Four 500 Word Flash Stories

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Flash Story: This is a selection of four 500 word short stories with no connection other than the 500 word limit.

Caution: This Flash Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Group Sex   First   Petting   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   Clergy   School   .

A Selection of Four 500 Word Short Stories as an Exercise in Conciseness.


Mary Brown was noticeably nervous as she sat on the bench outside the Principal's office. The students moving rapidly in different directions glanced at her silent form but found her uninteresting and unworthy of comment.

The secretary stuck her head outside the opaque glass door and bade her,

"Come quickly, girl, his lordship doesn't have all day!"

She gathered her books and her notes and scurried along behind the big-bummed redhead like a lost waif searching for a new home. All things considered, she regretted her presence sensing she had made a terrible mistake.

The headmaster was an older man but not so old that he didn't present an interesting appearance to nubile females considering match-ups even one lasting only long enough to scratch their age-old itch. He was on the phone talking to some woman with a hint of apology and distress in his voice as if he had this conversation a thousand times before.

"Yes, Emma, I did take the Simpson girl to the conference, but it was only because she knows all the details of the new expansion."

He loosened his tie and motioned Mary to sit in the bleak wooden chair in front of his desk.

"I don't care that all the wives think she is a home-breaker. She is bloody good at her job and never complains."

He took out a nasty-looking ruler with a metal edge from the desk and slapped it on his leg with a little popping noise that rattled Mary's nerves even further.

"Bye, dear, I will be a little late this evening. I have some important business in the office."

Headmaster Anderson smiled at the trembling young girl waiting patiently in the hard backed chair. Mary was impressed with the charm of his handsome face but was confused about the tone of the interview which seemed to be heading in the wrong direction entirely.

Professor Anderson's hand on her shoulder caused Mary to shudder in both fear and anticipation. This was a strange interview indeed.

"Stand up, girl, we don't have all day."

Mary stood up not understanding the reason but she was obedient to a fault.

"Bend over the desk and count with each and every stroke."

She looked over her shoulder.

"I beg your pardon, sir."

Mary felt her knickers yanked down and the first lick of the ruler caught her completely off balance.

After that, she just took it all and tried not to groan out loud.

"Do you have anything to say, girl?"

Mary looked up with visible tears in her eyes and said,

"Yes, sir, the district office sent me to advise you that your budget is well over the acceptable level for this time of year and I am here to offer assistance in re-structuring the expenditures."

There was a knock at the door and the redhead called in with great distress,

"Sir, your 11AM is here for her midday appointment for the scheduled correction in your office."


Kaylie wanted to be on the swim team but she was not really fast enough at any distance to excel in a particular stroke and her weakness in the backstroke kept her out of the medleys even though she was quite good in the others.

Now that she was in her senior year, she wanted to be listed as competing in one of the recognized school sports because that would look good on her applications to college. However, it was increasingly apparent that swimming would not be the sport. The water sports coordinator Mrs. Johnson called her to the side of the pool and asked,

"Why don't you try out for the diving team, dear? I saw how nicely you dove off the low board in the warm ups."

She had never considered diving as being "her" sport but it was worth a try. She qualified for the low board and was told she was a natural at hitting the water with a clean entry that always scored high points in any competition.

The high board didn't seem that high when she was up there looking down but most of the girls changed their minds when they saw how small the pool looked beneath them. After some practice dives, she showed them her form that she had practiced just for fun at summer camp where she worked as a counselor.

The coach was a nice young man called Andre who walked around in his speedos like a Greek God treating the young girls to a package of impressive size. She wanted to do something that would make a big impression on him so he would remember her even when they he was away from the pool environment. Kaylie decided to do a backward two and a half turn to show her ability to make the difficult high jump in a reverse position.

She slid her fingers inside the edge of her tight fitting speedos and did her best to pull them down over the rounded curves of her backside so she wouldn't look like some pole dancer trying to get more dollar bills from the customers. Kaylie had shaved her entire body except for her short hair so she would cut through the water quicker in the swimming competition. It really wasn't needed for diving.

On the way down she felt the edge of the board catch the edge of her suit and heard it rip like a sheet being torn. Thankfully, she entered the water quickly and smoothly. She looked around down deep under water and saw her suit floating up to the surface. She was totally naked and running out of air.

Up she went and was pulled out of the water by Andre with a huge grin on his handsome face.

"I think we want you on our team, Kaylie. It would be hard to top that jump."

She smiled in embarrassment but felt a lot better when he offered to give her special tutoring.


Claire's finishing school was located in the Swiss Alps. Now that she was eighteen, the prioress felt she should have some musical talent in her background to make her as well-rounded in her social skills as she was in her physical appearance.

The school contracted with a young tutor in the town to furnish piano lessons and he was delighted to have the added income.

Claire's previous attempts with the violin and the harp had met with disastrous results and unhappy room-mates listening to her dreadful practice sessions.

The piano lessons were in the tutor's home and were of fifty minutes duration each. She liked the tutor because he was young and handsome and never shouted at her like her other teachers. Of course, he was married to a beautiful and rich lady with powerful connections and he genuinely seemed devoted to her every wish. She did fairly well in the lessons and gained some success with simple tunes but it was obvious to both that she would never be a protégée with ability to mesmerize an appreciative audience.

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