The Police Detective and the Singer 1966-1968

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2014 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: short story about a police detective and a night club singer that takes place between 1966-1968

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Slow   Workplace  

June 1966 City of Castle Texas

Castle Texas police detective Adam Rogers is eating supper at Rosa's diner and enjoying a rare night off, after he was done eating he paid his bill and gave Miss Rosa Marie a large tip, then he left the diner got back into his Ford F-150 pickup truck and drove home.

When he got home he went inside the house, went to his bedroom, took off his jacket and laid it on his bed, then he unholstered his service revolver a S&W Model 36.38 caliber revolver and locked it up.

Then he unbuckled his gun belt and laid it next to his jacket changed into his exercise clothes and went for a jog. When he got back home he took a shower and shaved then he but on his night clothes.

Put his jacket and gun belt away and settled in to watch some T.V. after watching some T.V. he went to bed to get some much needed rest.

Adam had only been asleep for about two hours when the phone rang loudly! Adam got out of bed went to the kitchen and answered the phone,

"Adam its police chief Robert Randolph I know it's your night off but we have a case for you and I need to get to the station as soon as you can."

Adam cleared his throat and he said "Sir I will be there as soon as I can goodbye." Then they hung up the phone, Adam returned to his bedroom made his bed, changed out of his sleep clothes and into some work clothes, buckled on his gun belt and holster, then he loaded his service revolver and put it in the holster, grabbed his truck keys locked up his house, got into his truck, and drove to Castle Texas Police station headquarters.

When he got to his destination he parked his truck, shutdown the motor, got out of the vehicle, and walked inside. Where he was met by his boss police Chief Robert Randolph, the two men went into the private office of the chief of police Robert Randolph, he closed the door sat down at his desk and he began to speak.

"Adam I am sorry that your night off got interrupted but I have a protective custody assignment for you. Miss Carrie Browning a singer at The Austin Night club got assaulted tonight by three men."

"Eric Reilly, Derek Parker, and Brian Neill they all work for Thomas Tyson the biggest mafia boss in Castle Texas."

Your job is to keep Miss Browning safe until enough evidence can be gathered to put Mr. Tyson and his henchmen away, she is waiting for you in interrogation room 3, you're dismissed."

Adam left the bosses' office and went to interrogation room number 3 and carefully opened the door and saw a young woman with long golden blond hair sitting in a chair and drinking a cup of coffee.

"Miss Browning, my name is Adam Rogers and I am the Police detective who has been assigned to protect you would you please come with me."

Carrie got out of her chair and she followed Adam out to his truck and they got into the truck.

The young couple was halfway to the safe house when Adam turned to Carrie and said to her "Carrie I know you have some clothes with you, but do you need any personal items from the pharmacy?"

Carrie nodded her head so they stopped at the Walgreens pharmacy, parked the truck got out of it, went inside, grabbed a shopping cart and Carrie began to search for the personal items that she needed.

When she was done picking up the personal items that you needed they went to the checkout to pay for the personal items. When the stuff was totaled up Carrie was about to reach for her purse to retrieve the money when Adam said to her

"Carrie don't worry about it I will pay for the stuff." Then he got out his wallet and paid for the items that she had purchased.

Then the young couple returned to the truck and continued to the safe house. When they got to it they got out of the pickup truck and went inside, Adam directed Carrie to the bedroom which would serve as her temporary bedroom, until the protective custody assignment was over with.

Adam found the couch in the living room took off his gun belt laid it on the coffee table and went to sleep.

The next morning Adam woke up took a shower and shaved put on clean clothes cleaned up the bathroom and prepared the kitchen for breakfast. When the kitchen preparations where completed Adam walked to the bedroom to see what Carrie wanted for breakfast.

When he saw how peaceful and angelic she looked he hesitated to wake her up, but she needed to eat so he gently touched her shoulder, she opened her eyes and then Adam said to her

"Good Morning what would you like to eat for breakfast?" Carrie wiped the sleep from her eyes and then she said "Adam if you don't mind I would like scrambled eggs, toast and black coffee."

Adam wrote down what Carrie wanted for breakfast he returned to the kitchen to prepare it. Carrie went to her bag and retrieved some clean clothes went to the bathroom and took a shower.

When she was done showering she dried off and put on clean clothes gathered up her dirty clothes, left the bathroom and put the dirty clothes in the laundry room.

By the time she was out of the laundry room Adam had the plates coffee cups and silverware laid out on the table, then the two young people sat down at the table and after saying grace they ate their breakfast.

When they were done eating they did the dishes and the laundry together then they went outside and sat on the back porch and enjoyed the lovely Texas Sunshine.

After they had been sitting outside for a while when it was time for lunch so they went inside and had lunch 8 months after the protective custody assignment began Adam and Carrie where eating breakfast when the phone rang.

Adam got up from the table and answered the phone, after a 10 minute phone conversation, Adam returned to the table took a few sips of black of coffee from his coffee cup then he began to speak.

"Carrie that was my boss and I have some good news for you, District Attorney Mrs. Amanda Carmen has brought a truck load of charges against the men who assaulted you she also filed charges against Mafia boss Thomas Tyson who is the boss of the three men who assaulted you, the trial is in four weeks."

4 weeks later it was time for the trial Adam and Carrie got cleaned up as best as they could. While Carrie was in the bathroom getting cleaned up Adam waited in the living room.

When the young lady was done cleaning up she was walked out of the bathroom, into the living room and pulled Adam close and she asked

"Adam will you please stand next to the witness stand, while I give my testimony please?"

Adam looked into her beautiful eyes and he said to her "Yes I will Carrie".

Then they left the safe house, got into Adam's truck and they headed to the courthouse for the trial. When they got to the court house Adam parked the truck and shut down the truck's motor.

Then they unhooked their seatbelts got out of the vehicle and walked into the courthouse and after getting through security, they walked into the courtroom where the trial was to be held and found a place to sit.

After they sat down Adam quietly assured Carrie that she was safe and that everything would be just fine and she had nothing to worry about.

When it was time for Carrie to testify she got up from her seat and walked to the witness stand, Adam was behind.

Was she was in the witness chair and was sworn in she was about to begin giving her testimony when the bad guys defense attorney began to scream I Object in a loud and obnoxious manner. The Judge banged his gavel several times then he looked at the defense attorney and at Adam and he said firmly.

"Both of you approach the bench right now".

Adam and the bad guy's defense attorney Cash Cajun approached the bench. Then the Judge began to speak again

"Detective Rogers would you please explain to me why you were standing next to the witness stand?" Adam swallowed hard and he said

"Your Honor miss browning privately requested that I stand next to the witness stand while she gave her testimony."

The Judge thought for a few moments' then he said to the two gentlemen standing in front of him.

"I will allow it and Mr. Cajun if I hear any more objections out of you or your clients I will throw you all under the jail."

When they Judge was done speaking Adam and the bad guy's defense attorney moved back to their original positions in the courtroom.

Then Carrie was sworn in again and proceeded to give an accurate, precise, and extremely honest testimony about what Eric Reilly, Derek Parker, and Brian Neill had done to her, when she was done testifying she and Adam returned to their seats.

After a very lengthy trial the bad guys where all convicted of the charges that where brought against them and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

The Judge dismissed everyone from the courtroom, Adam and Carrie left the courtroom and walked out of the courthouse, returned to the pickup truck got into it and Adam drove back to the Safe house.

When they got back to the safe house, they packed up their things left the safe house again got into Adam's truck and he drove Carrie home.

When they go to her residence Adam helped unload her things from the truck and take them inside the house.

Once they were inside Adam helped Carrie unpack her things, then she gave him a grand tour of the house. Once the tour was over with she escorted him to her front door, Adam had his hand on the door knob and was about to turn it but instead he turned around looked into Carrie's beautiful eyes and he said to her

"Carrie I realize that we have seen each other regularly over the last several months and you're probably tired of seeing me. But would like to go on a movie date with me on Friday night?"

Carrie thought for a few minutes then she said to the Handsome Texas Lawman standing in front of her

"Adam I would love to go out on a movie date with you on Friday night."

Then she wrote down her phone number and street address on a piece of paper and handed it to Adam.

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