Love Thine Enemy

by Robin

Copyright© 2014 by Robin

Fiction Sex Story: Interrogation was never like this. Another 1000 word super short story.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Military   .

He stroked her bare behind, a touch so gentle, as if cradling a baby's head. Her soft downy hair hardly registered on his calloused hands in the sweep over her pink flesh. She sighed in contentment and comfort of their shared love. Her head lay on her folded forearms, breath warming the space between her mouth and the sheet of the bed. Her eyes were closed so that she could concentrate on the pleasure of his touch.

Brian, lent forward, taking in the smell of her, savouring the faint aroma from the soap she had used that morning. He kissed the small of her back where the curve of her spine, in concave undulation, met the top of her buttocks. His dry lips brushed across her skin, pausing to kiss and to taste her.

She shivered momentarily as the rasp of his stubble traversed across her spine, and giggled lightly as it tickled and raised goose bumps to form.

Sabine turned over to lie on her side, facing him. She looked into his deep set, brown eyes that regarded her intently, as if studying her for the first time, drinking in every detail and committing it to memory.

She reached out to him, cupping his cheek.

His head tipped to the side, trapping her hand between cheek and clavicle. He blew a kiss while his hand began to explore her exposed breast. Her teat hardened under his palm as he, with equal care and gentleness, fondled the yielding mound, shaping it into a cone and pronouncing her nipple. He bent and kissed the hardening nub, drawing it into his mouth, suckling, tasting and savouring at each sup.

This time, their love making was so much less frenetic and so much more about feeling, of passion and of love. This time, unlike an hour before, he slid between her legs and entered her body, still slick from the earlier abandon of lustful exuberance. She accepted his length, feeling every millimetre as his cock embedded itself inside her.

Their first copulation had been clothing ripping, madness that had nothing to do with love and all to do with wild sex and instant physical attraction. In less than an hour of meeting their bodies had melded in a frantic union of hands, tongues and wild abandon, beyond reason.

Their pace was languidly slow, allowing for hands to explore, to touch and caress. Their mouths kissed and licked where flesh was available, even to bite softly or suck skin between teeth. The marks would only last for a few minutes while suffused blood dissipated back into dermis.

Brian shifted slightly to ease his weight off of her. It drove him deeper than previously and caused her to gasp at the fullness their copulation had her feeling. The sensation, friction and depth drove her to the precipice of climax. The intensity of his gentle thrusts, combined with the sensation of his coarse hair rubbing against her clit was taking her to a place, rarely achieved, when her body gave up of itself, the essences of love, in a fountain of fluid that soaked all that it met.

But Brian was not yet quite ready to impart his own fluencies. He wanted to savour and extend the moment and, perhaps, with luck and endeavour, even bring her to that point again, when her body flowed beneath him and she trembled out her orgasm, bereft of coordination.

He lengthened his stroke, still as slowly as he could manage, gently coaxing her body's response to his efforts of love making.

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