Jealous in the Room

by Rafel010

Copyright© 2014 by Rafel010

Stripper Sex Story: About a shy girl whom finds her sexuality with her friends.

Caution: This Stripper Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Black Couple   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

My name is Shay I'm coco skinned and very shy. I hang with a group from school we are all in our first year of college. My girl Kim is so outgoing and her best friend Lynn tries to hang. The guys in the group are Ben, Josh and Clyde.

We all tried dating one another, but, things didn't work out with any of us. No matter who dated whom it just didn't last and yet we all stayed close. Not to say when the mood is right we fuck one another from time to time. What? It's just a fuck!

One day the guys were throwing a guy's party, which means they hired a hooker I mean stripper to entertain them. Usually us girls find something else to do, but, Kim our so called leader wanted to see what really goes on at these parties.

We waited until we saw the stripper go into their room before we went to crash the party. Clyde answered the door with a surprised look on his face.

"You going to let us in," Kim questioned him?

"Only if you three can handle what's going on in here," he told her.

Kim just pushed passed him and we followed. Once we got in we sat down and checked the hooker I mean stripper out. Her name is Candy or at least that was her stripper name. She stood about five feet eleven inches in her three inch heels.

Her hair is auburn with fake extensions, she is a bright skin girl, and her breasts are like melons. Candy has a small waist with tight hips. I became threaten as I gave this stripper the once over.

Kim doesn't let any woman make her feel threaten and I couldn't tell how Lynn was dealing. We took seats as Candy questioned what we were doing here.

Ben told her, "They are just here to be nosey; they will not interfere with your act."

"It will be an extra thirty if they watch," she informed him.

"All good," Ben affirmed.

The girl was in a Dallas Cowgirl outfit to start off. She gyrated twisted and rotated her hips as she came out her top. Her big firm breast has long nipples that she tried to tape down with blue Dallas stars. Then she slipped her white short shorts off. All was left were the nipple stars a white thong with a blue Dallas star on the front and her white go-go boots.

She flaunted her goods around the room and shook her ass in all the guys faces. Ben and Clyde were hard as a rock and Josh was well on his way. I guess she could see who was hard and she wanted them all hard.

Since Josh wasn't complete hard she sat her juicy fat ass in his lap. The other guys were fixed on the action that was going on in Josh's lap. The girl knew what men want and she was giving it to them.

That's when I saw the look of envy in Kim's eyes. Josh has always been her favorite and I guess this girl was pleasing him just a little too much. I guess Candy caught on there was something between Kim and Josh and proceeded to make Kim jealous.

Bad move in my opinion because Kim got up and began to remove her clothes. Kim is a beautiful girl in her own right. If you ask me her best asset is her very long sexy legs. I wish I had legs like her.

Her breast is not as large as Candy's but her nipples are just as long. Her hips are more slender, but, her onion ass left no doubt. The guys were torn who to look at as Kim stripped down to her panties.

Everyone could see Candy did not appreciate another women taking attention from her. That's when she unzipped Josh's fly and fished his cock out. That massive tool of his made every girl in the room clit throb. That boy has one lovely dick.

I have on more than one occasion let that big cock slip past my hungry pussy lips. Just seeing his long thick dick got me moist as Candy wrapped her two hands around the base of his cock. Candy proceeded to suck Josh's cock like I have never seen any woman suck cock before. Josh was already on the edge of climax.

Kim still would not be out done and quickly got between Clyde's thighs. Got his hard cock out and sucked his cock like I have never seen her suck cock before. Back in the day we would suck the guys cocks to see who would come first, so, I knew the skills Kim has. But, tonight she was taking it to a new level as Clyde eyes rolled in the back of his head.

Candy wasn't out of tricks yet as she reached over to Ben and got his dick out while still sucking Josh off. Once Ben's dick was out she went from cock to cock, bringing one to the edge, but, not allowing either of them to come.

She tried to keep it going, but, she sucked on Josh's cock a little too long and he unloaded a load in her throat that she couldn't handle. She choked on the load he pumped down her throat, leaving Kim to take over Ben's hard dick while still sucking Clyde off. Like I said Kim does not like to be out done. She kept those two on edge and reached over to get Josh back hard. This girl was working three cocks as we all watched in amazement.

Neither of the guys could come unless she let them. I guess Lynn didn't want her girl to have all the fun so she stripped down and relieved Kim of Clyde whom she fancied. I was the only woman in the room fully dressed and jealous.

Jealous I didn't have the nerve to flaunt my body as care free as the rest of the women in the room. It is so frustrating because here I sit, panties wet and mouth hungry for a cock. But, unless I'm alone with one of the guys or drunk I'm just not that way. So, here I sit as these three women now have a dick in their mouths pleasing each of the men.

My clit was throbbing as I watched hard dick disappear and reappear from their hot hungry mouths. My nipples thumped as they cares the guys tight nut sacks and I yearned as I watched the girls tongues swirl all over that hard meat.

If I had to judge it looked like Kim and Ben were into the lustful acts the most. Ben had a hand full of her hair pushing, pulling Kim's head onto and off of his cock.

Candy was able to recover and started sucking Josh again. I couldn't believe he recuperated so quickly, but, Josh always did love getting head, especially from a woman whom could deep throat like Candy.

Lynn and Clyde were into a please, please situation. She was sucking his cock and licking his balls. While he slowly shoved three fingers in and out of Lynn's tight, hot, wet pussy. In and out I watched his fingers pump her wet pussy, driving Lynn closer and closer to orgasm. Every few seconds she had to stop sucking him because of the pleasure from the slow finger fucking of her pussy caused her to gasp.

Dam, my pussy was wet as I watched the hot action that was unfolding right before me. The competition was over and self-gratification was at hand. I've fucked all three guys, but, I have never seen them so turned on. Their cocks were hard and throbbing ready to penetrate some hot wet tight pussy.

My jealousy was so blinding I didn't know I had slipped off my pants. I was so turned on I didn't realize my hand slipped down into my panties. All I knew was I was witnessing the most erotic thing I've seen.

Candy was the first to spread her soft fat pussy lips for Josh's huge prick. She moaned and groaned as her tight pussy opened for his massive dick. Half way down Josh grabbed her soft round hips and thrust his hip toward the ceiling. His large nut sack slapped Candy on her soft ass cheeks. This drew a soulful gasp from Candy then she erupted all over Josh's pumping dick.

Lynn and Clyde work themselves into a sixty nine. I knew Clyde was a freak, but, I never knew he tongue ass hole. The way he had Lynn moaning he was very in-depth at it. She was getting it every which of way. Three fingers in her pussy and an active tongue in her anus which was driving her crazy.

Ben loves back door and he had Kim bent over the back of the sofa. I could see he was long dicking her nice and slow. Just the way she loves it. Kim is a girl whom could come all day. Once she gets started she is insatiable. That girl has a hungry pussy that needs to be fed. Thing is she doesn't care who knows it.

I want to be like her, confident in my sexuality. Just look at her in her own world enjoying every inch of big Ben's cock. Dam, he given that dick to her just the way she likes it. Mmmm, look how he pauses once he is fully in her. I know that cock is throbbing against her soft pussy walls giving her that deep good pleasure.

My pussy is quivering from the thought with pleasure running to the tip of my clit and nipples. I never thought I would witness anything like this, let alone being turned on by the hot lust.

Candy was still coming on Josh's hard pumping prick. He is power fucking that tight hot wet pussy. All Candy could do was come and tweak her long erect nipples. Her moans are the music to everyone's lust as she let Josh pound that pussy.

Clyde was near climax as Lynn sucked his cock. But, Clyde broke the sixty nine and maneuvered Lynn into the back door entry. Now it's obvious why he licked her ass hole. He wants to fuck Lynn up the ass. He slowly lined up his cock and gently began to slide his dick into Lynn's virgin ass.

Her anus began to quiver as his cock pushed into her ass hole. Lynn started a low lustful consuming moan that got everyone's attention. Clyde just watched his thick hard cock sink into her tight ass hole. Everyone watched Lynn's butt cheeks quiver as her ass hole took inch after inch of his cock.

"Dam, that's turning me on," Kim announced!

"Fuck that ass," Ben told his boy!

The lust and the sight made me rim my ass hole with my finger, as I watched him push his cock into her tight ass. I never knew how good it felt to play with my own ass hole which was soak and wet with the cream from my pussy. My ass hole puckered as the sensation gripped me.

I was on my way to a sweet climax when I felt two hands grab my thighs. Next thing I knew my legs were hoisted onto a pair of broad shoulders and the tip of a hard long prick pressed against my virgin ass hole.

Before I could realize whom it was I felt the most intense pain and pleasure I ever felt. I came three times as the long dick invaded my ass canal. The first climax hit when the pressure on my ass hole was. Seconds later when the head of his cock pushed into my ass the second climax rocked me. The third climax exploded at my clit and nipples when he filled my ass canal.

Never in my young adult life had I ever came like that and that many times. I got a chance to catch my breath and looked up at Josh who was trying not to come in my virgin tight ass hole. He was grunting as I felt his long cock throbbing in my ass.

Once he regained control he sank his throbbing cock deeper into my oscillating ass. The sensation was driving me wild along with the lustful sounds of Lynn getting her ass fucked.

Josh was slowly pumping my ass which felt so good, but, Clyde was slamming his dick in and out of her tight ass. From the sound of it she was coming with every other thrust. I never knew she loved cock up her ass, but, being fucked in the ass I can relate to the pleasure.

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