Spring Break and the Starman

by Professor James

Copyright© 2014 by Professor James

Science Fiction Sex Story: Spring break was never like this - at least, I think it wasn't. Just a short, humorous piece.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Science Fiction   Humor   .

Jason took a deep breath and tried to clear his head a little. It didn't work. He looked back the way he had come, over the high sand dunes towards the water of the gulf. He could see the glow of the big bonfire and hear the rambunctious noise of the twenty or so college students. The music from the boombox was loud and all - just like he had - had been drinking and their shouts and laughter were a little more slurred than they should have been, but, what the hell, it was the first day of spring break. And this was an empty stretch of the Mexico shoreline. Earlier this afternoon they had all piled into the various jeeps and other vehicles, about half men and half women, all wearing only bathing suits and most already starting on their evening's consumption of alcohol. There were a couple of kegs and some blankets and a few other things in some of the jeeps and everyone expected to party for some time. They had driven out to an empty section of the shore and built a big driftwood bonfire and by the time the sun had set everyone was well on their way to feeling no pain.

He had come out with a girl named Jannie or Jesse or Jemini or or Jenilee or something like that. They had danced a little, their bodies separated only by his trunks and her string bikini and soon had begun to neck. But at some time they had stopped and he had gone to get them some more beer, leaving her lying on the sand, the moonlight highlighting her pale body. Then, as he was starting back with two cups of the cold brew, he spotted two absolutely gorgeous girls, holding hands, and moving over the top of a big dune towards the darkness. The promise of this distraction drew his mind away from Jannie and, in a fog, he started to follow them, keeping back enough not to be spotted.

In the back of his mind Jason had the idea that he could follow the two, watch them until they were totally distracted with each other and then, perhaps, join them for a threesome. He followed them for about a quarter mile across the sand, the warm night air lulling him into an almost spellbound state until he suddenly realized he couldn't see them any more. Now he shook his head again and again. It didn't help. He downed one of the beers he was still carrying but that didn't seem to help much either. For some reason he had thought it might. Giving a shrug he turned slightly to his right and decided to try behind the next big dune.

His unsteady steps carried him behind the next wall of sand and then he suddenly stopped short, staring down into the small depression. He shook his head harder this time. It was still there. In one long drink he downed the other cup and looked harder. Yes, it was still there. A flying saucer. Well, no, it wasn't flying. It was resting on the sand but it looked like the pictures of flying saucers he had seen. About forty feet across, the center a raised dome. But that wasn't all. Coming towards him, hand raised, was a man - or something like a man. He as about six feet tall and had two legs and two arms that looked a lot like those of anyone else, but he was a pale blue in color. His hair was thick and a dark blonde. As he got closer Jason could see that it looked like he had too many fingers on each hand and - his vision wasn't too clear, after all - a thumb on each side of each hand. He was wearing some kind of a one piece garment made of a smooth, almost shiny material that fit him closely everywhere. The upper part was much like a tee shirt with no real collar but continued seamlessly into what Jason could only think of as a kilt that ended just above his knees.

Jason shook his head once again. Then the man raised his hand and spoke something in Spanish. Jacob, realizing he might be the first human ambassador to non-humans, smoothly replied, "Huh? What was that?"

The man quickly reached for a small box on the belt around his waist and touched something. Then he spoke again. "Greetings, Earthman. Is this your language?"

In his current state it seemed perfectly logical to Jason that he should be talking with an alien. Wasn't there something in the news about aliens coming into the US from Mexico? It seemed like he had read that. He answered, "Yes, it is. Greetings."

The man moved closer. Jason could see that he looked quite handsome from a human standpoint if one ignored the pale blue skin. Jason held out his own hand and the stranger, after only a second's hesitation, reached out and shook it. "My name is Jason. I'm from the States and am down hear for spring vacation. Where are you from?"

The man gave a very human laugh. "From somewhere much further away. About fifty light years in your units. But I am also here on a vacation from my school. My name is Arrlick." Then he added, "We've heard that earth girls are really fun. They like to party and are very hot. Is this true?"

"We think so. I was following two of them just now, but I seem to have lost them."

"Oh, I know which way they went. I was just heading over there to try and meet them."

"Well, I think they might be interested in each other, but maybe they like men, too."

"Let's go see." He turned and started moving away. Jason quickly fell in beside him. In just a minute of two they topped a dune and ten yards ahead saw the two girls. They were no longer holding hands. Instead they were pressed tightly together, locked in a deep kiss, their arms wrapped about each other.

Jason's gaze locked on the two as he and Arrlick froze. Quietly the starman asked, "Do girls here mate with each other? Or do they also engage in such activity with men?

Still watching the two girls closely Jason replied, "Most just do it with men, but a few just with each other. Also some do it with both."

Arrlick asked, "Would you like to mate with one of them?"

This finally caused Jason to turn his head to the stranger. "I would love to, but I'm not sure they would want to with me."

Arrlick smiled. "That can be arranged." He took a small device from a pouch on his belt. Jason looked at it and saw that it resembled a remote for a TV or DVD player. There were several buttons labeled with marks that he couldn't identify. Arrlick followed his gaze and touched something on the side and the label changed into English. He saw that the one Arrlick's thumb - his right thumb on his right hand - was poised over was labeled "STUN".

Jason quietly asked, "Is that a Phasor?"

Arrlick looked blank for a second and then seemed to understand the question. "Not exactly," he replied. "Watch."

Arrlick stepped forwards and in a somewhat louder voice called, "Greetings, Earthwomen."

The two girls broke apart in surprise and turned towards the two men. For just a couple of seconds they froze and Jason thought that Arrlick had used the STUN button. Then one of them gave a sharp cry and they started to turn to run. Arrlick quickly called, "No, wait please," and they turned back to face the men. "We only want to be friendly."

The two girls started to slowly back away, still staring at the alien. Arrlick quietly said, "Well, I guess I'll have to," and then pressed the button.

The result was not exactly what Jason had expected. They did stop moving but weren't frozen stiff or anything. But something else had happened. Their bathing suits had disappeared leaving them completely naked. Arrlick turned towards him and said, "They are stunning, aren't they."

Jason shook his head once again. "Yes, they are. Are they all right?"

"Certainly. I'd never hurt anyone. They just no longer have the urge to run from us."

The two men walked up closer to the girls. "Hi," the starman said. "I'm Arrlick and this is Jason."

The two girls stared back at them. Finally one said, "I'm Kim and this is Jennifer." Her voice didn't seem exactly natural but she didn't sound forced or even frightened. Neither really seemed to be concerned with their total lack of clothing, either.

Arrlick turned to Jason. "We could probably just spend some time and get to know them, but I really can't stay that long. If you are anything like us when we go on break everyone is interested in sex. Right?"

Jason replied, "Yeah. That and drinking, but definitely sex."

"Then we can speed things up a little." He lifted the remote and his thumb - the left thumb on his right hand - hovered over another button labeled INTEREST. He pressed it.

The two girls suddenly took on a look that said they were extremely - there was no other word - horny. Jason quickly looked over at Arrlick and then back at the two lovely nudes. Almost together the two began to advance towards the men. The black haired beauty - Jennifer - moved directly towards Jason while the blonde - Kim - made a straight line to Arrlick. Jennifer raised her arms and before he really knew what was happening she had them wrapped tightly around him as she pulled him into a deep open mouthed kiss. His eyes glanced sideways to Arrlick and saw that Kim was doing exactly the same with Arrlick. Then he felt Jennifer's hand slide inside his trunks and grasp his rigid member. His hands closed over her bare bottom and any thought that this was unusual behavior evaporated instantly.

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