Witches Dancing at Midnight

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: The coven was in a frenzy of whirling naked flesh. The 13 witches shouted out in ritual incantations. No cocks to be had but plenty to acquire with simple spells that insured abject devotion regardless of beauty or shapely form.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

There was no music in the middle of the forest except for the steady beat of naked feet on the bed of leaves already fallen from the tall trees. Thirteen female bodies twisting in the light of the Harvest Moon with nipples bouncing and pretty bushes all a twitter with a frenzy of the rhythm.

Nikki was feeling the spirit of the master driving her into a frantic gyration that lathered up her flanks and her pretty pussy. The other females were just as carried away by the rays of Mother Moon shining on their naked flesh. Since they were civilized and proper members of society, their clothing was stacked in neat little piles waiting to be donned again before they melted away back into the middle of the herd waiting for the coming of the powerful one to guide their way.

The young serving wench Nikki was bending now in ritual presentation for anal taking even though they had no warlock to consummate their ritual back door sacrifice. This was not a year for the calling of the devil incarnate to wet their human flesh with his sacred seed. That had not happened for nigh on to twenty years and it was unlikely to happen again in Nikki's lifetime. She had heard the rumor that was spread amongst the coven that she was the product of that fateful night but since she didn't feel any sense of devil's blood flowing in her veins so she assumed it was just a fanciful tale to make the young people more aware of the need for secrecy.

They raised their combined thirteen witches voices in the time honored incantation.

"We call on he who unlocks our evil instincts. We call on him to rid our flesh of mundane thoughts of money and family life. Fill us with the power to wield our hidden whips on the innocent and mindless followers of the one whose circle remains unbroken. Make our sisters strong and ply their influence on the so-called leaders of a hypocritical society. Take control of this society with no time for the lost ones of no hope. Make this a place absent a sense of joy in the essence of life."

Nikki was shuddering with emotion and she felt her juices running down the insides of her legs. She was certain it was all in the hysteria of the moment, the darkness of the forest and the fact she had not had a proper cock in months in any of her openings and she was dying for a good pounding of her willing bones. The image of the butcher's son's cock flashed into her brain along with all the other cocks she had licked, sucked and taken into her openings as far back as she could remember. Some were thick and some were long but the most memorable was that of the butcher's son because he was a lad without guile and of simple manner. He followed her instruction and kept to her schedule regarding exact placement and required pace. His mother was beholden to the coven and the often drunk woman offered his cock to stoke their natural needs for the seed of man.

They all fell to the forest floor as if on cue but it was really sheer exhaustion that caused them to collapse like the very leaves from the sheltering trees that helped form their sacred circle. There was no circle of stone here although there were some scattered here and there within a few day's walk.

After they rested and their sweat puddled at their feet, they coupled with each other in dark and terrible finality like empty shells pretending to be alive and normal. They took no joy in the mating and their juices spurted in search of male flesh to lubricate but there were no cocks. It was not a pretty sight for they writhed as if in agony waiting for the horned one to bless their intent. They all knew it was not likely for they were only a minor group of little import in his plan but still they ground their flesh together in hope of finding some solace in the tingle it provided.

The sister of the mayor raised her voice in ageless song in a language forbidden by their unwanted guest oppressors and they all vibrated with the power of the words and repeated them like a litany of prayer to a feared supreme being. There was no joy in their celebration, only breathless whispers of muted dark and deviant incantations handed down from generation to generation by females of their ilk.

The witches of East Reading all pushed their buttocks up to the shining moon in ritual sacrifice of the secrets of their inner cores to be reamed and stretched by the evil one in frenzied chaos at the stroke of midnight.

Nikki joined her older sister Diane in sandwiching the haughty lady of the manor Dame Elizabeth beneath them and they played her flesh like students on a holiday. The proud woman panted and pleaded for respite but the sisters were of a traditional witch's background and they showed her no mercy knowing she wanted to be a full-fledged member of the coven before the next full moon. They worked as a team and soon had the creamy skinned lady spread wide for loving in the light of the moon. The others watched in silent approval and verified her ladyship was adequately pushed into depraved acceptance of the coven's code of sharing.

Before the cock crowed, she had cum three times and then they filled all her holes with a mouth in the front and a mouth in the back and a third one sucking her tongue. Two of the older witch's suckled her nipples and two licked her toes. Both of her hands were buried in dripping pussies sticky with moonlit juice. The remaining three circled the pile and licked random holes with eager passion. Her screams had stopped and all she could muster was a pathetic whimper like an abandoned dog. Her eyes could not focus and her nose dripped her snot like some urchin raised without manners. Her husband, Sir Harold would not recognize her she was that far gone.

Just before the first rays of the morning sun broke over the top of the mountain, they covered their bodies with conventional clothes and scampered away in different directions without wasted words of no import.

Nikki threw buckets of cold water over her head from the well and she did her sister just the same. They shivered in the early morning mist and the steam rose into the cold morning air. Her pussy was sated and that was the truth but she still had an urge to fill it with cock. The coach from the city was due within the hour and she hoped the footmen were of a mind to dally. Strange cock is the best cock so early in the morning when all that matters is the hardness of the shaft and the wetness of the hole. No need for false words or silly pretense at that time of the day. It was merely get on, get off and get back on the road. These traveling folk were all the same always looking over the next hill for something a little bit better than the last.

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