Making Her Cum

by sissy

Copyright© 2014 by sissy

Fiction Sex Story: sex

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

Going to bed later than him sometimes has an advantage :D Making sure the kids were asleep she walked into the bedroom ... he was in bed already, naked and told her to strip.

She laughed because he is not normally like this and she found him so damn sexy when he talked this way. Pulling the blankets back, taking off her top and on her hands n knees she slid into bed waiting to see what tonight was going to be like.

After they had their heart to heart talk a few weeks back things were changing between them certainly for the better, in and out of the bedroom. Perhaps that old saying "If the wife is happy, everyone is happy" has a point lol.

Anyhow getting back to the bedroom she crawled in next to him and couldn't keep her hands to herself, she wanted him so badly. Laying her hand on his chest he began kissing her neck, knowing that it was making her all that much more excited. She loves his kisses, sucking his tongue deep into her mouth while he rubbed her tits and slid his dick along her hip ... yes she loved it.

Rubbing her all over, sucking on her nipples he began to climb on top of her. She rubbed that cock with her hands all the way from his big balls to the huge head ... licking her lips. He asked her if she wanted it and she told him yes and he laughed because she was looking at him like a kid looks at an ice cream cone.

Finally she took that cock in her mouth all the way down only to hear him say "Oh yeah, that's it baby. You know what i like." Giggling she said "uuhhhuuhh" because well she did have a mouth full of cock. She didn't have to stroke his cock at the same time because she could deep throat with the best of them. Grabbing his balls and rolling them around and around squeezing just a little she loved the feel of him shoving that cock further and further down making his breathing hitch every time.

Finally he could take no more of her tongue, lips and throat and he spread her legs. She thought he was going to enter that pussy but he didn't, instead he slid down the bed and lifted her ass sticking his tongue into her fiery pussy. This just made her gasp it was so unexpected and felt so damn good.

Grabbing his hair and shoving his face into that pussy she realized that he was also fingering her asshole and actually was finding it exciting. They had never done that before so deep and fast but it sure felt good. She liked her ass being finger fucked and decided then that they would have to try the whole anal fucking, it was new to her but definately something she could see them doing.

He kept asking her if thats what she wanted and if she liked it like that. She told him yes, oh my god yes :D he continued on and finally after her first orgasm coming on so hard he decided it was time to fuck her.

Rolling her onto her knees he grabbed her ass from behind and slid that cock home into that dripping wet pussy making her cry out in delight. She started rocking on that cock so hard he was begging "no no not yet" and she gave a little giggle because he had never had this issue before.

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