Mean Old Mrs. Magruder

by Orallee69

Copyright© 2014 by Orallee69

Erotica Sex Story: Middle aged man tries to seduce teenage girl and winds up being the victim of her evil mother's desires.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Humiliation   White Couple   Water Sports   Scatology   .

I knew I shouldn't have peeked at her in the library, she couldn't have been older than 16, young enough to be my daughter, but she was cute and I could see up her skirt as she perched on that tall chair across from me. I sat at a regular table and hers being higher, her legs were clearly visible under the table.

She kept uncrossing and crossing her legs, and her skirt rose each time, revealing more and more of her young legs and brief glimpses of her white panties.

Then she had spread her legs wide, and I could see dark hairs at the edge of her panties. My cock rose to attention. I looked up to find her smiling at me. I was caught.

She got up, circled around behind my table and dropped a note before she returned to her seat. The note had a phone number on it and a message, "Text me." I did, and unfortunately it led to me texting everything I wanted to do to her. She smiled and slipped a hand under the table and I watched her rub the crotch of her panties.

She knew she had my attention when she finally texted, "Want to come home with me?" I nodded to her and we both left the library and met outside. She invited me to follow her and all the way to her house I was hard, anticipating the best case scenario with her.

As we entered her house her mother quickly appeared, a woman about forty, slender and fairly attractive. She told us she was leaving soon for a tennis lesson and she offered me a drink. I was too embarrassed to say anything but I accepted her offer. She went to the kitchen with her daughter as I sat nervously on her sofa.

The drink was smooth but obviously alcoholic and I wondered if her daughter's drink was the same. They both sat nearby as we talked about the weather and I gradually began to relax, I mean really relax. I set down my drink because I was afraid I would drop it. Everything seemed in slow motion and soon I could hardly move.

"I think he's ready, Mom," the girl said.

Her mother pulled a chair close to me and showed me her daughter's cell phone. "I see by the texts on my daughter's phone that you have some very naughty ideas of what to do with her," she said. "Fuck; caught again," I thought to myself.

"But the problem is that she's only 16 and you need someone more experienced to do all this," she said, pointing to the phone. She and her daughter both stood and slowly removed their clothes. The teen was very petite and had no tits but for a forty year old woman her mother had a pretty firm body, especially her ass.

She and her daughter silently untied my shoes and removed them, along with my pants and boxers.

"Let's see, the first thing you texted was that you wanted to rub your nose in her panties," she said. Her daughter handed her the white panties and her mother rubbed them across my nose. The scent of her teenage pussy aroused my cock, which they both noticed.

"Look, sweetie, how his cock swelled just smelling your pussy," the woman said. "And, next he said he wanted to stick his tongue in there and taste your cunt." Then she frowned. "Cunt is such a nasty word for such a young pussy. But I have a cunt," she said, setting the phone aside.

She climbed up on the sofa, straddling my body as she stood over me and pulled my head between her legs. She pressed my nose between her pussy lips and then her pussy was kissing my lips. "Open up and slide your tongue in there and you can taste a real cunt." She said.

My nose was buried in her pubic hair which smelled like urine but I slipped my tongue into her. She was wet and my cock swelled a little more. The girl noticed; "His cock is growing, Mom, I think he likes how you taste."

Her mother looked down at my mouth attached to her pussy. "Do you like how I smell and taste, my boy? I apologize but I didn't wash off after I peed a while ago." For some strange reason my cock jumped when she said that and her daughter noticed. "Look! His cock twitched when you told him you just peed!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Go get the plastic sheets for me, sweetie," the woman said as she climbed off the sofa. She unbuttoned my shirt and managed to get it off me by the time her daughter came back. They spread white plastic sheets out on the floor and both of them helped me off the sofa and onto my back on the floor.

"Hold his head up for me, sweetie, so he won't drown," the woman said as she knelt on my chest, her legs straddling me. Her legs slid over my shoulders as she moved her pussy directly in front of my face. Her daughter lifted my head, pressing my face into her mother's pussy.

"Another thing you texted was that you would drink a gallon of her pee just to see where it came from. I don't have a gallon, but you can drink my pee all you want and you're going to see a lot of my pussy today."

I was beginning to come out of the drunken stupor from the drink but my limbs were still numb. The first spurt of the woman's pee splashed against my face and up my nose and it ran down my cheeks because I couldn't get my mouth open in time to catch it. But she let me catch my breath before she let the next wave go and I accepted a mouthful of her acrid urine.

I knew I had no alternative and I swallowed it, as well as the following flow until she was done.

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