It Started With the Anti-aging Supplement

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: Prudence needs to kick-start her sex life and find that youthful enthusiasm of her University days.

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Prudence Shakesworthy affectionately known to close friends and relatives as simply "Pru" was busy on the stationary bicycle pedaling her way to a firmer more presentable backside as advertised on television. In point of fact, her hindquarters were really quite attractive but her built-in critical standards saw it as boring and unappealing. Of course, it was hard for her to get a really good view of what was going on back there without the benefit of strategically placed mirrors angled just right.

She was still a bachelorette even though she was nearing forty. Bachelorette sounded so much nicer than "old maid" which seemed a bit harsh of a descriptive title. Pru was certain it was her bum that was holding her back from a serious proposal of marriage or at least a proposition of "living together" as a sort of test run. Pue was not against that type of arrangement providing the partner performed well when the chips were down and was willing to reciprocate for an "on her knees" performance. She had come close several times to closing the deal on a suitable steady bedmate, but never really was able to get the acceptable suitor over the finish line.

Even at the ripe old age of thirty-nine, Pru was actually much younger in appearance and could easily have passed for thirty in a combination of a quick pinch and bad lighting. Whilst she was pounding away on the pedals of the softly humming bike, she was watching the overhead television screen she had placed on the wall to keep her glued to her task beneath her. It was one of those "infomercials" about the merits of "Cleopatra Oral Compound Kernels" a new anti-aging formula that made users look ten to twenty years younger than their actual age. The commercial had a huge sign over the heads of the beautiful people describing how it had changed their lives.

It simply said, "C.O.C.K." is the fountain of youth.

She was dismayed that the sign might create a giggle in some people's depraved minds but had to agree there was some truth in that message.

Pru called the number on the screen and ordered a ninety day supply of COCK from the nice person at the other end of the line who had common sense to suggest she take advantage of the offer to have it delivered to her door by messenger the next day. The idea of next-cay COCK was too rewarding to turn down and she completed her order and accelerated her stationary bike riding activities to the point that she had a very satisfying little tingle between her legs that lasted until she went to take a well-deserved shower.

When the door rang just before tea time the next day, she was surprised to see a handsome young lad in tight shorts and a sheer shirt that displayed his slightly dark-haired, muscular build holding two boxes of her "special" order. He told her that his name was John and he was to give her the "Red Carpet" delivery package as she was the ten thousandth customer to place a phone order. He came into the living room and showed her the three bottles with the magic pills that promised a youthful appearance and cautioned her to only take one pill each day to prevent over-stimulation of her "youth gland". He shyly pointed to the triangle between her legs in a sort of conspirator related disclosure. Pru inadvertently covered her pussy mound with her hand even though she was fully clothed and had a pair of "granny" panties on under her tweed skirt. She pushed her glasses back on the bridge of her nose and started to absent-mindedly tug at her strands of hair that loosely fell down onto her shoulders.

It was at that point that she felt her "youth gland" come awake as if coming out of a deep sleep and searching for exciting sustenance of a baser kind than mere food or drink. The old familiar tingle reminded her of her University days when she was quick to bend over or get on her knees at the slightest suggestion just like a well-trained hound to the sound of a bugle. Her nickname on campus was "The Beaver" because she was so eager to do a good job.

The second box was filled with some equipment that was termed "bonus items" and John explained it was just ordinary "cleansing" gear to remove the sludge from her metabolic system and get her on the fast track to reversing the aging process. It all seemed to make sense to her with the way he explained how she was being slowly worn down by the toxic chemicals that caused her life cells to age. They both giggled together when he produced the insertion devices because they were rather self-explanatory and needed no descriptive introduction at all. She had been introduced to the process by her mother and it had all stopped as soon as she was too old to "open up" willingly when required. Without her mother to assist her, she had nobody to properly adjust the equipment and make her "take it" at the proper angle no matter how frightened she was of rear door entry.

None of this had been in the infomercial but she accepted it as part of the program and let John show her the huge suppositories that were intended to "loosen" up her system and start her on the road to a youthful appearance. He suggested that she might use them prior to mounting her stationary bicycle to insure the formula hit every corner of her internal female parts. He promised to give her a free introductory lesson on proper insertion before concluding the demonstration. Just hearing John talk about her "internal female parts" made poor Pru's pussy start to leak in a most precipitous manner and she could not but notice that John's shorts were sporting a bulge right at the point where his manly equipment rested. After seeing that, it was difficult for her to take her eyes off the thing and eventually she just reached out and took it in hand and stroked him into displaying it to her view like he was part of the delivery scheme.

Even though she was still sweating a bit from her morning bike riding, she got down on all fours and pointed her rear end in John's direction giving him the go-ahead signal to make a quick insertion to test her stretching flexibility.

Being an accommodating sort of fellow, John mounted her delicious rear-end and told her,

"You are looking younger already, Miss Pru!"

His anal stretching technique was direct and to the point. She was panting with indescribable pleasure when he creamed her rectum in a manner she had not experienced since her University days. It was an ideal moment for John to give her some practice in suppository insertion and he insisted on repeating it with the practice suppository with the little chain attached until she was confidant she would be able to accomplish it on her own. It was nice to have John attending to her need and she expressed her gratitude for the "Red Carpet" treatment which included the suppository insertion demonstration at no added charge.

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