G Is for Good Acting

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Erotic Sex Story: Porn Actress Fran Carleton is a pro at playing the naughty prep-school girl who gets strapped by the teacher or principal. She should be, as she's had lots of practice.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Spanking   Humiliation   .

Beads of sweat were forming on Fran Carleton's skin: in her armpits, on the under-flesh of her breasts and by her navel, on the skin from lower back down her buttock cheeks and in the crack between those cheeks and on each side of her vaginal mound and the thigh area near them. The sweat was free to flow for two reasons: first of all, Fran always kept her legs, armpits and pussy mound shaven to a pre-teen smoothness which made her 23 year-old body appear much younger. Secondly, Fran at this moment was stark naked.

It was near zero Fahrenheit outside, but in this room, with its blistering bright lights, the temperature was closer to 90 degrees. More, the position in which Fran was placed, physically and emotionally, gave her cause to sweat. Fran Carleton was leaning forward on an old oak desk, her hands stretched out to reach the far side, her 38 inch C Cup breasts flattened on the desk surface, her hips up thrust, legs spread wide and feet arched upward so her muscles stretched all over as she balanced on her tip-toes. Fran Carleton strained in the traditional physical position for getting the cane often seen on Spanking Web Sites.

Her situation also gave her cause to sweat as she knew that within a few minutes she would receive ten of the finest across her bare ass from a cane- wielding, middle-aged man in a black cap and gown; he'd be speaking in a thick British accent. Her punishment would be painful and sexually humiliating ( just the way she liked it ) and it would come soon; just as soon as the crew got the lighting and camera angles set right.

Fran Carleton was a BDSM porn star who demanded and got $5,000 per shoot because she made the producers a fuck of a lot of money in VidCam/Vidclip sales on the internet, video/DVD rentals and sales and even T-shirts. On the set she was known as Fran the Fun-Fuck because of her incredibly sexy body, pretty face, fine skin, luscious curves ( aided by silicone implants ) but most of all, by the fact that she wasn't faking it.

Fran was good for long shots and close-ups and not just of her tear-filled eyes. The camera caught a special feature of this 23 year-old babe whether she was over a man's lap for a panties-down OTK spanking, or hung by her wrists from overhead rafters, or taking a bare-ass paddling in a Sorority Initiation flick, or, like now, spread-eagled over a professor's desk awaiting the cane. That special feature was the growth of and then flowing moistness of Fran's pussy as spank, strap, switch or cane fell on her bare buttocks. The girl was a natural. She never acted her roles, she just played them as she felt them. And it showed.

The men in the crew suffered hour long boners when on the set with her because just being in her presence was so sexually arousing; or in the words of Mick Jaggar, " She'd make a dead man cum." The guys would delight in what their audiences would experience, the sight of Fran's pussy increasingly getting wetter and finally dripping with sex juice as stroke after stroke was delivered. But on top of that, the crew would enjoy the smell of this girl starting with the sweet-sour odour of her sweat and the incredible scent of a woman in heat and the sexually intoxicating whiff of girl cum that filled the room under the hot lights and evaporated into a sexually charged atmosphere that drove men wild.

On more than one occasion Fran was in fact gang-raped in the middle of a shoot because the six or seven crew members and one or two male actors couldn't take it anymore and needed to fuck that sex-dripping pussy of hers. She was just as eager as they were, so we can't really call it 'rape'; 'ravaged' would be more accurate. On those occasions she would end up tiring them out. Games with ' Screw Crews" were few and far between, but when the script pushed Fran to the edge of orgasmic squirting, the odds were the off-camera action would be even hotter than what went on tape.

What was going on in Fran mind this day, as the smell from her armpits and even vaginal cleft began to reach her nostrils, was her fantasizing about her fate as she began to identify with the character she was playing, a High School Junior in a British All-Girls' Public School where the strap and cane were standard tools of discipline and where the strict rules meant the sexiest girls were the ones most often punished. Disciplined sometimes with their skimpy skirts pulled way up and their knickers pulled all the way down. But more often, as now, wearing not a stitch of clothing and spread out so their buttocks and pussies would be completely exposed and easy targets for the various tools of punishment and, naturally, perfectly posed for the camera.

So Fran, trying to get into character, was thinking how naughty she had been to copy another student's homework, the premise for this particular scene being shot. How she so richly deserved the caning she was about to get. How it was going to hurt like hell and yet somehow make her feel good in the end ( so to speak ) when she ' had learned her lesson'... "Learned her lesson", that age-old phrase used by teachers, parents and other sadistic tyrants who equated learning with pain. A gravelly sounding, male voice now sounded that sentiment, if not the exact words, as Fran braced for the first blow.

"I shall have to teach you the lesson you should have learned at home, young lady," said the actor in the professor's black gown as he flexed the three foot long cane in his hands. " I expect you to thank me properly at the end of your lesson. Do you understand, Miss Carleton?"

"Yes, sir." Whispered the sweating actress whose pussy, even this soon, was beginning to drip in anticipation. Fran had few lines but they, like her cane strokes, were sharply delivered with great strength and to amazing effect.

Her male tormenter went on, "Your father should have used more than his hands or slipper on your bare bum when you were six, and you wouldn't be in the mess you're in now. But he was lenient and left you a spoiled little girl. But I will not spare the rod. Count out each stroke, Miss Carleton!"

And with that the actor portraying professor James Haken let loose a single stroke across both buttock cheeks of the naked girl before him. There were four cameras capturing the scene from different angles. One camera slowly zoomed from the overall shot of Haken's whipping motion; another caught the cane on impact at Fran buttocks and stayed there to show the growing red stripe on her flesh; the third lens was zoomed right between her splayed legs to show how her pussy reacted after each stroke, how drops of girl cum formed, built up and finally oozed out over her puffed pussy lips to drop on her inner thighs. A fourth camera was trained on Fran's face to show the change of expression from horror, shock, excruciating pain, sexual tension and finally glorious release as stroke after stroke drove the High School senior and actress who played her wild with wonderlust.

"One. thank you, Sir." she simpered between soft, smiling lips.

There was a pause on the set as all four cameras made the most of the scene, taking several seconds of tape time to make sure they had good film. Also they wanted to capture the marks Fran would get on her buttocks and thighs and give them time to develop; the blood had to rush to the skin surface to make a better show of her pain.

In those few minutes between cane strokes Fran, of course, had to remain in position and stay in character. This gave the girl a chance to think of past punishment sessions in her non-fictional but nonetheless fantastic life. And she reflected on how she had come to be such a naughty little girl who had indeed learned a lesson over her dad's lap; but what she learned was not what daddy had intended.

Fran remembered how her dad caught her stealing pennies from her mother's purse so she could buy candy at the corner store. When her dad found out he was furious and gave Fran her first spanking.

Fran was in shock; no one had ever hit her there before ... well, except her brothers but that was all in fun and it's what big brothers do, isn't it? But her dad wasn't playing. This hurt even though she had a little protection from the thin cotton panties shielding her bare flesh.

All she had done was filch a few pennies. Now she had her first 'lesson'; but it was not her last. Fran had not learned to be 'a good little girl' as her dad had hoped. No, on the contrary. Fran was learning how exciting it was to be a naughty little girl.

In the studio the cameras were rolling again Professor Haken was uttering some line which Fran ignored. She only had a few lines herself; other that 'Yes, Sir', 'No Sir', the counting to 10 and 'Thank you, Sir', Fran would speak no words but was anything but silent as the audio track caught her every sigh, moan and heaving breath that perfectly matched her sensuous body language. Her unspoken lines shouted out one message, 'SLUT!'

"Two. thank you, Sir." As a second livid mark grew on her buttocks an inch below the first. Fran gave her lines but her mind was on her earlier life when she developed a tolerance and even enjoyment for this kind of discipline. As a child she was spanked, as was her older brother, but there was nothing sexual about it, just spare the rod type of thinking. But that changed when her body changed and she became a naughty young woman in need of more than discipline.

Fran was startled out of her reverie as the third blow came. " Three! thank you, Sir." She groaned. Her sweat oozed from her armpits, under-boobs and inner thighs; the erotic aroma in the room, hot under studio lights, became sour and musky as her scent blended with the smell coming from the crotches of the eight crew members and actors who were not unaffected by watching this beautiful, naked girl get caned. Pheromones filled he air; the bleach scent of testosterone covered the smell of sweat. Everyone was enjoying taking deep breaths. Fran Carleton was an inspiration.

Fran recalled her very first really humiliating strapping given, not in the house, but in the back yard one fall day when she was fourteen years old. She had been caught smoking a cigarette! She knew she was in for it now and her heart was pounding like crazy as she waited for her farther to return from the evening shift at the factory. Her mother filled her husband in on the bad news and a cloud of guilt and fear filled the house. But her dad did not punish Fran right away; in fact, he waited until nearly midnight when he entered her bedroom which she shared with her sister; he roused her from sleep and dragged her downstairs and out the back door. It was quite cool outside and goose bumps rose on her flesh as she was wearing only a thin nightgown that covered her to mid thigh. Under that she wore her white panties and she was barefoot.

Mr. Carleton frog-marched his naughty daughter to the middle of their back yard. A nearly full moon shone above and the scene about to unfold would have been easily visible to any neighbours should they be looking out their windows in that direction.

Stopping in the middle of the yard, she was ordered to remove her nightgown. This her dad took as he stood before his eight year old daughter; he then proceeded to rip at the fabric until her had torn it so much it could no longer clothe anyone; it was in shreds which he tossed on the wet ground. Next he ordered Fran to remove her panties and hold them in her hands high above her head. Then to spread her feet out as far as she could. And just stand there while she gave a thought to how stupid and wicked she had been for smoking.

This Fran did for a full five minutes, standing there naked in her back yard with her father glaring at her. At last he spoke again and told her that if she really needed oral gratification, she should have it. And with that, he pulled the panties from her hands and shoved them into her gaping mouth.

What Mr. Carleton may or may not have known was that for the past year, 14 year-old Fran had been touching herself in bed a night. So the crotch of her panties that night was moist and pungent from her sexual body fluids. Having these smelly and tasty panties shoved in her mouth just turned her on all the more. But the licking she was about to get was even hotter and sexier than her licking her own sex juices.

Mr. Carleton made his daughter bend down and grab her ankles. He kept her in that position for five minutes, all the while she knew her dad was staring at her open pussy and seeing how it was getting wetter. The longer he watched, the wetter she got until WHACK! The first of ten smacks hit her buttocks and pussy lips as Mr. Carleton lashed her with his leather belt.

After ten very hard blows, her dad told her to stay exactly as she was until he said otherwise. Fran heard the back door open and shut and then silence and, for a half hour in the near freezing chill of the night, young Fran stood, naked lewdly bent over and humiliatingly exposed in her back yard. Her dad returned and told her to straighten up. He took the panty-gag out of her mouth and pocketed it.

"Get inside now, Fran" he growled. " And don't let me catch you smoking again or you'll get 20 smacks with my belt and have to stay out here for an hour ... and maybe it won't be midnight ... maybe next time it'll be dawn so all our neighbours can watch your shame."

In the dark he could not tell, but Fran was getting wetter by the minute. Just as she was now in the porn studio as the fourth blow came from Professor Haken's cane.

"Four! thank you, Sir." Yelled Fran who was caught off guard. The producer actually preferred that; it was more natural and her pain was more obvious. As each blow to her buttocks became more painful, the crew gave Fran more time to recover which she used to remember her life of lust and the lure of the lash.

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