A Willing Accomplice - Show and Tell Comparative Anatomy

by a_student

Copyright┬ę 2014 by a_student

Erotic Sex Story: I got volunteered. One naked guy. Five naked women.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


Note: This stuff must be a work of fiction right? How could anyone remember all the conversations or know exactly what lovers were thinking?

The author recommends reading 'Our Bodies, OurSelves' the product of the non-profit organization www.ourbodiesourselves.org

The next meeting of the Our Bodies Ourselves hands on study group assembled in Susan's room. The afternoon sun poured through the windows all around, on a sunny warm spring afternoon. The room was dominated by a high double bed, lots of light, all spiced by a heady intoxicating mix of female pheromones.

What started simply as taking off a few clothes to 'see better' wound up with every woman completely naked. Naked and touching each other very intimately.

Today, six women meet to share a look at their pussies, compare clits, labia, feel each other's g-spot, experiment with breast exams ... see the differences, the similarities. Get in touch with themselves and each other.

Susan, Charlene, Beth, Katie, and Allyson all share a house. Several of the women are committed lesbians but most are hetro or omnivorous bi-sexuals.

Susan is my 25 yr old intimate woman friend. Charlene is 27 yr old divorcee, a skinny young Beth Steinem look alike. Susan confessed to me that she had sex with Charlene. The two of them figured out how to make up with me. They tag team fucked me to limpness. (But that's a different story.)

Beth is a 28 yr old accounting grad student between hetro lovers. Katie is 23 an athletic mid-western girl-next-door beauty. Her gyrlfriend Allyson is a 22 yr old cover girl model beautiful J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess). They have been a couple since Allyson came on to Katie in the swimming pool locker room. Katie couldn't keep her eyes off tiny Allyson as she stripped seductively. The epic conquest gets retold often.

Julie/Jules is an indeterminate aged tough self proclaimed butchy dyke feminist studies major. She's got a muscular hot body and hides a pretty face behind punk hair and snarly attitude. Sometimes Julie brings her submissive girlfriend Amie, but today Amie was working.

Allyson and Jules are up on the bed with their legs spread. They each have a speculum inserted in their vaginas so the other women can see. The space is limited and their knees freely touch. The four others stand at the side of the bed and lean over inspecting.

The lookers lean in, propped on elbows, bodies pressed against one another. Charlene stands close behind Susan who surreptitiously runs her fingers between Chars cunt lips. Nothing overt is seen by the others, so they think.

Susan had inserted the speculum into Allyson. Katie is holding the mirror so that Julie can see into her own dilated vagina. They are comparing folds and tissue shapes between the two women highlighted with a flashlight.

Allyson is small and pale with shaved legs and bikini trim. Julie has strong athletic legs and large inner labia that stick out of her furry mound even when un-aroused. This afternoon, between her wide spread hairy legs it's obvious she is aroused. Especially aroused because she is between Allyson and Katie; touched intimately by both. The trio have scratched that itch after the OBOS meetings. She can hardly wait to do it again.

Beth's itching for penetration as she suggests, "If clits and penises are similar, we ought to get a man in here, to compare. Like we share. Where do we get one that won't be a problem? One we can control." Visions of dicks flood her mind, flood her pussy.

Susan looks at Charlene who asks, "Would you ask Dave to join us? Would that be OK?"

Susan laughed, saying, "You guys would never get to see his dick soft, that's for sure."

Beth thinks out loud, "I could try to make it soft."

"Would he be safe?" asked Allyson.

"I think I could protect him from you." answered Susan. "But I'm not sure about protecting him from Beth." She laughed.

"OK," said the gyrls, "but no touching."

Susan smirked, "I can handle that. I don't think he will agree to get naked in front of you unless everyone in the room is naked too, just like we usually are. Is that OK?"

Charlene says, "If you don't want to get naked with him, don't expect to get to see. Just don't come that day. OK?" Charlene is more worried about having too many women show up. Though Jules may proclaim her lesbian purity, Char knows she used to be a band groupie. She's had her share of dick. Got to be a story or two there.

They decide to call a special meeting. The group will again use Susan's bed because the light in her room is so good. And she's bringing the man.

Once asked, I could not be kept away. I was HARD for days in anticipation. Their invitation included some get comfortable time before the clothes were to come off. I brought a joint to pass. The rules were explained. Everyone will take off their own clothes. No uninvited touching. Time limit one hour.

After the hour we will take our clothes and withdraw to separate rooms.

Allyson stuck her finger in my face, "OK, you know the rules? Right?"

I mocked biting at her finger saying, "Yeah, I got the rules. We all strip. Katie and I will be on the bed side by side for comparison. I get to look at everyone and everything. Same for you all."

"But no touching!" Growled Allyson, the pint sized enforcer.

"Yeah, Yeah, Susan or I move what needs to be moved. I keep hands off. You can touch me if you want, but I get to touch you back."

"That won't ever happen." snarled Jules, but held a slightly wistful look after she said it.

They all agreed. After the spliff (large doobie) is done we undressed. Floor space is very limited and the seven of us are very close together as we undress.

The no touching rule is widely violated. Bodies bump and brush as the clothes come off. We two subjects took our positions on the bed. Long before the clothes come off I had a THROBING BONER.

I'm beyond thinking. There isn't an ugly woman in the room. Well, maybe Jules isn't so appealing but that's mostly attitude. My vision spans a panorama of desirable naked tits and pussies. Up on the bed, Allyson lubed Katie with KY before expertly inserting the speculum.

'Oh Fuck.' I think, watching Allyson at work, 'I'm gonna blow a nut just watching, before Susan even touches me.'

Susan arranges me on my back next to Katie, with legs spread, knees over the edge of the bed. Susan has her pussy mound rubbing against my right knee. Charlene is behind Susan's back to her right. Susan holds my cock shaft possessively in her left hand. Charlene spread a little KY in Susan's free hand which strangely wound up smeared all over my dick. The stimulation both visual and tactile are driving me crazy with cum lust. Susan points out the various parts: corona, urethra, scrotum, testicles. Sliding her pointing fingertip sensuously slides over the most sensitive parts of my body.

"Wait a minute." bellowed Jules, "You forgot to point out the asshole, every cock's got an asshole attached." the women giggled. "Oh, you mean this?" said Susan, poking her slippery index finger deeply up against my prostate. My eyes bulged in surprise as my already hair trigger cock got ready to burp a bunch of spermies.

Susan fisted my cock tightly trying to distract me with a little pain. The glans is swollen fat and wide, the skin stretched tight, shining with tension and a little KY, bulging beyond the shaft. Susan points out the frenulum, the little strip of skin heading down the underside of my cock from the piss slit spreading down over the urethra. Her fingertip tickled me eliciting an almost impossible further swelling of my cockhead.

Allyson spreads Katie's labia and they search for a similar pattern between her clit and urethra.

"Look, look, I see it," says Jules rubbing over Kate's clit with her pointing finger, "It's like a little dick, just spread out. Or maybe a dicks just a great big misshapen clit. Yeah, that's it."

"I want to see." "Let me see," Katie and I both chorus. Excitedly, we both lean together for a better look at the other and bonk both head and shoulders.

Allyson growls jealously, "No touching". The sight of all these women plus the forbidden touch of a man has Katie's always horny sex drive at a full howl. Her pulsing clit stands proud above fatly swollen pudenda laid wide by the intrusive speculum.

With each anatomical point Allyson flexes Katie's parts searching for the equivalent.

Allyson pulls the hood back on Katie's clit and her pink pearl peaks out proudly from between the folds. "That's like the foreskin, too bad Dave is circumcised, I would like to see what it looks like."

Katie's pee hole is identified, the slit of Dave's cock is spread to compare the insides of their urethra. Katie's excitement drips from her sex making a little river down onto the towel below.

Susan spreads the piss slot showing the glistening walls of the urethra. "Kinda looks like the lining of a vagina, Huh?"

"Be gentle" I caution, "that's sensitive."

The women lean in for a closer look, swinging titties dance in my vision. Long dangling hair and several verboten nipples graze my leg.

Allyson spreads Katie's pee hole to see it opens the same way. Before she releases the woman's folds Allyson swipes her knuckle up Katie's perineum to collect a creamy drop of excitement. Katie groans with the touch. Collecting a finger of girl cream, Allyson shows the treasure to her audience. Slowly she moved her hand to her mouth for a long humming suck of the taste from her finger.

Susan points out the bulge of my urethra along the underside and says, "You can feel the sperm shoot out of his dick through here when he cums. If you squeeze it real tight you can hold the cum back for a moment, it makes him crazy." At the moment I'm plenty crazy, already.

Next the balls are examined. Susan pulls on my scrotum to demonstrate the elasticity of my ball sack.

She gently circles a testicle in the scrotum making it bulge the skin.

"Careful, now that is very tender." I pant.

Ignoring me, Susan continued stretching the loose skin way out to show the hidden shape of my ball "Each ball is connected by the sperm duct through my prostate to the urethra. Little muscles pull 'em up when he gets excited or cold. They really flop around when he gets going. I love the way they hit my clit when we fuck." The girl has no sense of TMI.

My face was deep red as the women examined the family jewels.

"Wow, that skin is like a nipple," gasps Katie.

"I think labia minora look like my ball sack, kind of soft and wrinkly. You can even stretch them out." Allyson watched me pull my scrotum skin then stretched Katie's inner lips until Katie whacked her up the side of her head.

Allyson ignored her continuing, "Katie's lips are small. Jules, you have the biggest lips I've ever seen they stick out all the time."

Jules puts one leg up on the bed spreading her crotch lips to show everyone her glory.

I'm propped up on my arms watching everything. Katie has her back and head resting on pillows. She uses her hands to pull her legs wide. Her knee bumps my leg as she spreads over the bed.

The two subjects have the most difficult point of view. We are constantly asking for the hand mirror to get a better look at each other.

The womyn are all over Katie. She has Allyson rubbing against one leg and Jules against her other. Allyson can't help but touch me with her thigh. The women lean in to see and lay against one another. There ain't no such thing as no touching.

"You can feel his prostate if you stick a finger up his ass." says Susan, pressing a slick finger in between my ass cheeks. With that intrusion, my knees jerked wide and I raised up on my heels and shoulders.

"Do that much more now and I'm gonna shoot big-time." I groan. Susan relented settling for a light teasing of my butthole. Resulting in more of my tortured groans.

When Katie turned to look at me her legs drop down over the edge of the bed. But you cannot see much of her crotch with her legs over the edge of the bed. When it's her turn to show off, she scoots back to get her heels up so she can spread her knees out flat on the bed.

Katie and I can't help but bump knees, legs and arms against each other. We wind up overlapping with bodies pressed together as the bed sags or we lean in for a look. The intimacy is exciting. The presence of a MAN in the room heightens the sexual tension of desire even among the lesbians. The complex sexual fires of desire add more heat to the room.

Susan keeps a well oiled sliding hold on my rock hard dick. My glans are swollen to almost twice the size of the shaft, my urethra swells out sharply from the shaft, veins pop-up all over. No showing my little pussy today. She is simply torturing me with her open sexual tease. It has me quivering with excitement yet holding just short of ecstasy. Every time her well tuned lover's radar thinks I'm close to orgasm, she crimps it off with a painful squeeze on my corona.

Charlene has a good view but wants more, She has taken a second row position leaning into Susan's back. Charlene's nipples push through Susan's long pony tail. She tickles her breasts in Susan's hair, leaning into Susan's shoulder, pressed close. Susan captures Charlene's breast between her upper arm and her side nipping it in a broad but gentle press. Charlene's bush rubs against Susan's buns as her hand sneaks strokes along her hip.

Feeling up Susan's ass she whispers in her ear, "I need a fuck so bad..." Charlene wants to touch my dick, to stick a finger in Susan.

"Just Wait," whispers Susan as she cups Charlene's pudenda to slide a finger between her lips. Susan's hand is hidden between their bodies. Susan thinks no one can see the finger play. They think no one knows about last Saturday. Fact is, everyone knows about last Saturday. Even the lesbians want to see the dick that made Charlene so happy.

Katie says "I want to touch it. See what it feels like. It looks so hard."

"Gyrlfriend," Allyson growls "no touching." Katie whined.

I just smiled and said, "Turn-about is fair play, no touch for me, no touch for you."

The mixed perfume of six hot female sexes is in the air. The hour is up too soon. We could have gone on exploring for days, but the stupid no touching rule seems to rule out orgasms. The group rapidly dissolves as couples head for privacy.

Charlene stayed with Susan and I. Beth split for 'work', so she said. Jules headed out to meet Amie. Katie and Allyson retreated to their room. We closed the door.

"That was hot, but now to get hotter." I said. "I don't think I could have taken any more."

We each needed to cum, but we want it right. The heat's been building for an hour or more. Each of us is primed for explosive sex. Susan has been sandwiched between Charlene and I manipulating one, stroked by the other. Charlene is inflamed, her nipples have played in Susan's hair, her pubis brushing Susan's buns, her hands all over her. Susan has made little finger slips up her slit in direct contact with her clit. The sights and anticipation has her twitch very itchy, in need of a long deep scratch.

I'm horny beyond belief. An hour naked in front of six naked women has my boner as big as it's ever been.

Several times I felt near spontaneous explosive ejaculation. Now the hardon is set like concrete.

We all need it bad.

"Poor boy, you need to cum. Let's get it over with so you can get hard again and fuck us both." said Charlene.

Susan has kept a hold on my cock shaft while the group departed. The head is flared fat beyond her grip. She slowly jacks a slick fist, squeezing over the corona. As soon as the door was shut, she bent down to lick a pearl of pre-cum from my cocktip.


She opened wide to take me inside her mouth, circling the head with her tongue

Charlene said, "I want to take his cum." bumping Susan out of the way she throws a lip lock on my dick head.

Sucking hard, she jacks my cock with her slick hand an inch, once, twice, thrice. I swelled in one final throb getting ready to blast a jet of cum into her mouth.

My breath caught loudly as my balls clench. I grunted out a powerful, "Ahhrgh" as the jism jetted.

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