Web Cam Fun

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2016 by WelshWriter

True Sex Story: A true story told from my wife's point of view

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was sitting there at my computer, watching a hand stroking up and down one of the biggest cocks I'd ever seen and listening to its owner urging me to play with my pussy. Not that I needed any urging, my hand was already inside my panties, my fingers sliding up and down through my swollen, wet lips. As I watched, I saw his hand movements quicken and seconds later a huge load of cumm jetted from the tip of his knob, splashing onto the screen of his computer. That was it for me too as my body trembled uncontrollably and the most intense orgasm I'd experienced for months coursed through me, shaking me to the core.

"That was amazing," my on-line voyeur said. "Did you come?" "Yes," I whispered, "I did." "Did you like watching me come?" he asked and again I replied that I did. "Take your panties off then, let me see your cunt. Let me see how wet it is." Without any hesitation, I raised my hips up off the chair and did as he asked, pushing my panties down. "Oh yes," he groaned, "that looks really wet. I bet you'd love to feel my hard cock inside you right now wouldn't you?" The web-cam was still trained on his cock as I replied. "Oh yes," I whispered, "Yes, yes." "Open your cunt lips so I can see where you want me to put my cock," he typed. As if in a trance, I reached down and, with my thumb and forefinger, eased my pussy lips apart, exposing my soaking love tunnel to him.

"Oh fuck yes," he groaned. "Look at my cock. Look what seeing your cunt has done to it." I looked back at the screen and saw that his cock was still hard and his hand was sliding up and down it again. I could see the results of his recent climax glistening on his knob and, as if with a mind of it's own, my hand slid back between my legs. "Oh yes that's it. Move the cam closer and finger your cunt for me." Again I didn't need encouraging and pulled the cam to the edge of the desk then slowly slid my down finger between my lips and into my pussy. "More," he said, "put two fingers in, put three in. Pretend it's my cock stretching your cunt."

Now it was my turn to groan as I slid three fingers into my pussy, stretching it more than it'd been stretched for a long time. "Does that feel good, does my cock feel good filling your cunt." "Oh yes," I groaned in reply, "it feels so good." "How long is it since you've had a real cock in you?" he asked. "Too long," I replied, "much too long." "Well just use your imagination. Imagine I'm there with you. Fuck yourself with your fingers and pretend it's my big cock fucking your hot, wet cunt." I wanted to close my eyes and picture just that, but I couldn't. I couldn't take them off my screen as he stroked his huge cock.

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