The Husband

by sissy

Copyright© 2014 by sissy

True Sex Story: a married relationship

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   .

As she lay in bed beside him she couldn't help remembering the way it used to be, the days of "freedom sex". Freedom sex was the before sex ... before the jobs, before the kids, before getting older and before life. There are times when life just gets in the way.

Ooohhh, the sex back then was magical, the kind that made you lose your head with rockets and red flares going off the minute you shut your eyes. The terrifying yet wonderful feeling of those orgasms was never far behind. Orgasm after orgasm making your mind and body shatter into a million tiny pieces floating back down to earth. The kind that make you lose total control, overwhelming your senses along with every fiber of your being. That's the way it used to be...

Now, the sex was usual, casual almost unbearable. It was hurried because he or she were tired. There just didn't seem to be enough hours in a day. That was the sad part of their life together but there were other things more important like the jobs and the children, life has to go on.

Coming home from work this afternoon she thought about picking the kids up, fixing dinner, all of the things she had to hurry and do. She never paid attention when the first key unlocked the door, her mind was everywhere else.

Walking into the hallway she dropped the keys in their tray, kicked off her shoes and proceeded up the stairs to take herself a relaxing bath that was much needed. Going into the bedroom she grabbed her robe, tossing aside her panties and bra after discarding her blouse and skirt.

She never heard the door close behind her, still lost in thought.

Turning around to take off her stockings and garters she realized he was there. He stood a good ways from her covered in black ... pants, shirt, shoes and even a mask. He was an intruder and she had no where to run.

Suddenly he was approaching her, staring with those ice blue eyes of his. She tried to leap over the bed to reach the phone--to reach anyone--but he was just too fast. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her back to hm, telling her how he was going to fuck her nice and slow--the first time.

Scared to death she didn't know wether to fight him or to just let him do what he came to do and hope he left without harming. She begged him to just not kill her, that's all she asked. She could only think of her kids, she had forgotten that the sitter was picking them up today after school--today was wednesday after all. Noone would be home for a long time, a very long time.

As he pulled her back to him he slid his hands up her legs feeling every inch of her. Finally she was at the end of the bed with him between her legs just standing there licking hs lips and looking at her with those haunting eyes. She made the decision then to let him do whatever he wanted as long as she would live. She asked him if he would let her live and he told her yes by shaking his head. He never spoke another word to her after telling her how he was going to fuck her.

He pulled his cock out of his pants and made her sit up. He motioned for her to suck it but she shook her head no. He grabbed her by her hair with both hands and shoved hs big swollen cock in her waiting mouth. She had no time to think, the next thing she knew he was ramming her mouth with his tool.

He knew she couldn't hurt him, she loved sucking dick. After awhile of ths, he became irrate. He pulled her head back by her hair and slapped her face. He made her bend over the bed while he shoved his fingers in her pussy, she moaned. Hearing her moan he shoved more of his fingers in her hot snatch and gave her pussy all he could until he was fisting her.

Mmmmm, he loved this--she was all over the place, asking him to stop. In reply to her pleas he placed his cock at her anal and forced entry--inch by inch she opened wider. She began to cry--from the violation, from the intense lust or from the pleasure--only she knew.

She could feel her body responding to him of it's own accord, she knew that she enjoyed everything he was doing but he was a stranger, an intruder--someone she did not know. How could this be coincidence? how could he know such things? Finally, she began to feel the climax building, begging him to stop again...

She was so wet, he knew she would be...

She was such a slut but she was his slut and he used her whenever he wanted, that was part of their deal when they had first met. He knew that she was kinky enough to like being fucked by an intruder or a stranger ... whatever it was she thought of him. She fucked him so good when he was home she was a real anal whore and her fantasy was this ... exactly this scenario.

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