by Robin

Copyright© 2014 by Robin

Vampire Horror Sex Story: Another 1000 word challenge. Swallow is short, very much like the life of the hero.

Caution: This Vampire Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Vampires   Snuff   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Big Breasts   .

"Oh my God!" He cried. "That feels fucking fantastic". David had a cock to be proud of. Often measured and never found wanting. His nine inches was completely down her throat.

She lifted her head, parting their connection and took a breath. "You like that?" Her eyes searched his for conformation.

"You cannot know just how good that feels." He replied, bliss written across his face at the sensation of having his cock massaged and swallowed by this gorgeous woman he had just met.

David was out on the town, with no expectations. Just a quick drink, in an, out of town bar, a fast food meal and then, home to bed. Ready for another day, selling used cars at his father's lot. His Jack Daniel's and coke had hardly registered before a silky voice asked him if he would like another. He turned and found himself looking into azure eyes that conveyed the question.

"Yeah, sure." He appraised her, his eyes travelling from toes to face and back again. He liked what he saw very much and was reminded of the actress who played Elvira. What was her name? Ah yes, Cassandra Peterson. This vision in front of him had a dress so low cut and a bosom to rival the actress, that the comparison was almost automatic.

Several JD's and cokes joined the first and after an hour of talking to this vision, that matched him drink for drink, the alcohol was having an effect. His imagination ran riot, conjuring different sexual poses and scenarios that included her without clothing. She seemed to be content to pay her way, each buying the next round. As each gulp of the iced liquid was swallowed, so his mind's eye created wilder and wilder scenes.

"Would you like to go outside?" Her question didn't register at first. David's luck didn't run that way. So his response was "What?"

Her voice settled down into a purr that tickled his libido in a subliminal stroke to his ego.

"Would you like to go outside?" She repeated and gazed expectantly into his eyes. "You know, we seem to be getting on okay and the Jack Daniels is working it's magic. I feel, really horny and hoped you might be too."

"Uh! Sure ... Why not?" He couldn't believe his luck.

A few minutes later found them in the privacy of the parking area, between two big rigs that offered protection from prying eyes.

In short order, she had his pants down around his ankles and his cock in her mouth. In deliciously long and slow strokes, his cock was being sucked as it had never before.

"I'm going to cum he whispered." The sensations were driving him over the edge.

She stood and said, "We don't want that to happen just yet, do we? Deftly, she hooked her thumbs into the fabric of her dress and flipped her breasts out. They were as gorgeous as David thought they might be. Large and gravity defying with dark aureoles around nipples, that seemed impossibly long.

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