My Daddy's Dinner Surprise

by Sexy Miss Delilah

Copyright© 2014 by Sexy Miss Delilah

Father/Daughter Incest Story: My Daddy gets me a little gift to wear to dinner, and soon has me completely desperate to fuck him.

Caution: This Father/Daughter Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Father   Daughter   Sex Toys   .

I had gotten the note and package after schooI. It was on my dresser with a little card that said, " wear this tonight. Love, Daddy. " That was odd. I opened the package and found a small bullet shaped vibrator. I was having dinner with my family plus my grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle. I smiled a wicked grin. Oh well ... I shrugged. I put it between my pussy lips and slid my panties on and went downstairs to dinner.

As I was setting the table the doorbell rang and I showed in my grandparents. My aunt and uncle were already there. I gave hugs and made small talk.

We sat down to dinner and my Dad asked me something about my Trig class and I started to speak when suddenly the tiny vibrator started vibrating. I broke off in mid sentence, and gasped, but then I continued what I was saying. My Dad had the remote control to the tiny bullet vibrator that was firmly lodged between my pussy lips. It was pressed tight to my clit and almost instantly my pussy was throbbing. His face was unreadable, completely stoic. The vibrator went to high and I jerked a little as I tried not to cry out and I managed to keep quiet. I could feel an orgasm building and squirmed around trying to ease the buzzing on my clit, but like a sudden storm I came in a gasp. I used every muscle in my body to hold mostly still and not to cry out my pleasure.

Conversation swirled around the dinner. Daddy kept the vibrator humming off and on and he seemed to know just when I was about to cum and he would switch it off leaving me dying for more. I was visibly sweating now, and my breath was coming in hard little pants. My Grandpa noticed that something was wrong.

"Delilah honey, are you ok?" He looked at me with concern. I assured him I was fine. My Aunt and Uncle were staring at me. I started to speak and excuse myself from the table, but the little vibrator hummed mercilessly against my clit and my legs gave out before I could even get up. I felt another orgasm building and I couldn't help but grind a little on the seat. I was becoming desperate. I was going to shame myself in front of my whole family and scream out my pleasure. I looked at Daddy with tears in my eyes from pleasure and terror that my secret was going to be discovered, and mouthed the word, "Please." That's all I said, but the vibrations stopped for a while.

Daddy continued on like nothing had happened. At the end of the night, he made small talk and when my grandparents were leaving he gave Grandpa a handshake and my Grandma a kiss on the cheek. My Aunt and uncle left a little while later. My Dad gave me a little smile and went upstairs to his bedroom. I waited a few minutes, and then I stomped upstairs, my legs quaking, my panties soaking wet. A trickle of sweat dripped down my back. I practically ran to his bedroom. I pounded on the door with both hands.

He opened the door and grinned, "What a nice surprise Delilah, would you like to come in?"

I shoved past him into the room. As soon as the door shut, I slapped him as hard as I could, and ripped his shirt open buttons popping off. I raked my nails down his chest and grabbed his cock through his pants.

"Damn sweetheart, I can't tell if you are mad or horny."

I screamed, "Both you bastard, how dare you do that in front of my Grandparents!" I shoved him forcefully down onto the floor, and struggled with his belt not caring if my nails scraped his belly or his thighs. I ripped his pants down, and jerked my panties off. I ripped my skirt in an effort to get it off quickly. I straddled him and slammed down on his already hard cock. I was riding him hard and fast, my knees gripping his hips as I ground on him fiercely. I leaned forward and bit his shoulder hard as I slammed my soaking wet pussy on him. I came hard and fast. My nails were digging into his chest.

"Ouch you little bitch!" he growled at me.

I was still desperate to fuck him more. He rolled me over forcefully onto my back.

"No you bastard, we did it your way! Now we are going to do it mine!" I shouted at him.

He pinched my nipples hard, making me scream in ecstasy. He slapped my cunt hard and then pinned my arms over my head.

"No Delilah, you will NEVER forget who is in charge of this relationship"

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