Rumapringa: the Sequel

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2014 by DG Hear

Romantic Sex Story: This is for those readers that asked for a sequel. What happened after Eli's wedding?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

If you haven't read 'Rumspringa' you may want to read it first to better understand the sequel. A big 'Thank you' to 'Loving50' for editing this story for me.

As mentioned in the first story, Rumspringa means "running around" in the Pennsylvania German dialect. It is the time, beginning at about age 16, when youth socialize with their friends on weekends. Rumspringa ends with marriage. (For those who don't marry, Rumspringa ends in their mid to late twenties.) This period is an important time when Amish youth need to decide if they will be baptized and join the church or leave the Amish community. When I speak of Amish I'm also including the Mennonites which have many similarities to the Amish communities.

Mary grew up in a Mennonite household. She chose to go on through high school (which was frowned upon in Mennonite society) but they did accept it. They wanted the Amish and Mennonite youth to return to their groups and families. She did say that the Amish do not usually educate their children past the eighth grade, believing that the basic knowledge offered up to that point is sufficient to prepare one for the Amish lifestyle.

Mary never joined the church (wasn't baptized) but followed a lot of the church rules. During Rumspringa she chose to go to college for eight years to become a veterinarian. Her parents were sad that she chose college over the Mennonite life style but at the same time they were very proud of her. She was the oldest of their seven kids.

This sequel continues on from Mary's brother, Eli's wedding. The day of the wedding I stopped by to pick Mary up and she was dressed in a blue Amish dress and bonnet. She was dressed traditionally because she didn't want to dishonor her brother or family. I thought she still looked sexy as can be, but remember, I knew what her body looked like under the dress.

We didn't know where we were going from here, but we decided to take it one day at a time. I told her I loved her, which I felt I did but wasn't sure of our future together.

At the wedding she acted like a different person. She was very nice to me but not lovey-dovey in the least. She didn't even hold my hand in front of her family or other church elders. She told me it was frowned upon to act that way with outsiders.

It was kind of a shock to me that she acted this way. She did introduce me to her parents who treated me nice but with caution. Her younger brother's and sisters were a little nicer to me and asked me all kind of questions about where I was from.

Eli was a little nicer to me but of course I was his boss and worked with him. Anna his wife was respectful of me and they both asked me not to talk about them being together at the beach. I told them their secret was safe with me.

The wedding was held outside with I would guess a hundred plus guests. I didn't see but a few of what I would call outsiders which I was considered. The ceremony was nice and somewhat traditional being solemn and rather quiet. Afterwards everyone went over to where many tables of food was set up and after a lengthy grace, everyone got in line for the food.

I do have to say the food was great. It was made by all the guests bringing covered dishes. No one skimped on the amount of food they brought. I enjoyed the food but I did feel out of place. I believe Mary thought she made a mistake asking me to be her escort.

After I finished eating Mary told me a lot of the men had made home brew and they had it in the barn. Eli came over and took me to the barn and introduced me to some of his friends. His friend Hugo was there who I had met so I kind of hung out with him.

Mary looked more at ease when I wasn't with her. She talked with a number of the women and I even saw her laugh. As I was drinking with Hugo I saw another man go up to Mary and she seemed very happy to see him. They greeted each other by holding hands. I was a bit stunned and asked Hugo who it was.

He told me it was Shawn, an old boyfriend of Mary's. Mary must have forgotten that I was there because when she turned and saw me she quickly dropped Shawn's hands. She looked a bit nervous but I was too far away to hear what she had said.

I got up and headed over to Mary. She introduced me to Shawn as a friend who escorted her to the wedding. Shawn was introduced to me as an old childhood friend who was like family. I knew there was more to the story than this. I would ask Hugo later, I knew he liked to talk and would tell me what I wanted to know especially after he drank enough home brew.

Shawn shook my hand and squeezed it hard like it was a test of strength. It felt like I was shaking hands with a brick; neither of us flinched. He asked me where I met Mary and asked where I worked. I told him I met her at the beach and she kind of turned away. I believe she was embarrassed for him to hear that.

After he walked away Mary asked me why I told him that and I told her it was the truth. I knew right then that she still had feeling for this guy. I asked her if she wanted to talk and she told me maybe later and walked away leaving me standing there for the third time.

I walked back over to the barn and drank more hooch. It was some pretty good stuff. I knew I was drinking to much and beginning to feel it. Some old guys started play a guitar and violin. There was a spot for dancing and a number of girls began dancing. It was more of just jumping up and down to the beat of the music.

Mary went out and jumped with them. It sure wasn't my choice in music but they all seemed to enjoy it. A few minutes later some of the men joined them. I noticed Shawn was doing his jumping in front of Mary. There was no touching but it still made me feel a bit jealous.

I talked with Hugo and asked him what he could tell me about Mary and Shawn. He told me they were a bit older than him but he remembered them being together forever. That was until Mary went off to college and Shawn was baptized and joined the church.

I asked Hugo why that would make a difference and he told me that once you joined the church you can't date outsiders unless they were interested in becoming members. He said that very few outsiders ever joined the church but a few have.

I was beginning to get the picture. They made their choices, Mary and Shawn grew up together and as they got older became closer friends. Shawn chose the church and Mary went on to college and it was against the Mennonite rules to date out of the church.

I asked Hugo if Shawn dated other women in their community?

"He is friends with a lot of women in our community and dates a lot of the single women but he still has strong feelings for Mary. He once said he would wait for her to come back and he would marry her. It has been seven years and he hasn't changed. He's a great guy and many women would love to marry him."

"What does he do?" I asked.

"He helps his father on the farm and also is a master craftsman. He makes furniture and is always part of barn and house building.," replied Hugo.

"What is barn building?" I asked.

"When someone is building a new house or barn the community join in and often does the major building in one day. They do what they can to at least get it under roof. Shawn is one of the major builders. He is really fast and good. In fact Eli and Anna are going to have a house building next month and Shawn is in charge."

"Eli has the money to build a new house?" I asked.

"He has some money saved and Anna's parents are giving her a dowry which will help pay for most of the materials. Shawn and all the builders work for the satisfaction of helping one another. The women get together and make food for the day. We pray for nice weather. We get a house built for less than half the cost outsiders pay for a house. The land is donated by family members or elders."

It was hard to believe that all these people gave so much of themselves to help others within their group. I did ask Hugo if he joined the church yet and he told me he planned on it in a couple of months. He was dating a girl, Rachel and wanted to make sure she was going to be baptized also. She was at the wedding but was helping out a lot with serving the food. Every once in a while Hugo would go talk to her. You could tell they were a couple but somewhat trying to hide it. Of course I knew better; I gave my spot up in the tent for her.

I began drinking more hooch and was beginning to feel the effects of it. I got up and walked toward the house where Mary was standing outside talking to a couple of her friends. A car pulled up near the house and two guys got out.

"Is this an Amish wedding?" one guy yelled out.

I heard Mary say, "Please leave, this is a private wedding".

"Hey Sweetheart," said one of the men. "We like to party. Why don't you come over her and party with us? Let's see what you have on under that dress."

These men were drunker than I was and Mary turned to walk away. I was surprised none of the elders came to her aid. I walked up to the assholes and told them to get the fuck out of here. They laughed and said they knew we were non-violent.

I walked up to the biggest of the two and cold-cocked him on the side of the face and down he went. I heard Mary yell, "John, Don't!" but the other guy came toward me and I kicked him in the nuts and when he doubled over I hammered him over the back of the head.

I was proud of myself but Mary looked at me and said, "You shouldn't have done that. We're a non-violent people," and walked toward her friends.

Quite a few older men came up to the strangers and helped them up and asked them to leave. The two guys gave me a look as to say, "Who the hell are you," got in their vehicle and drove away.

One elder looked at me and said, "Violence is a last resort among my people. We don't fight at the drop of a hat. You must learn this".

"Where I come from we protect our women. I'd never let another man degrade my girlfriend or wife like that. Men like that only understand one thing and that is I don't take shit like that from anyone."

Mary came up to me and told me that she was asked to take me home, that I had too much to drink. I guess I embarrassed her. From a distant Eli and Hugo waved to me. I believe they thought I did the right thing but their religion thought differently.

On the way home Mary told me I was wrong in doing what I did. She said she understood why I did it but that didn't make it right. I dropped her off at her apartment and headed for my trailer. She didn't even kiss me goodnight but just got out of the car. I wasn't sure where our relationship was going from here. It sure went back a couple of steps.

I hadn't talked to Mary for over a week. When Eli came back to work the following week he explained to me that they are taught to turn the other cheek. In very few instances do they fight but it has happened as a last resort. He apologized for not sticking up for me, but at the time he wasn't sure what to do. He was told I was drunk.

"Eli, the damn men insulted your sister and I wasn't going to let them get away with it. I have always respected my women and will always stick up for them. The booze had nothing to do with it."

I asked him about Mary and he told me that he hasn't seen her since the wedding but she would be at his house building the following week. He explained that the foundation was already laid and the framing would be done in one day because of all the help. He did say that Shawn was one of the main carpenters. He hoped to move into his new house within the month.

It was a week later and after the house building that I finally called Mary since she hadn't called me. She said she needed some time to think and that's why she didn't contact me. We made a date for me to come to her apartment and talk with her.

"Mary, I'm not going to apologize for sticking up for you. I can't believe that your friends don't stand up for themselves."

"They do John. In this case it didn't call for violence. You didn't give non-violence a chance."

"I will never stand there and listen to a man degrade the women I'm with. I'm sorry you can't see that. So, is it over between us because I wanted to protect you? Or, is it because of your friend Shawn?"

"John, I had very long talk with the elders of the church and they said they would like me to be baptized. I could become a member of the church and community. I would be accepted as their veterinarian."

"I thought you didn't want a group of old men telling you what you can and cannot do?"

"You don't understand. This community is my family and friends. I've done what I wanted to do. I went to high school, then college and have become a veterinarian. I challenged the system and won. I'm really considering doing this, John."

"What about us? Once your baptized you can't date outsiders let alone marry one."

"You can join our community, John. They will teach you our ways, believe me, it's not like most outsiders think. We live a happy and good life."

"I lead a good life now, Mary. I do what I want, when I want. I have no desire to became a Mennonite. I will miss you Mary. I thought we were good together. You are only the second woman I have ever fallen in love with." I did notice she never mentioned Shawn but he was part of the community.

"I loved you too, John, but this is also about my future with my family and friends. I can't say that I won't miss you." She gave me that beautiful smile.

Well I guess I got my answer. I didn't say another word. I turned around and headed for my car. I didn't even want to kiss her goodbye. We didn't talk about Shawn but I figured if she moved back into the community that she and Shawn would become re-acquainted since he said he was waiting for her.

I headed to an old bar hangout I used to go to before I met Mary. I saw a number of my old friends when I walked in.

"Hey guys, look you just walked in. How the hell are you John? Long time-no see. We heard you were dating an Amish woman, is that true?" asked an old friend.

"She wasn't Amish and not quite a Mennonite. It's over now so I have come to drown my sorrows."

I sat on a bar stool and was about to order a drink when I heard a familiar voice. "Hi stranger, long time no see."

I looked up and couldn't believe it was Sandy. "What ... how ... when ... why are you here?" Nothing came out right. I was lost for words.

Sandy, now she is another story. When I told Mary that she was only the second woman I had fallen in love with, I wasn't kidding. The thing is, Sandy was the first.

In college I hung around with a somewhat wild group of people. Maybe wild is the wrong word, party people might be better. Sandy was one of those people. If we weren't studying or in class, we would be having a mini party.

There must have been at least a dozen of us that hung around together. When we started out we weren't couples but I have to admit I did have sex with all the girls at one time or another. I was always one of the macho guys that tried not to show his feeling.

The first time I had sex with Sandy I was drunk and didn't perform very well. After that she and Brian became somewhat of a couple. Whenever our group got together I would watch Sandy and slowly fell for her. She still hugged and sometimes even kissed but it was usually in fun.

Even though no rings were worn, Brian once told me that Sandy was his girl now and he would like me to keep my hands off of her. I told him that she was still my friend and I would hug her unless she asked me to stop. This was all said in front of her and she kind of smiled at me.

I think one of the reasons I wanted her was to prove that I was a good lover and not just a drunk who couldn't get it up and keep it up. It was like a stain on my virile reputation.

She was a woman that I felt good around. I could kick myself in the ass for not going after her. Maybe I wanted her because she was with someone else, or I failed to please her sexually, I guess I'll never know.

Brian was going into law enforcement and Sandy into business management as was I. That put Sandy and me in a number of classes together. We sometimes studied together and Brian didn't like it unless he was there. I knew I really liked her and wanted to prove to her that I could be a good lover. My problem was she was my friends girlfriend now.

A few months before we all graduated we were at a big party. Sandy looked great. She stands at 5' 6" and maybe 130 lbs. She is a brunette with shoulder length hair and a rack that stood out. Besides her good looks she also had a great personality.

Everyone was having a good time except Brain was getting drunk. Sandy told him that he should cut back on the drinking since she came to the party with him and he drove. It eventually turned into an argument and Brian drank more.

Since he decided he wanted to get drunk Sandy came over and talked with me. Brian was three sheets to the wind and didn't care about anything but his drinking. I danced with Sandy and she felt so good in my arms. I held her close and she didn't pull away has her boobs pressed against my chest.

I wanted to tell her how much I cared for her but just didn't do it. When it was time to go home I told Sandy that we could leave Brian's car here and I would take them both home. One of our other friends, Matt said he would drop Brian's car off at his apartment and help get him into his room. His girlfriend would drive his car. We all lived fairly close to each other...

We lay Brian on my back seat and Sandy got in the front with me. Matt followed us to Brian's apartment and parked his car. Matt and I carried the drunken Brian to his room and threw him on his bed. Matt put his keys on the dresser and he left. I drove down the road to drop Sandy off at her place.

We got out of the car and she asked me in. Her roommate was spending the night with her boyfriend. Originally Brian was going to spend the night with her but she didn't want him in her bed drunk.

She thanked me for taking Brian home and getting her home safely. I told her there was nothing I wouldn't do for her. Before we knew it we kissed. I don't know who kissed who but it started out very soft and became more passionate. We went to her bedroom where I began to undo her blouse. She stared at me not saying a word.

I dropped her blouse to the floor and then undid her black slacks. She stood there in her sexy bra and panties. We kissed again then I quickly took off my clothes, leaving on only my briefs. She sat on the edge of the bed and said, "John, we both know we shouldn't be doing this."

I didn't answer but had her lay down with her legs over the side of the bed. I reached up and slid her panties off and buried my face in her pussy. She was wet and getting wetter as I put her legs over my shoulders and tongue fucked her to her first orgasm. As she came I got a face full of pussy juice.

We moved to the center of the bed and I removed her bra and my briefs. I kissed her hard and passionate; she was tasting her own juices that was all over my lips. I looked at her face and saw the passion in her eyes.

I was between her legs and rubbing my cock up and down her hot, wet slit. She was squirming as she asked me to make love to her. The next day when I thought about it I realized she said "make love" not fuck her. My cock was as hard as it had ever been as I slowly pushed it into the folds of her pussy.

She moaned as I pushed it slowly all the way into her. With her legs on my shoulders I began a slow in and out motion that got faster and faster. Before long we were both in the throws of passion as she kept saying things like, "Feels so good", "I love it", "Fuck me John, fuck me with your big cock".

When a woman talks like that it doesn't get any better. I was pretty gone myself just having sex with Sandy again. I blurted it out, "I love you Sandy! I love you so much."

"I love you too John," she responded.

I was rubbing her tits and fucking her. God she was so sexy and beautiful. I kept pumping into her until we both came.

In the next few minutes it was over. It felt so good and I leaned down and kissed her passionately, but then the after thoughts started for both of us. One side of me wanted to lay there and cuddle with her and tell her my true feelings about her. The other side told me to get up and get out before saying something I might regret.

I looked at her and told her I was sorry but I truly did care for her. She watched as I got dressed, neither of us saying a word. I walked out the door with mixed feeling.

It was two days later when I saw Brian and he was all smiles when he thanked me for taking care of him and Sandy. He mentioned Sandy telling him that Matt dropped his car off and I took them both home. I saw Sandy at class but we hardly talked.

I went up to her and apologized again to her. She told me it was both of our faults and no one needed to know, but it wouldn't happen again. Nothing was said about both of us saying 'I love you, ' I guess she wrote it off as the heat of the moment but deep down I knew I really cared for her.

At the next few parties I kept my distance from Sandy and Brian. I fucked any woman that was willing and there was a lot of them. They were just fucks with no involvement, no love. It was like I had to get Sandy out of my system by fucking anyone who was willing.

Sandy never said anything to me but when Brian asked I told him I liked fucking different women and didn't want to tie myself down to any one woman. I told him I always wore condoms so I wouldn't bring some unwanted rug rats into this world. I know he went back and told Sandy what I had said. I remembered I didn't use a condom with Sandy.

At graduation Brian came up to me and told me that he and Sandy were getting married and moving to Cleveland. I asked him why so soon and he said that Sandy was pregnant and wanted to get married before she showed.

Sandy didn't seem as happy when I talked to her. When we were alone for a few minutes I congratulated her on getting her degree and getting married. She didn't seem all that happy. I told her there was something I had to tell her as she stared at me. "When we made love and I told you I loved you, I want you to know I meant it."

She waited a few seconds and said, "When I said, 'I love you too, ' I also meant it." She turned around and walked away taking a piece of my heart with her.

It was a couple of years ago when they left. They got married in Las Vegas and lived in Cleveland. Through the grape vine I heard they had a baby boy. I didn't keep in touch with them because I knew it would only hurt me inside. I guess love really does grow fonder when you're apart, if it's truly love to begin with.

It was about six months ago that I heard that Brian was killed but not while on duty. He was riding his motorcycle and was involved in an accident. I did send a sympathy card and some flowers but didn't attend the funeral.

"Hi John," said Sandy. She looked as good as ever. I know I was smiling when I saw her.

"What are you doing here? Is this just a visit or more permanent?" I asked.

She thought a second before answering. "I couldn't stay in Cleveland by myself with just me and Brian John, so I came back here. My Uncle Joe owns this place and offered me a job. I bartend during the day and also do the bookkeeping. I thought I'd give it a try."

"Is your son named Brian John?" I asked.

"Yes Brian after his dad and John, after you. I always like that name. Brian John Regula is his full name, I call him Johnny. He's two and a half years old now. You have to meet him, he's a great kid."

"I look forward to meeting him. Just name the time and place and I'll be there. So, how are you doing? It must have been really rough on you. I heard to late to make the funeral, I hope you got my flowers."

"They were beautiful John. Thank you for thinking of us."

"I often think of you and the rest of the group. We had some good times together." She gave me a Miller's lite. She knew what I drank.

"I have customers to serve so I hope I see you again," she smiled at me.

I grabbed her arm before she walked away. "Sandy, if you need anything, anything at all I'm here for you. Even if it's just someone to talk too."

I let go of her arm and she smiled without saying anything. I did have another beer and when she handed it to me she also slipped me a piece of paper with her address and phone number on it.

I went home happier than I had been lately. I lay in my bed thinking about Sandy and hoped she still felt the same as I did. I knew one thing for sure, that you can love more than one person at a time. Maybe it depends on how strong that love is.

I called her the next day from work and she sounded happy to hear from me. I asked her if it would be alright to stop by her place after work and bring along a pizza. I looked forward to meeting little Johnny. She said that would be fine and set up a time.

Sandy lived in a double wide mobile home just down the rode from the bar. It was a later model than mine and was really nice looking. It set on a property that her parents owned, their house was maybe a hundred yards away. Her uncle who owned the bar owned all the property around the bar and had a home that was just down the lane from the bar.

I really had to idea that Sandy's family were all from this area. I had met her parents when they came to see her at college and knew they lived in this county. I only lived a few miles away but in another county.

When I arrived at Sandy's home her mother answered the door and welcomed me in. "John, it's so good to see you again. Sandy's changing Johnny, she'll be right out. So, what have you been up too for the last couple of years?" asked Emma, Sandy's mother.

I told her about the brick yard and that I was a yard foreman. I did tell her that my family owned the brick yard. She asked me if I was seeing anyone at the present time and I told her I wasn't. It made her smile.

"John, don't take this wrong but Sandy's very vulnerable right now and I am worried about her."

"I heard that Mother," said Sandy coming out of the bedroom with the cutest boy alive. "John, meet Johnny, the true love of my life."

"Hi there little fella," I said as Sandy handed him to me. We just sat down when there was a knock on the door. "That must be the pizza, I ordered." I put Johnny down on the couch and opened the door and paid for the pizza. Emma took it into the kitchen.

"I must be going," said Emma.

"You don't need to go," I said. There's plenty for everyone.

"Thank you John, but I have dinner on the stove. Jim is probably wanting for me. Remember what I said,"

"Mom! Goodnight, see you tomorrow," said a smiling Sandy.

Little Johnny crawled back over on my lap. I told Sandy that he sure was a cutie. She picked him up and put him in his highchair, then cut up a piece of pizza and he had no problem eating it. Sandy and I both took a piece and sat at the table.

"So, how are you doing Sandy? Are you coping ok?"

"I'm doing fine. Moving back here among family and friends was a good move for me. It was difficult in Cleveland with Brian gone all day and I didn't work and stayed home with Johnny. I did some internet selling but it just wasn't for me. So, what's this about an Amish girlfriend? Are you still screwing anything that moves?"

"Is it ok to speak honestly with you. I'll tell you about my life but if you feel uncomfortable at any point, I'll stop."

"Why would I feel uncomfortable about you talking about yourself? Remember I know what a pussy hound you were. I didn't agree with it but it was your life."

"Sandy, I really cared for you and I suspect you knew that. When you got pregnant and left you took a part of my heart with you. Yes, I still screwed around but nobody was like being with you.

"I worked at the brick yard and as I told your mother, I still do. Dad owns the place and I'm a foreman." I stopped for a minute and took another piece of pizza and Sandy got us both a beer.

"Go on with your story, I want to hear about you and the Amish girl," Sandy said with a smile."

I continued, "A few months ago I went to the beach with a guy that works for me. He asked me to take him to the beach since he didn't have a vehicle. Being the nice guy I am, I decided to take him."

"Yeah, you did it for him, not for all the bikini clad women on the beach," laughed Sandy.

"No, I really did it for him. He was talking to the woman and I asked him who it was and he said it was his sister, Mary. I went up and introduced myself."

Sandy interrupted me, " ... did you take off your shirt and flex your muscles for her? I have to admit, you still look great."

"You don't look to bad yourself. Anyway we became friends and I let my guard down and kind of fell for her. Now she says she's going back to the Mennonite life and be a veterinarian. She told me the only way she could date me is if I become a Mennonite, which I can guarantee isn't going to happen.

"I also found out she left her old boyfriend when he got baptized and she didn't. I saw them together at a wedding and I'm sure she's going to go back to him. So, she's the second girl I fell for who pretty much left me."

"You said the second woman, who was the first?" asked Sandy.

I stared at her until she got the message. She looked down and neither of us said a thing. I reached over for another piece of pizza and asked for another beer to change the subject.

We talked about Johnny for awhile and she told me more about her life in Cleveland. She came out and told me that she really cared for Brian but wasn't sure she loved him. When she told him she was pregnant he asked her to marry him and she said yes. She wanted Johnny to have a father and Brian was a good man.

I asked her if she dated at all since Brian's death and she said she had no desire to date after he died. She also wanted to do what was right and was going to wait at least six months before she considered it. I mentioned to her that it has been six months since Brian's death and asked her if she would consider going on an actual date with me and she smiled.

She said she would like that very much and we planned a date for the following weekend. She had to make sure her mom didn't have any plans so she would have a babysitter. "You're not using me as a rebound from your Amish girlfriend, are you?" She did smile when she said it.

I did give her a hug and a light kiss before I left, just like I used to do. On my way home I had to asked myself what I was doing. Did I really want to be with just one woman? I thought about Mary and about Sandy. They were so different from one another but both were beautiful and had wonderful personalities.

I knew it was over with Mary since she was going back to her church group; it just wasn't for me. Sandy had a kid and I knew that would change our dating situation and I had to wonder how it would change my life. My sister had two kids and I enjoyed being around them but at the end of the day they went home with their parents. I was just their friendly Uncle John.

I had a hard time getting to sleep. I kept thinking about Sandy and her child. I knew I still carried a torch for her as well as feeling sorry for her, losing her husband and raising a child by herself.

I began stopping in the bar after work to have a beer and to see Sandy. Whenever she was behind the counter it made me smile just to see her. I have to admit I also felt a bit jealous that she seemed to like her job and somewhat flirted with the patrons.

We went on our date and I even wore a sports jacket. No tie but I hardly ever wore one, funerals and weddings were probably the only time. When I picked up Sandy at the house she looked beautiful in a simple white blouse and black skirt.

Johnny smiled when he saw me and I had to hold him for a minute. Sandy's mom, Emma said to us to have a good time and reminded me of what she told me last time. I knew she was worried about Sandy so I let her know we were going out as old friends. She said, "I know, that's what worries me." She took Johnny from me and Sandy let her know we wouldn't be late.

We went to the Red Lobster and had a great meal. We talked a lot about old times and what we've done since graduation. Most of her time was spent being pregnant and then taking care of the baby. Brian spent most of his time working as a cop. Sandy didn't want to talk much about their relationship together or about Brian's parents.

After dinner we drove around for awhile and even stopped at a general store. I picked up a stuffed animal for Johnny. I asked her who she told Johnny I was and she told him to call me Uncle John, but so far he hadn't called me anything. He just smiles and comes to me.

I walked her to the door and she told me it was the nicest evening she's had in a long time. She kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. I was a bit surprised, expecting a real kiss but I wasn't going to push things.

I stopped in the bar after work quite often. Her Uncle Joe was usually bartending and would point to the office where Sandy spent a lot of her time doing the books. I was one of the few customers he let go back to see Sandy. I've known Joe most of my life; he was good people. I just didn't know Sandy was his niece.

I asked Sandy if she would like to go to the zoo and we could take Johnny. I let her know I went there the month before and it was a nice place and I thought Johnny would love it. She did ask me if I went with my Amish girlfriend and I told her Mary was not my girlfriend and reminded her that Mary wasn't Amish. It made her laugh.

She agreed to go and we set it up for Saturday. The bar was getting busy so Sandy went out to help her uncle bartend. Damn, she was good, and fast. There were a number of couples in the bar and someone started playing the jukebox. There was a small dance floor and a couple of women were doing what I called boot scooting. It was similar to line dancing but not enough people to make a line.

The women called to Sandy to join them. She laughed and headed for the dance floor. I was surprised when she stopped and grabbed my hand and told me to dance with her. We used to boot scoot all the time in college.

At first I declined but my friends harassed me till I went out there. I have to admit it was fun. The floor was getting crowded and I put my arm around Sandy's waist and we boot scooted together. I loved to see her smile. She also turned and rubbed her backside against me, then gave me a naughty look. It was beginning to be more like old times.

I picked Sandy and Johnny up to go to the zoo. I told Sandy that I was making a pit stop at my parents house so my mom could meet Johnny. For some reason Sandy looked worried. I didn't know why because my mom always liked Sandy and mom was real easy going.

We knocked on the door and I was holding Johnny. Mom opened the door with the biggest smile. She immediately hugged Sandy. "Sandy, it's so good to see you again. I was sorry to hear about your loss, Brian was a good friend of John's. So who is this little guy?" she said as she took Johnny out of my arms.

I answered and told my mom his name was Johnny, sort of after me. His first name is Brian after his dad. Sandy called him Johnny.

"He's so cute, I already love him. He looks so much like you when you were young." Mom must have struck a nerve without knowing it. She handed me Johnny and said she wanted to get one of her old photo albums. Mom knew where everything was. She was one of the most organized people I know.

I looked over at Sandy and she looked very nervous. Mom came back in the room and opened her photo album to a picture of me when I was three. "He looks just like you John, it's uncanny."

Sandy looked at the picture and started to cry. Mom looked at her and said, "Oh my God!" I asked mom if she would take Johnny in the other room for a few minutes. I needed to talk to Sandy alone.

"Come with me Sweetie, I think we have some ice cream," said my mom as she took Johnny into the kitchen.

Sandy was sitting down and tears coming down her cheeks. "Is he mine," I asked.

"I don't know," said Sandy. "He could be."

"What do you mean, could be? Did you had a DNA test done to see who the father is? Did Brian know that Johnny might not be his? Sandy, talk to me!"

"It started back when I had sex with you. I felt bad about it and had sex with Brian the next night," she replied.

"I thought you were on the pill or I would have used a condom."

"I was on the pill and still am. I had a yeast infection the month before and the doctor told me to stop taking the pill until it went away. I was suppose to start back on them the following week after I was with you. I thought the pills from the month before would keep me protected. I thought wrong."

"Why didn't you tell me it might be my baby?" I asked Sandy.

"John, I was scared and afraid after I got pregnant. I wasn't even sure if I was going to keep the baby. Brian came over and I was crying. I told him about being pregnant and he asked me to marry him. He never asked if it was his or anything like that. He said he loved me and would marry me, so I said yes."

"Didn't you even think about me. I've loved you too for the longest time. Why didn't you even give me a chance?"

"The week before I found out I was pregnant, you told Brian that you screwed around because you liked getting strange and wasn't ready to settle with one woman or have kids. I loved you too John, but you didn't seem interested in me after we slept together."

"Sandy, I loved you and when I saw you with Brian a couple of days later it really pissed me off. I screwed anyone willing because I was made at you. Did you love Brian?"

"I loved you both but in different ways. You were always more fun to be with but you flirted with any girl with an ass." She kind of laughed when she said it. "Brian seemed more trustworthy and he asked me to marry him and I needed that support at the time."

"So you never wondered who's child it was?" I asked.

"Of course I did but when Brian's parents asked him to have a DNA test done, he told them 'No', that Johnny was his kid. His parents wouldn't accept Johnny as their grandson unless he had the test done. Brian told his parents to go to hell. They never talked to Brian or me again until the funeral.

"They still didn't recognize Johnny. I didn't know if you knew that Brian's parents were quite wealthy. I guess that they were worried about giving away any of it. They were some cold-hearted people."

"Sandy, would you mind if I took Johnny to the clinic next week and have a test done. I really would like to know for sure." I asked.

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