Lady Catherine Hines

by Flying-Circus

Copyright© 2014 by Flying-Circus

Sex Story: Lady Catherine Hines was 18 and still unmarried. The only daughter of her widower father, how could she experience the attentions of men and maintain her purity? Lady Catherine's Lady's maid had a solution.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Anal Sex   .

Lady Catherine Hines sat in her chair as Miss Braxton, a woman in her 40s, brushed her long brunette hair. It extended to the small of her back. Catherine was dressed in her night gown. Miss Braxton always brushed her hair before Catherine retired to her bed.

"You appear downhearted, Lady Catherine. Did you not enjoy the party? You appeared happy while socializing with your friends."

"I alsways enjoy my time with my friends but do you observe how Father does not allow me to socialize with any of the unattached men?"

"Yes, my lady. I do so observe."

"I am 18 now. My friends may fraternize with men. Margaret is already with her second child and she is three months younger than me. It is 1898 and I will not experience the touch of a man before the 20th century. Or even the 21st century!" She spat out the last bitterly then began to weep.

"Yes, my lady. I believe it will be as you say unless you allow circumstances to change."

Catherine continued to cry while Miss Braxton continued with her hair. She took a deep breath and turned her head toward her servant.

"What do you mean by allowing my circumstances to change?"

"I only mean that my lady can be with a man if she desires."

"How? I mean..." She spoke flustered. "I desire to be pure for my husband."

"Of course, my lady. I meant no disrespect. There are ways to enjoy the pleasures of a man while preserving your purity."

"How?" Catherine could not fathom it. "How can it be so? Tell me Miss Braxton!"

"Many women enjoy great pleasure from having a man in her arse."

"What?" she reacted dumbfounded.

"It is not talked about freely but many a woman enjoys it with her husband and also many a woman keeps her purity for her future husband while taking a lover so she may experience pleasure now. I agree Lady Catherine that you should have experience manly pleasures if not for your father."

Catherine stayed silent to ponder what was said.

"May I say more, my lady?"

"Yes, you may."

"Thank you, my lady. I fear I am not too bold but my only desire is to serve you."

"I said you may speak. Speak now."

"Yes, my lady. If you so wish you may have a lover tonight."

"Tonight? With whom do you mean?"


"Jimmy? Do you mean Jimmy from Father's household?"

"Yes, my lady."

"He is but a groom."

"He is a fine strapping lad only a few months older than my lady. I know he enjoys rogering a nice arse and my lady has a very fine arse."

"He is a groom, Miss Braxton. He knows about horses..."

Miss Braxton dared cut her off. "You are taking a lover and not a husband. A lover can be anyone you desire."

Catherine stood. "Thank you. I will ponder what you have said."

"Yes, my lady." She gave a slight bow and exited.

During the day Catherine spent most of the time outside. From behind bushes and hay bales, sometimes from within a stall, she watched Jimmy.

He arrived a year ago to work at Father's estate. He was always pleasant whenever she desired to go riding and he was always gentle and caring to the horses. He was a hard worker. It seemed reasonable that he would be as caring and gentle with her.

She always thought of him as a boy since he was a groom but Miss Braxton was correct. He was most pleasing to her female eyes.

"Is Lady Catherine out riding?" inquired Miss Braxton. "I have not seen her since I dressed her after breakfast but it was not in her riding outfit."

Jimmy replied quietly, "I have seen her all day but she does not want me to know she is spying on me."

"She is?" She spoke with excitement.

He put a finger to his lips. "She may be near."

Miss Braxton spoke softer. "She is thinking about what I told you I said to her."

Jimmy nodded.

"It may be our time."

"You summoned me, my lady?" It was the afternoon.

"I have thought much upon what you said last night."

"Yes, my lady." Miss Braxton was very conscious not to accidentally say what she already knew.

"I ... I desire to experience a man. I..."

Miss Braxton waited for her lady to continue but after a time said, "Shall I arrange Jimmy to come to your chamber tonight?"

She nodded. She felt too much excitement yet also too much anxiety to speak.

"I will do so."

"Thank you ... Eliza." She rarely used her first name.

"You are welcome, my lady. May I say one more thing?"


"I would like to be in the room to make sure you are safe."

"Do you believe Jimmy is not to be trusted?"

"He is most trustworthy. You are not in any danger. I do understand if you do not wish me there. I just may be able to bring you comfort if you need it. I do not wish to intrude upon your privacy."

"You may be here."

"Thank you, my lady. I will bring coconut oil."

"For what purpose?"

"Lubrication for your arse. It would be best if you are undressed before your lover arrives. I hope I have not overstepped my bounds by speaking in such a manner. I only desire to serve you."

"You have not, Eliza. I am thankful for you since you became my maid a year ago."

"I will go and inform, Jimmy, my lady."

Miss Braxton sought out Jimmy right away.

" ... and she agreed to let me be in the room while you bugger her arse."

"Why do you want to be in the room?" Jimmy asked

"As much as I have had to put up with her..."

"You have said she has always been nice to you. She seems like a nice girl."

"Are you getting soft on me?"

"No, I am not."

"Then shut your mouth!" She completely lost her cool. "The damn twit started to call me Eliza at the end of the conversation. Is not that reason enough?"

All Jimmy could do was smile. She could be so excitable.

"I really think it would be better, my lady, if you were on your bed up on your knees with your head down so the first thing Jimmy sees is your lovely arse."

"No, I want to see his face when he looks at me and I want to see him undress."

"I would not say it if..."


"Yes, my lady."

"I cannot believe how excited I am! I am going to be with a man."

"I just thought you would want to present your arse to your lover."

"Stop it or I will have you leave. Not another word. He is a groom and I am a lady. I decide how I want to greet my lover."

"Yes, my lady." She chafed at the chastisement but knew it was deserved. She had pushed too hard.

"Do I have enough candles? Will it be enough to see?"

"Yes, my lady. It is almost like daylight in here."

"You are right. I am just so nervous. Do you think you could fetch him early?"

"I will go check, my lady."

"Thank you, Eliza."

She bristled going out the door.

Jimmy was ready. He followed Miss Braxton's as she walked ahead to make sure he was not seen in areas of the estate one would not see a groom and especially entering into Lady Catherine's chamber.

Jimmy waited around the corner as Miss Braxton was at the door. Certainly Lady Catherine would forgive her for not knocking this one time. She opened the door and frantically waved Jimmy forward. He ran and slipped inside. Miss Braxton followed and closed the door.

"Hello, my lady," Jimmy said with a bow. "You look very beautiful."

Catherine smiled. She sat naked on her bed. "Thank you, Jimmy."

"May I look at you closer?"

"Of course, I want you to look very close." She gave a nervous giggle.

He took that as permission enough to walk up, take hold of one breast, and then took hold of both breasts. "You are lovely, my lady."

"You may call me, Catherine."

Miss Braxton turned the chair that she brushed Lady Catherine's hair in to face the bed. She sat down. All this sweet talk was making her feel ill.

Without letting go of her breasts, Jimmy bent down and firmly kissed her lips. She pulled back slightly but his lips pursued. She responded to the wetness and the electric tingle with eagerness. She moaned into his mouth.

This was what it was like to be with a man. She felt happy.

He was relentless with his kisses and he gripped her breasts tighter that they ached. She put her hands up and pushed. He got the message and backed off.

"I would like to see you now, Jimmy."

"Gladly," he said and removed his garments.

Miss Braxton felt anxious. She was aware of the size of Jimmy's prick and had not wanted Lady Catherine to see it beforehand because she might become afraid but she could not talk her out of it. Jimmy told her he wanted Lady Catherine to see it before he buggered her and he was getting his wish.

Catherine stared. The big, hard object sticking out between his legs was long. It must be 8 inches or 25 mm in the new system.

"I hope I am pleasing to you, my lady ... I mean Catherine."

"I am ... I am not sure how I can contain such a..." She fumbled for more words.

"Do not worry, my ... Catherine. You are a noble lady. Of course, you can do it."

Miss Braxton stifled a laugh at the flattery but also thought it was a smart thing to say.

"Would you like to see my arse now?"

"Very much so, Catherine."

She moved to the center of the bed on her knees with her head down upon the pillow. It was the position that Miss Braxton said she would be in when she experienced Jimmy.

He caressed her arse with both hands. She trembled with excitement and nervousness.

"I have never seen a more perfect arse," he said. "I am amazed how beautiful it is."

She soaked in the compliments.

"May I roger you now?"


She felt coconut oil on her arse and felt him push some inside with his finger. It was just as Miss Braxton said would happen. She was glad to have such a smart and caring personal maid.

"Lady Catherine?" Miss Braxton stood by the bed. "Sometimes the first time is painful. Please put your face in the pillow in case you cry out. You would hate to have someone come to your room. It would be most embarrassing to be discovered being buggered by the groom."



Miss Braxton returned to her chair. She hoped for a lot of pain.

Jimmy ran the coconut oil over his prick.

"Ready?" he asked.

"I..." Catherine was not sure about this now.

She felt pressure on her hole and it opening up, being stretched wider. Pain!

"Ahhh!" she screamed then turned her face into her pillow muffling the noise.

Miss Braxton smiled wickedly. This was so enjoyable to see. And to hear!

His prick was in her and it kept going deeper and deeper. It hurt badly. Finally it stopped moving. Did he have his entire prick in her?

She caught her breath enough to gasp, "Take it out, Jimmy. It hurts too much. I cannot do this."

"You are doing it right now, Lady Catherine." He spoke her name mockingly.

"No, no. I do not want to do this."

"You cannot stop a man in mid-fuck. He has to finish,." Miss Braxton said.

She bristle at the crude term "fuck".

Jimmy pulled his cock almost all the way out then pushed it firmly back in.


"Your pillow, my lady," Miss Braxton reminded.

Catherine buried her face in her pillow as Jimmy painfully buggered her arse. This was not what she expected. This was not like what it sounded like it would be from Miss Braxton.

Miss Braxton took delight in every muffled cry.

Jimmy slowly thrust at first and as internal build up increased he fucked her harder until he slammed her arse when he was close to cumming. He snorted like a horse and shot his large load.

Catherine felt hard streams of warm liquid accompanying prick spasms. After that she felt his prick soften and shrink outward until finally her body was free of Jimmy.

"You have an amazing arse, Catherine, "Jimmy said. "I enjoyed fucking it very much."

Miss Braxton said, "I have already brought salve in to soothe your pain."

"You knew it would hurt, Eliza."

"Yes and please call me Miss Braxton."

"What?" She turned to her back but it hurt her arse so she lay on her stomach. "What are you saying?"

"You do not want your father or anyone else to know that you have taken Jimmy as a lover and that you asked him to bugger your arse."

"No." Catherine felt uneasy.

"Do you want to tell anyone, Jimmy?" asked Miss Braxton.


"Neither do I."

"So what do you want from me?"

"All we want is to allow Jimmy to bugger your arse every night."


"Shhhh! I am serious when I said many women enjoy it. I want you to enjoy it, Catherine, but the only way you can learn to enjoy it is to do it and after a painful first time the only way to get you to do it until you enjoy it is to force you to do it again and again."

"Force me?"

"Yes, I care too much about you to let you stop after one time. I desire the best for you."

"Get out of here!" she screamed.

"Do you want people running into your room to see your just fucked arse?"

"What do you want?" Catherine asked feeling despair.

"I have already said it. You willingly, without resistance, allow Jimmy to fuck your arse every night and in exchange we do not tell anyone about your lover."

"I will have Father dismiss you both!"

"What man will have you then? Lady Catherine, the woman who took a groom as her lover and asked him to fuck her arse."

Catherine cried.

"Get dressed, Jimmy. She understands. You will see her tomorrow."

"Your arse belongs to me, Laaaaa-dy Catherine," Jimmy taunted before leaving.

Miss Braxton took salve and put it on Lady Catherine's arse.

Catherine did experience some relief but deep inside it still hurt so much. And tomorrow she had to have Jimmy's big prick inside her again. She cried and cried as Miss Braxton attended to her arse.

"Good evening, Lady Catherine," Jimmy greeted. "I am glad you are naked when I arrived like I asked M ... your maid to tell you to be."

She said nothing.

"It is just me and you tonight."

Still nothing.

"If you will not respond to me from my words then I will make you respond to me from my prick."

Jimmy decided not apply coconut oil though he could see it was already liberally applied to Catherine's arse. He lined up his prick, gripped her waist tight, and rammed into her.

"Owww!" she cried then turned her face and bit her pillow hard to lessen her sounds.

"I knew you were still speaking to me."

After he left his cum in her arse and exited her room, she applied the salve herself but Miss Braxton came in soon after even though she did not call for her. Miss Braxton did better at soothing her arse than she did.

Catherine dreaded the evening now because it meant Jimmy would appear and he would fuck her arse. She disliked that her thoughts often used that vulgar term. Was it only a week? It felt like a season.

"Jimmy says that you no longer cry out when he fucks your arse."

She did not even cringe now to that word.

"What do you want, Miss Braxton?" She did not mask her irritation.

"Now you can focus on the good feelings. You will be able to orgasm."

"I will never have good feelings from Jimmy!"

"Not with that attitude."

"Get out!"

"You can no longer order me like a common servant."

"Get out or I will have you dragged out!"

"I am leaving because I choose so." Truthfully she did not know if Lady Catherine would call someone. She did not want to risk it and so risk everything.

Catherine did try to find good feelings when Jimmy fucked her arse but she could not. It was too humiliating being arse fucked by a lowly groom.

"Jimmy says you are doing very well. You take his prick in your arse very easily. He has stretched you out."

"Do you get special enjoyment embarrassing me, Miss Braxton?" she snapped.

"You know I do, my lady," she smirked.

"I hate you!"

"I know, my lady. You will come down to the stables at 3 tomorrow."

"And what if I do not?"

"So you are ready for Lord Hines and the entire household to know how you requested the groom to fuck your arse?"

"No," she answered softly. Father must not know. "I will be there."

"Yes, you will be."

Catherine appeared at 3:00. She hated being ordered about by those who had taken positions in her Father's household to be ordered about by her.

"Get in the wagon," Jimmy instructed. The wagon had low sides.

While Miss Braxton stood watch, Jimmy climbed in and pulled Catherine face down on top of a horse blanket that was spread out. He yanked her hands above her head and wrapped horse reins around her wrists so they were held tight and another set of reins around her ankles. He shoved a pair of her panties into her mouth then covered Catherine with three heavy horse blankets. She was hidden from any unexpected eyes.

She heard Miss Braxton tell Jimmy, "Have a good time."

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