Man Bitch

by awnlee jawking

Copyright© 2014 by awnlee jawking

Interracial Sex Story: 99.4% of SOL readers won't like this story and 100% will find something offensive in it, although that wasn't the intention. But not sharing is a form of censorship, so here it is anyway. For the benefit of the 0.6%, story codes are economical.

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One of the reasons I frequented my local convenience store was its location, being situated less than a block from my apartment. The other, far more compelling reason was the part-time assistant, an ebony-skinned beauty named Denise.

Over the course of several months the ice had broken and we started to chat and flirt while I was shopping there. Although I hoped desperately, I knew in my heart that nothing would ever come of it. I was pretty good-looking myself, or so I'd been told, but I thought that the ethnic barrier presented by my lily-white skin would be insurmountable, especially in a predominantly black neighbourhood.

My life changed one hot summer's day. I needed some bread and milk so I headed to the convenience store. Denise was there, wearing a crop top and short skirt. She had a store apron over the top, but it did little to disguise her womanly curves or hide her gorgeously toned flesh.

Denise caught me staring unashamedly at her luscious body, too distracted to think of the shopping I had intended. She did a little twirl, causing her skirt to flare up at the back and giving me a quick glimpse of her fantastic booty, inadequately constrained by a pair of flimsy yellow panties.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

She was smiling, so I didn't think she had taken any offence. I wolf- whistled.

"You are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous," I admitted.

"You're not bad either, for a white boy. Say, you want to hang out sometime?"

I was gobsmacked. This gorgeous, supposedly unattainable creature seemed to be asking me out.

"I'd love to."

"I finish at 6 this evening. Give me half an hour to get home and take a shower then come round to my place. We can listen to music or something," she said.

I was so overwhelmed that I didn't give a second thought as I agreed, writing down Denise's address on the back of my till receipt.

I showered, changed my clothes, shaved for the second time that day (a first for me) and dabbed on some cologne. Six twenty nine I was waiting nervously outside Denise's apartment. It hardly registered that the block she lived in was considerably more salubrious than mine.

My watch ticked over the minute and I rang Denise's doorbell, as nervous as a schoolboy. She answered the door almost immediately, beckoning me in with a welcoming smile. It looked as though she had just got out of the shower because her hair was wet and she was wearing a plain pink bathrobe.

As soon as I was inside and the door was shut, Denise grabbed me into a hungry kiss. Her robe fell open, revealing a body every bit as I had imagined, clad in a white fishnet bra and matching panties. I reckoned any sweet music on the agenda wouldn't be coming from loudspeakers.

Denise dragged me into a bedroom and stripped me. I realised that making love with such a beautiful woman was all too likely to be a once in a lifetime experience unless I gave it my utmost so I was determined to ensure she enjoyed it.

I made oral love to every inch of her firm, beautiful body, paying particular attention to her large, luscious breasts topped with roseate organ-stop nipples. Then I attacked her core, licking and sucking her shaved pussy and clit until my face was dripping with her savoury juices and she had to push me away because the near- continuous orgasm was getting too painful.

Denise repaid the favour, sucking my cock almost to ejaculation three times, each time letting me subside from the precipice, before she pushed me back on the bed and mounted me like a cowgirl. When I came, it felt like I was pumping a gallon of cum into her clutching pussy.

I didn't think I had any more in me but Denise sucked my cock back to life again. She was lithe, limber and imaginative, trying out positions I had never experienced before, seemingly managing to force an orgasm for herself out of each before moving onto the next. I pumped a second load into her when we were in the humble missionary position, lying between her firm, supple thighs.

It took a lot of oral coaxing but somehow Denise got me hard yet again. I was pretty much exhausted so we went at it doggy-style to give me a rest. As I thrust away, I couldn't help admiring the pretty pink puckered hole winking at me. I moistened my thumb and pressed against it, wondering if Denise would let me in as a prelude to fucking her ass, but she half turned and slapped my hand away.

"That's my only remaining virginity," Denise informed me, "and I'm saving that for someone special."

I guess I should have been hurt by that, but it actually gave me a second wind, enabling me to redouble my efforts in the hope that I might earn the right to be that special person.

The bedroom was replete with the sounds of squelching, flesh slapping against flesh and moans of encouragement and my groin was tightening as a prelude to coming for an impossible third time when the bedroom door burst open and a giant black man stalked in.

Instinctively I pulled out, but the adrenaline surge pushed me over the edge and my traitorous cock shot its globs of cum over Denise's ebony buttocks.

"What's you's doin wid ma ho? You's better not be doin what I thinks you's doin," snarled the intruder.

Seeing my life expectancy almost certainly dwindling to seconds, I didn't stop to pick up my clothes but, stark-naked, made a bolt for the door. For a split second I thought the black giant was going to let me go, then at the last moment he applied a gentle push to my back, redirecting my flight headlong into a doorpost.

When I woke up, I was in the lounge of Denise's apartment, still stark-naked and tied to a chair. In the room there were several youths and young men of various hues of black and mixed-race skin colours, but uniformly wearing gang colours.

"Ah, you's is awake," said the black giant, who had to be at least six and a half feet tall with a build to match. "Now we's is the East Canal Brothers and we's don't take kindly to no folk messin wid our ho's. So you's got two choices. Either you's ends up in a dumpster, gutted like de fishies," he said, indicating one of the youths, who was sitting on a chair and sharpening a cutthroat razor with a strop, "or you's can sign this."

The black giant waved a piece of paper in front of my eyes. It looked like some sort of legal contract but I didn't have time to focus my eyes on it to read it.

"Hey, I didn't say you's could read it," he said, snatching the document away. "So's what's it to be? You's got 30 seconds."

I had every confidence that refusal to sign would be my last act on this planet. On the other hand, no judge in the land would uphold any contract signed under duress, no matter what the terms. I nodded towards the paper.

"Dat's the smartest thing you's done today, white boy," said the giant.

He freed my hand a little so I could hold a pen and somehow I managed to scrawl a parody of my signature on the document.

The black giant produced a syringe and injected me, then everything went black.

When I woke, I realised I had been moved. I was lying on a cot in a large airy building, perhaps a disused warehouse. The smell of nearby stagnant water seemed to confirm my theory. I felt a dull ache from my groin, and when I looked down I found I was wearing what looked like an adult-sized pull-up diaper, with a plastic tube leading out of it and down the side of the cot. There was a drip attached to my arm, the bag saying 'saline solution'.

With a growing sense of dread, I tried to move my hands to look inside the diaper but they were chained too tightly to the side rails. The chains rattling must have alerted the black giant that I was awake again, as he soon appeared at my side.

"Welcome back, Mr Curtis," he said, with no trace of patois in his voice.

There were several ways he could have found out my name. Denise could have told him, or he could have looked in my wallet. So if he was trying to intimidate me that way, it didn't work.

"What have you done to me?" I croaked.

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of you. You're the property of the East Canal Brothers now." He produced a no-spill drinks container and held it to my lips. "Here, drink this," he said, "it's only chilled water."

I gulped the refreshing liquid down my parched throat, then he deftly removed the saline drip.

"Now you're drinking, you don't need artificial hydration," he explained.

"So what have you done to me?" I persisted.

"First some background. I'm Dr Stephen Randolph, a surgeon at Mount Pleasant General Hospital. I got sick of patching up poor black kids who had been in gang fights so I did something about it. I launched a coup and took over the East Canal Brothers. I've retained and strengthened some of the tribal aspects, the gang colours and loyalty for example, but I'm also trying to help them. All new recruits go for martial arts training, so they know there are usually better options than fighting, but when they have to fight it's the other side who get hurt. I try to steer them clear of drugs and STIs. I help them find somewhere to live, get a job, and if they show any interest, I try to get them back into education. And if they get in trouble with the cops, I help them get appropriate legal representation."

"That's all very worthy, but why haven't I heard anything about it. If your story's true, the media should be all over you."

"I have to do everything under the radar. Accusations of coconut, black on the outside, white on the inside, and all my good work would be undone. Besides, I'm not such an angel," he said, indicating my covered groin.

"So what's the story here?"

"Well, the East Canal Brothers have no problems attracting plenty of women groupies, or bitches as they like to call themselves. But we're a non-discriminatory gang and we also recruit kids who bat for the other side or swing both ways. Trouble is, suitable groupies are thin on the ground, so they asked me to recruit a white pretty-boy."

"So Denise is your bitch, then."

"Good heavens, no. Denise is my cousin. She's way too smart to get mixed in with all this gang stuff. I'm sponsoring her way through Law School so she owes me a favour or two. She will graduate this year, probably top of her class. She drew up the contract you signed. It's probably not legal but it's so cleverly drafted it will take years to resolve if you decide to fight it."

"So I signed an agreement for you to cut off my balls," I said bitterly.

"No, I cut off your penis."

"Noooo!" I bawled, shaking my chains violently.

I screamed, shouted, ranted and then bawled my eyes out. Dr Randolph waited patiently until I was all cried out.

"Basically, when the swelling has gone, all you'll have is a nice, neat hole to pee from," Dr Randolph explained. "I'm rather proud of the job I did. I could have been a top plastic surgeon but you can probably understand that rich white bitches wouldn't be too keen on someone like me cutting them up. Anyway, to cut a long story short, you'll never pee standing up again, and you'll have to wipe yourself dry with tissue afterwards. Because your urethra is so much shorter you'll have to learn to wipe front to back to avoid infections. You'll never have another erection, because there's nothing to become erect, so you'll never again have penetrative sex with a woman. Unless you use strap-ons of course. Denise was sad your penis had to go, she said you were one of the best she's ever had, but the boys insisted. They couldn't risk you tempting their bitches."

I was so shell-shocked that I couldn't take it all in.

"But you said I hadn't agreed for you to cut off my balls," I said in a half-protest, hardly believing that I could even discuss my predicament in a rational tone.

"You still have your balls. You'll still have to shave and you won't be singing soprano. You might even be able to ejaculate and have wet dreams, with the right stimulation."

"So what happens now?"

"First, you need to heal. I phoned your work and told them you'll be away for a week after an emergency appendectomy. Then next weekend we're holding a party to celebrate your becoming our first man bitch, where you'll be the good time to be had by all. After that, you'll go to work as normal during the day, then at night you'll be our bitch, to do with as we please. You'll sign all your wages and assets over to us and we'll take care of your needs and give you an allowance. And if you disobey us, there's a dumpster with your name on."

"How long is this nightmare supposed to last? For the rest of my life?"

"The contract you signed was open-ended. We might let you go after a year or two, or you might come to like it so much that you want to stay."

"Fat chance," I spat.

"Well, it's been nice talking to you. Now I have things to do. The bitches will be along to feed you and take care of you. Be nice to them. I'll come every evening to change your dressing and make sure you don't get an infection."

Then Dr Randolph left, leaving me alone in my misery.

Some time later a pretty black girl turned up.

"Hi, I'm Ruby, she said. "Are you hungry? I've brought you some casserole."

I hadn't realised it but I was, and my stomach growled approvingly. I nodded.

"Okay, but first you have to earn it," Ruby said. "Denise said you're a first class pussy licker so it's only fair I get to try you out.

The Ruby shimmied out of her skin-tight jeans, then slid off her pink lacy panties, revealing a neatly trimmed patch of crinkly black pussy hair. She climbed on the cot and manouvred herself until she was squatting over my head. Ruby had a very pretty pussy, and realising I would otherwise go hungry, I set about with a will. Strangely I could feel a tightening in my groin as though I were getting aroused, but it felt weird not to have a throbbing erection at the same time.

I managed to get the Ruby off quite quickly, but Denise had obviously told her about the multiple orgasms so Ruby insisted I continue. By the time she was satisfied, my face was slimy with Ruby's juices and she had nearly suffocated me several times as she pressed down during her orgasms. By then the stew was lukewarm but after Ruby loosened the chain connected to my right wrist I ate it anyway since it was quite tasty and I wasn't sure when I would next be fed.

Before she left, Ruby filled up the no-spill drinks container with fresh water and left it within my reach. When I saw some straw- coloured liquid shoot along the tube from underneath my diaper, it confirmed I had been fitted with a catheter. That was number ones sorted, but what about number twos? Fortunately I didn't have a desperate need at that time.

Some time later a mixed-race girl turned up. She was rather plain looking, with a sallow skin tone and an angular face, but she had a nice smile.

"Hi, I'm Jasmine," she introduced herself. "I'm a nurse at Mount Pleasant. Dr Randolph got me a job there. If he hadn't turned my life around, I would probably be a dead crack whore by now," she admitted. "We're sorting out a private room for you downstairs where you'll be held until you've healed. We've got a commode and a small telly. If Dr Randolph thinks you're healing well and the stitches are holding, we'll move you there this evening. Meanwhile I've brought you some sandwiches. But you have to earn them."

Yet again I found myself eating pussy before I could eat. Jasmine had a prominent clit and was easy to get off, but I still ended up with a face coated in pussy juice by the time she was satisfied.

Dr Randolph came by later. First he blindfolded me so I couldn't see, then with Jasmine's help he removed my diaper. I could feel some sort of dressing being removed when some of my body hair was yanked out by the dressing's adhesive. I felt fingers gently prodding my groin. From their size I guessed it was Dr Randolph rather than Jasmine. He could be extremely gentle despite his size. He pronounced himself satisfied and applied a new dressing, then my diaper was pulled back into place.

"Mr Curtis, you're doing very well," he said, removing my blindfold. "We're going to move you downstairs to a private ward." He chuckled at that. "You will be allowed to move around a little, but you must tell someone if you experience any problems in your groin region such as feeling hot, or a tugging sensation, or if any blood seeps through. A commode has been provided but you must keep the catheter in for a few days until the danger of infection has passed. You can take your diaper off for hygiene purposes but do not, under any circumstance, remove or look under the dressing. Believe me, I will know and you won't enjoy the consequences."

As if by magic, another couple of bitches arrived and they helped Jasmine wheel the cot, supervised by Dr Randolph. They wheeled me into a large goods elevator and pressed the button to go down a floor. When we arrived, it looked almost identical to the floor above apart from a row of what used to be offices along one end. I was wheeled into one and found the promised commode and telly. I was unchained from the cot, but one chain was left connecting my left ankle to a rather sturdy looking wall fitting. I wasn't going to get out in a hurry.

After Dr Randolph and the bitches left, locking the door behind them, I explored the small room. It had a window I could see out, overlooking the canal. Even if I could remove the chain, there was nowhere for me to go. I was virtually naked with no money and no ID. And even if I made it to the police, there was that damned contract. I didn't even know what it said.

I watched telly for a while, until it was dark and I felt tired, then went to sleep.

The next few days followed a regular pattern. A bitch would bring me breakfast, but I had to eat her out first. Then another bitch would bring me lunch, again insisting on being thoroughly eaten out before handing it over. A third bitch would bring me supper, yet again to be paid for by cunnilingus. At sometime during the evening Dr Randolph would appear. He'd blindfold me then change my dressing. I didn't risk his ire by trying to peek. Finally another bitch would arrive to empty the commode if I had used it. I had to eat her out whether she emptied or not. I could have killed for a coffee but all they supplied to drink was cold water.

Over the week the ache from my groin faded to insignificance, allowing me to move more freely. I quickly became bored with the telly and asked for some books to read. One of the bitches brought me a selection of stuff that she had enjoyed; Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and Agatha Christie. Not what I would have chosen but I gave her the mandatory multiple orgasms as a reward. To my surprise I actually enjoyed the books, quickly becoming immersed. To be honest I completely lost track of time so it was a complete surprise when Dr Randolph turned up early with a couple of fierce looking brothers in tow.

Dr Randolph didn't blindfold me this time. He pulled my diaper down, then gently peeled off the dressing. I could see for the first time what he had done to me. True to his word, my meat was gone, replaced by a small hole, but my crown jewels were still dangling intact.

"Okay, you're good to go," was his verdict. "No lifting heavy weights for a couple of weeks but the stitches have healed nicely and there's no infection."

Dr Randolph fiddled with my catheter and I thought I heard a short hiss of air as something deflated, then he gently tugged the tube out of my bladder free from my shortened urethra.

"You've had the catheter in for just over a week and you may lack muscle control for a day or two. You'll be allowed to wear clothes again from tomorrow and I've got some female incontinence pads for you in case of accidents. Until then, continue to wear the nappies."

I made to pick up that diaper and put it back on but Dr Randolph stopped me.

"You won't need it this evening. We're here to get you ready for the party."

My heart sank. I had forgotten. That meant it had to be Saturday.

I was freed from the chains and escorted to the goods elevator. This time we went up a couple of floors. The destination floor had a large open space but there was another row of offices and an assortment of other rooms. I was led into one of the other rooms, which turned out to be a surprisingly clean rest room. Jasmine was waiting for us.

"Lie on the bench, face down," she instructed. Obviously I wasn't going to have to eat her pussy to earn whatever reward this might be.

I was facing a blank wall but I heard water running behind me, something was being filled up.

"Don't resist or make things difficult," she admonished. "These two know how to put you in a world of pain without leaving any bruises."

I doubted that, but I wasn't anxious to test it either. Something cold and slimy was massaged around and into my anal sphincter, then I felt a nozzle being pressed against it.

"Relax and let it in or it will hurt," Jasmine warned.

Against all my instincts I managed to relax and the nozzle slid smoothly into my rectum. When Jasmine judged the nozzle to be in sufficiently far, warm water was allowed to flow gently into my bowels.

"Don't spill a drop or there will be consequences," she ordered.

I quickly felt very full inside and started to cramp. I squeezed my abdominal muscles in an attempt to stop the compulsion I felt to open my bowels. Jasmine seemed to sense my discomfort and turned the flow rate down. That helped, and somehow my bowels managed to expand in time to the flow so I was able to hold it all in.

"Normally I'd fill you with rather more than this," Jasmine explained after the flow stopped and she removed the nozzle, "but in view of the trauma to your groin I'm taking it easy on you."

She made me wait for what seemed like an age, my bowels gurgling impatiently, then let me go to one of the stalls to empty myself.

"Don't force it, let it flow out of its own accord."

A revolting mixture gushed from my anus into the toilet bowl. It was especially humiliating because Jasmine insisted on watching. Even when I thought I was empty, she made me wait for a while, and sure enough, some more escaped in a diarrhoea-laden fart. Finally Jasmine declared she was satisfied and washed my nether regions, then to my dismay she had me lie on the bench again.

"How many times are you going to do this to me?" I asked.

"Until you're clean, of course."

That turned out to be twice more, by which time my innards felt as though they'd been through a washing machine.

"There, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" said Jasmine.

The two brothers escorted me back to the goods elevator while Jasmine tidied up. We went down one floor, to where I had been held captive the first day. It had been decked out for a party, with streamers and strobe lighting. There was a large boombox in the middle of the floor so I guessed music was on the cards.

"And here's our guest of honour and newest bitch, Jonathan Curtis," announced Dr Randolph to a loud cheer. Including my two escorts, there were about ten brothers present.

I was led over to a padded table and made to lie on it on my stomach with my hips on the edge so my legs were over the end with my feet on the ground. Shackles were placed round my ankles and attached to the table legs then pulled taut so my feet were pulled apart and my anus exposed. The shackles continued to be tightened until my feet were about twice as far apart as the width of my shoulders, then Dr Randolph decided I was stretched wide enough. Ominously, a thick pad of absorbent cloths was placed between my feet. My wrists were cuffed behind my back and a pad stuffed under my chin.

"Right everybody, here's the rules," announced Dr Randolph. "This is fresh meat and we don't want to damage him so be gentle. Use plenty of lube, stretch him slowly and above all no blood. As soon as I see any it's all over. Any questions?"

"Can we use his mouth?" asked one of the brothers.

"Yes, but he hasn't been trained yet. Be careful of his teeth and don't try any deep throating because he's not ready. Carl, you go first with his ass because you're the smallest."

A young mixed race kid, who looked like he could be Jasmine's sister, broke into a gleaming smile. He looked to be about fourteen.

"Terrence, you go second, Rodney third. After that, choose for yourselves. Now let the party begin."

Someone turned on the boombox and the strobe lighting. Carl shucked his pants and boxers and revealed a four inch cock, erect and ready to go. Someone drizzled lube onto my anus and massaged it in.

When I was deemed ready, Carl positioned himself behind me, his cock at the ready. He pushed against my sphincter and I grudgingly relaxed to let him in, fearing the consequences if I resisted. He took it slowly, presumably being coached by someone, but inch by inch his hard little cock was forced inside me. I started to cramp at its length, but just then I felt his crinkly mat of pubic hair pressed against my ass. He was in all the way. He stayed like that for a few seconds, rotating his hips and savouring the sensations that brought, then started gently fucking me. Pretty soon he was fucking me full pelt but he didn't last long and very quickly I felt his cock throbbing and something warm and sticky squirt deep inside me.

Triumphant he pulled out, leaving me feeling battered and bruised inside. More lube was applied then another hard cock was forcing itself inside me. This one was much thicker and my sphincter was stretched painfully. Fortunately it wasn't much longer than Carl's so my insides stretched to accommodate with only a mild cramp or two.

When Terrence began fucking me, I felt a completely new sensation, I could feel his hard cock brushing against my prostate. I got a heavy feeling in my groin as though I were getting aroused, but without a cock I had nothing to stimulate in order to reach ejaculation. I tried to press my groin against the table as though I had a ghostly cock but because of the way I was positioned I was pressing against thin air. I tried squeezing my internal muscles.

"Hot damn," exclaimed Terrence, "the bitch likes it," and he accelerated until he was pistoning in and out hard.

Being older and having more self control, Terrence lasted a lot longer but finally I felt his thick cock pulsing as it squirted his seed into my bowels. He gave way to Rodney, who had a thinner but much longer cock. When he passed Terrence's limit I started to hurt inside but still he kept going. I felt like his cock would soon emerge from my mouth and I howled in pain.

"Pretty boy's got a nice mouth, mind if I try it?" someone asked.

"Sure, but be patient and coach him because he's a novice," said Dr Randolph. Then he turned to me. "These brothers are doing you a great honour by trusting your mouth with their cocks. Keep your teeth out the way and when they cum, make sure you don't waste a single drop of their precious seed. Understand?"

"Ugh," I grunted, as Rodney started pistoning.

The brother who had admired my mouth whipped out his cock and thrust it towards my mouth. A particularly hard thrust from the rear caused a jolt of pain and I opened my mouth to cry out. It was quickly filled with thick, black cock, forcing my mouth wide open. I expected the taste to be nasty but it was just hot skin. I forced myself to concentrate on the cock in my mouth because there was nothing I could do about the one in my ass, whereas I'd be in deep trouble if I didn't watch where my teeth were. The grinning brother coached me to suck while using my tongue and I was so intent I hardly noticed when the cock in my ass throbbed and deposited its load of cum.

Another cock thrust its way into my ass to replace Rodney's and I felt a jolt of pain from my stretched sphincter. Somehow I managed to clench my throat rather than my teeth, then resumed sucking the cock in front of me. Soon after the cock in my ass started pistoning in and out, I felt the head of the cock in my mouth swell to even larger proportions, then suddenly it throbbed and fired spurts of cum to the back of my throat. The taste was bitter and fusty and made my stomach turn, but somehow I swallowed it without puking.

"He's gonna make a grand little cocksucker," said the brother as he extracted his detumescent cock.

"It hurts," I protested to Dr Randolph, gesturing backwards with my head.

"Don't worry, I'm keeping watch. There's no blood. You'll become used to it as you stretch but until then, if the pain makes you clench your muscles, you'll only increase the brothers' enjoyment."

As the cock in my ass continued pistoning, seemingly well on its way to ejaculation, another was presented to my mouth. To my surprise I recognised its owner, Carl, seemingly ready to go again so soon, short recovery times being a benefit of youth. Since Carl had been gentle when he took my anal virginity, I decided to make his blowjob as enjoyable as I could by utilising all the coaching I had been receiving.

Putting out of my mind the vigorous shafting I was getting from the cock in my ass, I closed my lips round Carl's small cock. It was slimy and fusty-tasting and I realised he hadn't washed it since it had been in my ass. There was no bitter taste so it was due to a combination of lube and Carl's cum, with no discernible faecal contamination. The small size meant I was able to take a greater proportion of Carl's cock in my mouth, and while sucking gently I laved round the bulbous head with my tongue, paying particular attention to the underside and frenulum. The fusty taste quickly disappeared and I performed my task with gusto. Carl came very quickly, almost disappointingly quickly, unleashing just a couple of spurts of watery, mild-tasting cum which I of course swallowed.

Carl's small cock was replaced by a large one, and I could barely get the head in my mouth. It was clean and dry so it hadn't been used before. The owner seemed to recognise my difficulties and helped by gently stroking his shaft as I licked and sucked.

The cock in my ass throbbed and spurted its load into my bowels. Lubrication was barely needed any more as I was very squishy inside. I was pretty sure my anal sphincter was no longer closing up between fuckings because I could feel cum seeping out and down my perineum. I guessed that's why they needed the wad of absorbent cloths between my feet.

I concentrated on the cock in my mouth, since there was nothing I could do as another cock thrust its way past my defeated anal sphincter. The anal fuckings were getting quite crude now. I guessed I had become well stretched and lubricated so the perpetrators were able to drive straight into their rhythm, as though aiming to get off as quickly as possible.

It was heavy weather getting off the cock in my mouth, but with the owner's assistance we slowly got there at the same time the owner of the cock in my ass was accelerating his pumping to a frantic pace and I knew he was nearly there too. The cock in my mouth won the race by a whisker, the large bulbous head swelling to even greater proportions before pumping the biggest deposit of cum in my mouth so far, almost choking me as I struggled to swallow the stringy ropes. After the cock in my ass had spurted its load, the owners of both cocks pulled out at the same time, leaving me empty for the first time since the party started.

The next cock thrust into my rectum almost immediately and started pumping. There was no immediate demand for my mouth. I guessed we were getting near the end of the queue for my ass, and those awaiting a turn didn't want to shoot in my mouth and be unable to recover in time to take their place. And those who had already fucked my ass were still recovering and not yet ready to avail themselves of dessert, except for the youthful Carl.

I zoned out for a while, letting my mind go blank while I was pistoned from behind. During that period I'm not sure whether it was two or three more guys who had bathed my intestines with their cum, and they seemed to be proving Dr Randolph right, the pain was subsiding, being replaced by a dull, gnawing ache.

I was jolted back to reality with a bang from the intense pain of a really thick cock trying unsuccessfully to force its way past my anal sphincter.

"Clyde, try it again with lots more lube and take it very slowly. He's not used to someone your size," coached Dr Randolph. "Remember, if I see blood, it's over. No arguments."

"Sure Doc," a deep voice growled.

The fleshy baseball bat was temporarily withdrawn, only to return less than a minute later coated in cold, sticky gunk.

"This is going to hurt," Dr Randolph warned me. "All you can do to lessen the pain is to try to relax your sphincter and push out when Clyde tries to push in."

I relaxed as much as possible then pushed out as Clyde tried to push in. The pain returned, growing in intensity as my sphincter was forced to stretch. I was beginning to think Clyde was attempting the impossible when somehow the big, bulbous head of his cock managed to force its way through. I was relieved when the head was fully through my sphincter as the shaft was somewhat slimmer and the pain abated somewhat. It was only at this point that I realised my teeth were clenched in a death grip, and if one of the brothers had had his cock in my mouth, it would have been unfortunate to say the least.

As Clyde's cock pressed deeper, his coronal ridge scraped my prostate and the intense pain was countered by the promise of pleasure. I felt my groin tighten and my balls contract as though I were approaching ejaculation.

Extremely slowly Clyde deepened his penetration and then he hit the vicinity of my bladder. I felt a sharp stinging as my urethra experienced something other than a rubber tube for the first time in over a week, and my arousal dissipated even more quickly than it had arisen. Mortified, I instinctively clenched down but that just seemed to exacerbate the problem so I just let go.

"Hey Clyde, you've made him pee himself," one of the brothers observed.

"They always do," Clyde growled back.

Okay, so that was the real reason for the wad of absorbent cloths between my feet.

Clyde's baseball bat pressed mercilessly onwards, stretching my rectum with its girth until I could feel crinkly pubic hair and warm belly flesh pressing against my buttocks. I sighed inaudibly with relief that his huge girth wasn't matched by his length.

Clyde started the somewhat faster process of withdrawing his cock, again scraping his coronal ridge over my prostate, until only the crown was lodged inside me. Again I felt the incredible tight sensation, with my balls pulling up tight to my groin. As Clyde reversed direction and thrust back in, the pressure inside me as he rubbed against my prostate had me almost at bursting point. I was so aroused that I was sure pre-cum was dripping out of me but I couldn't quite reach the plateau.

Clyde accelerated until he was gently fucking me, his pace curtailed significantly by my tightness. I tried everything to achieve that last little bit of stimulation to achieve orgasm. I tried rotating my hips, thrusting back to meet him, standing on tiptoe to change the angle and even clenching my muscles as though simulating orgasm, but all to no avail.

"I need to cum," I sobbed. "Please!"

But my pleas were drowned out by the music, and anyway there probably wasn't anything anyone could have done. My self-pitying was cut short when a large, hard cock was aimed at my mouth. Reluctantly I was forced to give it my attention. I could see it glistening, so I knew this was another cock which had previously plundered my ass and it would inevitably taste fusty.

I opened my mouth wide and took the cock as deeply as I could without gagging, then tried to lave as much as I could with the flat of my tongue, trying to avoid the sensitive taste buds on the tip as much as possible. Even so, until I had cleaned it up, I experienced an eclectic combination of various cums. Evidently the cock's owner hadn't been one of my early clients.

I started the routine of licking and sucking, all the time aware of agonising near ecstacy as Clyde's monster cock massaged my prostate. All too soon I felt the enormous bulbous head swell to even greater proportions followed by the rhythmic pumping of cum into my bowels. I silently screamed at the intense pain when Clyde wrenched the huge head of his cock back out through my sphincter, then howled in anguish at the loss of any faint prospect of orgasm. The latter emerged as a loud hum, and the vibrations pushed the cock in my mouth over the edge and it too throbbed and spurted its load. Fortunately there were only three weak spurts because the taste was pretty rank. I was pleased I managed to swallow it without heaving.

My ass wasn't given any respite as another hard cock slid easily through my stretched sphincter. At first I was relieved it wasn't another thick one, though saddened that there was no prospect of more prostate stimulation. I started to worry when the cock continued to feed into me. Then I felt a dull pain as it bottomed out, and it wasn't even all the way in since I couldn't feel the owner's belly or pubes. It was by far the longest cock I'd experienced so far.

Without ado the cock started pistoning furiously, hurting me on every thrust as it punched my innards. I was seriously worried that he might be damaging my innards. I could only hope Dr Randolph was still monitoring, and would keep his word to stop my punishment if he saw any blood. I could almost feel my thin membranes stretching with every punch.

As if that weren't enough, another fusty cock was presented to my mouth. With a sigh of resignation, I opened wide to accept it and started going through the motions.

The owner of the very long cock finally managed to stretch me enough to get in all the way. That seemed to be the trigger he needed and he almost immediately dumped his load in me. My innards felt so numb that I couldn't tell he was spurting, but I felt via my sphincter the rhythmic pumping of fluids through his urethra.

As soon as he withdrew, another cock took its place. There was nothing exceptional about it so I was able to zone out, even performing the blowjob on autopilot.

The rest of the evening was pretty much a blur. I think I had a couple more takers for my ass followed by a pause.

"Can we go round again?"

I recognised the voice. It was the youngster, Carl.

"Of course," replied Dr Randolph.

My heart sank.

"Are you sure the bitch can take it?" asked a voice I didn't recognise.

I dared to hope.

"Pretty certain. There's no blood so he hasn't been damaged. Besides it's for his own benefit. The more we stretch him now, the easier it will be for him in the future."

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