Sharon Does the Swing Club

by Friskee_cpl

Copyright© 2014 by Friskee_cpl

Erotica Sex Story: Sharon is invited by her friend Lisa to a swingers club where Sharon shows everyone how much cock she can take.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Fisting   Double Penetration   .

When my wife wants something, I can sometimes find it impossible to refuse her.

We'd just got back from a weekend away where we'd met some friends and swapped partners. I'd always suspected that my wife, and mother of two children, was a whole lot hornier than most women.

She was kneeling on the bed wearing nothing but a smile and casually stroking my cock to hardness when she asked me the question.

"Do you know Lisa from work?" I had never met Lisa but had heard all about her break up with her husband. I just nodded.

"We were talking the other day about sex and stuff and I told her how we had an open relationship."

"Did you now," I said intrigued, "What did you tell her?"

"How we go and meet friends every month or so and fuck ourselves senseless."

"Does she want to join?"

"Not really," she said, "She's invited us to join her at a club in the city."

"What sort of club?"

"Some sort of swinger's club in Surry Hills."

"Do you want to go?"

She was sucking my cock when I asked her that question and in order to answer, she drew back from my swelling and appreciative knob, stretching a drawbridge of precum to her bottom lip.

"Judging by the girth and hardness of your cock," she rubbed her thumb over my oozing piss hole, "I think that you'd love to go."

She hadn't answered the question but I continued on. "What's Lisa like?" I asked with a pronounced lift to my voice as she licked her tongue back over my knob.

"Short black hair, very petite, almost Asian like."

I have to admit, I liked the sound of her.

"Why haven't I met her before?" I asked, "And why did her hubby leave?"

"I'll answer the last question first," she said, "They both used to swing but like a lot of couples it was seen as a way of putting a bit of a spark back into a relationship that was dying."

"Let me guess," I said, "One of them played up outside of the arrangement and the other found out."

"Amazing!" she threw her hands back in mock surprise, "How did you guess?"

"Dunno," I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed the blowjob, "Must be a genius."

"So who do you think played up?" Annoyingly she stopped stroking.

"I'll say it was him and a workmate."

"Correct again," she said, "but it wasn't what you'd expect."

"Try me," I said, "I reckon she came home and he was balls deep in a thin, and much more attractive, young lady."


"Ok she went to his work place and found him with two girls,"


"A dirty drug addicted prostitute."


"Someone really fat," I was getting desperate, "That would do it for me."

She looked at me in mock horror before shaking her head.


"I give up," I said, "There's nothing else."

"Are you sure?" she said teasingly, "Are you giving up so easily?"

"Wait," I lifted my right hand for dramatic purposes.

"A nun."


"A fat nun," I'd given up, "A fat drug addicted nun who used to be a prostitute."

"She went to see him at work one Thursday night..."

"Ok so do I get any points for getting the 'at work' bit?"

She just shook her head and continued.

"He was with two guys."

"No way."

She just nodded slowly.

"Just three guys," I said, "No lady."

She nodded and my dick became instantly flaccid.

"Shit hey," I said, "I bet she was terrified about getting Aids."

"Yep she went and had all the usual tests like we do, but thankfully she came up clean."

"Thank Christ for that."

"Surely if he wanted to fuck an arse he could have had yours."

She slapped me.

"He told her that all that close contact with other naked men switched something on he couldn't turn off." She went back to sucking my cock, renewing its previous vigour.

"Yep," I pulled out and flipped her over onto all fours. "Men are bizarre creatures sometimes."

I looped a length of her long black curly hair around my fingers and pulled her head gently back before I spat on her arsehole and slid my cock in. The irony wasn't missed.

She fingered her pussy as I pumped into her. Moments later, as she shook in orgasm and I emptied my scrotum over her freshly fucked arse and pussy, she asked me again if I wanted to attend.

"I'll think about it," I said, but I'd already decided yes.

During the following week our fucking intensified to the point where we both came to the realisation that even though we swung routinely with another couple, it had become just that, routine.

On the Thursday night before our adventure Sharon was lying back on the bed rubbing her pussy with her latest rubber, vibrating toy when she threw me another curve ball.

"About Saturday night," she said, "Lisa doesn't want to turn up with another man."

"Why not?" I asked, somewhat put off.

"She said that it will add to the impact if we show up as single women," she slipped the fat impostor cock past her trimmed pubic hair and slowly inserted its girth into her glistening wetness.

"So you'll both end up looking single," I opened my dressing gown and pulled out my swelling cock. "How will I get in then?"

"We'll have to get our usual tests done as this is going to be a special franger free event."

"Really?" I said, "No condoms?"


I was impressed. Usually we were always rolling one on when with others outside our group. This reminded me of our obligation to the other swingers we met with.

"Have you told everyone else?"

She nodded her head.

"They want us to have a check before we meet again, just to be on the safe side."

I remembered how a few of the others had all gone on trips overseas and the same conditions existed. I knew that our drug and disease status was going to remain pure.

"Lisa has organised it so that all you have to do is mention to Olivia that you're with us," I wandered over next to her head and shook my cock at her. "Give her your medical certificate and away you go."

"Who's Olivia?" I had to ask.

"One of the owners."

She lay back and hung her head over the side of the bed.

"So you're on a first name basis now with the owners of a swingers club," I said.

"Lisa's organising it all," she licked the underside of my cock as I lowered it down. "This is all for her benefit, not mine."

"So you'll just sit innocently back and watch then," I said knowing full well the answer was no.

"That will depend on the quality of people at the event," she said.

"What people exactly are going to be there?" I slapped her face with my cock.

"As I said," she grabbed my cock and sucked on the pre-cum that was oozing out, "You'll find out on Saturday night."

"I can't help but think that there will be a distinct gender imbalance."

She bent her knees up and the rubber cock disappeared into her pussy.

"I fucking hope so," she moaned as a very rapid orgasm racked her body.

All day Sharon was out at the beauty factory getting herself primed and trimmed for the night's action. I last saw her at ten in the morning. After the treatment she was going to Lisa's before leaving to meet me at the club. I did the standard Saturday morning thing, sport and shopping, prior to taking the kids around to my mum and dad's.

I gave my parent's the usual reason, that I'd booked a live show and hotel package, and we were having a night away. Little did they know what kind of live show.

Before I went into the club I decided to sneak in a few beers at the pub just down the road.

Sharon said that she and Lisa would show up at around nine o'clock and that she wanted me to get there about half an hour or so earlier. Lisa wanted to try to work out who I was.

A few beers later, and a viagra, and I was ready for the night's activities. I sauntered back up the road to where the dirty red light hung down from above the doorway.

With my knuckle I pressed the doorbell and gave my cheesiest smile up to the camera.

Moments later the door opened slightly as a tall brunette in a short black skirt and lacy top opened the door.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Marcus, I'm Sharon's far better half."

I handed her my medical documents and she just gave me a wry grin and nodded me in.

Right near the entrance was the bar where some blokes were having a beer, a wrought iron staircase split the room in two separating the bar from what looked like any normal lounge room, except this one had a spa in the corner. A leather lounge curved around the corner and a large footrest, about five foot long and covered in a large red oriental style cushion, lay parallel to it.

My concerns about a gender imbalance had come true, but not overly so. Around the bar were twelve men, yes I counted them, all with their towels tightly wrapped around their waists. They were nothing to get too excited by, they were just a standard assortment of guys. Some looked as young as twenty, others near and over the fifty mark.

Fortunately there were also a few ladies mingling with the other men in the lounge area. There were of four of them in total and they didn't look too bad. There was a rather plain looking lady with shoulder length hair and rather large boobs in her mid-30's sitting on what was most likely her boyfriend's lap.

An older elegant lady, in her late forties anyway with short cropped blonde hair, was circling the room with glasses of beer and a box of Viagra. I wished I hadn't wasted money taking my own.

"Hi," she said as she lowered the tray towards me, "I'm Pam, would you be interested in a drink and a pill to help you through the night."

Pam was topless and wearing a simple mini-skirt, as were all the ladies. It was almost as if it was a uniform. When Pam lowered the tray I noticed that she had both nipples pierced.

Considering that the night looked like it might be a big one, I said yes to both.

"Would you like someone to show you around," she said, "I'm guessing this is your first time."

"My first time here," I said, not wanting to sound inexperienced.

"I'll get Rose to show you around."

She summoned over a tall stunning brunette in her thirties that had barely any tits. She had a tattoo of a rose just above her right breast and a cracker of a smile.

"Would you like to take..." she waited for me to introduce myself.

"Marcus," I said.

"Take Marcus on the grand tour."

"Certainly," she said as she showed me down a corridor, "First though I think you should get undressed and have a quick shower."

Down the left hand side of the corridor were a series of lockers and Rose grabbed a key from Olivia before we headed down.

"You'll find a towel hanging inside," she said, "Time to get undressed."

I thought she was going to move away but she just stood there watching me disrobe.

Just as I reached for my belt buckle Rose held out her hand.

"Do you mind if I do that?" she said, "It really turns me on."

"Sure," I said, "Go for it."

She squatted down and with a smile as big as the Harbour Bridge she unbuckled the belt, undid the button, pulled down my fly and peeled open my pants.

She then hooked her fingers around the elastic of my Bonds and pulled them down.

"He's all squashed up," she said as she grabbed a hold of it.

"You might just have to do something about that," I said in hope of a quick blow job, but thanks to her ministrations, my pecker was already beginning to expand.

"Now this is the part I love," she said as she pulled gently on my cock pulling it to hardness.

"But," she let go of it and slyly I saw her rub her own pussy. "You'd best have a shower and when you're dry, I'll finish the tour.

My shower was lightning fast and within minutes I was standing back next to Rose awaiting the revival of my tour.

"Now in here, she said gesticulating to a room, "Is the private room. You can't go in there unless you've been invited, although you can watch through these peep holes." She lifted up a timber slide set into the wall and had a look.

"Damn," she let the slide drop back down, "Empty."

Further down and on the right she opened another door.

"This is the room where those that like to be restrained come to," she spun the swing in the middle of the room around, "This is cool but it's as far as I go."

On one wall was the usual shackles and a rope hung from the ceiling. The walls had had all the plaster removed and the exposed brickwork gave it a rustic appeal.

"And over here," we walked into a room opposite, "Is our favourite room, the group room."

In the middle of this large red painted and lit room was a large king sized bed surrounded by lounges and chairs. On the roof there were mirrored panels reflecting back whatever action was going to occur on the bed.

"Very cool," I said.

"I know right," Rose said. "Have you met the rest of the ladies?

"Not yet," I said, "Just you and Pam."

"Well, let's go meet them shall we."

As we entered back into the main living area I quickly scanned the room just in case my wife and Lisa had arrived.

"By the way," Pam said "we have another group room upstairs."

"Is there anyone up there at the moment?" I asked.

Rose took a quick look around before shaking her head in the negative, "The room downstairs is more popular, it's nicer."

Most excitedly for me anyway was the girl sitting between two lads on a heavily cushioned coffee table. She was a delightful young girl, brunette, maybe mid twenties, with a winning smile and the nicest tits that I'd seen for a while. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her. The only blemish was the stud on the left side of her nose. She had all the cuteness of an innocent teen and I was going to make it my mission to have a piece of her tonight.

"This is Emma," Rose said as I stood looking in awe at the veritable beauty before me. "And over here we have Lynn."

I was dragged by the elbow over to where the woman was still sitting on her boyfriends lap.

"Hi there Lynn," I said looking her squarely in her large boobs.

In all, the spirit of everyone there was jovial and friendly. I struck up a conversation with Pam who had all the accent and demeanour of someone who came from money. I'm sure that hanging in her locker was some of the finest clothes that money could procure. Over her shoulder I watched Emma on the coffee table open the towel of one of the guys next to her. She giggled and patted the towel back down over the desperate man's cock.

It seemed as though the patrons were all waiting for the night's activities to start but I couldn't bring up the courage to ask what the night was to bring. Part of me didn't want to know, but I noticed one of the guys walk over to the big bloke behind the bar and ask him something. The big fella just shrugged and looked over to Olivia who was checking her phone. I was beginning to think that maybe Lisa and Sharon were going to be tonight's entertainment, not the other ladies in the bar.

In a perfect piece of synergy, just as Olivia smiled a small light flashed in the corner of the room and Joe the bar man looked down at a screen that was tucked below the counter. With a nod Olivia took off down the stairs. My heart began beating rapidly as I stood waiting to see what the two were up to.

When they walked in all heads spun towards them and the crowd of men burst into applause. Sharon waved at everyone before glancing ever so quickly at me. I'm sure I detected a slight nod and a raising of eyebrows. Lisa was an incredible looking lady. She had short dark hair and was incredibly petite. Not stunningly gorgeous, but attractive. They were both wearing identical fake fur coats that reached down midway between their knees and their backsides. Sharon's hair was darker and curlier than normal and her make-up had been applied to perfection. Her lips were bright red and puffed as no doubt were the lips of her pussy. Olivia brought them out a glass of champagne each, took their handbags off them, and soon enough the room reverted back to how it had been moments earlier.

The only difference now was that the men who had been in the other room were now in the main bar area. Lisa grabbed one of the guys and with wine in hand took a quick walk around the club chatting to the admiring hoard of men. Sharon sashayed over to three guys sitting on stools against the wall and began chatting. One of the guys, a younger lad who looked like a surfer, was having difficulty hiding the erection that was tenting his towel. I had a perfect view of the four of them so I just grabbed another beer off the bar and watched the action unfold.

I could see that Sharon was having a hard time keeping her eyes off the rising mound in surfies lap and sure enough she soon handed him her glass and peeled back his towel. His cock sprung up and Sharon wrapped her hand around its thickness. It was a reasonably large cock and as she stroked its length it grew even larger. She had become mesmerised by this cock and I could tell that her half opened mouth would soon be filled with it.

She smiled up at surfie and leant forward and sucked his cock into her mouth. Rather comically surfie threw his head back and the crown of his head made contact with the corner of a picture frame. To ensure that this didn't happen again he slid forward in his seat forcing Sharon to move backwards as she tried not to break contact with his massive manhood.

With her usual charm and elegance Sharon shuffled a bit backwards and in a scene reminiscent from a few nights earlier, she looked up at him causing a bridge of precum and saliva to hang from her mouth to his cock. She slid her hand up and down his greasy pole as she flicked her tongue daintily over his knob. Even I could tell that this young guy was finding it hard to resist the talented tongue of my slutty wife. Sharon knew it also and rather than teasing him by stopping, she returned to giving him an awesome blowjob.

A group of men that had been chatting to Emma soon noticed that Sharon had begun proceedings and sauntered over to have a look. Lisa came out of the main bedroom with two guys and was about to head upstairs to the group room when she noticed that everyone was beginning to gather around Sharon. Lisa stepped through the crowd of men and knelt in behind Sharon. My cock began to swell as Lisa wrapped her arms around Sharon and grabbed Surfies's bulging cock. Lisa motioned to him to stand up and he obediently did so. Then Lisa did something totally unexpected.

She moved her hands up to Sharon's mouth and held her mouth open like she was a dentist examining her for decay. Sharon compliantly held her head back and Surfie began pumping his cock for all that it was worth. Lisa began licking up and down the side of Sharon's face as Surfie aimed his cock towards Sharon's gaping mouth.

The crowd began to urge him on and suddenly he held his head back and sent forth a cascade of cum out of his mammoth member. It forced Sharon to push back into Lisa who was now licking at the errant sprays which were trickling down the left side of Sharon's face.

"Fuck!!" yelled Surfie as he fell back onto the chair holding his cock in his hand.

Lisa let go of Sharon who then turned around towards her. This time Sharon held Lisa's head back and they began to kiss and swap the cum that had been deposited, but not swallowed, into my dirty wife.

"Our new girl is certainly making a fine start," said a bloke standing next to me.

"New girl?" I had to ask. He looked at me as if I was an intruder.

"Didn't you read the email they sent out to us clean guys?"

"I just skim read it," I said thinking on my feet, "I usually come here during the week, never on weekends."

"I didn't think I recognised you," he said holding out his hand. "I'm Rick."

"Marcus," I said. "So tell me what's happening tonight?"

"See these lovely ladies," he said waving his hand like Caesar addressing a throng, "They all like one thing in common."


He just smiled and pulled apart his towel. "They like extra big cocks and extra loads of cum."

I looked down and sure enough hanging dangerously between his legs was a cock of above average length and width.

Suddenly, and for the first time in my life, I felt inadequate. I was about eight inches, which is nothing to sneeze at, but going by what I'd seen so far tonight, I was on the smaller size. Rick tossed his towel aside and grabbed his cock in his hand.

"That new one is one horny little slut," he said as he stroked his length. "Lisa said she'd do fine."

Without wanting to reveal my identity I had to couch my questions.

"How often does Lisa come here?"

"Once a month," he said, "Sometimes twice."

"She's good looking," I said.

"So's that little slut she brought with her," he pulled his cock some more, "Apparently she's a real cum-loving whore."

"Really" I said both appalled and excited by his description. "How do you know that?"

"Lisa has been talking with her. If anyone knows a nympho when she sees one, it's our Lisa."

I just stood in silence watching the girls kiss, wondering just what to say next. Thankfully Rick continued.

"I'll tell you one thing mate," he said "Whoever he his, her hubby is one lucky fucking man."

He glanced around the room before he settled his eyes on me. I too began scanning the room as if I was searching for him.

"How do you know he's even here," I asked innocently.

"Because the regular girls always treat the hubby of a new lady very well," he said. "very, very well."

"What do they do," I asked, maybe a little too earnestly.

"They take him into one of the group rooms and have their wicked way with him."

I tried not to smile too much and fortunately Lisa and Sharon stood up relieving me from the anguish of possible facial deceit.

Everyone went back to chatting in small groups and Lisa and Sharon walked hand in hand around the club greeting everyone and checking out the facilities.

They were still dressed in their fake fur coats and looked absolutely divine. Sharon grabbed a glass of champagne off Pam and with a delicate and sexy swagger made her way over to where Rick, I and another guy were standing.

"Nice job," Rick said nodding over towards where Surfie was standing.

Sharon looked down at his cock and with a raised eyebrow simply said, "Nice cock."

"Glad you like it," he said.

Sharon played the part of not being my wife perfectly.

"I'm Sharon by the way," she said, "Pleased to meet you all."

I made sure Lisa wasn't in earshot before speaking. "I'm Marcus," I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Marcus," she said.

Rick and the other bloke all kissed her and then she moved on to another few guys over near the entrance.

"She's smoking hot," said the other bloke. "I'm Ian by the way."

"G'day Ian," I said.

"I reckon us three could show that little tart a thing or two."

"Indeed we could, I think every bloke here wants to fuck her." I said loud enough for her to hear.

She flung her head back quickly and looked smiling back over her shoulder towards us.

Rick and Ian nodded and I just winked very quickly back at her.

Over near the spa Pam had stripped off and was stepping in with another guy and Emma was still just looking beautiful as she flirted with three guys.

Lynn was sitting back on the lounge enjoying a drink and listening to whatever it was that Rose was talking about.

I noticed three guys standing near Lynn and Rose who were looking over at Sharon and judging by their posture and general demeanour were discussing just what Sharon would be like. The one in the middle grabbed the top of his towel and pretended to open it and the other two nodded in agreement.

As if she could feel their desires pulling her towards them, Sharon took a kiss off each of the three guys chatting and walked back past me and straight towards the three guys. As she approached they all quickly grabbed the front of their towels and dropped them to their feet. Three cocks, all at differing states of arousal, hung temptingly before her.

Sharon stopped dead in her tracks and turned slightly towards me. She pulled her long curly black hair behind her head and undid the top button of her fur coat. Then, keeping her coat closed, she undid the remaining three buttons. Then she simply drew it back over her shoulder and let it drop down onto the floor.

And there she was, completely naked apart from a pair of black stilettos. Everyone applauded as she spun around for all to see how fucking fantastic she looked. Her pussy had been waxed clear of any hair, ready for a night of big hard cocks.

"That is just so fuckable," Rick said.

The three guys stepped forwards and she instantly dropped to her knees sucking the middle cock into her mouth and stroking on the two on either side.

Her actions set the whole place on fire. Towels were being dropped and mini-skirts were thrown against the wall as the room became alive with sexual torment.

Lisa also shed her coat and lay it down on the floor behind Sharon. Lisa certainly did have a slight Asian style physique. Her pussy was lightly trimmed, her breasts small and her hips were slight. She knelt down behind Sharon and whispered something into her ear as she continued to slurp away at the three cocks before her. Sharon nodded and lifted her backside up.

Lisa kissed and licked down Sharon's spine before reaching down and rubbing Sharon's pink, freshly denuded of hair, pussy lips. Even I heard Sharon moaning through the prong of cocks that were trying to enter her mouth. Sharon was rocking ever so slightly up and down as Lisa began sliding her fingers, first two, then three, then four into Sharon's accepting twat.

Lisa then sat down on the coats and spread her legs before us, revealing her open pussy to us she followed up her semi-fisting show on Sharon with a four-fingered insertion into her own wetness.

"Good God," I said.

"You just wait," Rick said, "For such a small girl she can really fill that pussy."

"What a sweet little cunt," Rick said to no one in particular. "I have to have a taste of them both."

Lisa then lay on her back and shuffled up between Sharon's legs licking at the inside of Sharon's thigh as she did so.

Sharon began rocking gently back onto Lisa's flicking and darting tongue as she sucked noisily on the three cocks that had presented themselves to her. Rick was the first of us to move towards them and he quickly had his tongue licking and prodding open Lisa's delightful snatch. His ministrations on her minge forced her to lift her mouth harder into Sharon's splayed cunt lips.

Over at the spa Rose was re-adjusting her position and was now kneeling over the edge of it as another guy, trying hard not to slip over on the soapy base, began pumping into her pussy. Her head was at the perfect level for a quick blow job and I was determined that she finish what she teasingly started earlier.

She smiled at me as I flung my towel over an abandoned stool and walked towards her stroking my cock to full hardness. I was momentarily distracted by the site of Emma lying on her side on the coffee table sucking one cock as another guy fingered her bald pussy, but I knew I had plenty of time to enjoy her perfect body.

Rose tried to reach out and grab my cock but she nearly tilted over as the guy fucking into her cunt seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. I gently held the back of her head and she excitedly licked around the swelling knob of my engorged penis. In the mirror behind them I could not only watch her being fucked, but also see all the action going on behind me.

Emma was still sucking away and being fingered and over the far side of the room though Pam and Lynn were still just chatting, enjoying a drink and watching the action. My wife was still enjoying the three cocks at her disposal and Lisa was now being fucked by Rick as she sucked and slurped on my wife's delicious snatch.

Rose, as I expected, was an excellent cock sucker but she mustn't have been overly comfortable where she was positioned so she kissed my knob and climbed out of the spa. With my cock still standing proudly out I went back over to where my wife was being face-fucked by the three guys. When she saw me standing there stroking my cock she started to quiver and shake as doubtless she had a very wet orgasm all over Lisa's face. It was so intense that she fell forward onto the floor pushing the three guys backwards.

She was now conveniently on all fours and Rick, sensing the opportunity to be the first to fuck the new girl, pulled his cock out of Lisa and then quickly and easily slid his gargantuan cock into Sharon's damp hole. Lisa, to her credit, didn't break her form and as his cock pushed into Sharon's cunt, she continued to service her swollen clit and lick at his tight ball sack.

The three guys just stood back as Ian walked around to Sharon's head, where on kneeling down, fed his cock into her moaning and willing mouth. Here was my horny wife taking two cocks in a swingers club and I was impressed. Lisa began sucking and squeezing on Rick's balls and it would have simply been too much for any man.

Lisa, sucking and toying with Rick's tightening ball bag, could no doubt sense his impending orgasm and she pulled his cock out of Sharon's pussy and began sucking on it. Rick grabbed a hold of his cock and with a few quick pumps shot a string of cum up over my wife's pussy lips and down onto Lisa's face. Thick pearls of his male essence slid down Sharon's arse and onto Lisa's cheeks as she lapped up the salty goodness. Rick, on shaking legs, stood up and moved aside and Sharon, excusing herself for a moment from sucking Ian, shuffled backwards so that she was head-to-head with Lisa.

Surfie, who had been sitting back on his stool stroking his cock as he watched my wife getting porked, hopped down and manoeuvred himself into position. He straddled Lisa's legs and knelt down on his left knee keeping his right leg angled towards Sharon's naked and retreating body.

Ian awkwardly crawled forwards chasing the mouth that had only just been engulfed around his cock. Sharon kept shuffling back towards Surfie who was tugging on his cock in anticipation of docking. My wife was now a cock dock, waiting for any incoming freight. When she felt his hands on her hips she looked back over her shoulder and lifting her buttocks, lined her needy pussy up. As if checking her for wetness, Surfie slid a few fingers into her snatch and then smeared the resultant fluid over his cock head. I could still see the sheen of Rick's jizz as he slid his dick into her.

Sharon's head was now above Lisa's and as soon as Surfie was in to the hilt, they began to kiss and lick the cum off each other. Sharon rested her head sidewards onto Lisa and they tongue kissed each other as Surfie shoved his cock in and out of my wife. With a look of pure bliss on her face Sharon looked up at me and smiled. I wanted to go over and begin to fuck her smiling face but I left that for Ian.

When Lisa was clean Ian lifted my wife's face up and unceremoniously slid his cock into her mouth. Lisa took his balls into her mouth and for poor Ian it was far too much. My wife's action over my own cock head is often too much and she regularly cops a mouthful of jizz. This time was no different and Ian exploded in her throat causing her to rock back as she tried to capture, or swallow, his load.

Cum oozed out of her mouth and Ian whipped his cock out and sprayed the remainder out over both Sharon's and Lisa's face. A strand of gooey cum slid out of Sharon's mouth and dropped down across the bridge of Lisa's nose. Sharon kept sucking on his cock pulling as much cum out of it as she could. A glass eyed Ian just knelt there watching Surfie plough into Sharon as she drew the remainder of his semen out. Surprisingly there was no one to replace Ian and he shakily got to his feet and sat back on a nearby stool.

Surfie, no doubt wanting to conserve his resources for later, also abandoned the girls and stood up leaving them both unattended on the floor.

Sharon knelt up and had a quick look around before hopping to her feet and heading over to the bar. Lisa meanwhile stay lying back on the floor and began rubbing her pussy, dipping fingers three into her hole. Over near the bar were the three guys that Sharon had been chatting to earlier and they swarmed around her when she sat open-legged on the stool. Two guys came over to Lisa and grabbing her around the back and under the legs, hoisted her off the ground.

They spun around and nodding to a few other blokes they carried the skinny slut down the corridor to one of the rooms. Emma was now on her knees on the coffee table being spit-roasted by two guys. Lynn was sharing the sucking of a cock with Pam who was also having her cunny explored by one of the many blokes surrounding them.

Sharon was having the time of her life over at the bar. She had a cock in each hand, one guy fingering her pussy and hands caressing her boobs. I wanted to stay there and watch but I also wanted to see what was going to happen to Lisa.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Rose watching me and when I made eye contact, she broke away from the two guys she was talking to and came over to me.

"Don't be shy to go up to whoever you like," she said.

I chuckled slightly and felt the warmth of her skin as she moved up against me.

"I'm not shy," I said, "Just taking it easy."

"You like to watch then?"

"I like it all."

"You like her?" she nodded towards Sharon, "You've been watching her all night."

"She's pretty hot," I said, "But I was thinking I might go watch that other girl. She seems very popular."

"I'll come with you then," she leant into my ear, "Those two guys were talking real estate."

"You're kidding me," I said to her. "Real estate?"

"Yep," she said, "Let's go fuck."

She grabbed my hand and led me down the hall and just before I was out of sight of Sharon I saw one of the guys she was giving the hand job to move around between her legs.

"She's probably in here," she said as we turned into the B&D room. "She likes this stuff."

Lisa was bent over in the stocks and behind her one bloke was fucking into her pussy and another guy, who had to stand on a little platform so his cock was at the right height, was fucking her mouth. The four guys rotated around her taking turns on her orifices.

"Go Lisa," Rose called out to her, "Take all those fucking cocks."

Lisa just looked up at us and smiled before a cock was shoved back in her mouth.

Rose grabbed my hardening cock and dragged me over to the stocks. The first thing I noticed was that these stocks had no fastener, there was nothing holding her in other than her own dark desires.

"I have another cock for you Lisa," she said "Can you take five cocks, slut?"

"Of course she can," one of the men said, "She just fucking loves it."

Rose gently pushed the guy fucking Lisa's face away, and holding onto my cock and the back of Lisa's head, she pushed my cock into Lisa's mouth. Lisa's warm tongue ran around my swollen cock and Rose's hand pumped my cock hard. I reached down and began to finger Rose's wet cunt and she lifted her leg up on a chair to allow easier access. One of the other guy's grabbed Rose by the waist and from behind slid his thick hard cock into her pussy. "Fuck yeah," she moaned as its girth filled her wet insides. "That's so fucking good."

Rose stepped back a bit and steadying herself on the stocks leant forward towards Lisa's mouth and my cock. Suddenly I had two hungry sluts licking up and down the length of my pole.

"This," I said, "is my kind of club." Lisa smiled around my cock as I slid it deeper into her mouth. The guy fucking Rose pulled his thickly coated cock out of her and brought it around next to mine. Rather than offering it to Rose he nodded at me and I reluctantly withdrew my cock from Lisa's experienced mouth.

Lisa relished the taste of Rose's cunt juice and moaned as she sucked his prick. One of the guys exited the room and the guy fucking Lisa winked at me and pointed at her arse. "Your turn mate," he said to me. He whipped his cock out and walked around to Rose and began to fuck her face. The sole remaining guy began to fuck Rose's cunt in earnest.

Lisa is only petite and I'm six foot five so I had to bend my knees a bit to gain access to her well fucked cunt. When I did finally gain access, it was well worth it and despite her taking a few cocks already tonight, she was nice and tight.

"She's fucking hot isn't she," the guy at her mouth said, "I love it when she comes to the club."

"I love it," said the guy fucking Rose, "When she brings someone like that other piece out there." The other two guys nodded and moaned in agreement so I decided that to avoid them knowing I was her husband, that I would join in on the banter.

"Yeah I can't wait to fuck that delicious cunt of hers, ' I said as I thrust hard into Lisa. "She's already shown us she's up for anything."

"Fuck yeah," one of them said, "I hope she takes it up the arse."

"You reckon she does?" I enquired, fully knowing that she did. "I reckon she'd take two in her pussy that's for sure." I knew she loved that more than anything.

"Fuck," said the guy fucking Lisa's mouth, "I'll be up for being a part of that. Touching another guy's dick is the least we can do to keep her happy, and keep her coming back."

"Shall we take bets," I said as I pulled my cock out of Lisa and high fived the guy fucking Rose's mouth, "if she spits or swallows?" We swapped spots and Rose quickly engulfed my rock hard cock.

"She'd have to swallow," one of them said. "she looks the swallowing kind."

"Hmmm," I tried to sound like I was guessing, "I'd say she's a spitter. She looks like the type that likes to be covered in cum."

"Maybe she does both," Lisa said in between sucking cock. "Maybe there's too much to swallow and she lets it slide out."

"Only one way to find out," the guy fucking Rose said. "Let's go check out what's she's doing."

We all pulled out from the ladies and went to leave but a hand wrapped around my wrist and held me back. The other three guys didn't see it and just walked out of the room. "Not so fast," Lisa said as she removed herself from the stocks. She stretched upwards and then reached down to my bobbing cock. "Rose," she continued, "I think that this is Sharon's husband, Marcus."

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