Anna's Humiliation Continues

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2014 by neff trebor

Humiliation Sex Story: Variation to ANNA'S GAMBIT Rather than struggle for new ideas, I tried to embellish sex part of the same story. Anna is put in spot of having to placate her husband and influential investor for the sake of his success

Caution: This Humiliation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

This is another version of an earlier story already posted. It was posted as Anna's Gambit. I'm in a rut. Rather than start a new one, I have tried to embellish an older one. This is the one I am most intrigued with. The acknowledgement below was part of the previous one:

There's an author here who uses the pen name of "Scorpio00155." I have gone back to his stories a number of times to read them. His story of "Getting the Contract " is one of my favorites. I have emailed him telling him so. I have offered to re-write the story for nothing other than my own amusement. I believe I stated that I was willing to let him use it as a variation to his own.

As near as I know, he has not responded. His story is still posted under his name and the same title. If anybody objects to my rewriting and posting this, I will remove it. I have changed some of the names and changed some of the descriptions. Please read his to see the difference.

His story (in my mind) has a lot of "run-on sentences." I am 70 and don't see clearly, but there are many sentences that have commas where there should be a period and the next word capitalized. I don't know why my program didn't catch them on spell check. I have not gone through and painfully weeded through all of it like I should.

People looking at Anna and Mark Menendez nowadays see them as a successful couple; both in their relationship and business life. Married for ten years they have managed to grow ever closer in that time. To Mark, Anna is more beautiful at forty than she was at twenty when they married. Despite the years her figure is as firm as in her youth. Her red hair had no hint of grey, and her eyes still sparkle with mirth and innocence. Mark, her husband is more distinguished over the years.

Together they have built up a successful supply business. Mark had been interested from the time he was a teenager with Café Racers. He would take a 1979 Suzuki 459 GS and customize it. He developed custom handle bars. He had developed a single unit that replaced the gas tank, seat and rear fender so that it was all one piece. A standard Suzuki could have those pieces removed and replaced with Mark's custom piece.

The tail section had built in cameras that replaced the mirrors with rear; right side and left side cameras. The cameras, instrument gauges were all gone. He had combined them with the new Google Glasses. Within the helmet, he could use visual commands to read gas, oil pressure, water temperature, tach readings, speed and all the rear camera information.

The tank assembly, helmet and goggles were all programmed. The kit included POD filters for the carburetors and revised jetting for as well. The whole unit was a bolt-on assembly that saved much time, effort and money for somebody trying to convert a motorcycle into the Café Racer look.

It would all be sold on the internet.

Started five years ago, Mark had gambled most of his retirement fund for the software, patents and machine work for mass assembly. They were close to being the successful couple with nary a care in the world. The thinking had been done. Everything was in place.

Jim Wellswood had a massive website organization. Whenever somebody clicked on a combination of words like: "POD Air Filters; Café Racer; Re-jetting Carburetors, etc." he was paid a few pennies for each click. He was constantly making deals with distributors to be on his website.

Mark had met Anna when she was a teenager. She had started working after school and early in the morning at the Café at the Sale Barn. People came from quite a distance to buy or sell livestock. They all needed a close place to eat. With the regular employment of Anna, the place became much more than a sale barn that was open on Thursdays during the sale.

Anna seemed to have certain magnetism with men. She had an outgoing personality and was real "easy on the eyes." Not only did the Café do well, so did the sale barn. Once she was out of school, she worked there full time.

The sale barn started attracting business from farther and farther away.

Things had gone well to start with, while Mark handled the sales and distribution side of the business Anna had done the bookkeeping. They had worked long hours, but it had seemed worth it as they watched their business grow and prosper. And then came the recession, suddenly clients were ordering less and taking longer to pay for their orders, some went out of business completely leaving many creditors scrambling for a share of whatever they could get. In the space of a few months they were almost bankrupt, everything was mortgaged to keep the business running and the bank was starting to breathe down their necks as they saw the recession continuing. Late one evening they were in the office going over the books trying to find ways to cut back or get payments that were owed.

"It's no good Mark," Anna sighed, "if we don't get a break soon we'll lose everything."

"All we can do is pray we get the Wellswood contract." he sighed back.

"Do you think we're in the running?" she asked.

"I don't know," he answered slowly, "I really don't know."

"Didn't Wellswood say anything when you met him yesterday?" she asked.

"Only that our quote was under review." he answered "Maybe he'll say more at the party tonight."

"Mark," Anna frowned, "I'm puzzled. Why did Wellswood invite us tonight? Why us and none of the others that have quoted for his contract?"

"I don't know Anna," he shrugged, "and I'm as puzzled as you about that, but we have to go to the party if only to keep Wellswood sweet."

"I know." Anna sighed deeply, "Only I don't like the man, there's something ... slimy about him."

"I don't like him any more than you do," Mark sighed back, "but we need his contract. Without it we'll go under."

"I know, I know." Anna frowned, "And if we get the Wellswood contract it will give us an in with the Carillon group. I just..."

"Just what?" Mark asked as Anna fell silent.

She shook her head then smiled, but though her lips were smiling her eyes were troubled.

"It's just me being silly," Anna finally responded, "I just have a feeling about tonight."

"Feeling?" he asked feeling confused.

"Forget it Mark," she laughed, "Even I don't know what I mean by it. Come on, we'd better go get ready if we are going to be at his place by eight."

On that note they left the office and home, but Anna's comments had started a nagging doubt in Mark's mind about the night ahead. When Wellswood had made the invitation to a party at his home Mark had jumped at the opportunity it presented without hesitation. It was only now, after Anna had voiced her doubts that Mark began to wonder about the invitation. As he dressed he tried to figure out what Anna had meant by having a 'feeling' about the night ahead.

"Come on slow coach," Anna suddenly broke in. "Being late won't make a good impression."

"I guess not." he grinned turning to face his beautiful wife.

His grin spread from ear to ear when he saw her. It was clear that Anna had decided to go all out to charm their host. She had picked out her sexiest evening dress; one she normally only wore at home. It was a dark grey, floor-length button-front, and backless dress with a Décolletage that showed off most of her bust. The back was cut to revel almost all of her back clear down to the crack of her ass. There was so much exposed on her back that she couldn't wear a bra with it. The dress came was so long she had to wear her 6" high black high-heel boots. The boots were zippered up the side, and the tops stopped just below her knees.

The front was cut so low; her nipples were almost exposed at the top of the low, wide scoop.

She had been extremely reluctant to wear it when her husband had first bought it. After constant badgering for her to at least try it preceding intimate moments, he had gradually broken her down about it. Tonight she knew he wanted something special. Rather than run through the litany of being viewed as a prude, she had decided to give in ahead of time. Looking at her and knowing that she was wearing nothing more than stockings and a pair of thong panties under the dress gave him an instant erection.

He had watched her reluctantly fish her gray silk stockings out of her underwear drawer. They were the ones that went just below her crotch. The elastic lace tops kept them tight against her upper thighs. She wasn't too reluctant to wear them. Nobody was going to see them, and they excited the hell out of her husband; just knowing she had them on. Anna tried to look casual and mask some of the apprehension she had about dressing this way. She tried to make small talk with her husband as she sat in front of the vanity to comb her hair. She tried not to look at herself as she combed her hair. The thin silk material of her dress made it clear where her long-stem coral ink nipples were.

Anna had refused to look at herself in a full length mirror when she combed out her long red her hair. She liked her hair color, but had allowed her husband to talk her into putting blond highlights in it. The hairdresser knew what he was doing. Her hair looked mostly red, with the impression that the light just created blond highlights in it. Anna braided a thin strand of hair on each side of her face; just above her temples. She pulled them back and used an emerald green butterfly clip to join them at the back of her head to pull the rest of it back out of her face.

She tried not to look at how clearly her nipples were to escaping through or over the top of her almost sheer top. She had to keep her elbows down to keep her arms from raising her breasts too high. If she reached up to comb the back of her long, curly red hair, it could pop one of her nipples out over the top. She had to make a conscious effort to keep her arms down or, at least not up very high.

Her wire rimmed glasses made her look like a college professor.

"Well if you don't impress Wellswood in that outfit nothing will." he laughed, "I really wish we could stay home now."

"Later you randy sod." Anna laughed, "Right now we have a contract to win."

It didn't take them long to get to the Wellswood address. It turned out to be a large house, almost a mansion, with a party in full swing as they drove up to the front of the house. As they got out of the car, Mark glanced at his watch concerned about being late and was relieved to find they were five minutes early. Giving the car keys to a uniformed flunky he took Anna's arm and headed for the entrance.

"Mark, Anna, come in, come in." Wellswood said as he greeted them at the door, "Anna I must say that you look delightful tonight, truly delightful."

"Thank you Mr. Wellswood." Anna responded.

"Come now," Wellswood smiled, "let's not be so formal, it's Jim."

"Then thank you Jim." Anna said giving him one of her sweet innocent smiles.

Wellswood was in his late fifties, graying at the temples and thinning on top. He had obviously led the good life with plenty of time to spend at the gymnasium, pool and track. He had a bit of a mustache and goatee. His lizard skin boots added a couple of inches to his already full 6'-0" slender frame. Beaming at them he led the way to the bar, Mark felt Anna's arm tense a little when Wellswood wrapped his arm around her back, but she tried valiantly to smile sweetly at him. Leaving them at the bar he went off to attend to some of his other guests with a promise to be back 'soon'. Accepting drinks from the barman Anna and I looked around the room, there were about twenty people there and I was both surprised and puzzled that the majority was male, but then I began to recognize some of them.

"God," I breathed to my wife, "most of these people are top end business men. Think of the contacts we can make tonight!"

"Never mind the contacts," Anna almost whispered back, "just concentrate on getting that contract from Wellswood. If we get that most of these will follow his lead."

Anna looked around the room then leaned close to her husband.

"I wonder where all the wives are?" she said softly.

"I guess they left them at home." he commented, "Does it make any difference?"

"No, I guess not." Anna smiled.

Just then Mark spotted their host heading across the room towards them. He waved for them to follow him to another room so Mark felt hopeful that they were going to get the good news about the contract. Anna must have thought the same thing because she nudged him and grinned. They joined Wellswood in a large study that adjoined the main room; he was perched on the edge of an ornate card table as they entered the room. Smiling he waved for them to take seats then sipped at the glass he held.

"Well," he said at last, "what do you think of my humble home?"

"We haven't seen much of it," Anna replied with a smile, "but what I have seen is impressive."

"Ah, you are a lady of taste." Wellswood laughed, then became serious, "I suppose you are wondering why I invited you here tonight."

"It had crossed my mind; I assumed it had something to do with the contract." Mark replied.

He was puzzled by the direction the conversation had taken, but kept the frown from his face and waited for Jim's response.

"And you assumed rightly." He said, "I'm going to be blunt with you, I know just how close you are to going under and just how much getting my contract would mean to you. What I'm wondering is how hungry you are to get that contract."

'What the hell is this?' was the thought that ran through Mark's mind.

"Hungry?" he responded aloud.

"As in just what would you do to get the contract," Wellswood spoke softly, "How far you would be willing to go for it?"

Totally confused Mark looked towards his wife; she was frowning as though she had guessed at where the conversation was going. Anna looked at her husband. Her eyes were troubled, and for a moment she looked scared, then the penny dropped. Aghast, Mark looked at Wellswood unable to believe that the man was hinting that they would get the contract if they did something for him. Perhaps naively reluctant Mark still had no conception of what that 'something' might be. However, his wife had guessed it almost immediately.

"What do you want?" Anna asked in a low voice that was almost a whisper.

"I think you know that my dear." Wellswood responded.

Mark's mind was running in circles trying to figure out what they had that could possibly interest Wellswood. It was as Mark looked towards Anna for some hint from her as to what the man wanted that he suddenly realized what it was. Anna looked at her husband with haunted eyes as his own went wide in shock and disbelief.

"Now look here..." he started to protest to Wellswood.

"Mark," Anna cut him off. "Let me handle this."

He looked at her in surprise. She shook her head at her husband, knowing he was about to tell Wellswood where to stuff his contract. Reluctantly giving her husband an almost sad smile she looked back at Wellswood.

"At a guess I'd say you want me." She said with all the dignity and calmness she could project. It was almost a whisper. She couldn't bring her eyes up to look at him. Her lower lip quivered and her hands were clenched.

Wellswood, on the other hand, looked like an African Serval; measuring its prey; trying to decide whether it had the upper hand or not. It was a fixed stare without blinking. He was a millimeter from springing at her.

Mark watched in amazement that she could sound so calm about the situation, He was seething inside and it was all he could do not to leap from my chair to strike Wellswood. Anna knew her husband could lunge at the bastard and kill him if she didn't try to take control of the situation. An outburst or an insult could ruin their lives.

"Yes and no." the man responded. He was careful about balancing his insults and humiliation so as to make sure he still got his way.

"And what the hell does that mean?" Mark blurted out.

Anna walked over to her husband and stood an inch from him; their faces almost touching. "Mark, please." Anna said softly. "Please don't get mad. Think about this contract. Focus on that." She had a delicate balancing act too. She knew they both needed the contract. If she appeared to willing, Mark might walk out entirely. She did not know quite how far she herself was willing to concede her dignity to get what they wanted.

"Well, young lady; how good are you at giving a good blowjob?"

Anna's hands went to cover her mouth. She couldn't believe anybody could actually ask such a thing. If he had approached her separately; discreetly, and she knew absolutely nobody could ever hear or find out about this conversation that would be one thing. To almost shout this out in front of her husband was another matter. He was asking for a response. Perhaps with so much at stake, she might be able to bring herself to do such a thing. But to have the conversation out loud, in front of her husband; for him to hear her agree to such a thing was unthinkable. This was unspeakable. It was one thing to have the man you love reach for the back of your head in the middle of an evening of passion. She knew the drill and had always resisted. It had never been discussed.

Now it was like she was being treated as a common whore; what was her price, and under what conditions would she perform; it was like he was trying to get the best lease on a rental car. She had always believed any sex act was done in the dark; consensually and in the throes of love.

"Well, you two think about it and take some time to decide. It has to be something you both agree with." He started to leave, and then turned around with an afterthought.

"If you do this, you will need a different hairdo. I am going to want to see those lips wrapped around my cock. I want to see it going in and out. I want to see whether you can hold and swallow. I am going to want to see that sweet tongue of yours clean and caress the thing. I don't want to see any crying or complaining. You are a dignified and beautiful woman. I expect exemplary service from that mouth of yours. You need to do your hair up so I can see your face. I want to see those sweet lips."

"I'll tell you what," Wellswood gave a half smile as though he already knew that he would get what he wanted, "I'll leave you two alone for a couple of minutes to talk this over."

Without further comment he left the room. Rising to his feet Mark crouched in front of his wife and took her hands in his.

"Anna," he said firmly; "Let's get the hell out of this place."

"Mark," she replied giving him a brief kiss, "You know we can't afford to do that. I love you and nothing will change that. W ... W ... W ... Will you trust me darling?"

"You know I trust you," he sighed knowing that he would go along with whatever she decided on, "but..."

"No 'buts'," Anna smiled sadly, "It's this or lose everything. The bastard knows he has us over a barrel. If we don't get his contract we'll end up with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Mark, we HAVE to go along with it, whatever it is. But we have to have an agreement between us."

"Okay, but I don't have to like it." he surrendered,

Anna bent down on her knees between her husbands'. " I think that I can do whatever it takes. I will do whatever he says; on one condition. I have to know that you love me unequivocally. I need to know that you will still love me no matter what you see me do. Can you do that for me? Our future depends on it."

Mark could not meet her gaze. He nodded almost imperceptibly. Anna stood and wrapped her arms around him. Neither said anything, but Mark could feel her torso shudder to hold back a sob.

Wellswood returned. As he shut the door behind him, he saw that Anna was sitting at the vanity. She had undone the small braids at her temples. She was combing her long red tresses and weaving them into a French braid. She had the emerald butterfly clips on the table. Pulling her hair back and braiding it down the top of her head caused her arms to be up in the air behind her. She could not prevent her long pink nipples from peeking over the edge of the front scoop of her dress. She swallowed and hesitated slightly. "What the fuck!" she thought grimly as she struggled with the thought of whether or not she should bring her arms down.

Nothing needed to be said. The answer was obvious. Anna had implied without comment that she had resigned herself to capitulate to the evil African Serval starring at her in the mirror. He tried not to gloat. He was in a delicate situation. He was getting what he wanted. He did not want to rub the humiliation in right away. At some point they would be in it too deep to back out. Now was not the time for additional humiliation.

Feeling helpless the couple waited for him to speak like two forlorn animals waiting to be slaughtered.

"I see you've reached a decision." He gave that half smile again.

"What is it you want? You need to tell me what to do." Anna asked bluntly; as if she didn't completely know.

"You were almost right when you said I wanted you," Wellswood said looking directly at Anna, "but I don't want you to myself. I have a number of guests here and I think it would be nice if you entertained them my dear and me too of course."

"I assume by 'entertain' you mean I should go to one of the rooms and have sex with them." Anna said.

"Good lord no," he laughed, "nothing so mundane. What I want is for you to go out there and circulate. My guests will decide the "where's and how's" and I doubt any will wish to waste time going up and down to a room."

"Surely you can't mean she should let them have sex in front of everyone!" Mark gasped.

"Of course I do," Wellswood half smiled, half smirked, "what I am proposing is that Anna lets my guests use her as they see fit for the rest of the night, in return I will sign that contract with you and use my influence to place other business your way. Well?"

"And Mark?" Anna asked; her voice beginning to crack.

"You are a couple. You can't be a couple and have secrets from each other. He must watch. That goes without saying. Your future depends on this contract. If your wife is going to sacrifice for it, you need to know what she has had to go through to get it. " Wellswood grinned knowing he had already won, "Your husband will be the only one here who can't touch you. Is that clear Mark? If Anna agrees to my terms you will only be able to watch, nothing else."

"I understand damn it!" He snapped.

"Anna?" he said softly.

"I agree." she replied in a low voice, barely above a whisper.

"I thought you might." Wellswood laughed, "I'll give you five minutes to finish. After that my guests will be waiting."

True to his word Wellswood left them alone in the study, even closing the door behind to give them their last few moments of privacy. Neither of them spoke. What was there to say under the circumstances?

When Anna was done with the French braid, she tied the bottom off with one of the emerald butterfly clips. She put the other one about half way up the braid. She stood and turned. They held each other; Anna clung to him; feeling her whole body trembling. As he looked into her eyes he saw her fear and humiliation start to form as the discussion began to sink in.

The minutes passed as they clung to each other, it pained Mark to know that this would be the last time he would be able to touch his wife until the evening was over. A fear rose within Mark that after all she would surely have to endure Anna may no longer want to share physical acts of love with her husband, It was a terrifying thought that in gaining a contract he could lose this beautiful innocent woman.

"I love you Anna." he said softly, breaking the long silence.

"I love you Mark." She replied softly. "Mark, promise me you will stay nearby, no matter what they do, no matter what you have to see me do, please stay near to me."

"I promise darling," he said firmly stroking her hair, "Even if the bastard hadn't made it a condition I had to watch I wouldn't leave you alone with those sharks."

"I guess our five minutes are up." Anna sighed, reluctantly looking over his shoulder as the door opened.

One glance showed that Wellswood was at the now open study door and was signaling that it was time to leave the room to 'mingle' with his guests. Giving Anna one last squeeze Mark let her go. She took a deep shuddering breath and walked towards the door with Mark a step behind her.

Seeing Anna in motion Wellswood returned to the main room, Mark could hear laughter and had no doubt that he had informed the other guests that their 'entertainment' was just coming. Anna would have made a great actress; she walked into the main room with her head held high as though nothing unusual was happening. Mark was not as cool as she; his face was fixed in a scowl and felt nothing but contempt for the pigs Wellswood called 'guests'. When they entered the main room they had no idea what to expect.

Somewhere in the back of Mark's mind he was expecting the guests to leap on Anna en masse; thus it was a surprise to find nothing happening. The last thing either expected was for the party to continue as though nothing was out of the ordinary; Mark did notice the looks of lust his beautiful dignified wife got from all quarters, but no-one seemed in a hurry to do more than look at her.

Across the room Mark saw Wellswood leaning against a corner of the mantle, a snifter of brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other. He was talking and laughing with the group around him and barley looking towards the terrified woman. Anna looked over her shoulder at her husband with a puzzled expression on her face, and then looked towards the nearest group of men,

There were three of them and they signaled for Anna to join them. Smiling nervously she joined the small group with Mark tagging along behind like a little lap dog. Introductions were made, though Mark was oblivious to their names at the time. To Anna's surprise the men started to make small talk. Neither in word, sign or action did they give any indication to confirm Mark's worst fears. For one brief moment Mark had the vague hope that Wellswood had been pulling some elaborate, not very funny joke on the pair, but that hope died when Mark saw Anna tense.

Mark quickly saw the reason for her tensing. One of the three men was quite openly stroking her backside through the tantalizingly open back of her dress. Mark's spine chilled as he watched the man's hand slide down the beautiful crack just visible above the edge of her dress. While the group carried on talking as though nothing were happening, Mark felt his blood rise. Feeling hopeless and guilty Mark watched as the man squeezed Anna's buttocks and stroked the visible juncture. At first Anna stood stiffly while he groped her. Then she saw Wellswood grimace at her then put an exaggerated smile on his face. His signal was clear as crystal; Anna was to act as though she was enjoying the situation. In other words, she better be smiling at her admirers. Nervously she forced a smile she did not feel; then managed to give them one of her shy sensual smiles that always turned her husband on; so, it seemed to have the same effect on these men too. Encouraged by Anna's acquiescence to his touch the man went a step further.

Fuming in impotent fury Mark watched as his hand disappeared down past her exposed crack. He could tell that the hand was snaking its way passed her butt to the back of the cleft between her legs. Though he could no longer see the man's hand he could see that his actions forced her to widen her stance. She turned a little to make it less painful for her. It was an awkward angle for her. To keep her balance, she pulled her hands behind her to support herself against him. Her head arched back against his chest. That brought her beautiful breasts up farther into the air. She tried not to look away from the man who was talking to her. She slid her own hand down alongside his in a useless effort to ward him off. She knew she couldn't; that she shouldn't. It was a reflex she couldn't help. She wanted to stop him, but instead it looked like she was helping rather than stopping him. She leaned closer against him; trying to shield the view of what he was doing from her husband. Anna forced a smile at the man still trying to talk to her as the other played with her. Her conversation and expressions were somewhat strained as she struggled to present a smile.

From his vantage point of only a couple of feet away Mark watched with growing guilt at the sudden arousal he was feeling watching another man touching his wife so intimately. Grinning, the man who had his hand down the back of her dress leaned his head down towards Anna and said something. She looked at him and nodded reluctantly at which the man removed his hand from under her dress. She handed her glass to the man in front of her. Mark was wide eyed when he saw Anna bend over. She took the hem at the bottom of her dress in both hands and lifted until the hem was level with the bottom of her panties. She handed the fabric to the man behind her. He held the dress up as she started to wriggle her tiny panties down her thighs. Mark watched in horror as they slid down her legs to lie around her ankles. Her horror and embarrassment was far worse than her husband's as she knew he was watching.

"Much better." Mark heard the man whose arm was around her laugh.

Kicking her panties aside Anna stood there waiting for whatever these men wanted her to do next. They did not keep her waiting long. The man that had been stroking her let go of the fabric he had been holding up and slid his hand back through the opening at the back of her dress. Mark could see her groan as she spread her legs a little. He could see her thighs quiver as she had to spread her legs a little more than was comfortable. This time the movement of the material told the seething husband that he was not feeling her buttocks. The movement of the fabric clearly indicated the sliding his fingers had found the entrance to her sweet cleft.

Anna uses her hand not holding her glass to reach around behind her. She wrapped it around the arm disappearing down into the back of her dress. She was not trying to resist. She needed some more support to hold herself steady as she felt the calloused fingers slither down her butt and snake around to find her opening. She forced herself to lean back a little; against the man for support. Her face blushed a little as she felt the indignant gaze of her husband.

She tried not to let her voice break as she tried to continue her conversation with the man in front of her. She tried not to close her eyes. She tried to keep her eyes focused on the man in front of her who was talking to her. Mark could see her breath shudder under the assault between her legs.

The man she was talking to moved closer to Anna, his hand touched her back then slowly slid up to her neck, reaching up further he entwined his fingers in her hair and used that hold to twist Anna's head to face him. A moment later he was kissing the reluctant wife forcefully, his hand in her hair holding her tight to his hungry lips.

The man she had been talking to pulled back a little and whispered something into her ear. Mark could not hear what he whispered into her ear, but she seemed to blush as she turned to look for her husband. Her eyes flickered quickly at her husband, not knowing whether to check for approval, support or indignation. She closed her eyes for a moment; trying to absorb the comments. She held the glass briefly over her eyes, trying to shut out what she had heard. Slowly, with her eyes closed, she nodded, almost imperceptibly, indication to the man in front of her she would comply. She again handed her glass of wine to the man she had been talking to and kissing.

Her heart was racing as she brought the thumb and forefinger of one hand up to the top of her low cut top. She tugged the edge down just a bit. Using one hand to pull down the edge of her top slightly, she used the other to grab her left nipple and it over the edge of the scooped top. She forced herself to make eye contact with him and even continue their conversation as she used the thumb and forefinger to pull and stretch the tip. She rolled the coral tip while maintaining eye contact with the man in front of her.

She struggled to force a smile. It was weak, but it was the effort that counted. He said something else that Mark could not hear. He focused his gaze at the other breast and pointed. Anna gulped and forced as much of a smile as she could. Again she moved her hands and repeated the sequence so she had both ruby nipples peeking over the top.

He handed her her glass back. Anna flushed even more. Her cheeks quivered as she struggled not to let her expression crack. This added to her humiliation. It was one thing for her to allow herself to be exposed. Now with her husband just a few feet away, she was rolling her left nipple with her left hand while she was in a pose of sipping from her drink in her other hand.

She gulped as the man pulled out his cell phone. He handed it to Mark. No words were required. Mark stood to the side and clicked a photo of his wife; engaged in conversation with one man as she sipped from her glass, rolled one nipple and arched her back while the man behind her fondled her from behind. Being mostly clothed with just her nipples exposed and framed between the men formed an erotic picture.

The man in front of her said something and they all turned their heads to face the camera as Anna's husband took several more pictures. Anna tried not to gag at the thought of what was going on.

They turned to face each other and continued their conversation as though nothing unusual was happening. Mark could see her lower lip quiver when she was supposed to be listening to him. She had managed to present her outward expression as a casual guest in a casual conversation when she was talking, but when it was her turn to listen, she could not completely conceal her humiliation.

Anna's voice was changing. It went from a normal tone to an ever softer; almost inaudible response. The words became more ragged. She stopped every few words. She seemed to be stuttering or stammering. Her responses came almost one word at a time; after short breaths. Something was happening. Mark took it as though she was becoming excited. In truth, the humiliation and embarrassment she was feeling at being forced to roll her nipples with a hand between her legs; fondling the lips of her vagina while her husband watched, was rendering her numb. It was hard to talk like nothing was happening. It was impossible to act casual.

She knew that the attempts by the men to appear witty required a giggle or soft laugh as her response. All she could come up with was a forced smile that she did not feel. She needed to laugh, but just couldn't do it.

The blood rushing to her ears seemed to be a raging river of flood waters. The men's chatter hardly registered as her fingers rolled the ends of her nipples that peeked just over the top of her scooped dress front. It was maddening that her nipples seemed to have no mind connected to her. Mindlessly, the nipples became erect and hard in spite of her humiliation. This only escalated her embarrassment.

"Oh my fucking God." Her mind screamed. "Mark probably thinks I am doing this on my own and getting excited because of it." She thought.

Mark watched in silent rage as the man leaned into her and lowered his head. She knew the drill. She raised her head to meet him as she turned her face so their noses missed. He kissed her softly. He pulled back just enough to gauge her reaction. It was just a split second. He searched her face for acquiescence; for signs of reluctance. He could see the anger. He could see the outrage. He could also feel the resignation. To mask it, she closed her eyes just long enough to throw up some curtain in her mind. When her eyes opened again, she had managed to shut out the outrage. There were a series of slow pecks that grew longer; like two teenagers on their first kiss.

Mark watched as his shy wife continued to meet his tentative kisses. She struggled to continue pulling on her long pink nipples. What a sight! There were at least three different scenes unfolding in front of him as the man behind him continued to work on her down the bare back of her dress.

From across the room, Jim Wellswood watched. He could almost feel her groan.

Was it the tongue down her throat? Was it the long arm snaking down the back of her dress?

He could tell the hand had found that sweet succulent cleft as she struggled for balance. He could see her legs part a little and she leaned back against him to keep her balance. Her face reddened noticeably as she reluctantly continued to pull on her nipples while swirling her tongue into the mouth of the man in front of her. What was she thinking, knowing that her husband was watching?

Mark watched as her nipples seemed to stiffen. It was not from rapture.

It was from humiliation. It was from the humiliation of what the man had asked her to do; and knowing that her husband was also watching. He pulled back to admire her. He pulled back to admire his domination of her. He gloated in her humiliation. "Which was worse?" her mind screamed as she struggled to force a faint smile she did not have.

As if to add insult to outrage, the man turned towards Mark.

"You have the most amazing wife. Have you ever seen such beautiful nipples?"

The words cut both of them. Anna tried not to show any indignation in her eyes.

They held this tableau for a few long enough for the tormenters to savor the moment.

The three men moved back from the embarrassed wife. She stood there breathing a little heavily.

Was it excitement? Was it degradation; knowing her husband was watching?

The men spoke superficially to each other.

Anna was compelled to reply and pretend she was part of the conversation.

She looked up at the men without speaking.

Her eyes were subtly pleading with them to stop her playing with her nipples.

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