Being Noticed

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2014 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: The new usher in church was gorgeous, or at least so Cindy McGraw thought, and told her buddy Susie, and they had a giggle about it. Cindy also pointed out how nice the usher's 'man butt' looked. They giggled about that too. She met the usher, Lieutenant of Detectives Warren Giles shortly after that and they began a romance. There were things that Cindy planned to do at night that might get her in trouble but she went ahead anyway.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   .

Cindy McGraw hurried into the church, realizing that she was almost late -- almost, not quite. She got a smile from the usher in the back, a tall man that she didn't know but, she realized instantly, wished that she did. She gave him a fleeting but dazzling smile and headed for the pew that she always shared with her best friend, Susie Schultheis.

She sat out of breath and gave Susie a quick kiss on the cheek, receiving one in return from Susie.

"Susie, Susie," Cindy whispered breathlessly. "Who is that gorgeous new usher?"

Susie giggled softly and said: "I was wondering if you'd notice him, when you came streaming in!"

"Notice!" Cindy said, finally catching her breath, "Of course I noticed him. I almost fainted, when I saw him! But who is he? He's gorgeous!"

"That's the new lieutenant from police headquarters," Susie said with a smile and a suppressed giggle.

"Ohhhhhh," Cindy said, grinning, "A copper, a wonderful, beautiful, magnificent copper!"

"Cindy," Susie said, suppressing a laugh, "Stop it and remember where you are!"

"Yes," Cindy answered, "But if I'm going to have to confess in a few minutes, I want to have some nifty sins to confess!"

Susie put her hand over her mouth and barely held back a shriek. "I shouldn't even sit next to you," Susie said, "The lightning will get me too!"

Then Susie got a wicked look on her face and put her lips to Cindy's ear and said: "Girl you have to get done!"

Cindy grinned at her friend and said, in a quiet whisper: "That's exactly what I'm talking about! Just because you're married and active..."

The statement, as it always did, served to get Susie to smile.

"Stop now, Cindy McGraw!" Susie warned, "They're going to start!"

"Okay," Cindy said, "I'll be good now."

"I really doubt it," Susie began but then their voices, which 'til then were only for each other, were drowned out by the beginning of the organ prelude."

"Oh, how lovely," Cindy, who was really much more serious about worship that the previous little interlude with Susie suggested, said, as she listened to the glorious strains of the organ prelude.

During the service there was only one more time, when the two of them were active. During the reception of the offering, the tall, gorgeous lieutenant/usher came down the aisle to receive the plates.

Cindy poked Susie in the ribs, when she saw him moving down the aisle, and didn't have to say anything else. Susie broke into a smile, at Cindy's poke. They both knew that Cindy was calling attention to 'the lieutenant', and especially, Susie surmised, to the Lieutenant's butt. She was determined not to look at her friend Cindy, or she knew she'd lose it.

The usher/lieutenant was actually Lieutenant of Detectives Warren Giles. He was relatively new to the police department, having come from the force at the nearby state capital. He had a friend who was assistant chief locally and had actually recruited Warren for the job with the detectives.

Warren was, at that time, 35 years old and decided on the move to put behind him an unhappy love affair that he'd been involved in for the past year and a half. He had seriously thought that the affair was going to lead to marriage, until he was totally disabused of that idea by his 'lady friend', who told him in no uncertain terms, when she thought that he was 'pressing' her, that she wasn't interested in an on-going relationship, and she thought that their relationship had run its course.

It was precisely at that time that Warren had been approached by Assistant Chief Thomas about the detective job. Assistant Chief Thomas felt, and the chief agreed, that they needed more seasoned help with their detective squad and getting Warren to come to the force seemed to be exactly the right tactic.

The timing and the opportunity were both good for Warren and he took the assistant chief up on the offer.

He was enjoying the work and had undertaken to begin to mold the young detective department, with some fairly good results.

At about the same time that he'd moved to take over the new detective's job, Warren joined a local Lutheran Church, the kind of church in which he was raised and was heartily welcomed among the members of the congregation. He was, shortly after joining the church, recruited to join the group of ushers and was pleased to be able to contribute in that way as a member.

It's why he was 'on duty' that Sunday morning and was notice by Cindy McGraw.

He also, for his part, remembered her, having seen her at least a time before and was struck by the dazzling smile, which she gave him, as she came into the sanctuary that morning.

At that point in her life, Cindy was 33 and had spent all of her post high school years, during college and graduate school, playing the field. She had been really very careful about that issue of 'playing the field'. She realized how easily a girl/woman could get a reputation among the men for being 'friendly' on a date.

She tried to handle that by not dating men who were members of the same crowd. She also was very selective about how friendly she was and with whom. It seemed to have worked for her thus far.

But she was approaching that time in her life, when she was having second thoughts about that kind of style for her.

She shocked herself by thinking and dwelling on thoughts more and more about 'settling down'. It seemed to have become for her a kind of a growing yearning and she was looking at and thinking about men differently these days than before.

After college, she'd continued her studies until she'd gotten advanced degrees and an eventual PhD in economics and accounting. She was teaching at the local branch of the state university, where she was an extremely popular teacher and simply enjoyed her position.

Cindy was a lovely 5'6"with light brown hair and brown eyes; she carried her 125 lbs rather well. Susie was constantly talking about how jealous she was of Cindy's 'rack', as she called it and Cindy's lovely butt. It caused the two of them to giggle time time again.

She and Susie, as was their custom, went out for brunch, after the service. She did have another chance to give one of those dazzling smiles to Warren, as she was leaving the church.

"Did you see?" Cindy asked breathlessly, once they were seated at the local Bob Evans for their post church breakfast, a pleasant habit for them.

"See what?" Susie asked, playing dumb on purpose to goad Cindy on.

"Come on!" Cindy said. "Did you see the man ass on him?"

Susie covered her mouth with her hand and simply gave in to her tendency to giggle.

"Stunning, muscular, shapely!" Cindy rhapsodized.

"Stop!" Susie said, still giggling. "You'll make me pee myself!"

Cindy gave Susie a sly look and Susie held up her hand and said: "Don't you dare, Cynthia McGraw, don't you dare!"

Cindy just gave Susie another sly look and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"You are so bad!" Susie said.

"Yes, but I was truthful! Admit it!" Cindy came back.

"Yes, I admit it!" Susie said. "My Darren is going to get a workout tonight because of your rhapsodizing about the lieutenant's butt!"

Cindy giggled. "Yes, big, muscular and wonderful! Bitable!"

They both collapsed into giggles then.

Both Cindy and Susie had busy weeks that week, Susie with her nursing schedule and Cindy with her teaching commitments. They did have time for coffee about mid week but spent time talking to each other on the phone otherwise. Part of their every interaction at this point was Lieutenant Warren Giles.

"You're obsessed!" Susie charged, during one of their phone conversations.

"Am not," Cindy countered, "Just on the hunt!"

"Hmm, that so?" Susie came back.

"Yes, it's high time for me to find a man and I think that I've found one for myself, namely Lieutenant Warren Giles!" Cindy said with some satisfaction.

"Well, happy hunting," Susie said and they both, naturally were laughing right away.

The following Sunday Cindy was really careful about how she was dressed. She was turned out to impress. It was a new dark blue suit with a skirt that was both short and tight, extra tight across the butt.

She stood and gazed at herself in the mirror at home and asked her lovely cat, Mabel, how she looked.

Mabel gave an appreciative sound and Cindy bent down to give the pretty little tabby a kiss on the head. Mabel responded by rolling onto her back to have her belly scratched.

"Oh, Mabel," Cindy said, "That's exactly what I want to do, when I see the Lieutenant!" It made her laugh and caused Mabel to comment that much more.

"Too tight, honey?" Cindy asked, standing with her back to the mirror and assessing the way her butt looked.

"Can see panty lines, if you look carefully!" Cindy said, this time with a grin and Mabel added a 'yowel' of her own to the proceedings.

"I agree," Cindy said, "Man bait! Hope it's Lieutenant bait!"

She thought for a moment and then went on: "Need to find out some things about him. Is he taken -- hope not! Or is he available? Hope so!"

As a matter of fact, Warren Giles was not taken. He had indeed moved away from the attitude that he ultimately discovered in his lady friend, Wendy, back 'home'. He presently wasn't looking for romance or for an entanglement of any kind. But, of course, Warren Giles hadn't counted on Cynthia McGraw at all.

She got there early that Sunday, outside of 'All Saints' and waited. She greeted many people, as they went in. She'd been a member ever since moving to town to take the teaching position that she now held.

She still was taken by surprise by a voice off to the side that said: "Now here's a lovely lady just waiting to be noticed! Or deciding to go to church today or not."

There stood Warren Giles, resplendently handsome in his sport coat and tie.

"Lieutenant Giles," Cindy answered, putting some fake asperity in her voice, which was overruled by her dazzling smile. "Of course I'm waiting to be noticed. I wore my tightest skirt today and an extra transparent blouse!"

He was struck silent by her attitude for a moment.

But then she went on: "And you get to escort me to church!"

"Good for me," he said, recovering.

"Don't you dare be looking at my fanny," she said, reveling in being 'bad' with him.

"No promises!" he said, casting a gaze at Cindy's butt and smiling at her. Then he held out his arm to escort her.

She took it and gave him another smile.

As they walked up the walk to the large stone church building, she bumped against is side.

"What's that?" she asked softly.

He moved his coat to show that he was wearing his revolver.

"Department regulation for detectives," he said.

"Oh," she replied, "I feel protected now!"

"Good!" he said, as they entered the church and went to sit with Susie.

"Warren, this is my friend Susie Schultheis. Susie, this is Lieutenant Warren Giles," Cindy said making the introductions.

"You did it!" Susie said.

"Susie!" Cindy warned but Susie was not to be put off.

"Warren, Lieutenant Giles..." she began.

He held up a hand and said: "It's Warren, please."

"Warren," Susie went on, "She promised last Sunday to get you in her clutches."

Warren laughed and Susie joined in the laugh, while Cindy just put her hands over her face.

"Well, she's succeeded with me!" he said.

"Susie Schultheis," Cindy said next, in a nasty sounding voice. "I'll get you!"

Susie laughed then and said: "Lieutenant, you heard that, she threatened me!"

At that point, Cindy leaned over and planted a kiss on Susie's cheek.

"Isn't she bad?" Cindy said to Warren, who responded by laughing and saying: "Look who's talking about someone being bad!"

Susie laughed and said: "See, girl, he's a detective and can detect; that's obvious."

Cindy grinned at both of them and planted another kiss on Susie's cheek.

"Hey," Warren said softly, "She gets all the kisses!"

"Your turn is coming!" Cindy said, "We're in church now!"

As though on cue, the organ prelude began at that point. When the first hymn was begun, both Susie and Cindy were impressed by the sound and tone of Warren's bass/baritone voice.

"Lovely voice," Cindy whispered to him, during the offering.

"Thank you, pretty lady!" he replied, getting a soft giggle and a smile from her.

Afterward, they shared a Sunday brunch for the three of them, and talked companionably.

It gave Cindy a chance to get to know Warren a bit more and Warren was at ease with both women. Susie encouraged his talking about himself, with Cindy joining in to find out about him too.

"I feel like a witness being grilled," he said finally with a grin.

"Got you, Lieutenant!" Cindy said.

"Beware of this girl's clutches!" Susie said, and that set the women off giggling.

"This is turning my head!" he said.

It was precisely at that moment that his pager went off.

"Sorry," he said, "Have to see what this is."

He took the pager out and then excused himself to make a call. he came back in a few minutes and said: "I'm terribly sorry, I have to go, one of my men has been shot."

"Ohhhhhh!" Cindy moaned with Susie joining her.

He hesitated a moment and Cindy realized what was going on in his mind. She took her napkin and borrowed a pen. Then she wrote down her number for him. He grinned at her and turned away, hesitating only a few seconds.

"Please be careful!" Cindy said earnestly, getting a smile from him and a sincere "Thank you, I will!" as he left them, stopping to pay their brunch bill on the way out.

"Looked like he was going to kiss you!" Susie said.

"He's gorgeous!" Cindy said. "Wish he would have!"


It was fairly late the next evening, Cindy and Mabel had had a late night snack for each of them, when the phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Um, Cindy?" the man's voice said tentatively.

"Yes," she said and in response to the thought that streamed across her mind: "Is this Warren?"

"Yes, it is," he said, Warren Giles.

"Ah," she said, "The Lieutenant himself."

"The very same!" he answered, chuckling.

But Cindy had had a talk with herself that afternoon and the gist of the talk had been to stop being so 'brash' in her dealings with Warren Giles.

That thought was just then upper most in her mind.

"Um, Warren," she began.

"Yes?" he said, then interjected and "Oops! I didn't realize how late was."

"That's fine," she said, and then as an aside said: "This is Warren!"

"Oh," he said next, "I didn't know that you're not alone there. I'm sorry!"

"No, not alone," Cindy replied, "I'm here with my love, Mabel. Say 'hi' to Warren, Mabel!"

Then, as though on cue, Mabel let out with a yowl.

"That was Mabel saying 'hi' to you, Warren," Cindy said, the mischievousness in her voice.

"Well, 'hi' to Mabel right back!" he said. "So, you're a cat person!"

"Yep," Cindy said, "It's always been me and my Mabel!"

Then she got back to her purpose: "Um, Warren, I have to say something."

"Yes?" he answered.

"I need to tell you that I'm not always this brash! I realize that I've been acting kind of outrageous with you these days, this week."

"Hmmm," he interjected, "I like Outrageous, Cindy!"

"You do?" she asked, her voice soft and the tone changing.

"Yes!" he declared.

"Hear that, Mabel, love?" she said next to the cat. "He likes the outrageous me!"

Mabel put in another 'yowl', when she was spoken to.

"What's she doing?" Warren asked then.

"She rolled onto her back; she's letting me scratch her tummy!" Cindy replied.

"Hmmmm, like that idea!" Warren said with a barely hidden chuckle.

"Outrageous!" Cindy said.

"Got me!" he answered. He chuckled then and said: "I was just thinking of you doing that. I mean rolling you onto your back..."

She began to giggle into the phone. "You're terrible!" she said.

"But I thought it was a good idea!" he said.

"Oh, it is!" she replied."You wait, Lieutenant Warren Giles!" was her reply then causing both of them to laugh.

"And do you know what, Lieutenant Warren Giles?" she asked next in a pleasant tone of voice.

"What, Cindy?" he asked, his tone encouraging her.

"I'm gonna take your pants off and bite your beautiful ass!" she said, her voice dripping with pride in what she'd just said.

"Now who's terrible?" He paused then and went on: "Well, I guess I'll look forward to that little maneuver!" he said.

"You won't get rough with me in return, will you?" she asked then.

"No, I promise!" he said.

"Rats!" she replied, apparently disappointed.

"At least not too rough," he said.

"Goodie, a little rough for Cindy!" she said, as though trumpeting the news around.

"Cindy," he said next, his voice changed a bit. "I really want to get to know you better. Can we get together?"

"Warren Giles," she said then, "It's 11:30 PM. Maybe not now."

"Yes, sorry," he said, "I wasn't paying attention."

"I was dazzling you!" she said.

"Oh, you were!" was his reply.

"Maybe soon though!" she said.

"Yes, soon," he said, "I like that. We can talk tomorrow and make arrangements."

"Yes," she said, joy in her voice.

"Good night, Cindy," he said.

"Good night, Warren, Lieutenant Warren!" Cindy responded.

She brushed her teeth and got ready for bed. Her thoughts were swirling. She looked at Mabel, before getting into bed and said: "Are you trying to intimidate me, girlie?"

Mabel, realizing that she was being addressed, simply yowled in response.

"Oh, really?" Cindy said sitting down and petting her friend and getting more yowls for her troubles.

She picked up the phone and made a call.

"Lieutenant Giles," his voice said.

"Mabel says to come on over!" Cindy said.

"Hurrah for Mabel!" he said.

"Lieutenant," Cindy said, "Maybe no sex tonight!"

"No sex," he said, "Just talk. Okay!"

"And maybe some cuddling!" she said then, giggling.

"Good, we're making progress!" was his reply then.

"Yes, we are!" Cindy answered. "You know where I live."

"Actually, I don't," he said, "But I do know where Mabel lives; she told me!"

He was there in only a little bit, and she met him at the door. Right behind her, at the door was Mabel, making her cat noises.

"Oh, the famous Mabel!" he said taking a moment to bend down and scratch Mabel's tummy, since the cat had rolled onto her back.Then he had Cindy in his arms.

"No rough stuff this time! Maybe no sex this time." he said.

"Not this time, maybe." she agreed.

"Cuddling!" he said.

"Yes, good idea," she replied.

"Goodie!" he said pulling her closer to him.

"Kiss!" she said fairly urgently. He responded with a kiss.

It was a wonderful kiss, an enchanting kiss. She was swept up by it and ended with one of her feet in the air.

"Ohhhhhh!" she breathed heavily, when the kiss was broken. He was simply grinning at her, as she sighed and put her head against his chest.

"You're magnificent!" she said. "Just magnificent!"

"Look who's talking," he responded, "The beauty of the age!"

"Oh, I like talk like that," she said, giving him one of her dazzling smiles.

She looked up at him and asked: "When did you work today?"

"Just got home about 20 minutes ago!" he said.

"Oh dear!" she said. "Did you eat?"

"No time today; stakeout went bad and we had a struggle!" he said then.

She clutched him and said: "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said, "Just tired!"

"Okay," she said to him, "I'm taking over. Up you go and shower to rinse the bad guys off of you!"

He was just grinning at her.

"And I'm going to take your clothes and wash them all except for your slacks. I'll have them for you to wear tomorrow.," she said.

"Hmm, what will I wear?" he asked, grinning at her.

"I have a robe for you!" she said."And maybe a pair of my panties" She was giggling then.

'And while you're in the shower, I'll fix you some dinner. An omelet and a salad okay?"

"Lovely, like you!" he said leaning down to kiss her again.

When the kiss broke up, she said to him: "Okay off you go. I'll show you where the master is. You can shower there."

"Fine!" he said, "You're in charge!"

"I am!" she said.

She showed him where the master bedroom was, and his initial reaction was: "This is lovely!"

"Thank you!" she said. "Now clothes off. Do you want red wine, white wine or beer?"

"Beer, my lady, please!" he said.

"Yes, your wish, my command!" she said grinning.

"Want to think about saying that to me!" he said.

She went to him and hugged him, kissing him again.

"Not afraid of you, copper!" she said.

"I realize that!" was his response.

She left then and came back with the beer. She saw him in the shower and just stared for a moment.

"He's magnificent!" she said to herself and to Mabel, who was right behind her. Mabel gave a yowl response.

"Thought you'd agree!" she said.

Then she handed in the glass of beer.

"For the thirsty, naked warrior!" she said, her grin reaching all the way to her eyes and beyond. After he took the beer, and took a drink, giving it back to her to put aside, she ran her hand down his near thigh and gripped his growing erection for a few seconds, giggling, when she did it.

"Thanks!" he said. "When do I get to see you naked?"

"Soon, copper!" she said, "Soon."

She went then and made a light supper for the two of them By the time supper was done, Warren was showing signs of being tired.

"Oh, sweetie," Cindy said softly, "let's get you to bed."

"Just want me naked again instead wearing my nifty, frilly robe!" he quipped.

"Oh, I do!" she giggled.

"Work tomorrow?" she asked.

"Later shift, until eleven. You?"

"Light day class in afternoon and office hours," she replied. "Come on, love, bed for the big guy."

She tucked him in and went to close up the house. Mabel went with her.

"He's gorgeous, Mabel!" Cindy said with some enthusiasm, answered by Mabel's normal yowl.

"Yep!" she said petting Mabel on the head, "I agree."

Warren was already asleep, when she and Mabel returned to the bedroom. She just gazed down on his nakedness, and said a soft "Gorgeous!" before shedding her clothes and crawling into bed with him wearing only her panties.


It was the middle of the night. Cindy had primed herself to wake up. She could do that pretty much at will: tell herself when to awaken and she'd do it.

She glanced at the clock seeing that it was 2:32 AM.

She glanced over at Warren, who was sleeping and breathing regularly and softly. He was on his side and his back was toward her.

She grinned at Mabel, who was watching her. She put a finger up to her lips to tell Mabel to be silent and the cat simply looked at her.

Then Cindy scoothced down in the bed to get herself in place. When she was, with a huge grin on her face, she reached out and bit Warren Giles' naked ass.

He hollered! Mabel yoweled and Cindy, shrieking with laughter, grabbed the phone.

Without even thinking, she called Susie's number and got a very sleepy Darren on the phone.

"Sorry, Darren," Cindy said, "I have to speak to Susie!"

Without a word, Darren passed the phone to Susie.

"Yes?" Susie said with both sleep and concern in her voice.

"Susie, I just bit Warren Giles' naked ass!" Cindy crowed into the phone.

Just then a few things happened: Susie shrieked! Warren, awake now reached out and grabbed Cindy around the waist.

"Ohhhhh!" Cindy wailed into the phone, "He just grabbed me!"

"Good!" Susie said.

Then, before he rolled her over, Cindy said into the phone: "Susie do it now! Do it to Darren! Do it!"

She could hear Darren's sleepy voice say: "What?"

Then there was a loud 'owww' and a growling voice said: "Woman!"

Cindy yelled into the phone as, Warren was now dragging her to the foot of the bed: "I love you, Susie!"

"I love you too!" Susie yelled back and then: "Ohhh, he's got me!"

"Good!" Cindy said but now the phone was taken away from her and Warren had her in his clutches.

He wrestled her around until he, sitting at the foot of the bed, had her over his lap

"What?" Cindy yelled, getting a yowl from Mabel also.

"Biters get spanked!" Warren said, slapping Cindy's panty covered butt.

Then, with Cindy shrieking with laughter, he wrestled her panties down and off and continued to slap her, now naked, ass.

She wailed as though she were being murdered, with Mabel joining in with her own noises.

After about ten slaps, Warren stopped and she was up and on top of him immediately. She grabbed his erection and fitted it inside of herself and settled down on top of him, grinning down at him.

"Hi, Warren Giles, Lieutenant Warren Giles!" she said, leaning over to brush her lips against his and then moving so that she could wave her breasts above him, letting her nipples move across his face.

"Fuckin' complicated, brazen, wonderful woman!" he growled at her, catching a nipple between his teeth and skinning his teeth along the nipple, setting her off.

His treatment of the nipple pushed her over her edge and she was completely overwhelmed by her orgasm. She tightened her inner muscles and pulled at him and brought him quickly too.

Then she settled down on top of him, wiggling around.

"Hi, yourself, beautiful Cindy, Dr Cynthia McGraw!" he said into her lips.

"I promised Susie that I'd do that!" she said.

"Oh, I see," he answered, "Only reason?"

She giggled. "No, Mabel assured me it was a good idea too!"

Mabel made a noise then and he said: "See, Mabel denies it!"

"Traitor!" Cindy said to the cat, still giggling.

"And just for tonight's follies," he said to her, "I'm going to take my thing one of these days soon and shove it up your butt hole!"

"Oh," she replied, "I love being threatened by the cops! My big copper Warren, Lieutenant Warren Giles!"

She leaned down then to drag her nipples across his face again and said softly: "I dare you!"

He laughed and said: "My god are you in trouble!"

"Who? Me?" she said with feigned innocence.

"You!" he said, "Now it's time to sleep and don't you bite my ass any more tonight!"

"Okay," she agreed, "No more tonight!"

"And we need to talk!" he said.

"Yes, I agree," she answered, "Maybe tomorrow!"

"Yes, tomorrow," he said.

"Tomorrow," she said, smiling at him, "New day! Get to bite your ass again then!"

He put his hand up to his head and simply shook his head.

"Crazy, crazy woman!" he said.

"Yep! That's who I am!" she said. "But your crazy woman!"

She settled down then in the crook of his arm and stayed that way for most of the rest of the night.

He woke the next morning to the smell of coffee, which Cindy was bringing into the bedroom for the two of them. Mabel was settled down happily by his side in the bed, purring.

"Coffee!" she said happily.

"Good," he replied, "I'll be less cranky at being awakened in the middle of the night to have my ass bitten!"

"Goodie!" she said, "Less cranky and an almost naked waitress!

"Yes," he said. "Set the coffee down and come over here!"

"Yes, sir!" she said, "Very obedient! That's who I am!"

"I doubt it!" he replied, "Now get over here!"

She moved to the bed where he was lounging, and he grabbed her by the hips and turned her around.

"What?" she wanted to know and shrieked, when he bit her ass.

He was laughing. "Call Susie Schultheis and tell her that!"

She flopped down on top of him and said into his lips: "Warren, Warren, you bit my ass!"

"Sure did!" he said, "Pay back!"

"Warren, Warren," she went on, "It's a new day today!"

"We have to call a truce!" he said.

"Okay," she answered, holding her hand out to him, "Truce!"

He grabbed her hand and easily hauled her over his lap.

She was calling out: "Truce, Truce, Truce, Truce!" as he slapped her ass once.

Then, grinning at him, she went back to lying on top of him.

"You're so much fun to play with but I realize that I'd better give you a cup of coffee. Get you settled and human again," she said pleasantly.

"Woman!" he said in a soft voice.

"Doing it! Getting the coffee! Doing it now!" she said defensively.

She got him coffee and they settled down together in the bed, with the covers pulled up to their waists.

"Lookin' grand, Cindy!" he said, tweaking a nipple.

"Hey, I'll spill my coffee!" she said, giggling.

"Okay, the talk," he said.

"Yes, the talk," she agreed.

There was silence for a few moments and then he began: "Cindy, this has happened so quickly that I'm still astonished by it."

He looked at her and she was smiling at him.

"Honey," he went on, "it doesn't feel like any affair that I recognize."

"No, it doesn't!" she said. She giggle and said: "I was gaga from the moment in church, when I saw your lovely man ass, while you were taking the offering."

He grinned at her.

"This has been so nice for me," he said then, "I mean coming here, once I'm finished and all."

He turned to her then, she was gazing at him with almost rapture. They kissed.

"Let's just continue to do it then," she said.

"Yes, it's what I want," was his reply.

"I'm not asking for anything else right now," he hastened to add. "I don't want to be rushing you or anything like that."

"Take it as it comes," she said, and he nodded.

"Only one thing that I want," she said, cuddling up to his shoulder.

"Yes?" he said.

"Bite your ass now and then!" she was laughing by the time that she was finished saying it.

He moved quickly and, with her yelling, flipped her over and slapped her ass.

Then she was snuggling down on top of him again, kissing him: "My big, strong Warren!"

The phone rang then.

"That'll be Susie!" she said. It was.

He sat and drank his coffee, while the two women laughed and giggled to one another on the phone.

"Hi, Warren!" Susie yelled, so that he could hear her.

"Hi, Susie!" he said.

"Yes," Cindy said then, "He spanked me for doing it! Oh, you too! Wasn't it grand?"

Warren just shook his head.

"I've got to go, love," Cindy finally said, "Warren and I are having a serious talk, an almost naked but serious talk. Yes, will call you later. Love you too!"

"My pal!" Cindy said.

"Yes, I know!" was his reply.

They talked then. Warren went into the issue of the relationship that he'd had with the woman 'back home' and how painful it had turned out to be.

She listened and kissed him on the shoulder once, as he was relating it.

"It was then that I got the request to come and work here with the detective department," he went on. "I was happy to do it."

He gazed at her then and said: "And now I'm even more happy that I did it."

She set her coffee aside then and got up, straddling his thighs.

"Warren gets to bite a tit for being so nice!" she said, holding her breasts out to his face.

He did take a nipple in his mouth and played with it a bit with his lips and tongue, finally rasping his teeth over it. It caused her to shiver, and clutch him tighter.

"Ohhhh, Warren!" she said in a kind of rapture.

She gazed at him, into his eyes then and said: "How could a woman, any woman not want to 'get serious' with you? How is that even possible?" she asked, in a wondering voice.

"Saved me for you!" he said.

"Yes, it did!" she said. "For me, the lady what bites your lovely man ass!"

He put his hand to his forehead and said: "You have a one track mind, woman!"

"Do not," she said, "I'll bite the other cheek today; that's a two track mind!"

"Oy!" was his only response.

"Yes, I heard you, Warren," she said then, lapsing into a serious mode. "I agree about the way it feels!"

She told him about herself then: her playing the field, so to speak and not settling down with one guy only. She also tentatively went into the feelings that she was beginning to have about how to arrange her life differently.

"Don't know what it means but I know the thought, the feeling is there," she said.

"Glad it is!" was his response, and he reached out for her.

She moved so that she was totally covering him, and let him fit himself inside of her. Their love making this time was slow and languid, pleasing both of them. Mabel was watching.

They settled themselves into a kind of a pattern. During the next few weeks, she was always waiting for him, when he'd finished his shift. He was frequently on the late shift, getting off at 11 PM or so.

They settled into the relationship and simply let it grow with both familiarity and devotion to each other.

In that time period, by mutual agreement, Warren began to bring his clothes to Cindy's house, gradually moving in with her. They were both pleased with that decision, which they'd taken together.

Cindy also got encouragement from Susie for the scheme of having Warren move in with her.

The two of them giggled now and again still about the middle of the night phone call and the incident of biting the butts of their men. (Both of them got spanked for their efforts on that occasion. It was still, however, a legendary event, and would remain so with them.)


Warren and Cindy began a practice of working out together every day. Warren's workout routine was quite a severe one but he took time, almost every day to either run with Cindy or take a walk.

They never seemed to run out of things to say or talk about on those walks. They were deeply into the process of getting to know each other and were constantly enchanted with the other person.

They enjoyed strolling along the city walk that skirted the local river. It was a favorite spot and one that they returned to often.

They varied their time of taking those walks with the demands of her teaching and his schedule of shifts, but they worked together to make sure that they had time either to have their run —- about three times a week, or to take a walk —-probably another three times a week or so.

It was a sunny Thursday and they parked near the river front and began their walk. They were walking hand in hand together and discussing what they wanted for dinner, be it a dinner out or something at home: by then both of them considered Cindy's house, which really was a beauty, 'home'.

As they walked along, their attention was taken up with an approaching siren. Then they noticed that the siren was joined by two more.

"Something's happening," Warren said, standing and looking up the street in the direction from which the sirens were coming.

What happened then might have been from a tv drama or a thriller movie. It occurred as though it were all in slow motion.

As Warren and Cindy stopped and looked up the street, he realized that a police chase was in progress. The spot by the river, where they were standing, was on a curve and it was apparent to Warren immediately that the car being chased, being driven by a young teen, was going too fast to make the curve.

It was happening so fast that there was only a few seconds to actually react, once it got their attention. The car came toward them; it mounted the curb just as Warren took action.

He took a step toward Cindy and pushed her to the side, away from the path of the car. But the car's trajectory was directly at him then. He made a lunge to the other side to be away from the careening car.

The action then had three distinct parts to it:

First, Cindy staggered to the side, away from the car. Warren's push, accompanied by a yell to 'watch out', indeed got her out of the path of the car. But the car was so close to her that the wind of it passing knocked her further off balance, sending her crashing into the wall that was there above the river. She crashed into the wall and hit her head on it, and everything went black.

Secondly, Warren tried to simply lunge out of the way of the crashing car. He made it almost but the left front fender hit him in the leg, breaking his leg and he sprawled on the sidewalk.

Finally, the police cars came to a halt but the young driver had lost control of his car totally. The car crashed into the wall, between where Warren was sprawled and where Cindy lay unconscious and the car's momentum simply took it through the wall, and down into the river, which was fairly deep at that point. In the process, the driver hit his head and, before he could be rescued, drowned in the car.

Warren was still conscious and called out Cindy's name, once the car had gone through the wall over the river. He grabbed the wall with great effort and slowly pulled himself to his feet, stumbling, when he realized that he could put no weight on his left foot. He clutched the remnant of the wall.

Just then one of the cops from one of the chasing cars reached him.

"Warren," the cop said, "Lieutenant Giles!"

"Joe!" Warren said desperately, "Help me to get to her."

Officer Joe Turk supported Warren as he struggled across the walk to be where Cindy lay.

"Ambulance is on its way," Joe said.

"Thanks, Joe," Warren said. "Help me to sit down here with her."

Joe grabbed Warren by the arm, aided by then by another officer, Jane Waltz, and together they lowered the big man to the pavement, where Warren looked Cindy over carefully, his broken leg splayed out in front of him and eventually gathered her into his arms. By then they could already hear the approach of the Ambulance.

"Cindy, sweetheart!" he said to her softly, holding his handkerchief to staunch the blood that was coming from her scalp wound. He reached down, just as the ambulance crew got to them, and kissed her on the head.

"Let us take her, Lieutenant," the one ambulance attendant said.

"Yes, yes," Warren answered, "Take her first."

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