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Science Fiction Sex Story: An elite Soldier pledged only to the empire is put into stasis for a mission. What he does not know is that it was rigged and the mission was supposed to fail. He awakes to a new time where his unit no longer exits and where his cadet family is gone. As the emperor's champion his authority is second only to the emperor who is in need of help and his is family.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Science Fiction   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

I did not like the battle plan. I did not trust those that had made it and I did not think we had a chance. It was simple we, a full company of highly trained soldiers would be put into capsules and ejected out of a ship. It would be behind the moon and we would be in stasis until we reached the planet.

As we entered the atmosphere the capsule would wake us and then peel away. We would freefall in battle suits and use grav shrouds to slow and land. After that we had a hundred kilometers between us and our target. Along the way was at least four divisions in armored positions. Even if we took out our target there was no sure way off the planet.

I checked each of my men as they went into their capsule and were put into stasis. I settled into mine and shifted to get comfortable, "alright captain lets get this over with."

I sagged as the suit slipped the needles into my arms and the stasis drugs began to flow. The capsule was closed and sealed before being loading into the ejection chamber. I did not feel it when I was fired out into space and did not know I was not on the right course. I did not know there was a flaw in the capsule or that those on the planet knew we were coming.

Time slipped by unnoticed.

Debris salvage is boring and routine but Hansen sat up when the ship picked up something not on the scan. He turned on the outside monitor and jerked up and hit the grav tractor shutdown, "shit!"

He spun and hit the system fleet emergency comm, "this is Oh Joy we have a drop capsule in high orbit."

"Oh Joy this is destroyer Bane's Fate. Is there any markings?"

He glanced at the monitor, "yeah, the freaking emperor's crest with crossed swords and flaming lizard."

There was a pause, "did you say the emperor's crest?"

Hanson grinned, "you are damn right."

Someone else came on, "Oh Joy this is the carrier Emperor's Son. Do not bring it aboard your ship. Bane's Fate you are to head for Oh Joy and send out a SAR team. Do Not bring the capsule aboard your ship. We are heading in and will match orbits."

The SAR team was a two man team specializing in space rescue. Master chief MacDongul was a veteran that had seen a lot. He floated closer to the old capsule and looked it over carefully before reaching out. He touched a tiny spot at the head of the capsule and hissed, "damn!"

"More information chief."

The chief shifted as he worked the controls, "how about unbelievable?"

The lieutenant at the grav console sighed, "not helpful."

The chief turned to look at the destroyer, "how about this. He is still alive and in stasis."

That got everyones attention and the lieutenant glanced at the captain, "ma'am?"

She shook her head, "we have our orders. Have the chief net it and attach a grav buoy."

When the huge carrier arrived two men went out in suits and plugging in a comp and began trying to override the capsule directives. Finally one nodded and they had the grav buoy pull the capsule to a waiting bay in the carrier. The men and women in the bay snapped to attention as the pipes went off and a team moved to the capsule.

My eyes snapped open and I saw the whole front of the capsule gone. I was in a room aboard a ship. I arched my back and flexed as I snapped to my feet and brought the suit rifle up. Men and women were falling back and down as I crouched and pointed at the two armed soldiers by the door.

A man in a dress uniform and a lot of braid stepped forward, "freeze mister!"

I glanced at him but kept my weapon on the two men who shifted. The fancy uniform took another step, "I said freeze! Lower your weapon."

I flipped on the suit speakers, "who are you?"

He looked me over, "fleet admiral James Ardell."

I knew every admiral in the fleet and Ardell was not one. I pointed the rifle at his chest, "the fleet does not have a fleet admiral Ardell."

He smiled, "you have been in stasis for over five hundred years captain."

I looked at him and then at the other two soldiers before activating the suit comp. I glanced to the side before stepping off the metal table I was standing on and landing in a crouch. I shifted the rifle, "I need a direct link comm to the emperor."

The admiral sighed, "your unit no longer exists. The emperor did away with it two hundred years ago."

I growled as I lifted the rifle again, "let me explain something. I am a company commander in the imperial special forces. My allegiance is to the emperor and I am sworn only to him. Only he or my commander can command me. Now I need a direct link comm to the emperor."

He looked at me carefully before gesturing to the two men by the door, "tell the captain I want a priority comm to Central and the emperor."

One turned to a panel beside the hatch and began speaking into it. The admiral looked at me again, "while we wait why don't you let one of the medical personal check you."

I glanced at those still on the floor and smiled. Not that he could see it, "after I have spoken with the emperor."

The wall panel emitted static and I glanced at it before someone spoke, "this had better be good admiral."

I looked at the admiral as he moved to the panel, "sir we have found the capsule for Captain Lamour. He was the company commander for the imperial special forces strike company Able. He was in stasis and is alive and aware now. He is your liegeman and only you command him now."

I hesitated before crossing the room, "sire?"

"Captain Lamour, I am afraid all imperial forces sworn to us have been disbanded."

I cleared my throat as I thought of subterfuge, "respond to imperial authorization Norman twenty."

It was a moment before he answered, "that brought back a lot of painful memories. Dickens five seven."

I sighed and relaxed as I let my rifle hang, "your orders sire?"

"Do what admiral Ardell tells you."

The panel lights blinked and then went off. I sighed and reached up to touch the helmet release. It spilt and I took a breath of fresh air and tried to still the gagging coughs I knew would be coming. I took the helmet off before they hit and then I was staggering to the table to hold on. The medical personal rushed to me but I pushed them back.

I hacked and gagged and coughed and shook before finally taking a huge breath. I shook my head and reached inside the suit collar, "I really hate that part."

The admiral had a worried look and then grinned, "I take it the suit does not use pure air?"

I shook my head and began the long and difficult process of taking the suit off, "it uses a mixture of gasses."

I looked at one of the men reaching for the suit back and growled, "do not touch."

He looked from me to the admiral who cleared his throat, "none of your unit combat suits survived."

I glanced at him, "our battle suits are imperial eyes only classified."

He gestured to the man, "but long out dated."

I was working on removing my legs from the bottom half of the suit. I was wearing a standard special forces skin suit under the armored suit. I stood once I was free and slid the sleeves down. They shifted and adjusted like they were designed to do while the people in the room stared.

I opened a compartment on the inside of the back portion on my battle suit to remove a holstered pistol. I touched it to my right thigh and pulled the pistol to check it before returning it to the holster. I looked at the admiral and absently reached out to touch a hidden switch, "do not touch the suit."

There was a blurring before suddenly the whole suit sagged and melted. Everyone gasped and the man that had been looking at the suit jumped, "NO!"

I looked at him before turning back to the admiral, "classified means classified."

He sighed, "to bad. We have no idea how to create them."

He turned towards the door and I followed, "I do."

What followed was three days of debriefings and another two weeks of history that covered the last five hundred years. My company had made it to the planet, well some made it, the rest died on the way through the enemy fire. Those that lived did take out the target at the cost of every single man.

We had been betrayed by the imperial council who tried to stage a coup. They died when not just the imperial special forces but the whole fleet went after them and the few rogue ship captains. It was another two hundred years before we were disbanded. I did a little checking and one of the things no one had thought to do was remove my clearance.

After the two weeks of history I was stuck with two old men who began to ask me constant questions about my life before I went into stasis. We were on a courier headed to Central and the ship captain grinned every time I slipped onto the bridge to escape. Everything seemed so different, even common controls had changed.

I had used a synthesizer to make a new utility uniform which felt a lot better than wearing the skin suit all the time. When I was led into the palace it was completely changed and different and that was when it really hit me. I was wearing a dress uniform that was five hundred years out of date. The only thing on it that was not were many of the medals and awards.

The soldiers and guards I passed snapped to attention and saluted. I walked into a huge anti chamber and a guard cleared his throat, "you need to turn over the weapon."

I glanced at him and smiled, "have you run my clearance?"

He frowned before turning to use one of the small comps. He jerked and turned to look at me with shocked eyes, "you may go right in sir."

I headed for the tall double doors, "thank you."

Four men turned when I walked in. I was still expecting a man long dead but knew the emperor when my eyes met his. I crossed the room as the other men stepped aside and knelt and bowed my head, "sire."

He sighed, "captain Lamour please stand."

I looked up and came to my feet and went to attention, "I was unable to complete your ... the mission and failed in your ... trust."

He smiled, "relax captain."

He gestured to a seat, "I did a little checking. The council of traitors wanted you dead personally. During questioning it came out that your capsule was made to fire into what they believed was a terminal course."

He hesitated as I relaxed and moved to the seat. He gestured the other men out, "your emperor, my great great called you Fury?"

I blinked and smiled slightly, "a moment of anger."

He nodded, "when you won the Imperial Star. You were credited with the death of over a thousand men and wounded seven times. I believe the citation read that you died three times during the evacuation."

I rubbed my chest, "four."

He grinned, "but saved the emperor."

I nodded and he turned to the desk, "I am not sure what to do with you. We already have a couple of thousand requests for interviews and a dozen systems demanding you face trail for past crimes."

He snorted, "those are just silly because most of the listed crimes took place a hundred years before you were born and the rest do not have anything to do with you."

I smiled, "actually I was thinking of going home."

He turned to look out a window, "your home is gone captain. A hundred years after you went into stasis a fanatic detonated a bomb that cracked the planet's crust."

I was stunned and sat back to think. He looked at me and smiled, "what many do not know is your family line."

I glanced at him, "it was a distant cadet branch."

I continued to look at the emperor, "what?"

He smiled at me, "besides me there is only one male left in my family and he is in this room."

I blinked, "so? You are still young enough to have children."

He grinned, "well I like to try but the fact is I have a mutagenic disease."

He leaned against his desk, "so how would you like to spend a little time at my summer estate?"

I smiled, "is it the same one I remember?"

He laughed, "actually I believe it is."

He sobered, "I need an heir."

I leaned back, "I have been ordered to do less pleasant things."

He nodded, "my ... wife is willing but she refuses to do it artificially."

I blinked, "you mean..."

He snorted, "I mean I want you to take the horny bitch to bed."

I grinned, "my way?"

The emperor grinned, "tie her to the bed for all I care. She is a whore I was forced to marry. Her cunt is yours if you want it."

He looked out a window, "captain ... Fury. Many nobles would jump at the chance to take my place. Some think they deserve it and others believe it is their destiny. If I do not have an heir within one year the dukes will try to force their claim as heir. I am afraid that will start a civil war that could spread through the entire empire."

He turned to look at me, "after you are on the estate I intend to reveal your family heritage and name you as my interim heir."

I stood and walked to the window, "sire I am not trained for..."

He laughed and I turned to look at him, "what?"

He moved to stand beside me, "breed Jennifer and you will not need to. Take a little time to adjust and decide what you are going to do now."

I nodded and turned towards the door and he cleared his throat, "once I announce who you are the ruling council may decide you need a wife."

I looked at him and then grinned, "girls and mates, not wife and I do not take orders from the council only you command me."

He laughed as I started across the room, "I will need a ride to the estate."

It almost looked the same except some of the trees were different or in the wrong place. I had only been to the estate twice and that had been as a child. I stepped out of the vehicle and turned to grab my duffel. The guard frowned and let go and I swung it to my shoulder and started for the door.

I changed into my workout suit and stretched before leaving. I had looked at the estate map and once I was done stretching I turned on the grav suit and it doubled my weight. I started trotting and glanced back at the security man that began to follow. I ran through the woods and brush and when I came to the sixty meter cliff I began to climb.

When I finally returned to the manor the security man was soaked in sweat. I walked in and headed to my room. I turned off the grav suit as I stripped and headed towards the fresher. When I walked out I glanced at the servant that was waiting, "yes?"

He bowed, "the empress arrived and will expect you after dinner."

I looked at him carefully, "you listen to the gossip?"

He frowned, "of course not."

I lifted an eyebrow and his face reddened before he cleared his throat, "I am aware of them."

I nodded, "and?"

He sighed, "her majesty has several ... admirers."

I smiled, "and has she told you that they may come here while she is here?"

He nodded and I went to find my robe, "you will let me know if any show up."

He grinned when I looked at him and nodded, "yes sir."

I belted the robe, "send the staff away except for the cook and yourself and tell security they are to stay out of the imperial wing unless called."

I pulled four ropes and a small med scanner out of my duffle and headed for the door, "the empress is not to be disturbed."

I opened the large double doors into the emperor's suite and closed the door behind me. I could hear water running in the fresher as I walked to the bed. I tied one rope to each of the four bedposts and set the scanner on the night table. I turned when I heard the water shut off and walked towards the fresher.

The woman that walked out was stunning and maybe twenty. She was blonde and naked and had a surprised look, "who are you?"

I grabbed her throat, "I am the only one that is going to use you besides the emperor."

She gasped and struggled as I turned and backed her to the bed. I shoved her onto the bed and followed to pull each arm up and tie the wrist. I turned and pulled her legs apart and tied the ankles before sitting beside her and looking into her face, "you are a whore."

She yelled and screamed and I slapped her, "no one will come."

She glared, "I will have you dead for this."

I smiled, "well it was either this or have you publicly whipped and executed for betraying your husband."

Her eyes widened and I leaned over her, "the men that are coming will face me and I will decide their fate. Your cunt belongs to your husband and he has given it to me. When I finish you will spread your legs when I tell you."

I turned to look at her firm body, "it is a shame you will not be allowed to use an artificial womb."

I cupped a breast before sliding my hand down between her legs. Her pussy was bald and it felt very nice. I slipped a finger into her slit and rubbed it back and forth before pushing the tip into her slippery pussy. She shivered and I smiled as I bent to suck on a nipple. I kept fingering her and she started breathing harder.

When she shuddered and humped while wailing I dropped my robe and turned to move down. I licked through her pussy and began sucking on her clit. She was jerking against the ropes and thrusting up while yelling. I pushed my tongue into her and began to nibble on her small inner lips before moving back to her clit.

She screamed and began writhing around and bucking as I sucked on her clit hard. She began telling me to stop and then she tried begging. She was spasming constantly and shoving her pussy up while howling. I finally moved up and over her before reaching out to pick up the scanner.

I moved and checked her pelvis and womb before setting it aside. She was panting and shivering as I moved over her once more. I pushed into her and buried my cock and began to fuck her with deep grinding thrusts. It was only a minute before she was wailing once more and thrusting up.

Her warm cunt constantly grasped my cock and became slick. I fucked her steadily as she struggled and bucked while howling. Her pussy began to grip and clench my cock as she screamed and spasmed violently, "fffuuuucccckkkkk!"

It was still several minutes before I shoved into her and pushed while gushing cum. She jerked on the ropes and screamed when she felt the sperm erupting into her, "YES!"

When I was done I pulled out and lay beside her while she panted. I bent to suck on a nipple as I began to finger her and rub her clit. She wiggled and shuddered and humped, "stop!"

I smiled and gently bite the nipple as I continued to finger her. She came several times before I moved over her and shoved back into her slimy hole. I fucked her hard three times and in between I fingered her. It was awhile before I stopped and untied her. I kissed her cheek and gave one nipple a tug, "tomorrow morning I will return."

She looked at me and I caressed her cheek, "you will be naked and in bed waiting."

She nodded and I moved off the bed and bent to pick up and put on my robe, "do not get off the bed for another hour."

I looked at her and she shook her head. I walked out and nodded to the servant blocking the end of the hall, "shut the communications off in this wing. Let the cook know to have lunch ready in an hour."

He bowed and grinned, "yes highness."

I hesitated before shaking my head and returning to my room. I washed and put on slacks and a soft shirt. I attached the holstered pistol to the small of my back before adding two spare magazines. I put on comfortable molded shoes before walking out. I was entering the huge central living area when I heard raised voices.

I turned and headed towards the voices and walked into the entranceway. Four men were arguing with and threatening the two guards blocking them from entering. I moved forward, "what is going on?"

One of the men turned and looked at me before sneering, "none of your business."

I ignored him as I looked at the guards. One cleared his throat, "they are demanding to see the empress."

I nodded and looked at the men, "she is not seeing anyone."

The man that had sneered at me stepped towards me, "we are here at her request and..."

I struck into his chest and he went back and into the wall. I followed and reached out to grab him by his throat, "and you have been fucking the whore and betraying the emperor and your oath."

He was gasping for breath as I looked at the other men, "I think you know who and what I am."

I looked at the man in my grasped as a dozen guards appeared, "how about I have you staked out and your privates ripped from your bodies before you are shot."

I let him go and stepped back, "as the emperor's champion none but the emperor could change the decision and I doubt if he would even consider it."

I looked at the four men as one sputtered, "I am a duke..."

I turned to the guards, "strip them and put them on posts. Each is to be whipped fifty times. Notify the emperor's chamberlain that these four have been stripped of their nobility for treason. Have him notify their heirs and then send them to Oceania. They are to be put on the imperial sanction list and any and all travel is prohibited unless authorized by the emperor."

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