A Change of Direction

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An unco-operative wife is hypnotized at her husband request to become a fucking and sucking wife - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Hypnosis   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Big Breasts   .

It was just after ten in the morning when Barry's mobile rang. In was seconds before he answered it as it had to turn off his router. "Morning", he said. "Barry Watergate here".

"Barry!" came a chirpy voice. "It is Greg, Grey Miles".

"Hello mate", Barry replied. "It has been ages, how are you?" That question let to a call lasting many minutes. He learnt that his old school friend was down in Melbourne for a couple of days so an opportunity to have a quick coffee and a catch-up was arranged for that afternoon.

There wasn't much to tell his wife, only that he was having coffee with his old mate at two that afternoon. She just gave a grunt, the standard method of communication in a household that existed on toleration. "I don't know what time I will be back", he said as he closed the door. If she replied he didn't hear as a matter of fact he couldn't give a fuck for just getting out of the house was a joy in itself.

It had been ages since he had seen Greg but he really hadn't changed in that time, he was still the jovial companion of past years, a bit overweight and loosing hair, but really so was here, although in fitness he did think he would run rings around Greg. They shook hands with the same firmness that had always been their greetings and over coffee he learnt the Greg, had left the Health Department and was now operating as an independent business. "Now that you are no longer on the government payroll" he asked. "Is being independent worth it, financially" Greg put down his coffee, a wide smile creased his rather wrinkled face. "It was the best move I every made", he replied. "Financially it is a winner but it is the perks that it brings that are the real reward".

"Perks! How do you mean" Barry asked.

"Women mate, fucking them and letting them suck me dry and the best part of it is that the poor cunts have no idea that they have been used. As you know I hypnotised patients for various health related matters while in the employ of the government. I do the same now in private practice, mainly for depression and most of my patients are women and there are generally attractive, various figure formation but they are so very co-operative when I'm in control. When they leave my consulting rooms, all their depressions are gone and I have had reports, especially from husbands that their wives have now a totally different perspective on relationships and as for me they are just another conquest put down in my 'black book'.

Barry listened with his mind struggling with a long held desire to have his very unco-operative wife turned into nothing more than a slut, who not only would perform for him but also for his mates and even if there was a donkey on heat she would be thinking way of how to shove its enormous cock fully up her cunt. "I thought that you couldn't hypnotise a person without their co-operation?" he asked. Greg ordered another coffee and as the waitress turned away he lent forward. "Not anymore Barry, it is suggestions it has always been a suggestions but now I can be talking to anybody, especially women and not long later I can have them nude and sucking or fucking and I haven't even said 'let's fuck' or 'suck on this'. It is the tone of one voice that gradually put them into a trance and then they are putty to be worked as I wish." He concluded.

For seconds Barry hesitated but then said. "My wife is hopeless in the sexual field, it is decades since I last mounted her and now that activity is totally absent and if I do make a suggestion or try a physical approach it is brushed away, my question Greg is 'if I invited you home for dinner could you put my wife in a fucking mood so that instead of pushing me away would grab my cock and do wonderful things to it, like sucking and screwing, especially up her bum which is very nice?"

Greg finished his coffee. "I don't knock back an invitation and I gather by what you have asked is that you are inviting me to condition your wife so that sucking and fucking is just a normal and daily activity".

"Absolutely", Barry replied

"When will this little adventure begin?" Greg asked.

"How about dinner tonight", Barry replied. "My wife can be the perfect hostess, all smiles and she can even put on a reasonable meal. She can present herself so that you would wonder what is wrong. For a visitor she always on her best behaviour, so there will be no trouble in inviting you for dinner, she will be wrapped. I'll just ring and advise her, you are coming and when you meet her, you will be welcomed like an absent friend who had come home". A phone call a quick chat a smile;. "All set", Barry said as they got up, paid and departed.

Barry introduced his wife. "Greg this is Wendy. Wendy Greg is an old school friend I have known for years". As usual the wife was all smiles and was a very active hostess and she produced snacks and nibbles that made her husband smile for this was the only occasions when she actually got off her backside and did something, especially in creating a meal. Forewarned by Greg to not interfere in any of the activity that he was to introduce, Barry sat and enjoyed the show. "I'll tell you when she is ripe and ready", Greg had said. Now he, in the most monotheists of voices began firstly to praise her for her welcome and the afternoon tea. His voice never altered its tone to such an extent that Barry began to feel sleepy and had to shake himself so he just wouldn't drift off. Suddenly Greg got up and began to rub his wife's shoulders all the time continuing in that unrelenting tone, gradually he moved to her tits and began to massage them and his wife began to dribble saliva from the corners of her mouth.

"You have lovely tits Wendy it is a pity to hide such lovelies, drop them out so they can be admired", Greg said, still in that unchanging and hypnotic tone. Without any hesitation she undid her blouse, unclipped her bra and those items of Greg's admiration were fully displayed. "Lovely!" he said as he began to mould them and worked on the nipples which seemed to grow and harden with each squeeze and pull. What was happening was so alien that all Barry did was shake his head, but what happened next had him almost out of his chair. Greg lifted his wife up by her tits and then began to work at her groin, rubbing her up and down till soft moans, accompanied with dribbles of saliva were coming from her. Slowly he unzipped her slacks and pushed them down till that dark triangle of hair was fully displayed and then he began to finger her till her moans were auditable grunts. "Bend over", he commanded; she did. In seconds his trousers were down, revealing a throbbing erection, he pushed the head of his cock against the hairy lips of her cunt, gripped her by her hanging tits and shoved.

She almost rose of the floor, her head snapped up and her gasp, that was more like a howl, reinforced by a spray of saliva echoed around the room. He thrust again, burying his cock and it wasn't small into that almost virgin cunt. Now anchored he fucked, boy did he fuck and she began to respond, working her bottom to equal every thrust and turning with a smile he addressed Barry. "She is ripe and ready. I fill her and then you take over", he said with a gasp as he emptied his balls.

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