Shopping With Dad Turns Into Seducing Dad

by Sexy Miss Delilah

Copyright© 2014 by Sexy Miss Delilah

Father/Daughter Incest Story: Bummed out daughter goes shopping with Dad. He tries to cheer her up and she decides to thank him properly.

Caution: This Father/Daughter Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Lolita   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

I was feeling pretty bummed out. My boyfriend and I had been split up for about a month, and I missed him horribly. It wasn't just the closeness. To be honest, I missed the sex too. I was horny, and lonely and grumpy. Lying on the bed in my bra and panties, I heard a tap at the door.

"Come in."

My Dad came through the door, "Oops, sorry. I didn't know you weren't dressed."

I laughed, " I'm pretty sure you have seen me in less."

He shifted uncomfortably, and said, "I know, but it's really not appropriate. You are a grown woman now."

I just laughed at him, and said, "Dad, I might be 18, but I'm still in high school. I'm not grown yet."

I saw his eyes wandering over my body, but he just said he wanted to cheer me up. I told him, I didn't think there was much help for me. He offered to take me shopping. I can never turn that down. He knows the way to my heart.

I got dressed. I wanted to flirt a little and see if I could maybe get some phone numbers, so I dressed as sexy as possible. A short black mini, and a tiny little top, with no bra, that showed my nice smooth stomach. It made my 36 C tits look nice and round. I left my long dark hair down, and put on some slut red lipstick. I wore thigh high boots.

When I came down the stairs, my dad just stared at me. "God honey, that skirt is a little short."

"Don't worry about it Dad, I wanted to look hot."

He didn't say anything and we got in the car and he started driving. We went inside the mall, and I could tell that everyone thought he was my older boyfriend or Sugar Daddy. I didn't say anything different. I let him buy me a bunch of stuff. Shorts, tee's, skirts, etc. I tried on everything for him and was kind of enjoying the fashion show. I tried on a very sexy mini dress and couldn't get the back zipped. I called him in, and he came in the dressing room. I asked him to help zip me. His hands lingered at the base of my spine and just barely brushed my ass. He slid the zipper slowly up, and I turned around. Our eyes locked, and I hugged him close.

"Thank you Dad, for taking me shopping."

He pulled away with a shaky breath. I could see the outline of his partially erect cock through his pants. I turned back around and let him unzip me. He abruptly left.

We drove home in a tense silence. He said he was going to watch TV. I was pleased with all my new stuff, but I was still really horny. I started thinking about my Dad, and how handsome he was. Tall, and 6'1" with salt and pepper hair and the bluest eyes you ever saw. I made a bold decision and hoped I didn't regret it.

I dressed in a tiny black see through outfit. I wore no bra. The top of the negligee, barley covered my panties. Black g string with a tiny diamond at each hip. I wore thigh high stocking and stilettos, and I came downstairs. I didn't see him in the living room, so I crept toward his bedroom. He was there. He was sitting up in bed and watching porn. I pushed the door open and came inside.

He jumped and shut the porn off. I smiled at him and sat on the edge of the bed with my thigh touching him. I took the remote from his hand and said, "Whatcha watching?"

I pressed play and the porn sprang to life. It was a younger woman and an older man. I slid up the bed and leaned back against him. My back was against his chest, and he caught his breath.

"Daddy? I know you want to touch me."

I took his big hands and slid them up my belly. Then I slid them further up until his hands were covering my tits. He could feel the nipples hardening through my sheer top.

"Holy shit, honey! This is wrong."

I leaned into him and said, "Oh, but it feels so good."

He slid his hand under my sheer nightie, and cupped my firm tits. His thumbs traced my hard nipples. I moaned softly. I slid over until I was lying between his legs. My ass pushed against his hardening cock. He groaned. He slid my negligee over my shoulders and exposed my bare tits. He rubbed the nipples and pinched them lightly. One hand slid down to my thighs, and rubbed my tingling pussy through the sheer silk of my thong. My back arched and I slid my pussy up against his hand. I moved my ass against his rock hard cock.

He played with me until I was panting. Then he slid his hand inside my panties and touch my clit. It was swollen and I almost orgasmed right then. He rubbed a finger up and down my tight slit ever so softly. I was ready to explode.

"Baby girl, I know you want to cum."

He could tell I was dying for it. He said, "lets get those panties off, shall we?"

I slid them down and he slid the negligee the rest of the way off. I was wearing only the thigh high stockings and the stilettos. He moved on top of me, and kissed his way down my belly. He teased my thighs, teasing, touching. He blew softly on my pussy. He reached down and spread my wet pussy lips with two fingers and with feather soft touches he slid his tongue up and down my cunt. He teased that way. Dipped his tinge into my wet hole, and back out. Then he found my clit, and with quick darting movements flicked his tongue fast over my throbbing clit.

I couldn't stop myself. My back arched and I lifted my ass off the bed and ground my throbbing cunt into his tongue. My hands gripped his hair, and I pulled him in hard. He tongued my pussy sucking and licking the clit till I screamed out an orgasm. While I was still panting he pulled me into a sitting position and straddled me. His cock was in front of my face.

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