Rear-door Love Guide for Beginners

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: Anal sex comes of age and it is viewed from a feminine and a masculine point of view.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Introduction: When the Kinsey report on anal sex first surfaced over a half century ago, many American females disputed the statistics that pointed out the fact that one out of five American women engaged in anal sex at least once a week. The statistics also touted the fact that European females took it up the rear-door twice as often as American women. The study didn't address the statistics of male homosexual practices where anal sex is more widely practiced. A separate study with questionable data addressed the anal lovemaking practices of bisexual males and females with startling statistics that showed both bisexual males and females almost uniformly engaged in anal sex with both genders. This short story looks at the practice with an unbiased outlook from a feminine and a masculine point of view.


Dear Cheeky Bum Girl,

I took your advice with regard to the use of the warming lubricant on the base of my dick when I mounted my target. It certainly livened things up, I must say. You were so kind to describe the sensation you received when your buttocks were stimulated in that manner. I will take this opportunity to thank you for the "selfie" of how you reacted to entry from that difficult angle by a cock of that length and thickness. I would like to tell you about my hugeness in that area but I must admit I am nowhere near as impressive as your current boy-toy Ricardo. I was fortunate this past week to mount an attractive woman with a plus-sized presentation of buttocks that inspired me to a copious discharge. She made the most delicious moaning sounds throughout the entire coupling. I wish I could have recorded them to send to you with this letter.

My subject was called Mary X and she only recently was put out from the Sisters of Mercy because she was far too friendly with the new novitiates. I managed to console her with many sessions of both oral and anal love-making that put her right back in the swing of things on the outside. The poor woman confided in me that the thing she missed the most was "taking it up the ass" as she so amusingly described it. I have to confess her pussy was rather average as those things go but she was an amazing rear-door discovery. I still feel her body vibrating beneath my legs with her never-ending anal orgasm that forced me to continue far beyond my normal limits. I confess I pumped the passionate ex-nun until we both fell to the floor covered in sweat and sticky juices.

I also appreciate your discourse on the benefits of strap-on techniques when dealing with virgins uncertain about actual intercourse. I only recently purchased one for my cleaning lady who has stated an interest in exploring its use when I am in a compliant mood. She is only thirty and has the most delightful hour-glass figure that looks so inviting when on all fours cleaning the floor.

Please let me know if you would be interested in some photos of that enterprise and I will look forward to your comments on our technique. I will stop this letter so I may go in and pay a tribute to your lovely backside in that arousing and revealing photo of you waiting patiently in the doggy position.


Brown Eye Lover


Dear Brown Eye Lover,

Thank you ever so much for the photos of how you employed the strap-on for back-door loving. Your cleaning lady looks so very scrumptious. I see that her red hair is natural because of the fiery bush she so willingly displays. I showed those photos to my Ricardo and he was so inspired that he spanked me with great enthusiasm before he mounted my rear-door with his magnificent cock.

Today he is bringing over his younger brother Ramon and they will take turns sandwiching me from both sides without condoms so I can feel their lovely juices all over my skin. I am curious to see if Ramon's cock will be as filling as his older brother's when he is buried in between my reddened cheeks. I am ashamed to admit that I have reached a point where I value a cock in my backside much more than one buried in my pussy. I am sure that is not normal and when I confessed it to the priest, he gave me a harsh penance to make me understand how depraved a sin it really is in the eyes of the church. I wanted to explain to him that all of the young girls were doing it now just to escape the penalty of becoming pregnant from a lout who neglected to employ the use of a condom.

My cousin Lucy has been visiting and I hope you do not mind that I showed your photos and letters to her because she is much interested in trying a cock in her behind to determine if the stretching would turn her on. I offered her the use of either Ricardo or Ramon but she told me that she is much more interested in a man like you with a connoisseur's appreciation of anal delights. I have enclosed a picture of my Lucy and you can see she is quite handsome. Please be so kind as to safeguard the small photo I sent of her bare derriere with her cheeks spread wide. We were both giggling like schoolgirls when I took that photo. She is such a delightful little tease.

I will bring her a young man of your build and general appearance and insure he pays adequate attention to her rear-door. I just purchased a new jar of a miracle lubricant that helps reduce the tension of a virginal sphincter and we will see how Lucy reacts to the spirited entry of a full-grown man. Only this afternoon I allowed her to taste my precious pussy just to see her reaction to the scent of a woman. She was so cute licking me with her eyes closed. I wanted to push her pretty face in tight and tell her to do the same on my rear-door but I restrained my impulse for fear of frightening her away. Instead, I fell to the task on her glorious behind and found that her brown eye was dilated at an astonishing rate of contraction and expansion. I do believe she is a naughty girl and would easily fall into wanton ways unless someone would take her in hand and discipline her correctly.

I have broached with her the possibility of sending her to you for your excellent training in anal matters and she seems quite enthused with such a project. Please let me know your feelings on the subject.

Happy to bend over for you, I remain yours ever anally,

Cheeky Bum Girl


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