A Tale of Three Virgins

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: Old world style fable of 3 sisters with fixations on armpits, feet, and backsides. They discover the wonderful world of vaginas courtesy of a dashing knight called Lance.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

There is a small village at the fork of the longest running river in the lands of the Germanic people that has never attracted any notoriety either good or bad for any known fact or circumstance of interest to civilized man.

The fast running waters of this river are notoriously free of pollution or contamination of any sort and the fish caught by skilled fisher folk along the dusty trails are tastier by far than fish caught from the nearby sea.

A still attractive widow lady with freely displayed bosom of noteworthy dimension lived at the edge of the village right next to the new-fangled railway that brought the village folk to the city for employment and shopping beyond the scope of a small village wares.

The widow was called Greta and she was well-respected for never lifting her skirts to any male but her dear departed husband Otto who was reputed to have a cock big enough to satisfy a country-girl wife. In recent days dear Greta was hauling around a sizable amount of added weight due to her love of baking all kinds of delicious treats which always required proper testing no matter the time of day or night.

She had three beautiful daughters.

The eldest was Heidi Marie with golden tresses and a bosom equal to her mother. Heidi was a cute girl and had an amusing lisp that made her sound much younger than her twenty years. Boys were attracted to Heidi because she was a bit simple in her attitude and was never known to refuse any reasonable request. Her special secret that only her mother and two sisters knew was that she was totally addicted to the touch of male fingers and cocks in the hairy recesses of her French perfume scented armpits and kept her slit aloof from masculine investigation. An adventure in her armpits would lead to giggles shouts and more often than not a very satisfying orgasm for Heidi.

The middle sister was called Hilda and she was a very sensible girl indeed. She kept her straight black hair short and allowed bangs to come down and partially cover her striking hazel eyes. She had been a bit plump when she was younger but now that she was nineteen, her figure was truly an hour-glass to be envied by females less fortunate than she. She did have a weakness for men but only if they were of a certain age. She found boys to be a bore and liked the company of middle-aged males and it made no difference it they were married or not. She too had a secret about her sensuality that was only known by her immediate family members. Hilda was equally as opposed to male interference with her feminine slit like her sister Heidi and preferred that they make love with their fingers, cock or tongue only to her feet from the ankles on down. She was driven into frenzies of excitement when any part of her toes, instep or heel were licked, kissed or rubbed by a middle-aged man with a decent erection. She was able to find several candidates with just such an interest willing to forego her sweet slit for a chance at her feet. Her sister Heidi decorated her toe-nails with pretty patterns and erotic shades to help interested males with their erections. In return, she would massage and keep her sister's armpits in peak condition when required.

The third and last sister was eighteen year old Katya who was a tease of the worse sort willing to bend over for any male with a cock of at least six inches in length. That was her minimum standard and she refused to waver from it as a matter of principle. Katya was also averse to receiving male cocks into her female slit because her mother had instilled the sense of never allowing such liberties until they were married. She did allow cocks to be buried in her tight rear door and would take them on the bed, on the floor and even standing up against a wall.

Katya had freely flowing long blonde hair like her sister Heidi but she liked to put it up in pig-tails to keep it away from her face and eyes. Her other reason for the pig-tails was because she liked for boys to pull on them rather hard when they were digging their cocks into her sphincter from behind. It never failed to bring her to a swift orgasm as she role-played a girl being taken against her will. The simple fact was that one could never find a more willing girl in such matters than Katya who valued a stiff cock in the ass more than anything else she could think of.

These three sisters were, of course, still virgins in every technical sense of the word. Virgins in this region were fairly few and far between over the age of eighteen and they were said to be either witches for females with a yen for copulation with others of their own gender.

This peaceful scene was complicated by the fact that their selected suitors were dissatisfied with their intended's target of anatomy for designated copulation.

Heidi's gentleman called Oscar was a budding artist with a domineering mother at home who questioned him on every move he made with Heidi no matter how intimate and personal. She constantly ridiculed him on his acceptance of her armpit as the receptacle for his manly juices telling him he would "never give her a grandchild" being so foolish. Oscar was an easygoing sort of fellow and he was quite happy with the squirming Heidi's armpit with its attendant hairy nest and like the fact she had not only one but two of them and he could switch from one to the other when he tired of the one he was pumping. He also enjoyed the wonderful aroma that she cast off when it was wetted with his juice. At his mother's insistence, he began a campaign of laying a siege at her rear door since he was well aware her sister took it up there on a regular basis. He figured if it was good enough for one sister it should certainly be fine with another.

When his beloved Heidi refused to accommodate his desire to shove his dick up her backside, he propositioned the willing Katya to bend over for his insertion because his young cock was much more vigorous than the six inch and over dicks she shuffled like a deck of playing cards. Eventually, she saw the wisdom of his logic and they began an affair behind Heidi's back but he considered it not disloyal because he was not fooling around with any other girl's armpits.

The common sense sister Hilda was happy with her little group of middle-aged males who constantly creamed her feet and toes with their man-juices and ardently humped her soles and heels with depraved frenzy. Sometimes she even allowed two of them to do her feet at the same time. It was a tempting threesome that tickled her twat with lingering sensations and complete satisfaction at her foot loving entourage's attentions.

Since nothing ever stays the same, several of her middle-aged Lotharios prevailed on her to offer them solace with either her bouncy bum or her hairy armpits like her sisters but she insisted on remaining a "foot and toe" girl only.

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