put on his seat belt, started it up and then he drove over to Ashley's house. After a short drive he arrived at her house, got out of his vehicle, walked up to her front door then he knocked politely.

After patiently waiting for several minutes Ashley walked out of her front door wearing a very beautiful blue dress her beautiful blonde hair tied back into a simple yet lovely pony tail. After Ashley locked up her house the young couple walked off of her porch and out to Craig's car.

He opened the passenger side door for her and she got into the passenger seat and put on her seatbelt. Once Ashley had her seatbelt on Craig closed the passenger door then he walked around the car to the driver side.

He opened the driver side door, got into the seat, put on his seat belt, and then he closed the door, put the key in the ignition, started up the car and drove the restaurant for the dinner part of their date.

After a short uneventful drive they arrived at the restaurant. Craig parked his car in a nearby parking spot, then he shut down the car's engine and took off his seatbelt, then he walked around to the passenger side of the car and opens the passenger side door for his date Ashley. Once they were inside the restaurant a friendly hostess escorted the young couple to their table.

Once they were at the table Craig pulled Ashley's chair out for her then she sat down. Then Craig pulled his own chair out and sat down. After the young couple was seated comfortably, the hostess gave them their menu's and left the table. A short time later the hostess returned ready to take their dinner order.

Craig and Ashley gave their order to the hostess who wrote it down then took it the kitchen so that it could be cooked for them. While they waited for their meal they talked and they talked and they talked some more, and before they knew it their dinner arrived at the table. After they had said Grace they ate the beautiful dinner that was on the table in front of them.

When they were done eating Craig paid the dinner bill and the couple left the restaurant got back into Craig's car and headed to the movie theatre. Once they were at the theatre Craig parked his car, shut down the engine then Craig and his date Ashley got out of the vehicle and walked into the movie theatre, found the movie they wanted to see, got the tickets and went into the theatre were their movie was going to be shown.

Two hours later when the movie was over they got up out of their seats left the theatre walked into the lobby then they walked out the front door. They only made it a few steps outside when it began to rain heavily.

In an effort to keep Ashley from getting soaking wet Craig boldly picked Ashley up with very strong arms and carried her to his car. Once they were inside of the vehicle they put on their seat belts and Craig proceeded to Drive Ashley home.

As Craig is trying his best to get Ashley home safely the rain picked up quite a bit, it got so bad that he has to pull over onto the shoulder of the road because he is not able to see the road due to the heavy rain fall. After a very long rain soaked drive Craig got Ashley home, he picked her up and carried her to the front door of her house.

Once she has the front door she unlocked it and she invited him inside to wait out the storm. Ashley gave Craig a tour of her beautiful home. As she showed him around the house Craig commented on how beautiful the house was decorated. Ashley thanked Craig for his compliments.

After the tour was over with they returned to Ashley's kitchen to wait for the storm to subside. Several hours later the storm finally subsided Craig kissed Ashley good night and thanked her for a nice evening. Then he left her house got into his car and he drove straight home. Once he finally got into his drive way he turned off his car's engine unhooked his seatbelt, and pulled out his cellphone called Ashley and let her know that he got home safely.

Then Craig got out of his car, locked it up then he went inside the house and straight to his bedroom. He removed his wet date clothes put on his night clothes and he went straight to bed. On Sunday morning Craig got up got dressed and he went to church. Over the next 2 years Craig and Ashley continued to date. Then one day Craig was at his desk filling out a report for one of his client's when he had and epiphany "Holy Cow! If I don't ask Ashley to marry me I will lose her to another man!"

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