The Honeymoon of Sarah and Greg: Days 4 - 8

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotic Sex Story: Story to Date: Sarah is a woman in all respects except one, she was born with a penis. S&G fell deeply in love, moved in together, and married. One thing they learned about themselves is that they enjoy trying new things sexually and exhibitionism. They are now on their honeymoon in Hawaii. On their honeymoon, they meet Lisa and Mark at a swinger's party, where S&G engaged in sex in front of others. They have invited Lisa (and Mark) over for an evening of fun on Thursday.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Shemale   Fiction   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

On Wednesday morning, Sarah woke up an hour before Greg and was reading in bed when he opened his eyes. Since they did not have a specific schedule, they had not set the alarm. They kissed to say good morning.

Greg got out of bed and walked around to head to the bathroom. He was standing there naked, talking to Sarah about their plans for the day. As his alertness increased, he thought about what they would be doing, and his cock swelled some. Sarah noticed and said, "Hey, save that for later."

Greg leaned over to kiss her and then said, "It is difficult not to be hard when you're near." They kissed again, and Greg went to the bathroom to get ready.

By the time he was out, Sarah was dressed (wearing a white cotton, buttoned blouse; white cotton bra; a light blue, mid-calf length skirt; silk panties – because she likes the way they feel with the glide across her cock; and open toed, low heel, white pumps) and reading again. Greg dressed but was lost in thought with a look on his face like he had been mulling over a puzzle in the bathroom. Sarah noticed, put her book down, and asked, "What is it?"

Greg looked at her even more confused until he realized that she was reading his face. "Oh!" he said as he realized why she asked him that question. "Something I've been wondering about." Sarah was very attentive, so he continued, "I really enjoy fucking you." He paused and corrected himself, "It's more than fucking you, it's making love to you."

Sarah nodded and reciprocated, "I know. And I really enjoy making love to you ... and fucking you." She smiled thinking about the numerous hard core sessions they've had together.

"But," he continued, "when I'm near you, I usually want to take you right there. And as we are getting bolder, is there a point at which we say that we will not go that far." He thought for a moment and added, "Yes, of course there are things we will never do. But how many things which are taboo to us right now, will no longer be taboo five, ten, fifteen years from now?"

Sarah shook her head, "I don't know dear. I'd like to think that if we truly go too far, that one of us will bring us back to reason."

Greg replied, "I'd like to think so, but suppose we're sex addicts." Sarah thought for a moment about that idea. He continued, "My understanding of sex addicts is that the sex controls their lives. They go anywhere for sex. But suppose we are both sex addicts, then we don't have to go anywhere; we have each other." He looked at his beautiful bride lusting after her. "Think about yesterday. We had planned to abstain to help us prepare for today. Yet we still had sex." He paused and very seriously asked, "Do we have a problem?"

Sarah thought hard about this and offered a possible answer, "I don't think we do. We are sexual beings, and what makes it great with us, what makes us want more, is that we are in love. I'm not feeling the need to fuck just anyone. I want to fuck you."

Greg interjected, "and Lisa?"

This made Sarah pause. "I think there is a huge difference in having fun and having a problem." She thought some more. "We haven't lost any jobs or blown our money. We still have a place to live, and we have more friends now than we had two years ago. I think if we were addicts, we would be in a far worse spot if we looked at it objectively."

This satisfied Greg. "Thanks. I just needed to talk it out. I agree with you, but it might be something that we revisit upon occasion." Sarah nodded in agreement.

He finished getting dressed, packed a shoulder bag of things they might need, and they left for a mini-day of exploration.

An hour later they were at the state park and walking to the first location for the day's sexual adventure.

Once there, they found a small little area which offered privacy with a possibility of being discovered. They pulled a blanket out of the shoulder bag and laid it on the ground. They took their shoes off and stood on the blanket and soon were french kissing with their arms wrapped around each other. As their tongues touched, flitted across each other, and explored, they slowly lowered themselves to the ground. They paused their kissing when they got on their knees, and then proceeded to lie down, with Greg on the bottom and Sarah on top of him.

Now they were secure, they went back to kissing as he started to explored her clothed body with his hands. He moved his hands slowly from her thighs to her cheeks, enjoying what he knew lay below his fingertips. She moved to let his hands roam over her body as she would slide and gyrate on top of his, pressing various body parts into him, letting him know that she was a willing participant in this sexual adventure.

He slipped one hand under the waistband of her skirt and panties and massaged her ass. As he worked his hand on her rear, he caused her panties to start to rub on her cock – more than it already was rubbing, and her cock responded by pressing back on the silk material. They lay on the blanket, still not exposing anything to a stray passerby, even though it was obvious where they were heading, but they could not hide certain body parts forever.

As he played with her ass, she arched her back, which pressed her swelling cock onto her panties, her skirt, his pants, and then onto his own swelling cock. Her arching also brought her breasts jutting out towards his face. He smiled with approval. With his free hand, he reached up and rubbed against her blouse trying to find her nipple. It wasn't long before he identified the spot by the slightly raised protrusion through her bra and blouse, as well as by the quick intake of breath when his thumb rubbed across it.

Once identified, he spent a minute massaging the protrusion and pinching it as best as he could through her clothes. Given the layers, it was more a tease than foreplay. She responded well anyway – partly because she felt the sensation run through her body, and partly because she knew that either she would be inside her husband soon or he would be inside her. The expectation made her even hornier.

Greg continued to massage her ass and play with her nipples, feeling his own excitement grow as she rubbed her cock over his. He occasionally would put his hand on the back of her head lowering it so he could kiss her again.

They continued teasing each other for a while, building the anticipation and the arousal. They both had to adjust themselves at some point, because their cocks were hurting under the forced bending. Once their cocks were straightened, they continued the teasing and foreplay for another ten minutes.

With his love moving on top of him, grinding against his aroused cock, he began to feel the cum swelling. His breathing became more irregular until he realized at the rate they were going, he would cum before she ever actually touched his shaft.

He pushed up on her, lifting her torso off him. She was expecting him to play with her breasts again, but he started to sit up, forcing her backwards onto her knees between his legs. She looked at him wondering what he was planning next. Greg explained quietly, "Sorry honey, you were making my cock feel really good. Another few minutes, and I would have creamed my pants."

Sarah smiled an impish grin and debated whether to bring his prediction to fruition. Greg saw the look and knew what she was considering. He was about to say something when she said, "Don't worry Greg. I've decided that I would be disappointed if I didn't see or feel you cum."

Greg leaned forward from his sitting position and grabbed Sarah, bringing her close. He kissed her as her right hand moved down to massage his cock through his pants. She then, worked the hand under the clothing, until she could feel the head of his cock with her fingertips. As she caressed the head, Greg pushed his tongue farther into her mouth. She sucked hungrily.

Then she pulled back and held up her hand for him to be quiet. He was about to speak, when she put her fingers on his mouth and whispered, "I think I hear someone coming."

Greg thought about whispering back, "That might be me," but knew she said 'coming' not 'cumming'.

They listened carefully, and she was right. There was a family of four approaching, looking for a nice picnic spot. The father commented that there looked like a clearing up ahead. Greg and Sarah both were on the verge of laughing as they imagined the looks on the family's faces if the four family members ventured into the clearing where they were. However, the family kept walking, and soon after, Greg and Sarah were kissing again.

As he kissed her and played with her tits and ass, her randiness increased greatly. She so wanted to feel him inside her. She held back as long as she could, but when the urge struck her, she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and seeing he had nothing underneath them, quickly pulled them to halfway down his thighs, letting his hard cock out. She then straddled his waist and lowered her ass down onto his waiting cock. When the penetration felt some resistance, she stopped lowering herself, leaned over, and grabbed the day pack. She found the lubricant and applied some to the head of his cock and her hole. Once prepared, she lowered herself again, moaning as his shaft entered.

She loved the feeling of him inside, and this was from more than just the physical feeling. She felt his love, his support, his sensuality, and his essence during this. She wondered briefly if it would ever end, but soon went back to living in the moment.

She started to ride him, working her ass muscles to stroke his cock, moving her hips so the head of his cock hit her prostate and so her own cock would rub against his abdomen under his shirt. They were both nearing ecstasy, when she stopped again, with her hand up on his mouth.

More tourists were approaching. Greg was feeling nervous about trying to explain their current position, but the thought of being caught kept him hard. After a minute, the group passed their position, and Sarah went back to gyrating her hips.

Both of them were feeling really good. He again felt the cum swelling; Sarah picked up on the clues and knew he was nearing orgasm. She thought about her options and took him closer to the edge. About thirty seconds before he would have cum, she dismounted him. Before he had a chance to react, she moved back, bent over, and quickly took his cock into her mouth. It didn't take long with her talented tongue, before he shot his creamy load into her mouth. Out of habit she swallowed the first spurt, but she held back from swallowing more. When his cock stopped throbbing, she lifted her head, and raised her body to kiss him.

He wasn't expecting it, but he took it in stride as she kissed him passionately and passed his cum into his mouth. He was thinking she wanted it passed back, but after she had given him this present, she pulled back, lifted her skirt and whispered, "Some lubricant for my cock."

Greg leaned forward as she pulled her skirt over his head and he took her stiff cock into his mouth. With this smooth mixture, he sucked on her cock, making sure that it was completely covered in his cum and saliva. He continued to suck, hoping to taste her cum, but she had another idea. When her cock was sliding effortlessly in and out of his mouth, she pulled her hips back, and told Greg, "Stand up leaning against the tree."

He stood and faced the tree. His pants slid down some more. Sarah approached him from behind and slid her well lubricated cock into his ass. Greg worked his ass muscles, tightening the grip on her shaft, but it has so much cum, his ass didn't grip it much, but just applied pressure.

She shoved it in and out rapidly. Both of them moaned as she felt the cum swell in her testicles. To finish herself off, she pushed her cock into his ass as far as she could a few more times, and then in one final push, exploded deep inside him. He felt her cum shooting inside him and her cock pulsing with each release. She went in and out a few more times, letting his ass milk the last of her cum. When it stopped throbbing, she lean against his back, hugging him from behind and pressing her breasts into the small of his back. He stood there, his arms against the tree, enjoying the close feeling of her embrace.

She put her hand under his ass as she withdrew her cock from him. She caught the first leakage, but soon was on her knees, licking up the additional cum from his ass. When she seemed done, Greg turned around and knelt down in front of her. She lifted her cum covered hand, and presented it to him. He licked her hand clean, sucking gently and lovingly on each finger.

They hugged and then got themselves presentable again. As a final check, they inspected each other. She wiped a little cum off his chin, and he found a dribble of cum and saliva on her neck, which he proceeded to lick up. Once passing this personal inspection, they silently packed up the rest of the gear smiling wide the whole time.

They left their first location, holding hands, with her head leaning against his shoulder. When they got back to the car, they kissed again, and headed back to the hotel to get a more substantial bite to eat and clean up for round two that afternoon.

Lunch was through room service. They ate a light lunch, followed by a short nap while snuggling. After resting, they cleaned themselves inside and out and went off to find the second location.

This location was a lot like the first, but in a different part of the island, and once there, they soon felt comfortable enough to kiss and to grope each other.

Greg sat on the blanket with his legs stretched out, and Sarah sat on his thighs, her ass almost touching the blanket between his legs. They kissed as he played with her ass and breasts while she wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her genitals against his. Soon they were wanting to fuck each other with wild abandon, but they were aware (although how much depended on the moment) that they were in a public park so they could not make as much noise as they wanted.

Greg felt his cock straining against his pants and moved Sarah so he could readjust. She stopped his hand and smiled. She then reached down, undid his pants buckle, unzipped him, and since he was not wearing anything else, pulled his cock up into the air. She then massaged it slowly, using her fingertips to caress the shaft and head. He leaned back onto his elbows, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the sensation. She acted like she did not care whether it felt good to him or not, as she became so focused on what she wanted to do.

She lightly brought her fingertips from both hands up the sides of his cock from the base to the glans and back, watching his cock get harder with each stroke and feeling her own cock stiffening as she watched. When she saw his cock twitch at the slight touch on its head, she leaned over and kissed the tip. She extended her tongue slowly and let it tease him. He breathed noticeably as she did this. She used her hand only a few more times, watching his cock move quickly when she got to a few very sensitive places.

Her fingers moved slowly and carefully, as she controlled his cock's actions like she were its master. After a few minutes of this very slow tease, she saw a drop of pre-cum appear at the tip. She leaned over, licked it up, enjoying the sweet stickiness. She caressed him slower to keep him from erupting sooner than she wanted. This was inflaming Greg's libido, causing him to fantasize about throwing her down on the blanket and fucking her without a care about who hears them or sees them, but his brain managed to hold him in check and not to disrupt his wife.

Sarah knew her husband and how long she could work him like this. She continued the slow tease, licking up the subsequent clear drops of pre-cum. Then she stopped caressing his cock. She just held his staff still, seeing it swelled as large as she had ever seen it. He was so on the verge of shooting all over the both of them.

Greg was very quiet, letting her to make the next move. She gently let his cock lay down, and she scooted forward until her balls were against his cock. She moved slowly against it, not wanting it to spurt, yet. She lifted herself, letting her testicles rub up the shaft, putting another drop of pre-cum at the hole. She reached down, and with one finger, spread the drop over the head. When a second drop appeared, she lifted her ass over his cock head, reached down, positioned his cock, and lowered herself down onto his pole.

She lowered herself very slowly, feeling her hole spread apart as the head entered. She moved with the speed of a demolitions expert, knowing that any sudden movement would cause it to go off. Once the head and a little of the shaft was inside her, she quickly dropped her body down until his cock was engulfed to the hilt. However, before it was fully inside her, he was shooting his load into her. His release was not the strongest or most bountiful, but it was one of the most gratifying releases of his life.

She bounced a few more times sending him into an ecstatic bliss. Since feeling Greg cumming inside her ass is such a turn-on for her, Sarah thought about just finishing herself off while still feeling him inside her, but she opted for her original plan. When he was finished shooting, she stayed on his cock for a moment, leaned forward slightly, and pushed him on his shoulders to get him to lie onto his back. When he was on his back, she dismounted him, turned, and pressed her ass down on his mouth, as she leaned over, to suck the dripped juices off his now limp penis. As he licked up his cum from her ass, she cleaned him up well, not swallowing his cum, but savoring it.

When they were both done, she leaned over the edge of the blanket, and dripped his cum from her mouth onto the ground. Greg sat up to watch, his hands on the blanket for support. When she had released what she had, she went back to her husband, sat on his outstretched legs again, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. That sat there necking for minute, concentrating on their kiss and not on other things they could be doing at that moment. When they finished, it was her turn to feel the bliss.

Taking the lead from his wife, Greg slowed his intended actions down. He pushed her back so she was more upright, allowing enough of a gap between them. He reached down and very slowly rubbed the bulge under her skirt. He took his time with it, moving his fingers tips up one side and down the other. After a few strokes, he could make out, when he rubbed just the right way, the edge of the glans.

Meanwhile, Sarah leaned back, pivoting her hands to the blanket to support herself. Her long brown hair hung loosely behind her, almost touching his legs. With her in this position, Greg reached with his other hand and slowly worked his fingers around her chest, searching for the spot where her nipples were. He found them and let his fingers dance around and through the area until her nipples' protrusions could be seen through her blouse.

He wanted to strip her and bring her to orgasm, but the tease seemed deliciously appropriate. In addition to the revenge, he also found a great deal of joy watching her be pleasured. Her smile, her closed eyes, her breathing, and the disruptions to the lines of the clothing all told him that she was enjoying what he was doing.

After ten minutes of the slow tease, Greg stroked her skirt bulge faster. Her breathing reflected this change. After a minute, she sat up, freeing her hands, and then reached down to lift her skirt so that he could have better access. Greg moved his hand to stop her. She tried a second time, but he stopped it again.

She looked at her husband very frustrated and said, "Greg, I want to feel you touching me." Greg just smiled and kept rubbing her nipples and cock through her clothing. She looked at him again, and whispered as seductively as she could, "Greg, I want to feel your hand on my cock." Greg just smiled and continued rubbing.

She was so incredibly horny, and he was not helping her finish it. This back and forth went on for another few minutes. She was debating jumping off him and jerking off, but she wanted her husband to be a part of it. He just smiled.

She started to make motions to move away, but he sensed it and pulled her closer. She knew she could get away if she wanted but played along with his plan. Her moaning started to increase in volume, until she remembered where they were and suppressed some of the noise.

He started to rub her bulge faster still. He then worked his other hand under her blouse and started massaging and pinching her nipples through direct contact. She looked like she was about to cum. Her breathing became shallower, and anyone passing by would have heard her breathing, but there was less danger of people coming too near, since she sounded more primal – like an animal.

Greg knew his wife and how long he had before she would cum with this technique. He kept up the tease, and although she would never admit it, she was loving it.

He sensed she was nearing climax, so he prepared for the final phase. He started moving his legs and his circulation returned quickly. He then pulled his legs out from under her, throwing her off balance. He quickly got an arm around her and caught her before she fell, and then gently lowered her onto her back. He pulled her skirt up, revealing that she didn't have any panties on, and leaned over, taking her cock into his mouth quickly and efficiently. She blew her load shortly after he had her whole cock in his mouth.

He swallowed the first load, but not all of the next few spurts. When she finished, he lifted his head off her cock, moved to the edge of the blanket and let some of her cum mix with some of his on the ground. After he released about the same amount as she had released, he swallowed the rest.

She was still lying on her back. He crawled beside her and kissed her. They exchanged fluids once more, not caring if anyone came upon them at that moment – but no one did.

The rejoiced in the love they shared and in the common expression of mixing their seed with the Earth. They knew nothing would grow, but they liked the symbolism of it. After a few minutes, they hugged and then started to clean up and to pack.

When finished, they walked hand in hand back to the car. They drove back the long way, enjoying their time together with no one else. When they returned to the hotel room, they order room service and dined in, talking about their past and future adventures. They smiled a lot because they couldn't help it. After dinner, they got clean together, but didn't feel the need to spoil the sensuality of it with sex. Afterward, they snuggled in bed and fell asleep until morning.


At 7:30 AM on a breezy Thursday morning, Greg's alarm went off as usual.

Like on most of the days so far, they hung out with Robert and Nancy. Sarah and Greg talked about their sight seeing leaving out the more graphic details, and Robert and Nancy talked about what Sarah and Greg missed on the tour. The New Yorkers spoke as it was the wrong day to miss, but they had some idea of what Sarah and Greg were doing and wished they could have gone on a similar excursion.

Despite the day apart and the dreams of things not done, both couples had a lot of fun this day.

When they returned to the hotel, Nancy asked Sarah and Greg if they wanted to have dinner with them. Sarah replied, "We would love to, but we have other plans, again. However, it is the last night we have any specific plans." She paused thinking about the itinerary. "We have the luau tomorrow night, and we definitely want to have dinner with you two on Saturday, our last night here."

Nancy was a little disappointed, but was excited to be able to have dinner with their new friends the following two nights. The two couples parted and returned to their respective rooms.

When it was close to 6 PM, Sarah and Greg were having second thoughts, but they knew it would incredibly rude to cancel everything. They could at least have dinner with Lisa and Mark.

Greg was wearing jeans and had just finished buttoning his casual dress shirt, which hung nicely untucked on his body, when there was a knock at the door. With a deep breath, Greg went over and opened the door. He was greeted by Lisa and Mark, both acting very friendly. This relaxed Greg enough for him to say, "Welcome and come on in." He pulled his bare toes back out of habit as the guests walked past. He hugged Lisa as she passed and shook Mark's hand.

Sarah came out of the bathroom, wearing an off-white, wrap top blouse and jeans which complimented her figure incredibly well. She hugged Lisa. They kept the hug going longer than either had initially planned. When they separated, Sarah saw Mark and greeted him.

Greg and Sarah both felt awkward since he had no idea how to begin this. Mark sat in a chair at the desk in the room, and Lisa, who was far more comfortable with this, started by sitting in middle of the bed, legs stretched out. She looked at Sarah and patted the sheets next to her for Sarah to sit, which she did. Lisa took her hand, and the two of them just sat there holding hands. Lisa then looked at Greg and patted the other side of the bed. Greg walked over and sat with a bent leg on the bed and one foot still on the floor. Lisa took his hand so that she was now holding hands with the newlyweds. She didn't want to rush things, because she knew this was very new to Sarah and Greg, so the four of them talked for a while. Mark was sitting in the chair at the desk, and Greg sat there, trying to act like these were old friends coming for a visit.

As they talked, yesterday came up. Lisa was particularly interested in the details of what the newlyweds did yesterday. So Sarah and Greg talked about it. When Lisa felt there were not enough details, she would ask. All four of them grew hornier as details were discussed. Over the course of the story, Greg moved both feet onto the bed, and within ten minutes after that, moved close enough to Lisa for his legs to touch hers.

Soon, Lisa had a hand on Sarah's jeans and the other one on Greg's. She rubbed slowly back and forth on their legs creeping her hand closer to their cocks. After a few minutes, Greg and Sarah both had noticeable bulges.

Pushing things along, Lisa said, "You two look like you need to free something." She turned to Sarah, and requested, "Help me undress Greg." Greg shifted putting his feet back on the floor, sitting on the edge. Lisa curled her feet up and moved closer to the edge between Greg and the headboard, and Sarah, always eager to see her husband naked, moved to Greg's side of the bed between Greg and the foot of the bed.

Sarah and Lisa unbuttoned Greg's shirt to start. When his chest was exposed both women took time to run their fingers over his chest, making sure to rub their fingertips over his nipples. Then Sarah told Lisa how much Greg likes it when she nibbles on his tits. Sarah demonstrated, and Greg inhaled deeply as the pleasure surged throughout his body. Sarah continued to unbutton his shirt while Lisa moved around and sucked and nibbled on his tit. Greg again gasped as the pleasure ran throughout his body. Sarah's cock swelled as she saw Greg enjoying the sensation. Once his shirt was unbuttoned, Lisa and Sarah pulled it off him completely.

They push him onto his back across the bed. Instead of unbuckling his belt, they each took a side, leaned over, and tongued his nipples. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through him causing his bulge to press harder against his jeans. Then Sarah moved up and kissed Greg passionately as Lisa continued to tongue and to bite his nipple. She moved a hand over to his neglected one and pinched it. Greg felt really good.

After a few minutes, Sarah moved down and kissed his chin, neck, chest, and his nipples, replacing Lisa, who moved up, until she was kissing Greg passionately. He returned the passion with sliding his tongue into her mouth, noticing how she tasted different than his wife. His hands also became active as he ran it over Sarah's ass and Lisa's breasts.

After another few minutes, Sarah started to unbuckle his belt. Once done, she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. This gave his cock a little more freedom, but there was still one more layer to go. Instead of freeing it yet, she ran her hand on the outside of his briefs, feeling the swelled cock underneath. Lisa noticed and move her hand down there too. She really enjoyed the feel as she caressed it, and then went back to pleasing his nipples orally while caressing his cock.

Sarah moved off the bed and pulled his pants off completely. Then she pulled his briefs off giving his cock a rush of fresh air.

Lisa made sure she held back until Sarah touched it first. Sarah grabbed it gently and pumped it slowly up and down, letting it grow in her hand. Lisa then reached down and ran her fingertips over the head. Greg's eyes were closed as he reveled in this feeling of bliss. Sarah started to stroke his cock faster, and Greg's breathing become more erratic.

Lisa leaned over planning to kiss the glans, but when she was near, she looked up at Sarah for permission. Sarah nodded approval. Lisa sucked the head of Greg's cock into her mouth, tonguing the tip as she inhaled. Lisa enjoyed his cock in her mouth. Over a short space of time, she took more in until she had half of it in her mouth. Her technique was different from Sarah's but his cock still felt really good.

Seeing that his cock was well handled, Sarah let go, letting Lisa move her hand into position. Then Sarah moved up and kissed Greg on the lips. Their tongues met. She then pulled back, and on her knees beside him, waited a brief moment for him to open his eyes.

With Sarah breaking off the kiss, Greg opened his eyes to see what she would do next. With her desired audience of one, she then stripped slowly, looking directly into his eyes. Even though Sarah was incredibly sensual (or perhaps because of the sensuality of the strip in combination with Lisa's work on his cock), near the end, Greg closed his eyes enjoying this overwhelming sensation of eroticism. Now finally naked, Sarah positioned herself so that his head was almost between her knees. She squatted so the head of her cock was at his lips. Since his eyes were closed, he was unaware of what was there to taste until she touched his lips with the tip. He opened his eyes and sucked her cock into his mouth. His voracious sexual appetite led to his sucking her cock in all the way to his throat. She moaned as it slipped over his tongue.

This carried on for a few more minutes with Greg and Sarah showing incredible stamina. Then Sarah noticed that Lisa was giving, but not receiving. Sarah withdrew her cock from Greg's mouth, and invited Lisa to take her place. Lisa thrilled at the thought of feeling his tongue on her clit.

Sarah helped Lisa take off her clothes while Greg watched. His wife made sure to put on a show while she stripped the guest, rubbing and tonguing Lisa's nipples, running a hand over her pussy, and the like.

Once all three were completely naked, Sarah indicated to Greg that he need to get fully on the bed. Once he was in place, Sarah straddled his cock with her ass, positioning herself so she could see his face, and lowered herself down on his hard shaft. She purred as it penetrated her rectum. Lisa then straddle his face, facing Sarah, and lowered her very wet pussy onto his mouth.

It had been a long time since Greg had tasted a woman's cunt. The aroma brought back some fond memories. His tongue separated the labia, as he reached to taste her nectar. Lisa and Sarah leaned in toward each other and started kissing. Mark watched from the desk chair, rubbing his crotch.

As Sarah's and Lisa's tongues met and explored, their hands moved up to play with the others breasts. Sarah's experienced fingers reached up, at first gently teasing Lisa's nipples, but soon took a firmer grip and squeezed sending waves of pleasure through her body and to her pussy. Lisa took a quick intake as the pain transformed into pleasure. She had been planning to do the same to Sarah, but was preempted by the incredible feeling the newlyweds were giving to her.

Sarah, keeping one hand on one of Lisa's nipples, moved her other one to finger Lisa's clit, an inch from Greg's tongue. As Greg was lapping up Lisa's juices, his tongue occasionally flitted across his wife's fingers. When he would pause to take a breath, Sarah quickly moved her finger between the labia and felt Lisa's wetness. Sarah brought her wet fingers up to her lips, extended her tongue and took her first good taste of a woman's natural flavor. She found the taste strange but given the source, very erotic.

With Greg's cock still in Sarah's ass, and with Sarah still moving up and down, hitting against her prostate, Sarah was incredibly horny. She thought about Greg's pleasure and wondered about her own chance to taste their new friend. So she lifted her hips; Greg could feel his cock head moving to the entrance of his wife's ass. When Sarah's hips lifted far enough, his cock fell out and slapped against his body before standing stiff at an angle. Greg put his hands on Lisa's legs indicating she needed to get up. Lisa swung her leg over his face in dismount.

Sarah walked on her knees over the bed to Lisa, embraced her, kissed her, and gently laid her down on her back. Greg moved out of the way, glancing quickly at Mark, who by now had his hand inside his pants massaging a clearly engorged cock.

When Lisa was comfortably on her back, Sarah kissed her on the lips and then started to move her way down Lisa's body, tonguing and kissing as she went. Sarah spent a little time at Lisa's nipples, but then kept moving down, across her stomach, past her belly button, to the neatly trimmed pubic hair, over the pubic bone, and to Lisa's clit. Sarah hesitated at this point. She inhaled deeply, taking in the new and beautiful aroma of a well kept vagina. She extended her tongue for a quick taste.

Meanwhile, Greg was on his knees on the bed watching. He was stroking his cock slowly as he saw the show.

Sarah was so overcome with lust, she plunged her tongue down into Lisa's pussy. Greg moved around to his wife's ass, which was sticking up in the air. He positioned his very hard rod at her back hole. He pushed in, feeling little resistance. He pushed his cock in all the way until his sack hit hers. He listened to the sounds of joy and moaning the two women were making.

As his cock went in and out of her ass, Sarah dove onto Lisa's pussy with great abandon and vigor, enjoy eating her as much as her husband did. Greg picked up the pace, fucking his wife's ass faster and harder. Sarah pulled back some to breathe and to reposition her mouth. She the started to tongue Lisa's clit, driving Lisa senseless.

As Lisa writhed, Greg felt the cum swelling in his balls. Sarah's own cock was hard, and without additional friction, was feeling cum building. As Greg neared climax, cum started to leak out of Sarah's cock. She let it flow. Lisa put her hands on the back of Sarah head. Sarah kept tonguing as fast and hard as she could.

Greg couldn't contain himself anymore and in a final plunge into the ass, shot his load deep inside. Sarah felt the cum shoot into her, causing her to moan loudly, which was the final push Lisa needed to climax. Lisa made an animal noise, almost a shriek, as her back arched, and the waves of orgasmic pleasure ran throughout her body.

Being unused to this aspect of a woman's body, Sarah put her tongue back down on Lisa's clit, but given how overly sensitive it was at that moment, Lisa used her hands to tell Sarah to stop. Sarah pushed on the bed with her hands, lifting her torso up. Greg was still throbbing a little and was still in Sarah.

After a few more throbs, Greg withdrew. Sarah sat up, kissed Greg and then Lisa. Lisa lay there exhausted and tingling.

Sarah kissed Greg again, letting there tongues slide past each other tasting the new flavors. As they embraced and kissed each other, Mark walked over to Lisa. She rolled to the side of the bed, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and freed his very hard cock. She hungrily took his cock into her mouth, and soon after, Mark shot his load. So much came out, some started to dribble out of the corners of her mouth.

Mark kissed his wife and went into the bathroom to clean up the little bit which dribbled on his pants.

While he was gone, Greg leaned over and sucked on Sarah's cock, getting the last of the dribble out. When no more was coming, he released it and lay back. Sarah crawled in between her husband and Lisa. The three of them lay there on the bed tired and happy.

They lay there for another five minutes until Mark came out of the bathroom. Greg got up and went next to clean up. When he returned, Sarah went next, and Lisa after her.

When the Greg and the two women were clean enough, they all got dressed and discussed plans for dinner. They were all hungry but none of them wanted to go out, so they ordered room service. The food would be ready in ten minutes, but unfortunately, if they wanted it delivered to the room, they would need to wait an additional 15 minutes, so Greg and Mark said they would go down and pick up the food from the kitchen.

After ten minutes, Mark and Greg left to get the food, leaving Sarah and Lisa alone in the room.

Lisa broke the ice, "Sarah, not many woman would want to see their husband with another woman."

"True," Sarah replied, "But I really enjoy his being happy. And you have something which I don't have."

"Sarah," Lisa paused thinking of the right words. "Did you want Greg to fuck my pussy?"

Sarah appreciated her frankness, and tried to return in kind. "I think Greg would enjoy it. I wouldn't mind if he did."

Lisa replied, "I must admit, I wouldn't mind either of your cocks in my pussy." She smiled at the thought.

"But I don't think Greg would willingly put his there," Sarah explained. Then she had an idea. "Suppose, we tried a little bondage. I tied him down, get him stiff, and you mount him."

Lisa was uneasy with the way it was presented. "Isn't that raping him?" she asked.

Sarah thought for a moment and replied, "We have a safety word. If he uses it, we stop then and there."

Lisa asked, "Why do you want to do this?"

"Because I think he would enjoy it. I can't express the feeling I had inside when I saw his face earlier. I live and die by his joy, and I want to make him happy, emotionally and physically. This is the physical part."

The two ladies plotted a little longer until their husbands returned with the food. By then, Lisa was okay with the plan and convinced that any of them could stop what was happening at any moment.

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