New Arcadia: Dick's Story

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2014 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: At the invitation of another couple, Dick and his wife visit New Arcadia. Dick describes his first day there, and how his preconceptions of sex are turned upside down by a teacher of the erotic arts and a young lady whose pubescent figure belies her sexual expertise.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Nudism   .

"For many adults who are initiates into the culture of the new Eden, the thought of sexual intercourse with pubescent partners is a distinct shock. Their own cultural upbringing has taught them that such acts are not only signs of moral depravity, but a form of rape. As indeed they would be, if the young partners were forcibly subjected to them against their will, fearful of the adult's greater strength and authority, and all unknowing of the sexual context of the act. But we have found that if our children are taught that such acts are a necessary and beneficial part of human social intercourse, and that they are always in control of the situation, they become not unwilling, passive partners but most enthusiastic and loving participants. It is not at all uncommon for the experienced child to be more in control of the act of love than the inexperienced adult."

-- Alfonse Gregorio, from Return to Eden

My name is Dick. Don't bother ... I've heard them all. I'm a marine biologist and up until a couple of years ago, I thought I was a fairly normal guy. Strictly heterosexual, with no interest in guys or young girls. My lover at the time was the third woman I ever fucked. It didn't work out, because of some issues of jealousy and possessiveness that I don't want to go into right now. I'd never been nude in public, except for one trip to a nude beach when I was in college. Then I met Liz at another nude beach, and my world changed. (I told about that in a story called "A Very Private Beach.") And when I met George and Louise, it changed again.

And what am I now? Well, I'm married now, to Liz, who is balling the hell out of somebody somewhere, which I don't mind a bit. I've just finished finger-fucking a beautiful fourteen-year-old virgin girl with no tits to speak of, a girl who could almost be my daughter. When I'm not working, I'm nude almost all the time at home and here at New Arcadia, letting my cock swing free and get hard, and I love looking at naked people and being looked at.

And Liz and I are in a polyamorous relationship with George and Louise, the couple who introduced us to New Arcadia. A polyamorous relationship is a setup in which everybody is married to everybody else. Not legally, of course, but emotionally, and sexually as well. Yes, I fuck George, and he fucks me. And we both fuck the girls, and the girls fuck each other. The relationships are mostly hetero, but once in a while we like to mix it up. I don't enjoy being fucked in the ass the way he does, because I find it painful, but sure don't mind him sucking my cock as I suck his. And seeing that really gets our wives off.

But it's at New Arcadia that our sex lives really take off. That's because we all realize that variety is the spice of life, and nowhere can we get more sexual variety than at the resort.

For instance, there are two kinds of boobs that really turn me on. There's the full breasts, heavy with milk, of the lactating mothers and the Milk Maids. I'm glad that my wife Liz has decided to be one of the Milk Maids and keep those lovely nipples of hers flowing with milk for me and her other lovers. And there's the small, high busts of young teenaged girls, breasts just beginning to form. I never thought I'd get turned on by small-titted women, but once I'd fallen in love with Liz's A-cups, that changed. And before I came to New Arcadia, I'd never witnessed a nearly titless girl with a bald pussy having a full-blown orgasm, with every muscle of that lean young body tensing with pleasure. I didn't even know they were capable of that at that age! Now it's something I see nearly every day I'm at the resort. Do you know that they actually have classes in masturbation here at New Arcadia, right out in public for anybody to see? It's mostly for the girls, but boys can learn a thing or two, mostly about edging and delaying their own orgasms. And the boys get off on seeing each other jizz, especially when one of them really lets it fly.

That's the other big change in me: seeing people that young as sexual beings. Just as I would never have dreamed of fucking a man, or being fucked by a man, if it hadn't been for New Arcadia, I would have also never dreamed of fucking girls barely out of puberty. But these kids were different from the ones I'd known in high school. These New Arcadian girls had seen scores of hard cocks before their fifteenth birthday, and it was no big deal for them. Indeed, they had seen far more hard cocks than soft cocks, and probably figured that it was the natural state for a cock to be. And what do hard cocks do? They jizz, of course, and the girls have seen just about every male here jizz at least once, and they take it as a matter of routine.

It was also no big deal for a girl to masturbate in public, pleasuring herself whenever she felt like it to get an erotic buzz on, just as the boys do here. As a girl pulled on her nipples and her clit, she'd encourage me to stroke my own hard-on, and was happy to let me jizz on her lean tan body as she climaxed. After our lusts were satisfied, we'd just sit around and chat, and I got to know her as a person, even as I watched my load of jizz trickling down her belly. It reminded me of the first time I'd met Liz. She'd invited me to masturbate in front of her at that nude beach because she knew that I'd never be able to see her as a person until my natural male lust was no longer directing my attention to her tits and cunt. She was right. What neither of us suspected was that there was a whole society built on that principle, and that within a few years, we'd both be part of it.

As for fucking young girls, well, I never thought of myself as much of a pedophile. But let me tell you, nothing gets me hard quicker than seeing a young girl masturbating in public, the younger the better. On the one hand, there's the obvious youth ... the slim body, the underdeveloped breasts, the cunt with only a few wispy hairs that mark the advent of puberty. On the other hand, there's her self-confidence and her utter lack of shyness. She'd been trained to bring herself to any state of arousal she desired, using any number of techniques taught to her by older lovers, male and female alike. And by her fifteenth year, orgasms came to her as easily as breathing. And there's never a trace of anxiety in her, since she knows that she's perfectly safe from sexual assault. I know that what I'm witnessing is a young lady doing what she was born to do, ready to exploit every pleasure her young body was capable of, with no puritanical culture denying her her birthright.

And once those nubile young ladies had been initiated into womanhood, that masturbation would end up in real intercourse with me as often as not. A new "adult" woman was one of nature's most wonderful creations, a mixture of giddy inexperience and seasoned sexuality. These girls knew exactly how to extract the fullest amount of pleasure from their bodies, and how to please a man's cock with everything but their cunts, but the sensation of a hard penis inside them was still new enough to intrigue and delight them. To glide my cock into a tight, nearly virgin pussy came to be one of my favorite lovemaking practices, and Liz doesn't mind a bit! She only wishes she'd been that kind of girl when she was in her teens.

Of course, I ended up fucking nearly every other woman at the resort, too. Every man does. Young, old, black, white, thin, fat ... it didn't matter. Every woman is unique, and every woman is beautiful. George is another guy who appreciates the whole spectrum of femininity, and the women appreciate him, too, since he's had specialized training in love-making from some of the masters (or should I say mistresses?) of the art.

And our wives are perfectly happy with it, since they had the same variety in their choices of sexual partners. Louise loves to fuck young boys (preferably in pairs), while Liz's taste in fuckmates usually runs to older, experienced men with hairy bodies and thick, curved cocks like mine.

Am I jealous? Hell, no! And that's because every time Liz came back from fucking one of them, she'd tell me about some new kink that we'd try out together. In less than a year, Liz had tried out just about every trick in the book, and had gotten really good at a few of them. And after we'd climaxed, we'd be in a blissful post-coital state where our love for each other would deepen in a way we could never experience with any other lovers.

Except, of course, for George and Louise. Those two were special. Not only were we sharing our bodies with them, but our whole lives. George's dick is as welcome in Liz's vagina as mine is. Maybe more welcome, in fact, since he's by far the more experienced lover, due to his specialized training. And since Louise has been taking that training, she's shown me stuff that Liz never dreamed of doing to me.

As I said before, I'm a marine biologist by trade, and that means long research trips where I'm at sea for weeks at a time. That used to worry me, because Liz was never happy when I was gone. She was a late bloomer sexually, and now that she was active, she wanted it all the time. But now she has George to fuck whenever she likes, and half a dozen men to fuck on a typical weekend at New Arcadia. So she gets plenty of cock. And cunt, too. There are women at New Arcadia that know everything there is to know about Sapphic love, and Liz has been soaking it up like a sponge. It doesn't bother me. I'm just happy that she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be.

We have two children. I mean, Liz and I have one and George and Louise have another, but we raise the kids together, and the kids see each other as brother and sister, with two mommies and two daddies. When both women were lactating, they'd trade off nursing duties without regard to whether the child at their breasts were their biological son or daughter. Seeing a woman with a child at each breast, feeding them both with her milk, remains one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and for a while I was seeing it almost daily.

How did I get the way I am now? Well, for one thing, Liz introduced me to a nude beach for people who loved to fuck in public. That was before we got married. By the time we moved from that town, I was a confirmed nudist and exhibitionist, and we'd even swapped partners with a few of the other visitors at the beach. In a less than a month, the number of women I'd fucked grew from three to six. I used to think that was a lot, but now I fuck at least that many women in a single weekend here at New Arcadia. Of course, a lot of them are repeats, but if I had to guess, I guess that I've made love to well over a hundred women at this point. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was another hundred in a year or so.

I guess the best way to tell you how amazing this place is would be to describe my first day here. This was just after we'd gotten married and before we had children. Liz and I had spent the previous night at George and Louise's place, where we got our first taste of really mind-blowing sex. These guys were good! We'd read the Gregorio book and sort of knew what was going on at New Arcadia, and the reason we'd swapped spouses was to see if we could fit into that scene comfortably. But the skill that our new friends had at lovemaking took us completely by surprise. And when they told us that nearly everybody else at New Arcadia was better at fucking than they were, I was dumbfounded.

We arrived at the resort at around ten on Saturday morning. There were four people there to greet us: a young Black woman with an amazing set of puffy-nippled tits, a Latino man in his twenties, and two teenagers, a boy and a girl. All of them were naked, and both of the guys had hard-ons. Hector's cock was thick and brown, with low-hanging balls, but Bruce's was long and slender, with a prominent cap oozing pre-cum. We introduced ourselves with what George called "Gregorio gropes," which involve touching the genitals of the other people as they touch yours. Well, I'd never touched a boy's cock before, and the last time I'd felt up a girl that young was when I was in high school. But they had no shyness at all about giving my cock a squeeze, and I responded as coolly as I could. It turned out that the two kids were long-time sexual partners of George and Louise, and the four of them went off together. That left Liz and me with Beryl and Hector. I felt a pang of jealousy as my wife linked arms with Hector and they strolled away, his hard dick pointing out straight ahead of him. It took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that in a few minutes, that dick would be inside my wife and shooting its spunk into her womb. Beryl immediately noticed my discomfort.

"Have you done any swapping before?" she asked.

"A few times, with two different couples. But we knew these couples for a long time ... at least Liz did ... and we did it in front of each other. Since I met Liz, I've never made love to another woman when she hasn't been around. And as far as I know, she hasn't fucked anybody when I wasn't there."

"Then it's perfectly normal for you to feel a little jealous at first," she said. "You don't know us. Are you worried that Hector is a better lover than you are, and that your relationship with your wife is threatened?"

"I don't know," I replied. "I didn't feel that way with George last night, and Liz tells me that he was the best fuck she'd ever had. But it didn't affect our love for each other."

"Good! Let me reassure you that Hector will be same. And he's a more experienced lover than George is. He's had all the training ... did you see his gold wristband? And part of that training is to see when sexual arousal becomes infatuation, and to guide people away from that mind-set. Believe me, she'll love you more than ever!"

"I see you have a gold wristband, too. Do you have that training?"

"You bet I do! Let's go to my cabin and get acquainted. What I'm going to do is get some sort of idea about where you're coming from as a lover, and what you need to learn. But there's no pressure. We're going to have a lot of fun!"

Boy, that was an understatement! When we got to her cabin, she laid me on the bed and proceeded to tease me. My cock was hard, and I lay on my back as she straddled me, dragging the wiry black hair of her bush over the sensitive underside of my cock. Her dark tits, gleaming with sun-tan oil, dangled invitingly over my chest.

"You say you've read the book," she said as she brushed her muff against my cock. "So you know what the Golden Zone is. I'm going to show you how it works. I'm going to masturbate you with my bush and my cunt lips. I want you to enjoy my wanking you, but try not to let it get the best of you. When you feel the urge to cum building up, let me know, and I'll lay off. Got it?"

"Got it!" I replied. And for the next half hour, that's what we did. My cock was oozing pre-cum almost the entire time, but she wouldn't let it get fully hard. Occasionally, she'd rub the cap against her opening, and then she'd push it into her vagina. Just the cap, though. We'd hold that position for a few minutes, and go back to using her muff on my cock's underside. We'd kiss. And she'd drag those gleaming dark puffy nipples along my chest, just grazing it. I'd never had such a cock teasing in my life, and I was enjoying every second of it.

"Well, for a newcomer, you're doing pretty good," she said as she positioned my cock's cap once more at her entrance. "But I can tell from your body tension that you're close to popping. Want to finish it?"

"God, yes!" I murmured.

Without another word, she lowered herself onto my body, letting my cock slide into her depths. After all the teasing, the actual feel of her vaginal walls was mind-blowing. I started to thrust, but she said, "Not yet. Just hold it there, let it get used to the feeling. Then I'll let you cum."

Another minute went by, my cock planted in her cunt as we breathed in unison. Then she chuckled, and I felt her vaginal walls contract and relax. Liz was good at that, and had strong Kegels, but this woman had far more control and strength. It was like getting a blow job, and I almost immediately lost any control I had. I felt my cock pulse and pulse. I swear that she was sucking my jizz right out of my cock. Her eyes were tightly closed, and I saw a bead of sweat dribbling down from her collarbone, following the curve of her breast before dripping off the nipple onto my chest.

"Oh my God!" was all I could say.

"Welcome to New Arcadia, Dick!"

"Did you cum, too? I wanted you to."

"Silly boy. I've been cumming for the last ten minutes! If I'd wanted to, I could have cum without any genital stimulation at all. That's one of the tests for a Guide."

"Couldn't you fake it?"

She laughed. "Around here, you wouldn't fool anybody, least of all another Guide!"

"You know, you're the first Black woman I've ever made love to."

"Well, welcome to that, too. But don't expect every Black chick you meet to be as good as I am in the sack." She shifted positions, and I felt my softening cock slide out of her, followed by a gush of fluid. Her hand went to her snatch and came up with our cum glistening on her fingers.

"Are all the 'training sessions' around here as pleasant as this one?" I asked.

"No. Most of them are better," she said as she licked her fingers clean. "As you get control of the Zone, you'll be able to last longer, and your orgasms will become more intense. And you'll be able to give more pleasure to your partner. You're already a considerate lover, but with a little training, you'll really see what your cock can do. Now let's see how long it takes you to get hard again." She slid down the bed so that her mouth could reach my cock, and sucked it until I could feel it stirring again.

"I want to taste your cunt as you do that," I said. So she reversed herself into a sixty-nine position, and I lapped the nectar as it oozed from her cunt, mixed with my sperm. Her scent was intoxicating, and it wasn't long before I was hard.

"Are we going to fuck again?" I asked.

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