The New Ace

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: In an alternate history war, a young pilot claims his reward, several times over.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Coercion   Fiction   Rough   Violent   .

The Curtis was smoking and the canopy was sliding back as I rolled up under him and put a short burst into his wing root and he exploded. I flew through the debris and caught a glimpse of the pilot's shredded body. Number five! I was an ace.

I get the gold wings and all the girls I wanted. Two Yaks, a Hurricane, a Blenheim and this P-40; five confirmed kills. I barrel-rolled over the strip and landed hot, reported to the officer of the day and my wingman confirmed it with a smile and a smack on my back. The captain handed me a gold-edged ID card and said I'd get the new wings in a month or so.

I headed for the pleasure barracks where we had access to American girls, the cream of the crop so to speak, showed the duty man my new card and asked to see the most recent intake from the States. They had been bringing them up by the trainload to the Canadian front from New England and the Washington area. I think we were using up about a hundred young females a month, but this base had at least a thousand men, all of them horny, but only a hundred or so officers. When we finished with them, what was left usually went in the river or to the pleasure barracks for common soldiers if they could still walk.

I strode down to the hall, found the right room, stepped in and yelled, "On your feet, sluts!" My English was excellent since I had grown up in Milwaukee. I walked down the row of cots, two of which were occupied by an officer and a girl in rutting congress under thin blankets. I pointed to a cute blonde with a fine rack and said, "Put a choke leash on her," turned on my heel and left.

The orderly brought me the blonde in a couple of minutes, a chain collar on her neck and a long leash in her hands. She looked up and me coldly and handed me the cord. I smiled at her, stepped back and lashed her buttocks soundly three or four times with the end loop, just to get her in the right mood. She cried out and jumped. "Come," I said, yanking the leash.

I pulled her over to my revetment, found my crewchief and handed him the leash. "Give 'em all a chance on her. I'll be back in an hour or so, see if there's anything left worth poking."

He saluted and smiled, yanked the girl to him and ripped her flimsy dress right off her lush, young body. She looked at me in horror as I smiled, told her to be a good girl and left. I could hear her screams all the away across the tarmac.

So I went and got another, a very pretty dark-haired female who said she was sixteen as I pulled her outside, pushed her up against the side of the barracks with my hand on her throat. I smiled at her, lifted her left leg up on my hipbone and drove my rigid cock up into her young pussy while I tightened my grip on her neck, lifting her chin. I rutted hard and deep, holding her to the wall and squeezing steadily harder. She was hanging, supported by my hand and my rigid cock, her toes a foot off the ground and her tongue protruding. When I leaned back and came, I crushed her windpipe and let her drop, put my satisfied cock away and went back to the office.

"Three in less than an hour," the duty officer said. "That's a new record."

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