Male Bonding

by Robin

Copyright© 2014 by Robin

Gay Sex Sex Story: Jake's secret desire realised at a Management Away day. Another super short of 1000 words only.

Caution: This Gay Sex Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Fiction   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Jake stirred his coffee, the spoon going around and around, no longer diluting the two sugars he had put in it several minutes ago. He sat at the kitchen table, alone and lost in his thoughts, his head cradled in his right hand, elbow supporting him from the table.

He was thinking, remembering the events of the past weekend, what a weekend it had been.

Every so often, the company would organize a management-bonding event, designed to make the middle managers of the organization a more cohesive team. The events ranged from paint balling to orienteering and everything in between. Mostly, they were a laugh and a pretty good piss up, away from the office environment.

This last event had them trying to get from position 'A' to position 'B', going over, through, around and under various obstacles, some natural and some not. Jake ended up face down in a mud pit, having failed to traverse on a zip slider from a wooden platform to another, sixty meters away. The screams of laughter died as soon as they realised Jake was in a bad way. The wind and stuffing knocked completely out of him.

Frank was assigned to help him back to base. They managed to commandeer a golf buggy to drive back to the hotel. Frank helped Jake undress and shoved him in the shower to get all the muck out of his various orifices.

Once clean and able to breathe freely again, Jake felt much better and thanked Frank very much for his assistance. It was the way Frank said okay and the appraising looks as he said it that gave Jake a vital clue.

Dressed in only a bath towel Jake approached Frank who was sat on the bed, and, without thinking too much, grasped his chin, lifting his face upwards to kiss him, full on the lips. Frank's hands came up and held Jake's head, pulling him into a deeper kiss, mouths open and tongues fencing against each other's. Jake's sudden hardness was pushing the towel into a peak. He suddenly ached to have Frank. It had been so long, too long since his last lover.

"Shall we get you out of those muddy things?" Jake asked, hoping to get him naked and was pleasantly relieved when Frank began to undo buttons and zips in reply.

An untidy heap of soiled clothing hit the floor a few moments later and Frank stood before Jake, naked, his arousal evident by his cock, pointing accusingly at Jake as if to say, look what you have done to me.

There was none of the usual awkwardness. Jake fell to his knees and took Franks beautiful cock in his hand and guided his hooded end into his mouth. He loved that Frank had been sweating all day and the musky smell it created. He tasted manly and had a really nice cock. Just the right size and girth to fit wherever it was needed.

"Why don't we do this together?" Frank gasped through gritted teeth where the pleasure he was receiving was making him tense up.

Still with Frank's cock in his mouth, Jake nodded, which did a whole lot for Frank and nearly tipped him over the edge.

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