Anne of Lands End

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Historical Sex Story: Anne was known as "Red" Anne because she had flaming red hair and her question of paternity was an unknown factor. Her mother died in childbirth and the daughter was a Tomboy with no time for frivolous pursuits.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Historical   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   .

Everyone knew "Red" Anne was a McHale but she was called simply Anne the Red or "Red" Anne because of her shocking red hair and the fact her mother had died in childbirth not naming which of the McHale clan males was her true father. The castle McHale was situated on the rocky heights of Land's End and it had been there for more than two full centuries.

Anne was a girl who had taken to the reading of books much to the disgust of the Laird Edward. He would much prefer that his own oldest son, Travis had reading credentials in his quiver of accomplishments but the lad was more inclined to whoring and the consumption of spirits.

The young girl of only eighteen winters was notoriously shy and obedient to a fault. She wandered the halls of the barren castle like one of the banshees whispering terrible curses in the middle of the night. In addition to her fetish for the reading of books, she had acquired some formidable skills in the loosing of quarrels from her self-made bow designed from the sturdy yew found in the nearby forest. Her skill in this masculine endeavor made many suspect that Colum McHale the younger brother of Edward was her paternal parent despite the fact he already had a wife with a terrible temper and seven children of his own. This suspicion stemmed from the fact that Colum was an accomplished archer credited with unerring accuracy at long distances. Fortunately, young Anne was not aware of the speculative rumors spreading like wildfire but she knew her skill was something in her blood and not learned like a lesson from a book.

Poor Anne was so painfully shy that she stayed well away from young lads primarily interested in rounding out her copulation education with practical "hands on" experience. In fact, the majority of young females her age were already married and some with children of their own while she had not as yet experienced the feel of a boy's cock in the correct entryway for the creation of offspring. She was energetic in the drawing of milk and was known to sing as she worked whacking away filling pails of milk from the castle herd. She was most obliging with the young male workers in taking care of their immediate needs with her well-trained hands. It was most amusing to her to see how the silly boys tried to make the act last longer but they were no match for her stroking skills and she drew their juices with superb control for a girl of her age and inexperience.

Red Anne was in the habit of traipsing off into the forest to hunt small squirrels and rabbits which the cook was happy to add to the stews and soups put together in the kitchen. She did not hunt larger animals because she was not strong enough to carry the heavy meat back to the castle and she did not like company when she was hunting in the forest.

It was a broken fence that caused her accident in the open lands behind the deserted Benedictine Monastery abandoned many decades ago. She had jumped over it many times with never a mishap but this day was different than the others and her bow got snagged on the top rail flipping her ass up to kettles and jamming her upside down with her skirts up over her hips exposing her bare bottom for she never had taken to the wearing of under finery thinking them too fancy for hunting of meat. She struggled mightily to escape the trap but the more she struggled the more she was caught up in the broken fence and the old stone wall that used to part of the monastery.

Red Anne made no outcry because she knew with certainty there was nobody to hear her shouts for assistance. To make matters worse, she was in a dire panic to make her water but in such a circumstance she would only be making it all over herself in a most distressful manner. She stopped struggling and calmed her demeanor trying to figure out a way out of the calamity.

The next thing she knew a long wet tongue was licking her face which was only a few inches from the ground. She sputtered and checked to make certain it was friendly and then cast her eyes about hoping to see a master not far behind.

She could hear the sound of irritating laughter behind her no doubt taking in the presentation of her upside down bottom in all its splendor with no covering to hide her feminine secrets. At that point she had no time for false modesty and pleaded with the unknown person to have pity on her and pull her from her ignominious trap. The unknown person was quite liberal in the use of his hands and fingers all over her person as he righted her in more conventional position. She saw that he was a young laird with a plaid that she was not familiar with but carrying a sword and pistol of respectable size and impressiveness. Shamefully, she was forced to squat down in front of him and do her business because the pressure was too great to ignore any longer. He laughed with maddening amusement at her discomfort thinking her to be some simple minded servant with no control over her bodily functions.

"It is not wise for a shapely young female such as yourself to be showing off your fanny out here in the woods."

Red Anne had to bite her tongue to keep from a sharp rebuke but she did thank the young man for releasing her from the uncomfortable situation.

"I was careless and found myself unable to escape the trap of that broken fence. I thank you for your assistance. My name is Red Anne and I am of the McHale castle on yonder hill at the end of the shoreline. What do you in these parts?"

The young man turned his sword to the side and sat down on the top of the low stone wall that ran close to the damaged fence. His jerkin was tautly gathered around his crotch and she saw with some degree of certainty the size of his manly equipment that seemed impossibly large for his slender build.

"My father and uncle are traveling to the gathering place to pledge their loyalty to the new laird of the McConnell clan. We are all McConnell's and belong to the southern branch of the family in the flatlands along the river."

Anne was mollified by the response because it made sense as this was the quickest route to follow to arrive at the gathering place. The young man had admitted to the name of Gavin and now that they were introduced and he had seen everything she had to offer a man in search of feminine company, she impetuously removed her clothing and ran to the waterfall to cleanse the odor of her ordeal from her creamy white skin. She looked back over her shoulder and saw the young man shedding his clothes with his eyes locked on her swaying buttocks bouncing with each touch of her toes on the dew-laden turf.

It confirmed to her that he was interested in sampling her nubile flesh and she was of a mind to mate with a man of another clan because of the uncertainty of her own bloodline and she was not inclined to risk unknowing incest with a brother of her own blood.

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