You've Got Mail

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2001 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotic Sex Story: Noemi Velez was new to the online world and had no idea how interesting it could be. Especially when the thin line between reality and fantasy faded away.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   older woman seduces young man,young man fucks older woman,woman has cyber sex,online sex.

The clock had just struck seven by the time Noemi Velez stepped into her small basement apartment and reached for the light switch by the door. No sooner had the room filled with light, the thirty-six-year-old Puerto Rican woman went right to her computer and booted it up.

Two months ago, the Assistant Store Manager at Food King didn't even own a home computer and if asked, had no intention of getting one. Her sister had given her this old PC when she had bought her son a newer model. It was a pretty basic machine and she had no idea what her nephew was talking about when he told her that it had a 33 MHz chip, 8 Megs of RAM and a 540 hard drive. Still, he had promised her, it was enough for her to use as a word processor, keep track of her bills and most importantly, in his opinion, go online.

Noemi had played with the computer for a while, and then let it sit idle for the next month. One day at work, the store had received a crate of free CD's for America On-Line and she took one home, deciding to see what all the fuss was about. The first month was free so she figured she had nothing to lose.

Picking the rather silly online name of Grocery Girl, Noemi logged on. To say that the chat rooms where an eye opener was an understatement. Eighty percent of them seemed to be about sex in one form or another. Men seeking women, men seeking men, women seeking women and dozens of variations in-between. No sooner had she visited the most innocent of rooms, she was inundated with messages. Messages that ranged from simple hellos to rather intimate suggestions. All of which she politely declined.

Noemi was far from an innocent. She had been married for five years and divorced for nine. Her marriage had fallen apart when her husband discovered she couldn't have children. Unable to bear the thought of never having a son to carry on his name, he had asked for a divorce. Not wanting to remain in a union where the love had faded, Noemi had agreed.

She'd had a few lovers in the years since, including her current boyfriend, but no further offers of marriage. Something that suited her as she was quite happy being a single, independent woman. She had a good job, a nice place to live, and a steady love life. In fact, steady was a word that could be applied to most aspects of her life. Steady as in uneventful.

One room caught her attention - "Young Men Seeking Older Women." Figuring it would be good for a few laughs, she entered the room.

As she expected, a barrage of rather graphic proposals filled her screen. This time she just ignored the worst of them. Noemi traded a few one-liners with others as one by one they lost interest as she made it clear that no, she had no nude pictures of herself and that she didn't want to try cyber-sex.

After an hour of this, Noemi decided she'd had all of the online experience that she was ever going to need. She was about to log off when one last message appeared on the screen.

JonD1982: Can we chat? My name is Jon.

Noemi sent him the same message she had sent the last dozen guys, figuring that he would then move on to more willing partners. To her surprise, he said that was okay and that he just wanted to chat. He then suggested they move to a private chat to avoid the more annoying people in the adult room.

Thinking it was still early; the redhead decided why not and moved to a private room. After all, she could always log off if the conversation turned in a direction she didn't like.

His name, as he had said, was Jon, short for Jonathan. He was eighteen years old and actually lived in the same state as Noemi. She thought it funny that with the online service covering half the world, she'd wind up chatting with someone only a few hundred miles away. A college student during the week, he worked weekends and some nights at one of the numerous Twenty-Four & Seven convience stores that lined the Interstate.

The conversation turned out to be very interesting, covering topics ranging from music to television and the movies. It'd been a long time since Noemi had talked to a teenager, at least one that didn't work for her at the Food King. Most conversations with them consisted of reminders that they were being paid to do a job and not just hang out. Before she knew it, the clock on the wall said it was after midnight.

Saying good night, she logged off and decided that maybe it hadn't been such a wasted night after all. If anything, it beat the reruns on television.

A few nights later, she was again a little bored and decided to give AOL another try. This time she avoided the chat rooms and concentrated on the content areas of the service. Noemi had been on about twenty minutes when a message flashed on her screen.

JonD1982: Hello :) I hope you don't mind but I put you on my Friends List.

Noemi typed back a greeting, not quite sure what a Friends List was. Jon said he enjoyed their chat last week and he hoped she did too.

Grocery Girl: Actually yes I did. It was very interesting.

JonD1982: Would you like to chat again?

Thinking that she really hadn't found anything else interesting on the service, Noemi said why not.

They had been talking for a while when the older woman remembered the room they had been in the first time. She began to wonder what he had been doing there in the first place.

Grocery Girl: Would you mind if I asked a question?

JonD1982: Of course not.

Grocery Girl: Why were you in that room the other night? The one where you first saw me.

JonD1982: I was just playing around.

Grocery Girl: Oh I understand that part of it. I mean that room in particular. Are you actually interested in older women?

JonD1982: Sometimes.

Grocery Girl: Interested sexually?

JonD1982: Yes ... I hope that doesn't bother you?

Noemi thought about it for a few seconds. In some ways, she thought that maybe it should. Yet overall, she found that it didn't. If anything, it made her more curious.

Grocery Girl: No, it doesn't. Would you mind if I ask a few more questions? I'll understand if they are too personal.

JonD1982: Not at all. Ask anything you want.

Grocery Girl: What is it about older women that you find so interesting.

JonD1982: I'm not sure how to exactly explain it. I guess it's because they are more experienced and know what they want.

Grocery Girl: Have you ever been with an older woman?

JonD1982: No, only in my imagination.

Grocery Girl: Have you ever been with any woman?

JonD1982: I've been with two girls from school. Both were my age.

Noemi was tempted to inquire just how far Jon's experiences with those girls from school had gone, then decided against it. She did, however, get the impression that the young man might still be a virgin. Despite his offer to answer any question, she didn't want to embarrass him.

Grocery Girl: Have you talked to other older women on here?

JonD1982: A couple.

Grocery Girl: Do you have cyber-sex with them?

JonD1982: Sometimes.

Grocery Girl: Is that what you wanted from me last week? To have cyber-sex with you?

JonD1982: If you wanted to. But I liked just talking to you about other things too.

Noemi paused again for a minute to think about what he had said. Before this moment, she never really understood this fascination with cyber-sex that all these people online seemed to have. She always imagined it a little strange writing sexy words on a screen while someone on the other side most likely played with themselves. Still, she was finding a certain thrill in just having this personal conversation with Jon.

Grocery Girl: Do you want to have cyber-sex with me?

JonD1982: I'd love it!

Noemi could almost see the excitement in his words. To her surprise she also felt a part of it as well. It wasn't that she didn't have a warm body in her bed when she wanted it. There was just something in the idea of getting of this young man with just her imagination. The chance to do something new.

Grocery Girl: Well I've never done anything like this before, but why not? You're going to have to help me get started. What do I do first?

JonD1982: You could tell me what you are wearing.

Noemi thought about it. The baggy gray sweatshirt she was wearing was hardly sexy. Well, that was the advantage of cyber-sex she said to herself, you could be almost anything you wanted to be.

Grocery Girl: I'm wearing just a bra and lace panties.

JonD1982: Do you have big breasts?

Grocery Girl: Actually I do - 38D. But I want to be honest and say that I'm also a little on the heavy side, five foot five and a hundred and sixty pounds. My hair is pretty short, cut just above my neck and it's a sort of reddish brown. Oh and I'm thirty-six.

JonD1982: You sound very pretty. Most people make themselves sound like models right out of Playboy.

Grocery Girl: Well no one's going to pay to see me in the nude. :)

JonD1982: I would. :)

Noemi was almost blushing when she read that. They had just gotten started and already her nipples were hard and she felt a definite moistness between her legs. Keeping one hand on the keyboard, she slid the other beneath the waistband of her sweatpants.

Grocery Girl: What do you look like?

JonD1982: I'm five seven and a hundred and forty pounds. Short black hair and clean shaven. Not a jock but like to think I'm in pretty good shape. I'll be nineteen next month.

"Sounds nicer than Jim," the redhead said to herself as she imagined her sometimes lover's naked body. "Since this is supposed to be sex talk, I might as well ask the big question."

Grocery Girl: How big is your cock?

JonD1982: Six inches but slim.

Grocery Girl: Pretty honest answer. I was expecting you to say Nine or better.

JonD1982: I don't want to lie.

Grocery Girl: I appreciate that. Neither do I.

JonD1982: What do your nipples look like?

Noemi went on to describe in great detail what her nipples looked like. Jon in turn described what he would like to with them. On it went as they both got more and more into the fantasy, each of them using the hand not on the keyboard to simulate the other's touch.

"Oh my God!" Noemi exclaimed as she caught her breath after a very pleasing orgasm.

It had been, she had to say, one of the best she'd ever had by her own hand. So much fun that there was a long pause before her free hand returned to the keyboard.

JonD1982: Are you still there?

JonD1982: Grocery Girl?

JonD1982: Hello?

Grocery Girl: I'm here.

JonD1982: I though you left.

Grocery Girl: I was ... catching my breath.

JonD1982: :)

Grocery Girl: That was fun.

JonD1982: You came?

Grocery Girl: Oh yes. :) Did you?

JonD1982: Still cleaning up. :)

"I can see now why people do this," Noemi said as she pictured the young man sitting in front of his computer with his cock in hand. "It's not as good as being with someone, but it sure as hell beats frigging yourself alone."

JonD1982: I guess it's time to say goodnight.

Grocery Girl: Guess so.

JonD1982: I really enjoyed that.

Grocery Girl: So did I.

JonD1982: Do you think we could do it again sometime?

Grocery Girl: I think I'd like that.

JonD1982: :) Goodnight Grocery Girl.

Grocery Girl: Noemi. My name is Noemi.

JonD1982: Goodnight Noemi --<--<@

After Jon signed off, Noemi smiled as she looked at the little drawing of the flower in the last message. Only now did what she had actually done dawn on her. She had just given a boy almost young enough to be her son an orgasm. Even more amazing, he had given one to her.

The next day at the Food King, Noemi couldn't get the events of last night out of her mind. She still couldn't believe two things. First, that she had done it in the first place and second, that it had been such fun. Like she said last night, it was never going to replace actually having a man inside of her, but it was a fun distraction nevertheless.

Another distraction she became aware of as the day went on were some of the young men who worked at the supermarket. Without realizing it at first, she was comparing the physical characteristics of each to see which most closely resembled the description that Jonathan had given her. Trying to put a face, or a reasonable facsimile, to the words.

The closest she came, was Billy Barston, a nineteen year old who worked in produce. A good looking kid she had to say, at least according to the long line of girls who seemed to be all to willing to drop their panties for him. Not that she would ever consider herself one of those, even if she were twenty years younger. Cute as he might be, Billy had a fuck 'em and leave 'em attitude that the Assistant Manager wouldn't have put up with at any age.

By the time the day was over, Noemi found herself in an advanced state of arousal. One which prompted her to call Jim Perez before she left work and invite him over for a little after dinner dessert. The thirty-nine year old auto mechanic was quite surprised at the offer of a mid-week fuck, but not so taken aback that he turned it down.

A few hours later, Noemi laid naked in her bed with Jim's powerful arms wrapped around her. Her boyfriend of six months might not be the most creative of lovers, but he did manage to get the basic job done.

One of the reasons that she usually kept their bed romps confined to the weekends was that Jim normally gave her such a pounding that she was almost guaranteed a certain soreness the next morning. Not that it wasn't worth it, but it was no fun going to work like that.

This time though, she knew the itch that had built up between her legs over the course of the day wasn't going to be satisfied with just her fingers or even the battery powered toy she kept in the bottom drawer of her nightstand.

The weekend arrived soon enough and Noemi had her regularly scheduled date with Jim. Still a little bit sore, having bruised a vital spot during their enthusiasm, she had begged off a repeat of their mid-week rendezvous after their usual dinner and a movie. Jim said he more than understood and settled for an almost as pleasing blow job instead.

Afterwards, Jim went home, seeing no point in his spending the night if they weren't going to do it. Not ready for bed, Noemi decided to go online to check her mail. She knew Jon said he worked on weekends and didn't expect him to be there. No sooner had she logged in, that now familiar refrain "You've got mail" echoed from the small speakers.

A smile filled her face as she read the short, but wonderfully sweet, letter Jonathan had left for her. The note was wonderfully erotic without being dirty. It left a warm feeling that lasted until she finally drifted off to sleep.

Noemi was actually looking forward to Monday night and the chance to chat with her new friend. She was equally curious to try cyber again, wondering if the second time would be as much fun as the first or had it just been the novelty of it all?

Mondays were usually a hectic day at the store with a lot of deliveries being made. Yet despite that, she found herself spending a considerable amount of time refining her cyber technique. Even to the point of creating erotic lingerie in her mind for her to wear. Her heart jumped a beat when she logged on that night and saw the handle JonD1982 on the Friend List, which she had finally figured out how to use.

By the time she logged off almost two hours later, she knew that first time had been no fluke. If anything, it was only a harbinger of what was to come.

Monday night's performance was even surpassed by Thursday's, by which time even Noemi admitted she was hooked. In their private chats, she found herself sharing fantasies with the eighteen year old so secret that she'd never even told them to her closet friend.

After their play session the following Monday, Noemi remembered Jon saying that Friday was his birthday. From her explorations of AOL, she knew she could send him an on-line card, but felt she wanted to do something special for her young cyber lover.

She thought about it the rest of the night and for most of the next day. Stopping off at the drug store across from Food King on the way home, the perfect gift came to her.

Where as many stores had pay per use photocopy machines, the drug store had recently added a pay per use computer scanner. The type of thing that you could use to copy a photograph to send online.

Noemi had seen a few of the nude pics that people traded online and knew she could never take a picture like that. What she had in mind was a photo of her in the sort of outfit Jon seemed to so delight in having her describe as being what she was wearing.

Over the years, the thirty-six-year-old had collected a few pieces of lingerie that would perfectly fit the bill. It had been a while since she had worn any of it, Jim and her previous boyfriend both being the type that preferred her getting nude and into it without many preliminaries.

Buying a pack of Polaroid film for her old camera, Noemi hurried home to make the present.

After taking a shower and washing her hair, Noemi set up her instant camera on a tripod and set up the backdrop she wanted. This would be better with one of those new digital cameras she told herself, but the cost of something like that was not going to be found in her budget. Especially for a one shot deal like this.

The stage set, the nude woman stepped over to her bed where she had laid out her three best sets of lingerie. There had been a fourth set, but to her frustration she found that it no longer fit.

"Which shall it be?" she asked herself as she looked from left to right.

The first was a one-piece black lace teddy with an open bust and crotch. It had been a Valentine's gift from an old love who couldn't get enough of her breasts. Next came a white bustier with garters, matching stockings and a g-string. The last was similar to number two, but red and strapless with a full garterbelt.

Holding each garment up in front of her in the mirror, Noemi decided to go with the red. She had always liked the way in looked against her lightly browned skin. It took only a minute to put the winning outfit on, and she stood in front of the mirror checking her appearance.

"Not bad," Noemi smiled as she slowly turned around so she could see herself from all angles. "not bad at all."

Let those men who though of her as chunky or simply fat chase after skinny models, she told herself. A real man recognized the value of having a woman with a little meat on her bones. Someone you could really curl up against and feel warm with on a cold night.

"What was it that Jon had used to describe me in his lovely note?" the full figured woman asked herself as she checked her camera set up one last time before pressing the timer. "Oh yes, now I remember. Rubenesque. I like that."

It took another twenty minutes for Noemi to use up the ten pictures in the film pack. Pouring herself a small drink, she spread them out on the kitchenette table and tried to decide which one was best. Two she discarded right away as her face was much too visible in them. She didn't mind sharing a revealing portrait of her body, but her face was definitely a different matter.

Three more she tossed as just bad photographs, which left five. Going back and forth, she finally chose the one she would send to Jon. It showed her body at its best she thought, and her face had just enough shadow as to be unrecognizable.

Pleased with herself, she even wore her sexy outfit to bed. An act that produced several fun-filled if short dreams. In the morning she would find that her panties were decidedly stained.

During her lunch break the next day, Noemi stopped by the drug store to scan her picture. She picked that time of day because she knew from past experience that the girl who worked the photo counter, where the scanner was located in front of, went to lunch at the same time. Sliding the photograph from the manila envelope to under the machine cover, Noemi deposited her coins in the front and waited for the machine to scan it. Only nothing happened.

Bending over, she checked the coin return to see if any of them had been rejected. None had. Then she tried pressing some of the buttons on top, still nothing happened.

"Are you having a problem?" a voice said from behind Noemi.

Turning around, Noemi faced a tall twenty something brunette with waist length hair. In her hands she was holding a paper bag from the local Burger Barn.

"Need help?" asked the girl whose nametag identified her as Kathy.

"I wouldn't want to interrupt your lunch," Noemi replied. "Your burger will get cold."

"Nah, it's only a salad," Kathy replied as she stepped past the older woman to the scanner. "Besides, this should only take a minute." she added as she checked the machine.

Before Noemi could think of another objection, Kathy lifted her head up from the scanner and said, "I knew it had to be something simple."

Noemi gave silent thanks that the girl had found whatever the problem was without having to lift the cover and look at the photograph she was trying to scan. Kathy explained that even though Noemi had put a floppy disk into the machine to store the image, she had inadvertently left the scanner on print mode and it since it was out of paper, it wouldn't work.

"Here we go," Kathy said as she pressed the right buttons and the scanner began to hum.

The small blue and red lights on the console flashed back and forth for a few seconds, then the dark green one where Noemi had inserted her disk. Then they all went dark.

"All done," Kathy smiled as she popped the disk and handed it to Noemi.

"Thank you," Noemi said as she took it in hand.

Before the redhead realized it, Kathy also picked up the hood cover of the scanner and picked up the Polaroid print to hand back to Noemi as well. In lifting it, she had turned it as to get a clear view of the image on it.

With no reaction other than a warm smile, Kathy handed the photograph back to Noemi. As soon as it was in her hand, she put both it and the disk back into her envelope.

"If you need anything else scanned," Kathy said in a low voice that only Noemi could hear, "just bring it over when I'm not out to lunch. I'll make sure you don't have any problems with it."

Noemi thanked her and quickly left the store. As she crossed the street back to the Food King, she wondered if Kathy had ever used the machine to scan a picture of herself. A picture that she might not have wanted anyone else to see.

Noemi waited with not a small measure of anticipation the next night for Jon to sign on. Friday was his birthday and she wanted him to have the picture before then. A smile filled her face when the PC beeped as his name appeared on her Friend List.

Grocery Girl: Good Evening

JonD1982: Hi :)

Grocery Girl: How was your day?

JonD1982: It was okay. Trying to get all my work done so I can go out tomorrow night for my birthday.

Grocery Girl: Speaking of which, I have a surprise for you.

JonD1982: Oh Oh...

Grocery Girl: Why Oh Oh?

JonD1982: The last time a woman I had been chatting with told me that she had a surprise for me, it turned out that she was a guy.

Noemi was stunned. She had heard that some men logged on with women's names but hadn't really thought about it. After all, she hadn't even tried to chat with any other women online. She could only imagine the embarrassment Jon must've felt when "that woman" told him the truth.

By chat, Jon had undoubtedly meant cyber-sex. He must've been crushed to learn that the woman he was jerking off to was really another man.

JonD1982: You're not going to tell me that, are you?

Grocery Girl: No, nothing like that. :) Hold on a minute.

Noemi uploaded the disk and attached it to an email. She had practiced sending it to herself earlier, just to make sure she got it right.

JonD1982: Oh God!!!!

Grocery Girl: I hope you like it.

JonD1982: Like it? I love it. You're so beautiful!

Grocery Girl: Liar! But thank you anyway. Happy Birthday. :)

JonD1982: This has got to be the best present anyone is going to give me.

Grocery Girl: Well let's see if I can give you another present to go with it. Why don't you relax and let me do the typing.

With a wicked grin on her face, Noemi's fingers raced across the keyboard, creating a vision of what she would like to do to Jon on his birthday. When she had finished, there was a long pause before any response appeared on the screen.

JonD1982: That was the best yet. I split the screen and had your picture on one side and your words on the other.

Grocery Girl: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy Birthday once more.

JonD1982: The way you were typing, you couldn't have done that one handed.

Grocery Girl: No, I had to use both, why?

JonD1982: Then you didn't...

Grocery Girl: That's okay. Next time we'll worry about that. Tonight was your night.

JonD1982: Thanks ... For both my gifts.

After they signed off, Noemi had a small snack before heading to bed. She began thinking about Jon's story of the man who had been presenting himself as a woman. It made her realize that she should be more careful about taking things at face value online.

Then it even occurred to her that Jon could be a fake just as easily. Not a woman playing a man of course, not that something like that couldn't happen. He could just as easily be a man her age or older paying a teenager.

"Well either way, it's all just a game anyway," she told herself as she crawled into bed. "It's not like it was real life or anything."

Just before she closed her eyes, she wondered if she should try and get Jon to send her a picture.

The weekend came and instead of spending part of it with Jim, Noemi took a drive upstate to talk to an old friend about a possible new job. They were looking for a manager for a new mega-market up in Wilsonville and her friend had suggested that she come up and be interviewed.

Carl Miller was the regional director of the chain and had even arranged for her to be interviewed on the weekend as not to interfere with her job at Food King. They had met at a seminar the previous year, sharing a few drinks and his bed. Noemi had made it clear that if she did interview for the job it would be on her merits and not her bedroom skills. Carl had assured her that was definitely the case and she had believed him. He could easily find a bedmate, but good store managers where hard to find.

The chance to advance and start a new life appealed to Noemi. Her life had fallen into a rut. She had taken the job at the Food King shortly after her divorce, planning to have it just until she got her life reorganized. One year followed the other and before she realized it, almost eight years had passed.

The interview went very well and Carl told her that while he had to interview two more candidates during the week, he felt that she was the most qualified. He further proved that it was on a professional level that he was interested in her when, despite that she was spending the night at a local motel at their expense, the regional director made no attempt to share her bed.

Driving home the next day, Noemi was very glad she had spent the night at the motel and got a good night sleep. The trip up here had been relatively smooth but the one southbound was a nightmare. There was a major accident twenty miles ahead, some kind of toxic spill that brought traffic to a standstill and turned what should've been an easy two-hour drive into a five-hour crawl.

After two detours that really didn't make the trip any faster, Noemi was finally back on the Interstate and past the obstruction. She had lunch just before she left Wilsonville but would kill right now for a cup of coffee. At the very next exit, she turned into the service area and headed for the Twenty-Four & Seven in it.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee from the self serve counter and picking out a still fresh piece of Danish, Noemi paused at the large post it board near the counter and read a few of the notices. By their very nature, it showed the area to be very different from the city. It would be something she would have to get used to if she moved up here.

"Let's not get too far ahead of yourself girl," she told herself. "You don't have that job yet."

"Hey Jon, cover for me a few minutes," the tall sandy haired teen behind the counter called out to his fellow worker who was sweeping out one of the aisles, "I need to take a personal."

Noemi's eyes shot up at the sound of the other young man's name. She was almost afraid to look. It was too much of a coincidence. There had to be a hundred kids named John who worked at these stores.

Stepping up to the counter, she almost dropped her coffee when she looked and saw the small name tag that said Jonathan. How many Jonathans could there be?

"Will there be anything else," the young man smiled as he put her coffee and Danish in a bag.

"God, he is so cute," Noemi thought as she looked at him. "Could it really be him?"

"Ma'am?" Jon asked again, not realizing that the woman was staring at him.

"I was wondering if you had any birthday cards?" she asked with a sudden inspiration. "I have a friend who had a birthday the other day and I'd like to get him one."

"No kidding," Jon laughed. "My birthday was Friday. I'm afraid that we don't have cards though."

"That's okay," Noemi smiled, "I'm sure he was happy with what I did give him."

"Well you have a safe trip," Jon said as she paid for her purchases and he gave her change.

"Oh, by the way," Noemi said as she stopped and turned back in his direction. "Happy Birthday."

"Thanks," Jon grinned.

"Oh God!" Noemi exclaimed as she sat back in her car. "I can't believe that was really him."

The urge to go back and find out for sure, telling him who she was, was almost irresistible. Knowing that if she stayed here any longer she would do just that, the thirty-six-year-old put the car into gear and turned back on the Interstate.

All the rest of the drive home, Noemi couldn't get Jonathan out of her head. Memories of the fantasies they had shared replayed in her mind, this time with a live person replacing the imaginary one. When she finally reached home, she found she needed a change of underwear.

Come Monday night, they met online as they normally did, but Noemi was a little more reserved than she had been. With Jon now being a real person in her mind, she really didn't feel as comfortable playing sex games online with him.

JonD1982: Is something bothering you?

Grocery Girl: Why would you ask that?

JonD1982: I don't know, you just seem a little different tonight.

Grocery Girl: Guess I'm just tired. Maybe I should just call it an early night.

JonD1982: Sure, I hope you feel better.

Come Thursday night, Noemi decided not to log on at all. She just couldn't bring herself to even chat with Jon about everyday things.

"I just need to get back into the real world," she said as she started to understand how people got drawn into this cyber-world.

Carl had promised to let her know about the new job by Monday, so she decided to have one really good last fling with Jim Perez. She didn't feel guilty about the idea that she might soon be breaking it off with him. After all, their relationship hadn't been built on anything more than mutual sexual gratification.

"Yes ... Yes ... Oh Yes!" Noemi shouted as she wrapped her legs tighter around Jim's back and he pressed deeper inside of her. "Fuck me!"

The muscled mechanic was more than happy to grant her wish, ramming his large cock harder into her womanhood. Jim seemed tireless and on a good night he acted like he could go on forever. Making a wish, Noemi hope this was one of those good nights.

"Do it to me, lover," she said into his ear as she kissed it as well. "Give me that big, beautiful cock!"

Jim's reply, as it usually was in times like this, was an unintelligible series of grunts. The lack of response didn't really bother Noemi. If wasn't like she dated Jim for his mind.

As it seldom failed to do, Jim's relentless pumping soon brought the woman beneath him to the edge of orgasm. Noemi closed her eyes, content to let her mind drift and ride the pleasing waves ripping through her quaking body. Experience told her both their climaxes were but moments away.

Jim's arrived with a blast of whiteness within her and an even loader groan. Only a heartbeat before, Noemi's body had shuddered with her own eruption, blotting out all else.

"Oh Jon," she gasped too softly for anyone but her to hear.

Her eyes snapped open when she realized what she had said. Thankfully, Jim was too engrossed in his own climax to notice. Even more worrisome to her was the realization that in the moments just before her orgasm, it was Jon's young body that she imagined on top of and inside her.

Again following his norm, Jim was fast asleep almost as soon as he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back. Leaving Noemi to ponder what she was actually feeling.

She now admitted to herself that what she'd been feeling since actually seeing Jonathan last weekend had been lust. Simple, overwhelming lust, the intensity of which not even Jim's usual diligence in his efforts had been able to quench.

It was strange she thought, to have such feelings for someone she didn't even really know at all. She'd never had thoughts about young men before, at least not since she'd been a young women. Then again, there had never been anyone she'd ever shared her secret fantasies with before either.

It had to be the anonymous nature of the online chat she decided. There was something about it that encouraged you to just let it all hang out. The only question was, what did she now do about it. Like the old saying went, it was a lot harder to get the Genie back in the bottle.

The call from Carl Miller came Monday afternoon. He said he was sorry for making her wait so long for an answer and wished that he could say that the wait had been worth it. Unfortunately, one of the last two candidates was going to get the job. It had been a real close decision, he had assured her, but he had to go with the best choice. It was just business and he hoped she understood that.

Noemi said she did and thanked him for the opportunity to apply, adding all the right things she knew he wanted to hear. After all, it made no sense to burn any bridges. There might be other opportunities in the future.

"Maybe I should've fucked him again after all," she thought as she hung up the phone and sat back in her favorite chair, feeling more than a little sorry for herself.

Turning on the computer and logging on, she found a half dozen emails waiting for her. All had JonD1982 in the sender box. The messages were brief and ranged from; Hi, sorry to have missed you and hope you're feeling ok to Have I done something to offend you? Noemi was still reading the last of them when an instant message flashed onto the screen.

JonD1982: Hello?

Noemi just stared at the screen, not sure if she should answer.

JonD1982: Are you there?

JonD1982: I guess you don't want to talk to me anymore. Whatever I did, I'm sorry. I won't bother you again. Goodbye. :(

Noemi read his words as they spread across the screen. All she had to do was let him think she was mad at him and the problem would solve itself. The best answer was no answer.

Grocery Girl: Wait! I'm here.

JonD1982: Hi Noemi :)

Grocery Girl: I'm not mad at you.

JonD1982: I thought maybe I'd done something wrong.

Grocery Girl: Not at all. I had a little problem this past week, that's all.

JonD1982: Anything I can help you with?

She had to laugh at his offer. Not that he wanted to help, but the image of how he could help her that filled her head.

Grocery Girl: No, nothing that you could do. I had a chance at a new job but it fell through.

JonD1982: I'm sorry.

Grocery Girl: Thank you.

Noemi took a deep breath, then asked the question she'd been dying to ask all week.

Grocery Girl: You work at a Twenty-Four & Seven, right?

JonD1982: Yes

Grocery Girl: Is it the one by East Grove?

JonD1982: How did you know?

Grocery Girl: And you worked last Sunday?

JonD1982: Yes I did.

Grocery Girl: I was one of your customers.

JonD1982: You're kidding.

Grocery Girl: No, I bought a coffee and a Danish. Your friend had to take a break and asked you to take over behind the counter.

JonD1982: I don't remember. It gets real busy Sundays and that was a week ago. I wish you'd told me who you were. The coffee would've been free. :)

Grocery Girl: Just the coffee?

JonD1982: ... and anything else you wanted. :)

Grocery Girl: I thought you were really cute.

JonD1982: (blush)

JonD1982: I'm so mad that I didn't know it was you. I so much would've liked to talk to you for real.

Grocery Girl: Looking back, I regret not introducing myself too.

JonD1982: Maybe we can get together another time. Do you think you'd be coming up this way again anytime soon?

Grocery Girl: How about Friday?

JonD1982: Friday?

Grocery Girl: Are working Friday night?

JonD1982: No, Friday is my night off.

Grocery Girl: That's good.

JonD1982: Good????

Grocery Girl: Well if you were working, we couldn't go out to dinner.

JonD1982: You're kidding...

Grocery Girl: I'm quite serious.

JonD1982: You want me to take you out to dinner?

Grocery Girl: Actually I thought I'd take you. I'm assuming my job pays a little better than the Twenty-Four & Seven.

JonD1982: I can't believe you want to actually go to dinner with me.

Grocery Girl: Why is that so hard. Isn't that what friends do.

JonD1982: :)

Grocery Girl: I'm going to be up that way on business during the day. Do you know a restaurant we can go to? One where you won't mind being seen with an old lady.

JonD1982: You're not old.

Grocery Girl: :)

JonD1982: Mama Maria's on Route 4 is pretty nice.

Grocery Girl: Then Mama Maria's it is. Is 8:00 okay for you? I'll meet you there.

JonD1982: That sounds great :)

Grocery Girl: Then I'll see you Friday night. Unless...

JonD1982: Unless?

Grocery Girl: I was just thinking that if you wanted to, we could talk on the phone for a little while.

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