Forced Retirement

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A soldier is knocked out of a shuttle taken prisoner and tortured before he is dumped on an island with other prisoners.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   sci-fi sex story,sci-fi adult story.

Twenty five years in the Army. Five major campaign, seventeen battles, three dozen minor skirmishes and a couple of hundred fire fights. I had one year to retire and the republic was kicking our ass on Jessop's Dream. We were trying to pull out and evacuate those we could. We were all in battle armor as the assault shuttle left atmosphere.

The shuttle hull already had battle damage so we stayed suited up. The crashing explosion threw me around and I caught myself in the new gapping hole in the side of the shuttle. Another suit hit me and I was pushed further out. I turned my head to see a damn fighter coming around to make another pass at the shuttle.

I growled as I stepped out and lifted my rifle. I aimed and fired and fired and the fighter exploded as I spun. I turned and realized I was to far away from the shuttle and cursed. I looked around as the distance widen and then I saw the huge republic carrier with the suit vison enhanced. I began using my suit gravs in small thrusts.

I used them like I was making constant jumps, "Tango six this is Tango seven."

The regiment commander growled, "I am busy sergeant major."

I smiled, "I am afraid this can not wait. I was knocked out of the shuttle after it was hit by a fighter. Do not bother sending anyone to retrieve me."

There was a long pause, "I am sorry sergeant major."

I grinned, "I have the republic carrier close and I am using my suit gravs to head towards it. My intent is to take as many with me as I can sir."

"Sergeant major ... damn it Hunter you can use your distress beacon."

I rolled and started moving to slow myself, "I still have a means to fight. See you in hell sir."

I shut my comm off as I tried to see where I was going and shift. I aimed for one of the open shuttle bays and as soon as my suit went through the screen I flipped. I used the suit grav to catch me as I dropped towards the deck. I lifted my rifle but no one was there. I glanced at several shuttles parked together before heading towards them.

It took several minutes to set up an explosive in the shuttle closest to the bay feed tank. I moved to the bay access hatch and opened it before stepping out. I was thinking the best way to cripple the ship was to kill the brain. I started moving up and towards the front of the ship. Each time I met a crewman I killed them.

No one knew I was there and those I killed did not have time to sound an alarm. After I killed the guard at the command bridge CIC hatch I pulled two implosion grenades. I opened the hatch and tossed them before stepping aside. Five seconds later I spun and ducked as I walked into the shattered remains.

The hatch to the flag bridge opened and I shot the captain that stood there. I pulled more implosion grenades and armed them before throwing. I crossed the room as implosions killed everyone on the flag bridge. I spun and walked out, heading for engineering with the idea to set a charge against fusion reactor feed tank.

I did not make it, someone fired into the back of the battle armor with plasma rounds. Three punched through the armor and me and then out. One went through the suit power supply and the suit locked up. I fell and could only move very slowly as I shifted and sent the transmission to the charges in the shuttle bay.

The ship shook as men surrounded me. I knew my nanites would stop the bleeding from my wounds but I was waiting for one of the enemy to finish me off. A few moments later the ship lurched and men began yelling as even more explosions began ripping the ship apart. The artificial gravity vanished and someone grabbed my suit and began towing me after them.

The ship was constantly shaking and twisting as a siren blared and the order to abandon ship kept repeating. I can look back and realize that my improvised bomb set off a chain that led back to the ship's fusion reactor feed tank. Over ninety percent of the crew died when the ship exploded. I was on one of the few lifeboats that managed to eject.

A cruiser picked us up and I was cut out of the armor before they locked me away. My unexpected assault got better results than I thought. The CIC and flag bridge I destroyed had all the admirals in the system in them and the republic ended up withdrawing. A month later I was shoved into a shuttle and taken down to another planet.

The military post seemed small when I was pushed out the side hatch and down the stairs. I was thrown into a vehicle and taken towards the biggest building. Once they got me in an interrogation room I was shoved into a chair. A small man with a colonel insignia walked in with a major.

The colonel smiled as he held up a syringe, "you are not going to like this."

He glanced at the two guards on each side of me and bent over to stick the needle in my neck. They were not as ready for me as they thought. I struck up with my palm to drive the nasal bone into his brain. I lunged to my feet and slashed to the left in a knife hand strike with searing pain in my neck.

I caught the guard in the throat as I kicked to the right to break the knee of the major. I yanked the syringe out of my neck as my right hand blocked the side of the shock stick. I slid to the right and caught the hand before twisting and turning. The guard screamed as his wrist snapped and I took the shock stick.

I turned and jammed the shock stick out to block another guards before lunging to hit him in the throat. I knelt and stabbed the syringe into the colonel's neck and pushed the plunger in. I rolled and came to my feet as the door opened and four men rushed me. One I hit in the face with the shock stick as the others hit me and took me down.

They start hitting me and twisted me over before restraining me. The major was yelling and told them to get me the hell out and dump me on the island. The flight was hours long before the transport landed. I was yanked up and the restraints removed before a guard shoved me out the hatch.

I landed and rolled before coming to my feet and turning as the transport lifted. I glanced around at a few dozen ragged looking men. I felt my neck before I started to walk and explore. The planet was called Goliath and the island was just the island. The few women prisoners were guarded very protectively.

The island was fairly large and it did not take me long to make a knife and spear to hunt with or a net to fish with. The transport came back once a month to drop large cargo bags full of rations. There were around three hundred people on the island. My nanites had healed me but the little of whatever the colonel had inject had an effect.

It was only a couple of days before small things began moving around without me touching them. Six months later I was moving small things easily with just a thought. It was a year before I met Rachel. The transport had dropped her off and I had returned to camp for any rations I could get.

Five men were attacking her and ripping at her clothes. She had a huge rip in one thigh and down one arm. I rushed towards them and a watcher yelled to warn them. I threw the spear I held into one man as he turned and stabbed another as I crashed into them. I took them all down and rolled away before grabbing one by the head and twisting.

His neck snapped and I let him go as I kicked out and into the knee of one of the two men getting to their feet. The other turned as I moved towards him and he backed away quickly, "later..."

I dove and tackled him before rolling him to his stomach and striking him in the base of his skull. I grabbed his head and yanked back and twisted. His neck cracked as it broke and I stood, "never threaten."

I turned and walked to the woman on the ground. I looked at all the blood and knelt to touch her leg and arm and used my mind to hold the wounds closed. I lifted her and moved to the cargo bag. The few men moved as I gestured, "give me one of the bags and the med kit."

They dropped a med kit each time but it was seldom used. I shifted the woman as a man did as I asked and turned to walk away and into the forest. I only went as far as a fast moving stream before kneeling and setting her down. She was looking very pale and her pulse was thready. I opened the med kit and pulled out the two IV kits and started doing some altering.

I checked her tags so I knew she should be okay with my blood type and I hoped the nanites in my blood could help her. I carefully slipped an IV needle into her arm and pushed with my mind to empty one IV bag. I switched bags and slipped a needle into my arm. I used my mind like I had began to and blood flowed out through the IV and into the empty bag.

I hooked the two bags together when I was done. Now for more mind tricks, I thought of the nanites and pushed them down and into the saline in the other bag. It was awhile before I pulled the needle out of my arm and continued to push the nanites and saline into the woman. When it stopped I pulled the needle out and held the needle mark for a couple of minutes.

I looked at her and saw her watching me, "aware now?"

She nodded and I put everything back in the med kit. I set both bags on her and lifted her in my arms before moving up stream to the spot I used to cross. I carried her deeper into the forest and to the group of trees I had chosen. I slipped into the small hut I had made and carried her to the bed.

I took the two bags after putting her down. I hesitated before stripping her and moving to the hollowed out bowl I had made. I used my old shirt which I was constantly cleaning to wash her carefully. I used medicine from the kit on the two ragging wounds and gauze to bind them. I let her have a sip of water from my water gourd.

I pulled the thin tree rabbit blanket over her, "I am Hunter."

She smiled, "Rachel."

I sat beside her, "they were trying to rape you?"

She nodded, "they wanted a bitch."

I shook my head and she grinned, "looks like the alpha male stole me away."

I smiled and stood, "how long since you ate?"

She shifted to get comfortable, "yesterday."

I nodded and turned to pull out a ration. After she ate I gave her more water, "I will be back."

I slipped out and grabbed another spear from beside the door. I began checking snares and brought back two tree rabbits. They were more like giant squirrels but bred like rabbits. I cleaned them and began cleaning the hides before stretching them. I went in and used the large improvised pot as I cut up the meat.

I added several roots and stalks of plants before adding water. I carried it out to my stone stove and started a fire. I went to check on Rachel and she smiled, "a little warm and weak but still alive."

I nodded, "need to used the bathroom?"

She blushed, "you had to say that."

I smiled as I moved the blanket and helped her up. I started to lift her but she stopped me, "just help me walk."

I looked at her, "you open those wounds and I will tan your butt."

She grinned, "now you are teasing me."

I smiled as I helped her out and to the spot I had made into my bathroom. She peed and then I helped her up and back to the porch and my log bench. She sat and looked around as I went to check the stove and add a few thick limbs to the fire. I brought her water and sat beside her and I guess being alone had gotten to me.

I started to tell her about myself, I stopped a few times to check the stove. When I was done she talked and I listened. A few hours later I took her to the bathroom again and then added fresh leaves and berry nuts to the thick stew. Rachel seemed to like it when I dished it out into the carven wood bowls.

I cleaned up and helped her wash before putting her to bed. I glanced out as the sun set and closed the leaf door. I stripped and laid beside her in the bed and she turned to snuggle and put her head on my chest. It was several minutes before her hand caressed down my body, "Hunter?"

I shifted, "are you sure?"

She giggled, "you get to do all the work."

I turned and moved over her as she carefully spread her legs and I slowly pushed into her. She groaned as my thick cock spread and stretched her pussy. I buried my cock and waited as she wiggled before humping, "okay."

I smiled in the dark and pulled back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She sighed and hugged me as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I continued to fuck her and gave her a kiss as she shuddered and then a minute later she spasmed. I smiled and whispered, "you open those wounds and I will tan your butt."

She laughed and shook me as her pussy tightened and squeezed. It had been a really long time for me and I pushed into her and held her as I began gushing, spewing and pumping cum. She jerked as her pussy contracted, "yyeeessss!"

When I was done I reluctantly pulled out, "wait until you are better and we can do that a lot more."

She giggled as I laid beside her, "you really had a lot of cum."

I held her and caressed her hip as her breathing slowed and finally she slept. I woke to the forest outside waking up. I moved off the bed and went to look out before opening the door. I came back and saw Rachel looking at me. I smiled as I moved the fur and bent to look at her leg and then arm in the dawn light.

I carefully removed the gauze to look at her wounds. They were red but did not look infected. I lifted her and carried her out so she could go to the bathroom. I went before I helped her back to the porch and the bench, "we will be headed across the island."

She looked at me as I went to bring the blanket out and wrapped it around her, "you lost a lot of blood and the nanites I gave you will hopefully start making more. The larger game we need is on that side of the island."

She nodded as I began collecting bowls, plates and eating sticks. I packed the pot and a square flat piece of steel I used as a frying pan and the rations just in case. We stayed a week on the other side of the island. Rachel was like a part of me I had never known. She was here because she had been an imperial supporter and suspected rebel.

She was the one to tell me the war had ended six months before. That was when I knew I had to escape and began looking for ways off the island. Four years later we were laying under a piece of cover watching the transport. Normally gunners manned the turrets and the pilots never left the cockpit.

Something caused the crowd of prisoners to yell and the pilot and copilot left. The two gunners had turn the turrets and I growled as I started crawling, "come on."

Each time the transport came I would pack our blankets and packs in case we got a break. We reached the front landing strut and I stood and started climbing. I looked at the access hatch and concentrated, it slid open and I moved, "get up here."

Rachel climbed up and threw her pack in before following it. I took my pack off and pushed it in before reaching up for a hand hold and swinging my feet in. I wiggled in as I looked at the hatch and it slid closed. I shifted to the side as I dug into my pack for a bit of glow moss. When I uncovered it I looked at a white faced Rachel, "pull your blanket out and wrap it around you."

She nodded and a minute later she was wrapped up as I was still struggling with mine. It was not long before the transport lifted. I managed to turn and squeeze up beside Rachel who lifted her fur blanket so we could share body heat under both blankets. It was a long couple of hours and she kept humping and giggling which did not help.

When the transport landed I sighed and moved down and turned. I waited what felt like another hour before I focused on the hatch and it opened. I moved to look out and down to see daylight on a tarmac. I glanced back and whispered, "we are on the base."

The plan if we got here was to wait until it got dark. I pulled my pack out and hung it on the strut before stuffing my blanket inside. It was eight hours before it got dark and Rachel pushed me out of the way. She climbed down and squatted to pee. I grinned as I turned to pull her pack out and stuff her blanket into it.

I climbed down after getting my pack and blanket. I set both packs aside before I moved over and peed. Rachel grabbed her pack and waited until I was done and with her. We walked away from the transport as if we belonged. As soon as we reached the side of the tarmac we went into the grass and knelt.

I could see the large building but it was not the same angle as when I had first arrived. I stood and started walking and Rachel stayed at my side, "what now?"

I glanced at her, "are you sure the war is over?"

She sighed, we had gone over this a thousand times, "yes."

I nodded, "well I am going to break into the commander's office and find the computer files for the prison. After that we are going to look for a way off this rock and a place to hide."

We knelt before we reached the building and I saw the outside vid cameras by the side door. I grinned as I thought and reached out with my mind. I swivelled the vid cameras up to the sky and stood to head for the door. I reached for the lock in the door and pulled the bolt back as we reached it.

I pushed the door open and reached out to unscrew the lens of the fixed hall vid camera. Rachel closed the door as I looked at the building info board. I saw the commander's office on the top floor but there was a clothing and equipment store on the bottom floor. I grinned at her before turning to walk down the hall.

I peeked around the corner before continuing, we went halfway around the building to find the store. We had avoided a few people in the halls but made it unseen. I unscrewed all the fixed vid camera lens as I reached out through the building. I peeked in before unlocking the door and walking in.

I reached into the alarm pad and changed the pattern to disarm the alarm. I locked the door and headed into the racks and shelves of clothing. I stripped as Rachel grinned and copied me and we put our clothing to one side. I found two large packs and a carry bag with small anti gravs in the bottom.

We dressed in new clean utility uniforms and packed a few extra. We added equipment like fiber blankets and ever lights and survival gear. I slipped the two thin tree rabbit blankets into the bag before standing. I let her have the leash for the carry bag as I shouldered the pack and helped her put the other one on.

After we left I led the way to a set of stairs instead of the lifts. It was a long climb but when we reached the top floor I peeked out. I turned away from the sounds of people talking and headed towards the commander's office. I unlocked his private door and opened it before checking for alarms.

I entered and Rachel followed and left the bag and took her pack off. She crossed to a cabinet as I went to the desk comp. I pulled my pack off as I sat and turned the comp on. It asked for a password and I thought before checking the desk. Like most officers this one had his password in a drawer.

I accessed the data net and found a blank data stick before copying the information. I did a search of ships entering or leaving the system and shut the comp down and walked to Rachel. She grinned when she turned, "I want the fancy pistol."

I looked into the cabinet to see two, one engraved and the other matte back. I looked at the simple lock and the bolt slid out before the cabinet door opened. I knelt and opened a bottom drawer before grinning and pulling out shoulder and thigh holsters. I turned and fitted the shoulder holster to her smaller frame and adjusted it.

I reached into the cabinet for the fancy pistol and handed it to Rachel. I took the other holster before opening the other drawer. I reached in to pull out empty magazines and boxes of plasma rounds. What we did not load we put in the bag before I locked the cabinet and we slipped out.

The walk down the stairs was a lot easier than the climb up. We used the closest exit and left the building. As we slipped into the night I took the bag leash, "we need to hurry."

Rachel looked at me, "why?"

I smiled, "because a cargo ship is being loaded and is scheduled to depart for a bordering system in six hours."

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