My Sister Is a Real Witch

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Halloween Sex Story: It was that time of year again and my sister Druella was starting to act real weird. I had a feeling this Halloween might be a little different than the previous ones.

Caution: This Halloween Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   halloween sex story,brother fucks sister on halloween,witch sister fucks brother on halloween.

I guess I always had my suspicions about my sister Druella's status as a practicing witch. Most people think I am exaggerating about her devotion to the dark side, but I am serious about her membership in the local chapter of witchcraft followers that our small town ignored for fear of drawing their unwanted attention.

It was only last summer that I caught her drawing the pentagram around her squatting body in the attic and lighting ritual candles to summon the dark one to carry out her incantation. She laughed and told me,

"I am only playing around, little brother. It is a lark to pretend I have special powers. You better behave or I will change you into a toad."

She could be so annoying with her flashing me her silly boobs and showing me her moon when I least expected it. The little vixen knew I found her basically repulsive but that was normal for a brother-sister relationship in the 1960s.

I think the trouble with Druella started when I caught her giving blow jobs to the gangster types that hung out on the corner of our side street making lewd comments about the young girls walking by or on their bicycles. I thought that most of them were jerks but it seemed like that was the modus operand for "cool guys" and just about all the girls twittered and tingled the more they made filthy gestures and called out dirty names. I was more the "altar boy" type but it didn't mean I wasn't having my own internal private dirty thoughts about bouncing boobs and jiggling asses.

In all honesty to actually see one's own sister on her knees sucking a huge erection was not a pretty sight. I didn't know if I should just turn around and pretend I didn't see anything or if I should be Mister macho guy and go up to protect her honor. Knowing my sister, I was certain she was on her knees willingly and she really gave the impression she knew exactly what she was doing and had matters well in hand, or rather, well in mouth.

Thinking more of the family honor rather than my sister's completely ruined reputation, I started kicking wannabe gangster ass but eventually wound up in the prone position in the gutter. She pushed me down the street to our door telling me the bad things she would do to me if I said a word about her shenanigans to our parents. I had no intention of spilling the beans about their daughter's proclivities for distributing oral goodies to any guy with a hard dick. In fact I was a little jealous because I had not gotten lucky with any of the girls yet and wished I could find a female not my sister who would do the honors without delay. It was hard for me to admit that at eighteen, I was still technically a virgin. That was sort of the kiss of death to a teenaged boy looking to act cool at that time.

Next month was October and Halloween would be upon us again. That was the time of year that my sister got sort of weird if it were possible for her to get even weirder than she already was. She and her girlfriends generally stuck to their own company and were close-mouthed about their secret witchcraft but sometimes they would make me sit down and listen to them put a spell on something or other. I figured they were all make-believe and just acting out like they were in some sort of horror movie but sometimes they did manage to achieve what they wanted to do. I just thought it was more coincidental than a valid spell. Her three main cohorts were The Gallagher twins, Rosie and Diane and the new girl from the other side of the river called Fiona.

Fiona was one of those girls that had a certain air to her that made her above everything around her. She walked almost like her pretty little feet didn't touch the ground. The Gallagher twins were just the opposite. They were of sturdy peasant stock with wide child-bearing hips and generous boobs that still looked perky under their summer dresses. None of the four girls had gone to college after graduating from the Catholic high school around the corner and I didn't expect to either because there was no money in any of our families for tuition and such. The Gallagher twins worked in the candy factory wearing silly plastic wraps around their hair like they were visiting from another planet and Fiona was employed in Cavanaugh's Funeral Parlor doing whatever the director told her to do. I suspected that the nasty old gent sometimes used her for his personal pleasure down in the basement where all the stiffs could see but couldn't say a word because they were long dead but not yet buried. She didn't let on about it but I could see the sadness in her eyes and knew she was getting used pretty hard by somebody or group of somebodies.

My silly sister was sort of the official blowjob queen of the neighborhood and there were few she hadn't attended to at one time or another. All of the shopkeepers were glad to see us come in the door and they "borrowed" her for some discussion in a backroom while I drank or ate a "free" something up front. I knew for a fact none of her cohorts were into that sort of thing but it was common knowledge that the Gallagher twins were notorious shoplifters and often would pay for their crimes by bending over the security guy's desk to keep from getting written up as a thief. None of them including my sister had a real boyfriend because of their witch activities and the females tended to ostracize them from their conversations. A lot of the wives were pissed-off at my sister for getting down on her knees for their husbands even in front of witnesses.

I had a sort of "thing" for Fiona because she had a body similar to "Eva Marie-Saint" and my favorite fantasy was to cruise up between Eva's smooth white cheeks to probe her tiny little star with my demanding cock whilst she encouraged me with words of passion.

I think Fiona knew exactly what I was thinking because she did her best to let me see her buttocks curved when she bent over and squatted down to play some silly game. It was not that she was a tease acting like that. She was kind of letting me get my rocks off by showing me how nicely her rear cheeks spread apart with natural ease and easy access.

All four of the girls planned to dress up in costumes one last time this Halloween taking me with them for security. We were all a little too old for it now but were small enough to pass for big kids looking to have some Halloween fun. In fact, I noticed that some adults were beginning to do the same thing but go to parties where lots of booze was flowing free and fast. Last year I had seen the Gallagher's father dressed up as a devil chasing my aunt Evelyn into the back yard to lift her skirts and tell her,

"All little witches must pay homage to the master!"

I don't know if my aunt Evelyn had to take it back there but she had a big smile for the rest of the evening and it wasn't the booze.

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