The Seductive Suffragette

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Humiliation Sex Story: Suzy wants equality and she is willing to do anything to achieve it. A jail term seems a bit of over reacting to her but the policemen have a way to make the irritating females behave.

Caution: This Humiliation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Torture   First   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Enema   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Violent   .

Suzy Montbottom was a University trained female with a degree in both Political Science and in the History of Western Civilization. Actually, she was not really keen on either subject but had taken them as her specialties because they seemed more appropriate to a student of the female gender. She really wanted to study the role of modern communications in organizing society but it was not deemed important enough by the University chancellors to command a program of its own.

Young Suzy was the only child of Sir Richard Montbottom and the former Lady Winters and was fortunate enough to have not only one doting parent but two.

It was an age of enlightenment for the introduction of "Suffragette" thinking being forcefully inserted into daily life at every level of society. Suzy failed to understand why the respectable citizens of society didn't all cry out for equality of females to participate in matters of government and trade. After all, it was years after the end of World War I and women were still second class citizens everywhere one went.

The eye-opener for the young university student was when she attended the Liverpool Woman's Discussion Group and found so many other like-minded females with her same train of thought. In all truth, she felt a little like a fish out of water because she was so internally submissive and willing to submit to the will of the male-oriented society that it was difficult for her to even speak the words she had bottled up inside for so many years.

It certainly didn't seem out of line for young women to expect fair and equal treatment and not to be forced into the roles they were expected to play in deference to men. She loved her father dearly but he like so many other father figures in her circle of friends was much attuned to the use of the strap to correct her mistakes however well-intended they might be. Even now at the age of 22, he did not hesitate to sternly address her with the dreaded words,

"Upstairs, young lady, and get those knickers lowered out of the way. I want you face down on the bed in the correction position immediately."

Poor Suzy was still a technical virgin more because she was afraid to take a chance on contracting some dread disease or being caught in a family way by some youth with no future in sight. Still, she was much stimulated by her ability to arouse her juices just looking at the catalogues of either scantily dressed females or males engaged in sport using her nimble fingers to extract her sweetly scented honey. Of course, she kept her sins well hidden from her father's ire knowing he would be driven to fearful extremes by her willful ways.

In a sense, she had come to appreciate her father's heavy hand with the strap because it made her juices flow shamelessly onto her mother's pristine white sheets in copious strength. She didn't think she could possibly be held accountable for the unintended consequence because she was just following orders and presenting her dirty backside for proper instruction. She knew her mother was well aware of her sinful thoughts from the way she held up the sheets and looked at them with a knowing glance thrown in her direction on laundry day. They had been forced to assume the laundry and cooking duties because of her father's poor judgment in selecting the profitable stocks on the London market.

She tried to push her sinful thoughts out of her head but the sound of her father's boots on the stairs made her instinctively push her pussy mound into the pillow underneath to feel the pressure of its bulk rubbing on her nice place. Suzy kept her face in the pillow not wanting her father to see the lust in her depraved eyes. He started as usual with the ceremonial oiling of her skin so as not to cause any welting and possible infections. She actually like that best of all because it allowed her to shudder silently with the tingle that always started way down deep inside her feminine folds. Suzy was certain that was how male shafts felt when they were taking their rightful place inside a female's body just as it was ordained in the Garden of Eden.

Her father was so dutiful in this particular correction that he broke out into a sweat that resulted in his perspiration falling all over her sinful skin and making her wetter than what was proper for a daughter being appropriately chastised by a parent. His sweat and her juices were beginning to splash together in an obscene manner just like she was positive it would feel when a man would mount her and show her way to the saving light of wifely obedience. At that moment, she was in such a state that she could even picture the thought of her father's thing opening her still virginal channel and hated her weakness in fantasizing such an incestuous connection. Fortunately, he tired of his work and left her to ruminate on the errors of her ways and make resolve to do better in the future.

She sat on the edge of the bed and inhaled the sweet smell of sex in the small room. There was no doubt she was a bad girl to be so shameless and she hoped that she would meet a gentleman who would set her on the right road to happiness and away from the road to perdition.

Her father was the only man to view and use her posterior in such a manner except for Professor Longfellow at the university. The professor was much taken with her ability to take a proper caning far better than some of his less brave male students. She prided her firmness of character that led her to assume the proper position, count each stoke correctly and thank the kindly old pervert for each swish of the stinging cane on her tender bottom. They had graduated to her taking it "on the bare" in such sessions and he showed his appreciation for her cooperation by boosting her grades in proportion to her obedience and silence.

It was probably the ill-fated protest march that triggered her revolt against male authority.

She had managed to keep her devilish submissiveness to men under wraps in the company of the strong willed females in the Discussion Group but she knew she was far less suited to fighting against the system than the older, more dedicated women who despised male authority and considered penises as "tools of the male-dominated society". Suzy had allowed the other women to think she had been ill-used by men up to that point when in actuality she had little opportunity to judge the merit or lack of merit of heterosexual copulation on a regular basis. Her damnable lack of experience made her unsuited to make a sensible evaluation of dutiful subservience to any male. The young men were a silly breed and the older men were usually married or lacking in appreciation for feminine attributes.

The march started with a lot of banter and high spirits but after a light drizzling rain and some rotten eggs thrown by urchins bribed to harass them on their trek, they were jostled and herded into a terrible wagon that forced them all to stand bouncing like rubber balls from the pot-holes in the poorly maintained city street.

Suzy was mortified because she had not informed her parents of her membership in the Suffragette movement. Her head was filled with hastily devised excuses to explain her revolt against the male-dominated society. None of them seemed adequate to offset the circumstances of being arrested and taken to an actual police station.

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